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  1. Good Day, PMDG Team I've been experiencing FMC freezing when entering the cruise winds in the LEGS/RTE DATA page. I've noticed that happens on long trips with many waypoints. In shorts trips with no too many waypoints doesn't happen this. Only the FMC freezes, i can switch from one page to another, but i cannot tape or erase anything. The FSX and the aircraft keep running normally. Any way to solve this issue? Thank you for your time.
  2. Hi, Can anyone explain me if there is a way to insert a shortened runway distance on the FMC? I´m taking off from Paris, and want to take intersection T11 for 26R, takeoff distance from T11: 11860FT. That´s what I want to insert on the FMC, for accurrate Vspeeds. Thanks!
  3. Hi ! I would like to know if there were any plan to upgrade the FMC to the 11.0 version ? In my company all the planes have just been upgraded to this version. Any info on this ? Thanks a lot Florent
  4. when i manually enter fuel my ZFW changes and flips about. For example the correct one will be 209.1 kgs which then changes to 180kgs or something like that. I get around this by entering another random fuel level so the corrcect ZFW comes back then I re enter the desired fuel from my flight plan. Has anyone noticed this behaviour? (P3D 3.1). If it helps I use a 777 startup panel state of '777 short' but with zero payload and 17% fuel saved
  5. Hi all, I've recently started flying the J41 again and did the tutorial flight to get back into things which went smoothly. I have made my own flows based on the tutorial but after I have started the engines and turned the avionics switches back on, the FMC remains off. When I turn it on, the route I have entered AND the cruise altitude figure entered on the VNAV Data page have disappeared. I can't work out what i'm doing wrong to cause this to happen? I am loading the tutorial saved flight and then re positioning the aircraft so that it is in a cold and dark state - is that something to do with it maybe? Thanks
  6. sirsteve

    FMC nav data

    Using Prepard 3d and PDGM B777 and Navigraph to update the FMC with the latest NAV info. but its still stuck with a 2013 revision in the FMC and Navigraph dosnt look to be up dating to REV-1610 the current version. am i missing a link some where thanks Stephen Bottom
  7. Hi there, please, I would like to know informations about how to start using for the very first time(a tutorial maybe, would be great) the CO ROUTE inside the FMC of the B737NGX(PMDG/FSX Deluxe SP1/2). How to? Where should I start? What do I need? So on.... Thank you all!!!! :smile:
  8. Can someone advise me how to bring up the FMC INIT screen in X-Plane 11? All the FMC tutorials start out with hitting that button to initialize new settings. X-Plane has an official video showing the new layout. In the video there are apparently clicks to get there, but no narrative of what was clicked. This is the video from XPlaneOfficial: https://youtu.be/YfX6R4V3V_c?t=160 As you can see in the video he goes to a screen that looks like the first image below. I try to follow the steps exact, but I get a different screen. The video goes to a screen where that has "<ROUTE MENU PERF INIT>" in the menu. That is the screen that I can't get to. The closest I can get it the screen that has "<ROUTE MENU VNAV>" in the menu. The FMC in the Video: The FMC in my screen: All the tutorial and videos on the FMC starts out by telling the user to click on the INIT button to start the programming. So, at present, I'm having the same problem with all the references to using the FMC that I'm having with this, which would most likely be resolved by being able to get to the screen that is in the Official Video. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or comments! -- L. James -- L. D. James ljames@apollo3.com www.apollo3.com/~ljames
  9. Hi all, I don't know what is the problem, I cannot load the data from my FMC, when I input the departure airport like VHHH, it said there is not in data base I have the updated AIRAC1701, and I can't even load all my saved flight as well Can somebody help me solve this problem? Thanks Anthony Yuen
  10. Hello all, Currently flying LFMN-LICJ on the NG. Standard route, SODRI6A dep and GIANO2B arr with VOR-Z 07 approach. There is a discontinuity in the missed approach route (Navigraph AIRAC 1605). I canceled it and was on my way to Sicily. During cruise the FMC froze and I was unable to modify the route (directs). Apparently, what happened was that canceling that discontinuity made the FMC freeze. To unfreeze it, I simply uploaded my route again and made sure to not touch the missed app segment. Thats it! I don't know if it is a Navigraph bug or a NGX bug, but thought it would be useful to report it here. Mods, please feel free to delete if already discussed. Happy flying, Alex
  11. So, I'm new to the PMDG 737 and have been trying to follow the manual but have already hit a snag. In the manual to go from cold and dark it says to use the FMC and load the cold and dark state. I do so, and get the green initialization bar at the top of the screen, but the FMC doesn't come back. It stays blank and I can't use it afterwards. What could be wrong here? Thanks -- Alexander
  12. Well,I use PMDG 777-300ER and everything was fine yesterday. I made a flight from LTBA to KJFK without any issues. Today, when i try to enter the cost index to FMC for another flight, FMC just freezed. I closed and restarted the game and tried to request that informations instead of entering manually. This time, when i clicked accept button, all entries became invisible. They just turned to blanks. I couldn't see any indent for any attribute. I even tried my last flight which i flied yesterday and all that FMC things were operating as normal, i get the freezing problem. Btw, all VC works without a problem, only FMC freezes. I also tried to delete the aircraft and reinstalled it. Nothing has changed. I amthinking of deleting the whole game and reinstall it again tho. If it wont help, then i will be done and not waste any more time on this.
