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  1. Hi there! I think some of you (maybe) know me from all the Reality XP GTN integrations I've done for the community. I appreciate your support and I wanted to share some exciting news! After some grueling time coding I have officially opened my own Virtual Airline that is based off my childhood dream of operating a transportation company named 'Walker Air Transport'. It's been quite the journey and at least over the past year I've had so many messages and asks around social media about how to get my liveries or be part of the brand. It was refreshing and exciting to see others excited in my brand -- just so you know the avatar/logo of my virtual airline is actually me. I work in IT and I traveled a lot (until recently as my role shifted) so my logo became me in the airport, with a backpack, and a ball cap which is how I always travel (comfort!). Fast forward to now--after several months of coding and help from some very close friends I have finally finished and opened it to the public. Here are the simple straight-forward details. I recommend you go visit the website, read it, and maybe join us. Once you get in there you'll see how great (we think) it is. We have 17 hubs stationed in the U.S., UK, and Europe. We have 64 different aircraft types and over 120 liveries available -- they are all designed in-house with high level of quality control (I'm an OCD perfectionist.) We have planes from the C172 all the way to the A321. You can see a full listing of our fleet on the site. We have schedules developed in the US and Europe that are based on the following real-world airlines; Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, DHL, Fedex, UPS, EasyJet, Flybe, Ryanair, Air Malta. 53,642 schedules to be exact. We have 3 individual flight operations that act as airlines; Cargo, Charter, and Scheduled. Each one of these has its own fleet to fly and routes (except Charter, that is completely up to you to decide where you wish to fly from and to--there are 44k airports available.) Every flight allows you to pick what you want to fly: yes, our schedules are open. You will get a pop up window that says "Pick your airframe." How often do you see that? We use the SmartCARS application to track flights. We are completely automated -- that means no hub managers, no waiting for a PIREP to be approved. We have a rank and points system that you are awarded for things such as: taking at least 20 minutes to do preflight, using takeoff and landing flaps, maintaining speed under 10k feet, how hard or soft you land. We use a depart last arrival system; if you fly a scheduled or cargo flight you will need to depart from the last location. If you find yourself in a dead-end, let us know and we can fix that. However, we do offer jump seat services if you wish to just move somewhere else. We have Simbrief integration with an output that gives you the details you need very quickly; we also allow our pilots to chose their format and weight type (KGS or LBS.) Our platform uses Leaflet maps. Our booking system is map based (get a look at where you can fly to from your current location and click the pin.) The base of my platform is phpVMS but it is supercharged beyond anything you've seen--it's all done in house by me. We're constantly adding on to it: in the works now is an event center and award center. I think that's enough... you should come see us. You can visit us on the web at https://walkerair.us PS: I'm willing to answer questions but please don't post things that are available on the website if you were to go look. Thanks!
  2. Zibo Mod B737-800 Prime Air Livery , XP11B5.0, Active Sky, SOO3613 KCLT-KMIA FL320 0630am Join us at Giantvirtualcargo.org
  3. After months of hard work and preparation, we are pleased to announce that Asia Virtual Alliance is now open to the public. We are a Virtual Airline with 15000+ passenger and cargo schedules around the world, an active staff group and we boast a friendly atmosphere for both new and veteran pilots alike. We will be offering schedules for most major Asian carriers as well as some other international carriers. Already included in our network is Cathay Pacific, Malaysian Airlines, British Airways, American, and QANTAS. Soon we will be introducing charter flights, so you can fly between any airports in the world. Also we intend to hold regular events. Feel free to come and check out our website and/or have a chat with our friendly staff Kind Regards, Peter Benson - Media Director Asia Virtual Alliance. website: www.asiavirtualalliance.com teamspeak: ts.asiavirtualalliance.com discord: http://discord.gg/kcaDzuQ
  4. Anyone got any tips on owning a Virtual Airline? Our airline is AAV & we are the biggest AAV on Instagram. Our airline has a CEO (me), co-CEO, Airline Operations Manager & Human Resources Manager. We have a website & 11 pilots, excluding me, the co-CEO, AOM, and the Human Resources manager. If this is in the wrong forum, ignore that. I need tips on owning a Virtual Airline. Thanks.
