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Found 31 results

  1. I've had trouble when running DX12 and trying to use the Piaggio 149, I had double graphics for the controls (and switches). I finally decided to contact their support. Sent off an email and figured I might or might not hear from them. Lo and behold, 10 minutes hadn't passed and I had a return email. Andrey sent me a link to a ver 2.1 installer that I had somehow missed. I'm back in Piaggio bliss. Just wanted to pass this along, great support from ATSimulations.
  2. Hope all is well! I'm on version 2.6.19. In Search, when I select the checkbox for Towered Airports, I see results that are dark blue (as expected), but there are also magenta airports shown as well. From the Manual: Airports having control towers are shown in dark blue others in magenta. I'm probably missing something simple... thought I would check here to see what's up. Thank you in advance. Michael Roberts Baltimore, MD USA
  3. Hi there i have MCP combo 2 running on MSFS PMDG 737 all the commands and rotaries work the only thing is the displays all sync but when i change the speed heading alt etc it does not show up on the displays it shows in the sim and works perfectly just does not show the change on the MCP. Any help would be great i must be doing something wrong im not that clever with things like this you guys all seem super smart even just to get this working like this. I have the latest version of fsuipc 7 paid full version and linda along with the latest msfs2020. I run windows 11 fully updated I have tried to start it the order provided and I am still not getting a quart with it Many thanks John
  4. I just had an interaction with the Flysimware Support Team regarding two of their products I purchased through FSPilotShop. It has renewed my faith in product support! I described the problem I had, they answered with the solution (in 1 day!), and lo and behold, I am now the grateful owner of updated copies of their Lear and Mitsubishi products. Thank you, Flysimware Support! Really excellent job, well done!
  5. Hello, I purchased the fs2crew ground crew and the the bundle for the aerosoft A320 professional. I have followed the manuals carefully and the ground services worked spot on. However when I installed the A320 professions fs2crew I kept getting a "captain: off" in a green bar whenever I'd speak. My mic works and I've dont the voice trainer and the ENG-US stuff too. And also not my UGCX does pic up for my voice now either since I've had the A320 fs2crew pack installed. Quite frustrating. I have my key binding set up too
  6. So I am having a bit of a problem with ASN. When I first start up steam, it gives me the “xml issue” message telling me to delete/change my dll.xml file. When I fly the simulator and it loads up, I either get no message with no working ASN or I get the “ambient control issue” message. I tried verifying the files for FSX and also reinstalling ASN. Any help is appreciated.
  7. How can I contact Reality XP for support? I'm having an issue I can't find the solution for in these forums and when I submitted a ticket at F1 they redirected me here. Is there a contact link or a phone number for RealityXP products? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello, I purchased two aircraft on 11/21/2020 for X-Plane 11. First being a Phenom 100 and the other being the Premiere 1A. The Phenom loaded up and activated without issue. The Premiere 1A will not activate. I get an error "Key and Product mismatch" and there is a Generate ID button on the interface that it is not clear what that is for. I have contacted support days ago and they are seemingly unable to resolve this. I have gotten generic canned responses such as "We're checking into it" and "We'll get back to you". If I don't get this resolved soon like as in tomorrow or so, I will be starting a dispute with my CC company and see if I can't get Carenado to get a chargeback. This is ridiculous - it should NOT take days to get help with a product activation issue. I'm in software development so I understand how that process works. This is not brain surgery. I understand the need for software piracy controls, but it only hurts the consumer when they don't work as they are supposed to. Because of this I am unable to use the product for which I purchased. I hope that someone on this forum that is maybe higher up than the people on the support desk receive this and can do something to help! Rich
  9. Hi, I've just purchased the upgrade of JustSim's LEBL to use in V5 but have found that there is no dynamic lighting. There appears to be no place to go for JustSim support and I get no answer from their Facebook page. In fact, I can't see a single instance on there where a customer's question has been answered. Can anyone suggest either a fix or where I might go for support? Do JustSim actually still exist?!
  10. When i load up the fslabs A320 i get a crash to desktop after a few seconds. This is the event viewer log: fsx.exe 10.0.61637.0 46fadb14 FSL_A32XX.DLL 10.0.61355.184 5851d2e1 c0000005 006ec05b 2760 01d3e19a24b32a99 D:\Flight Simulator X\fsx.exe D:\Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX.DLL 08b263ef-134c-4e84-8587-ad5d5ae35fa5
  11. Well the reason I want a phone number is to get answers too many questions. I will try and ask my questions here but I know it will be going back and forth. Set up. Elite Pro Panel SE, Elite AP4000 GNS 430 module, AP2000 Radio stack, using Win 7 Ult. 64bit. I want to be able to run the 430 WAAS on flight sim X with the Mooney Bravo (w/o glass PNL) using the AP4000. So I was following the instructions and it tells me to buy your Reality XP GNS430 v2 program which I did. I have been trying for days to get it to work and I am to the point of asking for a refund. It looks like it installs correctly but I have nothing but read me files in the start menu. No config stuff. I tried going to the app icon under program files Reality XP but it crashes. I am sure I am doing something stupid but I sure as heck can't figure it out.