  13. hi, i am flying the Do228, AC690 and (Alabeo) DA-42. At least the Do228 has a basic FMC, the DA-42 has a G1000. I installed the latest Navigraph update for Carenado (filename "carenado_1712.exe"). I did that for the first time. However, the FMC and the Garmin does still show old data. Navigraph data has been installed into the following folder: "F:\Prepar3D v4\CarenadoNavigraph" How to get it working, that FMC/GPS shows the new airac data? thanks, regards
  14. Hi, I'm traditionally a virtual GA pilot - a twin prop is normally about as big as I like to go. However for an event coming up soon I really need to be flying something with a bit more oomph as the leg of the journey is really too long to do in a twin - so i've opted for the Embraer ERJ-145 from FeelThere on Steam. and had my first flight with it last night. Once i'd figured out that my CH Throttle Quadrant was shutting the engines down repeatedly (doh) I started to make better progress and I've got most of the procedures down now for startup, setting up the FMC and so forth, and a few other bits that I didn't get quite right I think I have figured out for my next flight - which leaves one major issue for me and i'm hoping you can help me understand this bit. I set up the FMC - in this case from EGSS to EGNX, a nice short test flight. The flight plan was set up as EGSS RWY 04 via BKY, and then on arrival to EGNX it was via I think PIGOT1J. I set the aircraft AP up to use the FMC, did the taxi to the runway and got takeoff clearance - after roll I ascended to 1000ft and engaged the autopilot. At this point, the FMC just wanted to fly on in the direction of the runway without turning west. What did I miss? I ended up disengaging AP and flying the route manually following ATC Instruction - which was fun, but probably missed the point. How do I ensure that the FMC knows the plan that ATC is going to direct me along? I set the flight plan up using the flight planner in FSX and then added the details in using the method described in the manual for the FMC - but the eventual path that I followed from ATC didn't look anything like the straight line that the flight planner came up with - i'm not looking to fly a straight line, but would be useful if I could validate that it's all working together and not doing two different things some how. I guess the other question I have then is how to deal with alterations that come in from the ATC like change of altitutde, change of course etc - how do I effect those changes in to the FMC? or do I switch to nav and use the heading but to redirect the plane in those cases? Thanks in advance - i'm a jet-newb but have to say I enjoyed the flight once I got in the air so i'm keen to get back in the cockpit and have another go Matt.
  15. I have recently installed the Quality Wings 757 onto my laptop, and it is registered and seems to work fine except for the FMC. The FMC seems to be having a problem displaying certain text. The IDENT Page shows everything correctly as well as my up to date AIRAC Cycle of 1509. However when I proceed to the next page, the REF Airport section is blank and does not let me type anything on that page. The SID's and STAR's also don't appear. But if I click randomly on the SID/STAR Page, they do appear on the RTE, so its like the text is there but invisible. I am wondering if this could be a problem with a certain gauge file that is missing, but really can't seem to find the problem! Any help is appreciated. I am running Windows 10. Thank you! Regards, Chris P.S. If you are interested in seeing what the FMC looks like, reply asking for a picture. Thanks!
  16. As I was inbound to Atlanta from Germany I discovered the Captains CDU panel no longer accepted any key inputs. I tried both the panel keys and the Desktop keyboard. Not a huge problem as I was no longer using the LNav or LNav function to fly the aircraft but became a little concerned when I was prompted to configure the vRef page. What was puzzling was all the LSK and page buttons were working, I just couldn't input any data. After I parked the airplane and shut the engines down, I began to troubleshoot the problem. It seems the FO CDU was working perfectly, only the Captains CDU didn't. This was a first for me. Anyone else have this problem?
