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  1. Thank you for the comment, i’ve finally understood why it doesn’t show up as ILS. Thank you!!
  2. Oh my god! I apologies for wasting your time. I’m stupid, I checked the navigraph forum. My bad. I found out that an ILS approach is coded as LOC. Here… https://forum.navigraph.com/t/faq-ils-missing-only-loc-provided-for-missed-approach-turn-prior-to-rwy/4966
  3. Yes, I have navigraph AIRAC updated to the latest cycle.
  4. Hello there, I have been having this issue at OLBA airport, Beirut, and it has started bugging me a bit. Basically, in the PMDG 777, upon descent, you select you STAR and approach. For example, at Beirut, they use ILS16 for arriving aircraft. However, in P3D v5, when using the PMDG 777, I only have the options for RNAV, LOC and visual approaches. There is no option to select an ILS approach in the arrival page of the FMC. Weirdly enough, I am able to select ILS approaches at major airports such as OMDB or EGLL. In addition to this, I am, nevertheless, able to select an ILS approach at OLBA on runway 16 in the FSLabs A32X series. Now, I am unsure if this is an error due to PMDG or the scenery or my sim but I would appreciate a response. Details : Location / scenery : OLBA Beirut by MFSG Runway : All runways don't have ILS option Aircraft : PMDG 777-300ER Simulator : P3D v5 Hardware : i7-8700k 32gb ram RTX 2080ti 2TB storage I hope someone can help me fix this issue. Regards.
  5. Any updates or download links yet?
  6. Hi, i have recently had problems with my FSX, the contrails coming from the engines are black squares, any help?? Thanks. P.s I have some pics off the internet. -Hani Freij
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