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Found 65 results

  1. Hello, I purchased two aircraft on 11/21/2020 for X-Plane 11. First being a Phenom 100 and the other being the Premiere 1A. The Phenom loaded up and activated without issue. The Premiere 1A will not activate. I get an error "Key and Product mismatch" and there is a Generate ID button on the interface that it is not clear what that is for. I have contacted support days ago and they are seemingly unable to resolve this. I have gotten generic canned responses such as "We're checking into it" and "We'll get back to you". If I don't get this resolved soon like as in tomorrow or so, I will be starting a dispute with my CC company and see if I can't get Carenado to get a chargeback. This is ridiculous - it should NOT take days to get help with a product activation issue. I'm in software development so I understand how that process works. This is not brain surgery. I understand the need for software piracy controls, but it only hurts the consumer when they don't work as they are supposed to. Because of this I am unable to use the product for which I purchased. I hope that someone on this forum that is maybe higher up than the people on the support desk receive this and can do something to help! Rich
  2. Hi, I've just purchased the upgrade of JustSim's LEBL to use in V5 but have found that there is no dynamic lighting. There appears to be no place to go for JustSim support and I get no answer from their Facebook page. In fact, I can't see a single instance on there where a customer's question has been answered. Can anyone suggest either a fix or where I might go for support? Do JustSim actually still exist?!
  3. Hello, I use P3D v3 since last november and it ran fine until today. When I start it, it loads for a while and then an error message appears: Prepar 3D stopped working. I tried everything (appart of reinstalling). Can someone help me? Wish you all a nice weekend Alex My system: i7 4790k, GTX980Ti, 16 Gb Ram (2400mhz), 250GB SSD (System), 2x 1TB HDD (Stuff), 500GB SSD (P3D only)
  4. Hey Guys! I think this is not perfect place for payment issues, but I saw that PMDG has discontinued E-Mail based support. So I can't get any reply or advice for my problem. Yesterday, I planned to buy FSX 737 NGX and I proceeded with visa card payment method. It went well, but in last I got an error message(i guess it means the transaction crashed). I tried it 2~3 times to fail. Serious thing is, im worried about some problem like expense with no product, So I checked card usage record. I found 2 PMDG transaction records that cost 69$x2 (138$) even I didn't get any product, email or succesful message! To sum up I failed several attempts to buy 737NGX with visa card payment, but card expenses for 2 737 NGX(69$x2). how can I get PMDG's respond or to make PMDG team cancel my fault expense? any idea?? (p.s sorry for my broken ENG!!!)
  5. Okay so basically, in April this year I started playing VATSIM through FSINN and everything was smooth and I learnt so much and was really enjoying my flying and interacting with other pilots and atc. Right, so I uninstalled some PMDG and Airbus X aircraft and other addon software. Then, whenever I tried to load FSX up it would give me FSINN runtime errors, specifically runtime error 372. I stopped playing about three months ago and left it. About a week ago I opened FSX to try and enjoy a flight but the same errors still occurred. I uninstalled all my addons i.e aircraft, scenery etc. Then uninstalled FSINN and copilot. Tried reinstalling FSINN; still the same errors. Even though I get these errors I can go into free flight but I cannot connect to VATSIM. Then I uninstalled FSX. So I reinstalled FSX on my other hard drive. Tried to install FSINN and copilot again, the same errors. Here are the images of the errors that come up when I start FSX (as an admin). this one comes up an additional two times when I click ok. then this one. then this one then fsx loads up and this one comes up finally I would be eternally grateful if anybody could help me solve this. Also, whenever I reinstall FSINN, I do not get asked for my credentials or VATSIM credentials i.e callsign, vatsim login. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I purchased the fs2crew ground crew and the the bundle for the aerosoft A320 professional. I have followed the manuals carefully and the ground services worked spot on. However when I installed the A320 professions fs2crew I kept getting a "captain: off" in a green bar whenever I'd speak. My mic works and I've dont the voice trainer and the ENG-US stuff too. And also not my UGCX does pic up for my voice now either since I've had the A320 fs2crew pack installed. Quite frustrating. I have my key binding set up too
  7. So I am having a bit of a problem with ASN. When I first start up steam, it gives me the “xml issue” message telling me to delete/change my dll.xml file. When I fly the simulator and it loads up, I either get no message with no working ASN or I get the “ambient control issue” message. I tried verifying the files for FSX and also reinstalling ASN. Any help is appreciated.