  5. We are planning to launch a new Virtual Airline in the Caribbean. At this moment we are brainstorming on what the community wants. The community is YOU. So come over to our forum and share your thoughts. Registration to the forum is free and not an application for the VA. Some points we are discussing about: - What should be the name of the VA - Which ACARS system should we use - Which software for the website - Which aircrafts should be in the fleet - Should we use a ranking and/or financial module - And many other questions that will rises So join the conversation to build a VA, for the community and by the community.
  6. Hello everyone, sadly Keukenhof Airways staff application has closed, but we will notify you when there is a new staff rank. For now Keukenhof Airways will wait until its launch date at January 23rd 2016. Regards, David Rooseno Chief Operations Officer P.S. For more info, contact us at e-mail address removed@gmail.com
  7. X-Line Virtual Aviation is a new virtual airline for X-Plane pilots. Currently we have 21 planes in our fleet, and offer 800+ routes across the whole world. We also allow charter flights, so everyone can fly their favorite aircraft on their favorite route. We use the new VAM software, including the SIM ACARS. This gives us the oppertunity to log the complete flight, including all kinds of extras, like landingspeed, lights on/off, taxispeed, etc. As soon as PMDG releases their DC6 for X-Plane, we will add it to our fleet, along with some historic routes. We are working on a shared-cockpit function. Check out our new website and join this nice new VA: www.xlinerva.com Kind regards, Johan Wijnands CEO
  8. Hi there, I have just set up a new VA called Rikzo Virtual, a classic low cost European airline operating out of smaller airports like London City. Its not ready yet, so I was looking for anyone wanting to become a staff member, or even just become a pilot and help out with the site and the VA, all help is appreciated. I don't mind who, any age or experience. Or if anyone just wants to offer any advice, I would be glad to hear. The website is rikzovirtual.com (obviously the website is very new and bad!) Thanks in advance, Charlie
  9. Hello everyone, my name is Matthew Smith and currently I have the opportunity to start up something for the community. This could be a Virtual Airline, flying club, etc... It will be really good as it will have a good and easy to use website, detailed briefing system, detailed tracking and much much more. I need your help to tell me what you would like to see in the community. So far I have come up with a few of my own ideas for what this could be; A virtual British Airways, however it will be different from the others as you will not have to take an entry exam and the minimum age would be 13+ (as of vatsim and IVAO regulations), SWISS virtual, this will be a free one to join and will still offer unique features as stated above, finally a Virgin Atlantic virtual. Please reply to this topic if you like any of the ideas stated above. I am also open to other ideas that you would like to see so if you would like to see something else, please reply to this topic below. Remember: This will be build for and around you because after all your ideas are incredibly important to me and i'd love to hear your thoughts, Thanks.
