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  1. Very well Gerald. I will continue this through the E Mail system with support. I will communicate what I find in the meantime. Thank you immensely for your support. Roy
  2. Hello Gerald, Thank you for the fsInsider.dll. At least I got a reaction...not good but a reaction. Followed your instructions, and installed the fsInsider.dll on the FS9 Modules folder. Installed the fsInsider.ini file on the main fs9 folder. Deleted the old version (same) files from the same folders. Restarted FS9 as admin and got this message: ERROR FS9 Flight Simulator was unable to load some aircraft OR SOFTWARE. you can continue using Flight Simulator but this aircraft or software will be disabled. File: fsInsider.dll Yet I continued to load RC4 Flight plan and MCE and the result was the same...Starts, I hear the communications and then gets stuck trying to connect to FS9. I looked to see if I could find the "fsInsider.log" in FS9 installation folder, but is not there. Never got to change the Debug setting from 0 to 1. therefore never saw the "Initializing and Finished Initializing" boxes.I am not running FS9 in WIN XP compatibility mode either. So far I have read 40 pages of this forum to see if there has been in the past a similar situation and nothing. If you guys cannot help me with this, nobody can. Funny thing is, I believe in MCE and I know it works which leaves me to think that the problem resides on my end, yet my installation is a full blown very high performance simulator with its enclosure and 4 very large screens + touch, and has been running absolutely perfect for the last 10 years.( I am a retired professional pilot) so for me its a matter of emulating the real world without being online. Maybe in the end it might be a very small thing...Lets see any more suggestions? Say, is there a MCE support EMail that can be used, so that videos and pictures could be easily be exchanged with the experts? Thank you Roy DeForrest
  3. None of these solutions worked until now! Getting desperate! Also, fs Insider.dll is not present on my installation of MCE. Followed your advice in every aspect!
  4. hello and thanks for your help in advance,, Reinstalled the demo again and it came with the FSInsider.DLL Version, installed on the FS9 modules folder. Found another DLL available on the Resources Folder for FS9 Version, Installed it on the FS9 Modules Folder and still doesn't load MCE. (Still stuck trying to connect to FS9.) Also would like to remind you that My RC4 runs on the same computer as MCE. Please check to see if my edit of mce.ini is correct to work with RC4. [ATC] Mode=RC4 PreventNativeATCCancellation=0 UseRadioNoise=1 StaticNoiseLevel=1 SecondaryNeedAtcWindow=0 atc1=1 atc2=0 atc3=1 atc4=1 atc5=0 UseRadarContact=1 IgnoreRC4Registry=0 //(Set this to 1 when RC4 isn't installed on the same machine as MCE) RC4path= Supposedly, according to you, the Demo/Official version downloaded is the latest, right? So, how come, that it doesn't have the latest Dll's... You suggested to install FsInsider.DLL Version /.1? how can I proceed? So far all I have tried has not worked and that DLL is nowhere to be found! PS-It may be relevant that I also have FSX installed on the same computer, BUT, I never use it, nor have intentions to do so. I fly only FS9. Thank you Roy DeForrest
  5. But then why did you told me to uninstall and reinstall if I just downloaded it less than a week a go?...now I will have to restart it all a new and have lost quite a few days of work! And it still doesn't solve the Dll problem! Any thoughts? In the mean time I will restart the reinstallation of the Demo and re proceed to install all voices etc, etc... How do I find the Fs Insder.Dll that applies to me? Because the Demo will just install the same thing I had this morning, before deinstallation...
  6. Hello again, The website doesn't let me download the the latest version....Only the Demo version can be downloaded which is what I had installed and registered....what do I do now?
  7. Hi again, Just to reconfirm, the DLL version I found is 64 is that the correct one?
  8. Hi and thank you for the prompt reply! The FS INSIDER.DLL VERSION on my Modules folder is Roy
  9. Hello Gerald, Purchased MCE a couple of days a go, did not wait for the trial period to end, and registered it right away. Did voice training and followed all instructions. Also downloaded ALL voice packages and the RC4 voice packages and installed it. Did the appropriate changes on MCE.ini for RC4. Checked RC4 version and is a good one for MCE. RC4 runs on the same machine as FS9. I see no reason why it shouldn't work yet, it gets suck at the splash page. I hear the communications going and it just goes on and on Trying to connect to flight simulator....for ever and nothing happens. I use FS9 with a windows Vista Platform, an Old computer extremely powerful for the time it was built and running 4 screens.Until now and the last 10 years everything runs perfect, except for this. I fly exclusively the Level D 767300ER. and YES I run as administrator! Any Thoughts? let me know what other info you might need. PS have a couple of questions: 1. What are TTS voices 2. Can I have 2 headphones with mikes simultaneously connected? 3.Why cant all docs and manuals be taken out of my computer in to a tablet for example. PDF files just for study elsewhere? Thank you Roy DeForrest
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