  17. Good day! I recently bought the NGX 737 and I love it! I have 2 questions regarding it. 1 - Auto Pilot. I Came from using the stock 737 in FSX so I dont know what the LNAV AND VNAV do...I see everyone uses it in ILS landings but Im using to using VLOC and APP. Somotimes I click LNAV AND VNAV and i dont get a green light saying its been activated...so, how do I use auto pilot for ILS landings (NOT AUTO LAND) in the NGX 737? On a side note...where is the NAV/GPS switch so i can pick which one to use? 2 - FMC.....All i know is to set fuel, ground connections and a few other things like putting in the air port but i dont know the waypoint part since I never have any....I need to know how to use the FMC so it can tell me when to put my flaps and speed and all that.... Please send a link of a video or anything useful that teaches this. Its almost impossible to have a real flight without it. PLEASE give me a good starter flight plan for this so I can learn and last thing, SIDS, I dont even know where to find mine or what it is. Thank you In advance Mirakledba
  18. After computer crash and recover PMDG planes seem to have no fixes or company routes. Regards Rick Case
  19. Hello, First, sorry if it has already been discussed, I found nothing via the search function. I have noticed that the ECON cruise mach is unsensitive to headwind or tailwind. Did I miss anything in the FMC setup or this particular functionnality was left aside during NGX development? And if it was, what were the reasons? Happy flying! Alex
  20. Happy Holidays everyone, I am enjoying my holiday today as I bought 2 new airports for my sim. I am traveling a real world route with FSCaptain from KMSP to KSFO. I can not figure out why FMC is not calculating altitude so that I can engage it. My Airac is 1712 Here is route KMSP/30L SCHEP9 ONL DCT NUXRO DCT VOAXA Q136 OAL DCT INYOE DYAMD3 KSFO/10L (or try 28L) I am reading the FCOM2 11.30.X-11.42.X (going up and down the pdf, Just can't figure out on what is happening). Any suggestions on what is happening (I have searched the avsim forums for this but can not find an answer that I am looking for). Can someone point me in a direction on how to solve this. Thanks Update: Around DYAMD - FMC calculates T/D and right about here I am able to activate VNAV for descent. Quite confused why it isn't working before and then it works
  21. Hi, everyone, Today I had a rather perplexing event. I was in cruise, Route 1 active, everything OK. Then I modified a STAR and runway with transition. In the course of doing so, I realized that I had somehow selected Direct to a waypoint in the STAR, thus wiping out the intervening enroute waypoints. To solve this problem, I loaded the entire route in Route 2 from disk, moved the next waypoint aheadof my position up to be the active waypoint (rather than the first waypoint going back to the beginning of the flight), and activated Route 2. The aircraft followed the route OK in LNAV, but would not engage in VNAV. No altitudes were showing on the FMC legs page for subsequent legs except for restrictions included in the STAR (although my current Perf entry and I believe VNAV cruise entry had the correct altitude, FL350, after two auto step-climbs). The progress page did not show any predicted arrival time or expected remaining fuel. Active Sky Next, latest beta, was active, and I loaded current wind information, but it made no difference. (I did have a problem later with ASN, but I don't see how it's related to this one). I also entered the current FL either in the active waypoint or the following one, but the altitudes did not propagate down the list of waypoints. To solve this problem, I went back to Route 1, re-entered the remaining enroute waypoints, activated the route, and lo and behold, altitude information and predicted times returned, Progress display returned to normal. Did I do something wrong or is this a bug? Thanks, Mike
  22. I need help adding Flytampa's Kai Tak (VHHX) to Aerosoft's Airbus A318,319,320,321 FMC's. I am on Prepar3D v3.2 and using latest Navigraph Airac Cycle 1604. I have search information over internet, Flytampa and Aerosoft forums with no avail . Is it also possible do add VHHX to the Q400, Pro version, FMC. Thought I have read something that their nav data is hard coded and impossible to edit? Cheers, AK PS: I was able to add it to Pro ATC X though, and last I recall, the way I do it, was working over P3D v2.something. Still untested over v3.x
  23. Besides flying myself, I occationally enjoy watching videos of other skilled simmers out there. It's interesting and sometimes I pick up something new I haven't thought about before. I have been flying FS since FS95, but still have a lot to learn. One thing I have noticed is that people load weather into FMC during the preflight, and just fly. But that will give incorrect values. I don't know if ASNext gives the wind data at that exact moment or if it try to predict (anyone here knows? I guess it only gives at the actual moment), but if you fly a longhaul, values will become very inactual. I am loading all wind data during preflight, but I am also updating it during the flight. How do you do it? How do they do it in "real life"? I made a reference flight with 772 EGLL-YSSY without updating until moments before TOD to check this out, and values did really differ.
  24. hi , Before all THE PMDG 747-V3 is amazing !!!. Now the problem : Why does not heve any sid or star in the fmc for LLBG AIRPORT Please your help. Thanks.
  25. Hi Kyle or Ryan, I noticed that the Cost Index gives different ECON speeds depending on engine variant. PW CI90 equals GE/RR CI180, more or less. I thought it was more an FMC variant problematic (if any) than an engine one... Curious about that. By the way, I would guess giving the real world data you may find around that the correct data is the PW one. Cheers, Alex
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