  10. Hi, we’re Porter Virtual, a new VA simulating Toronto based Porter Airlines. Porter operates a Bombardier Q400 only fleet, flying to destinations in eastern Canada, the Northeast US, and seasonally to Florida and South Carolina. Almost every flight is out of the very interesting airport that is Toronto Billy Bishop, just a hop, skip, and jump from downtown Toronto. Along with Porter, we simulate the operations of their partners too! We expand the flying possibilities by flying JetBlue, Emirates, Qatar, El Al, and Sata. Plus we want to make being a pilot with us as simple as we can make it, so we chose smartCARS as our ACARS system of choice. It brings a seamless flight-to-PIREP system into play, and lets you chat with the community; we think you’ll love it. And to make things even better, Porter Virtual is run by a team of dedicated staff who are all die hard flight simmers. We constantly push out updates to our system, and always thrive for a greater experience for our pilots. Intrigued? Visit https://porterva.com/ for the whole scoop. Cheers! -The Porter Virtual Staff
  11. Hello Everyone, So the purpose of this post is to get the word out about Majestic Airways. Run by me, Matthew, we have more than 600+ possible flights once every flight plan is inserted. We currently have about 300. We operate out of London, Heathrow airport in England, to many other airports around Europe, Asia, North/South America, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. We have many more airports we are considering flying to. Our fleet currently has 17 aircraft, consisting of the A318/19, A380, B737-500/800, B757-200/300, B747-400, B767-300, B777-200/300. We have other orders for the A330-200/300, A340(all versions), A350, B748, and B787-8/9. It is completely free for any pilots to join and we can have you in the air within a couple hours after you join. We offer pilot ranks, meaning pilots can earn a higher pay grade and a more influential say in airline business, with each rank. We have an active website for anyone to view who would like more information. www.majesticairwaysva.com We use the fsairline platform for our airline. If anyone has any questions, please comment them below or email me directly at majesticairwaysva@gmail.com Thanks for your time, and hope to see some of you join! Matthew President/CEO - Majestic Airways
  12. Who We Are - Pacific Logistics is a full-service freight provider, based in Los Angeles, California (LAX). We offer a wide array of shipping solutions, and pride ourselves on our flexibility. A fleet of modern and well-maintained Boeing 777s and 747s provides us with a global reach, as well as an excellent payload capacity - all without sacrificing fuel efficiency. Our optimized route network and 24/7 dispatch department ensure that even the most time-sensitive commodities can reach any corner of the globe. Since 2013, we have been impressing our clients by meeting even their most demanding shipping requirements. What We Are Looking For - Pacific Logistics is a virtual airline that was founded to simulate the operations of a fictional cargo carrier. We are geared towards those flight sim enthusiasts who desire a little extra realism in their hobby. PacLog is unlike a majority of virtual airlines in the sense that pilots do not fly a wide range of various aircraft to an almost endless list of destinations. Instead, much like a real-world airline, pilots apply for a specific type of aircraft, and if accepted, fly that type within our carefully constructed route network. Furthermore, while hours are great for tracking experience and activity, all upgrades and promotions are based on seniority. This means that PacLog does not accept transferred hours, though they will be taken into account during the application process. We are currently hiring first officers and direct-entry captains for both our B747-400F and B777-200LRF fleet. Applicants desiring a direct-entry captain position must have previous verifiable type time. We currently support the PMDG 777-200LRF as well as the PMDG 747-400F (v2 and v3). Please visit http://flypaclog.com/careers to see a list of available openings. What We Offer - Seniority-based bidding Modern and sleek custom ACARS program Compatibility with major flight sim add-ons Realistic and extensive route network Custom documents such as checklists and SOPs Please feel free to take a look around our website and contact us with any questions you might have. Regards, Andrew De Forest adeforest@flypaclog.com http://www.flypaclog.com
  13. Hello! I'm looking for some people that would be interested in joining my VA team. We're an already established VA with about 55 members. However, our ACARS system is in need of work, along with our website. We're working on establishing Projectfly into our system, but we're having a hard time with it. Along with that, I've tried downloading VAM (virtual airline's manager) to re-do our website, but even after watching videos and looking at the FAQ, I still can't quite get it. Our current website is https://www.ttavirtual.com, and you'll see it's not competitive at all compared to other VA's. If anyone's interested in working with us, please comment and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks, Jacob, CEO Trans-Texas Virtual