  8. How can I contact Reality XP for support? I'm having an issue I can't find the solution for in these forums and when I submitted a ticket at F1 they redirected me here. Is there a contact link or a phone number for RealityXP products? Thanks in advance.
  9. Though our airline's primary goal is to carry passengers and goods on a regular basis, we will always step in where virtual help is needed. As we speak, there are two hurricanes that are spinning around in the Atlantic Ocean could affect the island of Bermuda. With every passing second, Hurricane Leslie is growing in power. As a destination of our airline, it is part of our responsibility to help ferry passengers and cargo supplies for rebuilding. Wright Airlines is offering pilots a substancial bonus for completing as many flights as possible in a few days. For your charity work, each flight back and forth between the mainland and Bermuda will award you with a $25,000 pilot bonus for each flight completed! You can now fly to Bermuda from Charlotte/Douglas using the following aircraft: A380-800 MD-11 MD-11F 707-300 747-400C 757-200 767-300 For the latest information on the Hurricanes, please use this fantastic aviation resource. http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/ If you are interested in joining our airline to help out with these flights, please visit our site today! www.wrightairlines.org
  10. Hello, I'd like to know how to install the SP1b update correctly.First I installed my standard NGX file, what comes next?Do I also have to install the SP1 update prior to the SP1b?Thx very much for helping me out.cheers
  11. Come Fly with Us at VFR Prop Hops and IFR Jet Hops www.vfrprophops.com www.ifrjethops.com Why … A place where you can fly with your friends, with us – whoever. Our primary server is the VATME server (www.vatmegroup.com) …Wide open – very few pilots, rare ATC. Allows you to fly where you want, with who you want and when you want without concern for controlled airspace or busy skies Use your flight sim software the way MS ACES or your software designer intended, even when in Multi-Player mode:Full flexibility to change planes, weather, realism settings – you can do anything while connected to the server that you can do in ‘Free Flight’ mode in FSX (or the equivalent in the software you are using) Does not lock you into a specific aircraft or flight sim setting like ‘GameSpy-like’ servers such as FSOpen do. Supports various versions of Microsoft flight sim software and X-Plane We organize events and provide flight plans for hops and IFR routes. We will organize hops and events at your request if we can – or let you host your own thing! We can help you expand your flying skills if you would like …Learn pilotage, dead reckoning, VOR and NDB navigation and other skills used by general aviation pilots Learn instrument approaches, use of IFR flight plans including SIDs and STARs and airways navigation as done in the commercial transport world Learn general aviation / VFR radio skills for uncontrolled airports and proper radio procedures for controlled airspace without the crowded servers and high pressure ATC environment. We’ll hold practice sessions at your request to help you improve your flying skills, expand to new aircraft and practice your radio communication and ATC communication skills. We can help you transition to busier environments like VATSIM (www.vatsim.net) with confidence and will fly there with you. We will provide you access to our library of flight plans pre-programmed for FSX and FlightSim Commander (other formats provided on request, if we can). No need to fear the busy environments and miss out on flying with a great group of folks like those at VATSIM. We have our own TeamSpeak 3 channel and if you join VATME you will also have access to their TeamSpeak 3 system (which includes a subchannel for VFR Prop Hops and IFR Jet Hops). We can help you set up Multi-Player server and TeamSpeak connections, solve problems with controllers and other peripherals, tweak aircraft and FSX performance and point you to helpful resources, free maps and flight planners and other great stuff.