  12. Well,I use PMDG 777-300ER and everything was fine yesterday. I made a flight from LTBA to KJFK without any issues. Today, when i try to enter the cost index to FMC for another flight, FMC just freezed. I closed and restarted the game and tried to request that informations instead of entering manually. This time, when i clicked accept button, all entries became invisible. They just turned to blanks. I couldn't see any indent for any attribute. I even tried my last flight which i flied yesterday and all that FMC things were operating as normal, i get the freezing problem. Btw, all VC works without a problem, only FMC freezes. I also tried to delete the aircraft and reinstalled it. Nothing has changed. I amthinking of deleting the whole game and reinstall it again tho. If it wont help, then i will be done and not waste any more time on this.
  13. We are happy to report that MILVIZ today opened a support and updates forum on AVSIM. MILVIZ delivers some of the highest fidelity simulation add-on's available. If you have not seen a MILVIZ product, we suggest you visit their web site at MILVIZ.COM. You can visit their brand new AVSIM support forum here. To our friends at MILVIZ; welcome to the AVSIM forums!
  14. Evening everyone, ever since I got OPENLC for NA, I'm getting these very weird looking immersion ruining tiles that have day textures during night flying, I tried force migrating and uninstalling OPENLC NA, but to no avail please suggest me some solutions, it has ruined night flying for me...
  15. Hi everyone, first off I would like to congratulate the FS2Crew team for the great tool they developed UGCX, it's been a must for every flight I take and I must say the last update was really grand. However, I have noticed a weird behavior ever since I updated to the last version 1.7 of UGCX. When I preview my pushback route it forces me to a 2D Top-Down view of my aircraft which I really don't want to since sometimes having a heavy scenery and some decent amount of traffic can take it's toll on my CPU however as long as I don't load my aircraft external view the CPU and disk usage are within normal levels (I run P3Dv4.5 in well over 25 fps) so if I want to preview my route I am forced to go into external top-down view that load my external aircraft view and deteriorate my fps, yet that's not my main issue. After I check my pushback route and make sure everything is fine, if I use anything that words with windows explorer (explorer.exe) it gets drastically lagged. It's like typing, scrolling, task bar, any sort of windows UI animation is working in less that 1 fps. I tried restarting my explorer.exe many times but it's still the same (CPU usage at 75% and disk usage at 6%). It gets super frustrating because of how I use my pc to get work done during cruise but now I can't get anything done. PS: only windows animation that gets lagged out, the sim is working pretty smooth, every other application I have running is still super smooth as usual. This only happens when I start using the preview pushback option, otherwise everything is working well (including the windows animations). I'm running P3Dv4.5 on windows 10, aircraft used is PMDG 777. I really hope this gets figured out soon because, given the current situation, I need to get a lot of work done from home. Thank you, stay safe everyone. Riad Mohamed.
  16. at night the taxiway lights don't work only in this scenery, is there anyone else with this problem?
  17. Hi everyone! It's been a week i'm having this issue, so i decided to ask anybody for help after unsuccessful googling. Basically, every time i startu up any flight/scenario on FSX, i have permanent differential braking on the left pedal. I use T. Flight Rudder Pedals from Thrustmaster. Now, i tried recalibrating, inverting axis, messed around with the null zone and sensivity and even reinstalled the drivers. So i thought it might be an FSUIPC issue but it does not seem to me. Does anybody have a clue?? Thanks in advance :D
  18. Hello dev team, you did an awesome job so far, but not with latest build 5921... I have stable 51 fps before updating to 5921. I have 25 fps lost with thunderstorm, rain, fog and some clouds, never had fps drops before build 5921! On ground 51 fps with heavy weather, when looking at clouds in wingview or vc 25 fps loss, that can't be, seriously. No fps hit before update in same weather, scenery, addons whatever, I tested it. Some guys in fb groups also have the same fps drops aswell. So, I am NOT the only one having this Performance problem. So please check it and patch this issue. Thx a lot guys for your incredible work so far, but this issue has to be resolved. Kind regards, Tom Weigandt
  19. Hi all, Since this new update my scenery has started to not load correctly. Some parts don't load at all and are 2D like the old times. Then most houses/trees are all pixelated and all sharp edges and pointed. All worked fine before. Any fixes? Thanks Perry.
  20. My map is gone even after connecting to X-Plane. Is there a button or something I can click to bring it back? I really don't want to reinstall and loose all my settings.
  21. Hello, Do I need to include order ref information when posting to the appropriate forum.
  22. Dear Customers, VAInterface is not yet compatible with Prepar3D V4. We are working on implementing it, but there is no committed release date yet. But rest assured that the support will be available for the MCP, EFIS and all our products soon. Best Regards, VA Support Team
  23. Recently after an update that I did on the operations center, my 747-400 has become quite laggy and once initialization reaches 0 it compelely freezes. Any thoughts? My current graphics driver from Nvidia is 376.33. Cheers!
  24. Hello everyone: Actually i am very disapointed because i bought an AP4000 console from Elite including the GNS 430 module. Going depper on the web, i found this GPS is only for Reality XP for FSX but my question is: How about of P3D customers?... Any plans to release the GNs 430 for P3D?... Thanks a lot.
  25. It will be awesome if RealityXP can provide tech support on their own website or platform. I don't think it is fair to purchase a piece of software and then getting support else where. RealityXP should have direct control over on how software related information and contents are begin managed. me wishful thinking again?
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