  14. FlyCaribbean Virtual Alliance (FCB) is a new virtual airline operating in the Caribbean. At FlyCaribbeanVA we offer our pilots to simulate real world flights from many different real world airlines (Winair, InselAir, LIAT and many more) Our fleet consist of realworld aircrafts flying in the Caribbean. At the moment we have over 500 routes and 50 aircrafts to choose from. For flighttracking we primarily use smartCARS, but allow XAcars for iMac users. This makes it possible to fly online and offline. We have our own Teamspeak 3 server and our own forum. Come see for yourself Website: www.flycaribbeanva.com Like us on facebook Follow us on twitter
  15. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is James. I am writing this post to inform you of a new virtual airline that has opened only yesterday (20/11/16) We warmly welcome you to join Virtual Air Berlin (VAB)! So what you waiting for? Come and join a brand new community today Here: http://virtualairberlin.com/ Best Regards James Diossy - On behalf of Virtual Air Berlin Team
  16. San Diego, CA – The Department of Transportation (DOT) has granted Intellijet Airlines final approval to begin operations. The announcement comes after months of regulatory compliance checks for the newly-formed FAR Part 121 low-cost carrier. “This is a huge step, obviously there’s still a lot of work ahead of us, but we’re much closer to getting off the ground,” said Intellijet CEO Ed Warwick. “We’ve been working around the clock to make sure the DOT had everything they needed and we’re very pleased with their decision.” IntelliJet is set to receive three Boeing 737-800s on lease from Air Lease Corporation, and is currently engaged in negotiations to receive an additional aircraft by mid-summer. These aircraft will be used to serve 16 destinations throughout the United States and Mexico from the company’s base in San Diego (SAN). The company is aiming to begin scheduled flights as early as June. About Us - IntelliJet is a high-fidelity virtual airline with an emphasis on realism. We will operate a fleet of B737-800s from our base in San Diego, CA. Airline expansion and growth will be based on realistic financial models. At launch, IntelliJet plans on having an extensive flight dispatch system with fuel, route, and performance calculations built into both the company website and the custom-built ACARS system. The airline will support the PMDG 737NGX. Crew members will have access to extensive airline documentation including training, checklists, and standard operating procedures. Hiring - We are looking for applicants to help us maintain our high standard of realism. At the time, IntelliJet is seeking a San Diego hub manager, a B737-800 chief pilot, an operations manager, and a marketing director. Previous experience is preferred. Interested applicants can send their résumés to ceo@flyintellijet.com.
  17. Dahkar Airways is an upcoming virtual airline based in the United Arab Emirates, originally for Al Maktoum International, but allowing our pilots the choice between Al Maktoum (OMDW) and Dubai International (OMDB) as we understand the lack of quality scenery for that particular airport. We are due to operate 777-300ER aircraft, with five on order, and future ideas in consideration with 787 or A350 aircraft. We are currently in the planning stages so there is much to do, including the website which is being designed and created by professionals to ensure the best quality for our service. We are also due to operate the smartCARS Service for our pilots. In our inaugural service we expect to run the following routes: DUBAI - KUALA LUMPUR DUBAI - MANILA DUBAI - JAKARTA DUBAI - BANGKOK DUBAI - BERLIN Should you be interested in this project, please visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DahkarAirways/ And to register your support, please give us a like! We have even gone to a length in which no other virtual airline has gone before, at least to our knowledge of creating a custom safety briefing for our future service: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgVYbFA_V-8
  18. What is Viva Airlines? Viva Airlines will soon be the most professional and technologically advanced VA around! After becoming the largest Virtual Trucking Company in the American and Europe Truck Simulator community, we felt it was time to start up operations in the sky. After 2 months of research, software development, and mod development, we are close to finally to opening our doors for good! Our mission was to create a place where aviation enthusiast that could come together to form a friendly community of all cultures. Viva members will always come first and in order to do that, we must ensure responsibility, respect, trust, and initiative towards all members. What makes us different? To stay ahead of the vast competition of Virtual Airlines, we have invested hundreds in providing our members with the most technologically advanced VA software custom coded by our development team. From our Pilot Hub to our custom Viva Airline app, the experience never ends. Along with our technology, we've worked 1 on 1 with real pilots in the industry to create a realistic atmosphere for all of our Pilots. From logging software to flight logs, our research team has implemented real world industry standards into our Airline. How can I join? We are still working as efficiently as possible to finish our community development. Viva Airlines will be open and accepting pilots Winter of 2017. To stay up to date on our development, sign up on our news letter at https://goo.gl/G5BysG . Thank you for your intrest in Viva Airlines!