  12. I'm really sorry for posting about my personal problem here. But, If I don't I wouldn't get any help! For 2 weeks ago, I got some duplicate charge problems. During transactions, error has occurred. Then it charge for 345$(69$x5). I wanted to buy only one fsx 737 ngx product.. But my multiple trial get went wrong. Finally I got success with another pay method(PayPal). So finally I succeeded to buy fsx 737ngx. But duplicate charge problems are not treated.. In PMDG support site at September 16, 2015. , I leaved 3 tickets about my duplicate charges do end up getting processed It's been 8 days almost.. but still waiting for agent.. I'm so nervous to wait more than a week Do I have to wait more? Is there any problem with support team? Is it normal to wait more than a week to get treated? Of course, I think PMDG team is fair and reliable. But I can't wait too long more. Because I got real withdrawal about 345$ with two cards(fisrt one is 69$x2, another one is 69$x3) I think 345$ is not mere trouble for me! If you guys have any similar experience like me then please give me some advice plz! (sorry for my broken english
  13. To find out how pleased I am about Iris software and their outstanding personal support click this link; http://forum.avsim.net/topic/460480-iris-software-does-it-again/
  14. IRIS Simulation Software I would like to let everyone know that had sent in an email to Iris about not having a link for updates to my aircraft unless I purchased them again. It seemed I wasn't going to get any answer. Then after a couple of months, to my surprise I got an email from David that stated that my message had been overlooked and that they were very sorry. His personal message that stated that because of their over site that they were giving me links to ALL of their aircraft and I was free to download any or all of their offerings for no charge. This has given me great pleasure to know that in this day and age that there are still people out there that care about their customers. Kudos to David and Iris that are located in Australia at this link, www.irissimulations.com.au Plus they are having a 50% sale for the holidays still on their website page. Norm
  15. at night the taxiway lights don't work only in this scenery, is there anyone else with this problem?
  16. Hi everyone, first off I would like to congratulate the FS2Crew team for the great tool they developed UGCX, it's been a must for every flight I take and I must say the last update was really grand. However, I have noticed a weird behavior ever since I updated to the last version 1.7 of UGCX. When I preview my pushback route it forces me to a 2D Top-Down view of my aircraft which I really don't want to since sometimes having a heavy scenery and some decent amount of traffic can take it's toll on my CPU however as long as I don't load my aircraft external view the CPU and disk usage are within normal levels (I run P3Dv4.5 in well over 25 fps) so if I want to preview my route I am forced to go into external top-down view that load my external aircraft view and deteriorate my fps, yet that's not my main issue. After I check my pushback route and make sure everything is fine, if I use anything that words with windows explorer (explorer.exe) it gets drastically lagged. It's like typing, scrolling, task bar, any sort of windows UI animation is working in less that 1 fps. I tried restarting my explorer.exe many times but it's still the same (CPU usage at 75% and disk usage at 6%). It gets super frustrating because of how I use my pc to get work done during cruise but now I can't get anything done. PS: only windows animation that gets lagged out, the sim is working pretty smooth, every other application I have running is still super smooth as usual. This only happens when I start using the preview pushback option, otherwise everything is working well (including the windows animations). I'm running P3Dv4.5 on windows 10, aircraft used is PMDG 777. I really hope this gets figured out soon because, given the current situation, I need to get a lot of work done from home. Thank you, stay safe everyone. Riad Mohamed.
  17. Evening everyone, ever since I got OPENLC for NA, I'm getting these very weird looking immersion ruining tiles that have day textures during night flying, I tried force migrating and uninstalling OPENLC NA, but to no avail please suggest me some solutions, it has ruined night flying for me...
  18. Well,I use PMDG 777-300ER and everything was fine yesterday. I made a flight from LTBA to KJFK without any issues. Today, when i try to enter the cost index to FMC for another flight, FMC just freezed. I closed and restarted the game and tried to request that informations instead of entering manually. This time, when i clicked accept button, all entries became invisible. They just turned to blanks. I couldn't see any indent for any attribute. I even tried my last flight which i flied yesterday and all that FMC things were operating as normal, i get the freezing problem. Btw, all VC works without a problem, only FMC freezes. I also tried to delete the aircraft and reinstalled it. Nothing has changed. I amthinking of deleting the whole game and reinstall it again tho. If it wont help, then i will be done and not waste any more time on this.
  19. Well the reason I want a phone number is to get answers too many questions. I will try and ask my questions here but I know it will be going back and forth. Set up. Elite Pro Panel SE, Elite AP4000 GNS 430 module, AP2000 Radio stack, using Win 7 Ult. 64bit. I want to be able to run the 430 WAAS on flight sim X with the Mooney Bravo (w/o glass PNL) using the AP4000. So I was following the instructions and it tells me to buy your Reality XP GNS430 v2 program which I did. I have been trying for days to get it to work and I am to the point of asking for a refund. It looks like it installs correctly but I have nothing but read me files in the start menu. No config stuff. I tried going to the app icon under program files Reality XP but it crashes. I am sure I am doing something stupid but I sure as heck can't figure it out.
  20. When i load up the fslabs A320 i get a crash to desktop after a few seconds. This is the event viewer log: fsx.exe 10.0.61637.0 46fadb14 FSL_A32XX.DLL 10.0.61355.184 5851d2e1 c0000005 006ec05b 2760 01d3e19a24b32a99 D:\Flight Simulator X\fsx.exe D:\Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX.DLL 08b263ef-134c-4e84-8587-ad5d5ae35fa5
  21. We are happy to report that MILVIZ today opened a support and updates forum on AVSIM. MILVIZ delivers some of the highest fidelity simulation add-on's available. If you have not seen a MILVIZ product, we suggest you visit their web site at MILVIZ.COM. You can visit their brand new AVSIM support forum here. To our friends at MILVIZ; welcome to the AVSIM forums!
  22. I am wondering why, after I have spent £20 purchasing the DX10 fixer, I can't get as much as a quick reply from you who profit from the sale. One example :- http://forum.avsim.net/topic/461000-post-dx10-fixer-order-id-ste150129-7198-86770/ Example number 2 :- http://forum.avsim.net/topic/460913-r9-200-series-gpu-and-the-dx10-fixer-query/ It is really so difficult for you to answer these questions ? Or is it a case of "Now he has paid we are not interested" ? I notice you are answering some peoples threads so I know your alive. This is very disappointing and not a good reflection of the supposed 'support forum'. Yes, I have read the manual. Is it unreasonable to ask if you would cast an eye over my FSX.cfg when I have spent £20 to purchase your product ? Plus, I have the issue with fog really slowing down my system.
  23. We have brought online a new donation system. The issue for us that caused this change is that the old system did not recognize the member's support of AVSIM (other than to get a big thank you message upon completion of the donation payment). This new system gives the donor a little bit of public recognition for their contribution and support. Here are the details: All of the forum donation buttons now take the user to a Marketplace page with the donation alternatives displayed. There are 7 selections at the moment: $5.00 – Donor - 3 months $10.00 – Donor – 6 months $25.00 – Donor - 9 months $50.00 – Bronze – 1 year $125.00 – Silver – 1 ½ year $250.00 – Gold – 2 years $500.00 – Lifetime – No time limit The durations have to do with an indicator that will appear in the user’s side panel profile with each message they post. This is accomplished by moving them to a new group. When the duration expires, if they have not renewed, they will be moved back to the “member” group. The Lifetime contributor remains a lifetime contributor forever. Every member who donates will be sent an email 7 days before their donation expires in order to renew it, or not. Renewals are not automatic. That means that the system WILL NOT automatically charge you for another donation. Here are the images that appear: If you want to see an example of this, look for FPPILOT’s post in this topic: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/433916-approachscenery-misalignment/ You are not obligated or required to contribute of course. Access to all of AVSIM remains free. If you decide to contribute, the AVSIM Staff and your fellow community members will be shown your support of this community. And if you do contribute, thank you in advance for doing so. EDIT: We are working on refining the images and some other details.
  24. I just had an interaction with the Flysimware Support Team regarding two of their products I purchased through FSPilotShop. It has renewed my faith in product support! I described the problem I had, they answered with the solution (in 1 day!), and lo and behold, I am now the grateful owner of updated copies of their Lear and Mitsubishi products. Thank you, Flysimware Support! Really excellent job, well done!
  25. In the email I got to verify my email for the support desk the link to click on does not work. When I click on it a new tab opens with a page that says Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. How can my email be verified so I can get support??Thanks,Paul
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