  19. Established in 2009, Virtual Aviators was started with the intention of giving membes more than just a way to shoot IFR runs for one particular airline. We offer flying in all ranges from Cessna Bush Flying in Africa in Canada, Classic Airliner flights, Cargo and of course mainstream Airliner flying with one of our multiple real world based networks which include Air New Zealand, Aer Lingus, BA Openskies, British Airways, BA Cityflyer, BMI Regional, Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, Dragonair, Easyjet, Eastern Airways, Flybe, jet2, Monarch, Thomas Cook, Thomson, Condor, Virgin Atlantic, Ryanair and Links Air. Top Reasons for Choosing Virtual Aviators: All flights and networks available from our brand new website and one login We've been around since 2009! Fly online or offline Beginners and Experienced virtual pilots welcome FSX, FSX:SE, Prepar3d and X-Plane 10 supported Friendly, relaxed atmosphere thats geared towards fun flying not tests and paperwork We operate on a dedicated server not shared hosting for speed and reliability Safe and Secure, We use 128bit SSL Encryption on both the website and ACARS connections for your security We're always looking to improve the group and add new networks and encourage our members to get fully involved. Pay us a visit over at https://www.virtualaviators.uk and join the fun!
  20. Good Eveing Pilots. I'm Mark & i'm the VCEO at WeGo Airways. We have been running for the last 7months but (like all the rest i guess) looking for new pilots and staff members!! We are a 5 tier airline. 1) Normal passenger operations for our fictional airline WeGo Airways (We even have paints avaliable for FSX users) 2) Cargo Division 3) Executive Division, Flying business jets all around the world. 4) Charter Division. Basically fly where ever you want using any plane in our fleet. 5) WeGo World. Another Passenger division for our fictional alliance. Real world schedules for real world airline. Currently we have 5 airlines in the alliance with 5 more set to join this month!!! Check us out at www.wegoairwaysva.co.uk to find out which airlines we have avaliable for you to fly. Although the type of aircraft you can fly is restricted by rank on passenger operations you can fly any plane in our fleet for any other operations (and earn hours, points and Virtual Money whilst flying them). So you like flying the T7. carry out a few T7 cargo ops and you'll have enough points in no time to fly the passengers. We believe that fly in your sim is a hobby and therefore we allow you to pause in flight (must disconnect from online client). We allow you to fly over night whilst you sleep if you wish. you can fly online or offline if you wish. you only need to file a pirep every 60days and if you cant commit to that just let us no. there is no restrictions on how much time you want off all we ask is you let us know. Although we don't believe in a big staff roster we are always looking for schedule managers which will give you added benefits. (Read our SOP for more info) Any questions please don't hesitate to ask or email us at ops@wegoairwaysva.co.uk Look forward to hearing from you See you in the skies. Mark VCEO WeGo Airways
  21. Wer´re happy to announce that we are registered as official virtual airline in the IVAO network from now on. This means, that we have our own livery on the network and that we can be recognized as Wika-Airlines. If you are interested to join us, have a look at our website:) www.wika-airline.de
  22. Eclipse Virtual is now open! Check us out at http://eclipsevirtual.net and on Facebook at http://facebook.com/eclipseva. "Eclipse Virtual was founded in August 2014 by two aviation enthusiasts who wanted a different virtual airline experience. We wanted an airline that had flexibility of a small airline, but that also simulated realism of a real life organization. We try to be different, and therefore are pleased to be able to offer our pilots a small community feel, and an experience that you will enjoy."
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