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Found 39 results

  1. Merk016

    Looking for VA Help

    Hello! I'm looking for some people that would be interested in joining my VA team. We're an already established VA with about 55 members. However, our ACARS system is in need of work, along with our website. We're working on establishing Projectfly into our system, but we're having a hard time with it. Along with that, I've tried downloading VAM (virtual airline's manager) to re-do our website, but even after watching videos and looking at the FAQ, I still can't quite get it. Our current website is, and you'll see it's not competitive at all compared to other VA's. If anyone's interested in working with us, please comment and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks, Jacob, CEO Trans-Texas Virtual
  2. Wer´re happy to announce that we are registered as official virtual airline in the IVAO network from now on. This means, that we have our own livery on the network and that we can be recognized as Wika-Airlines. If you are interested to join us, have a look at our website:)
  3. Hello everyone, sadly Keukenhof Airways staff application has closed, but we will notify you when there is a new staff rank. For now Keukenhof Airways will wait until its launch date at January 23rd 2016. Regards, David Rooseno Chief Operations Officer P.S. For more info, contact us at e-mail address
  4. We are actively seeking pilots to join our roster! If you are interested please visit us at!
  5. Hello everyone, my name is abush635 and I am the Co-Owner of JavaAir. We are a small airline with big ambitions. We plan to take on routes mostly in Asia, Europe, and North America. Java Air is an FSX virtual airline that is mainly based in Indonesia, but we do focused mostly on Asia, Europe and North America. We have started our business since June 2015 and we are looking forward for you to join our airline. Website:
  6. X-Line Virtual Aviation is a new virtual airline for X-Plane pilots. Currently we have 21 planes in our fleet, and offer 800+ routes across the whole world. We also allow charter flights, so everyone can fly their favorite aircraft on their favorite route. We use the new VAM software, including the SIM ACARS. This gives us the oppertunity to log the complete flight, including all kinds of extras, like landingspeed, lights on/off, taxispeed, etc. As soon as PMDG releases their DC6 for X-Plane, we will add it to our fleet, along with some historic routes. We are working on a shared-cockpit function. Check out our new website and join this nice new VA: Kind regards, Johan Wijnands CEO
  7. FromTheFlightDeck_Sim

    Tips on owning a VA

    Anyone got any tips on owning a Virtual Airline? Our airline is AAV & we are the biggest AAV on Instagram. Our airline has a CEO (me), co-CEO, Airline Operations Manager & Human Resources Manager. We have a website & 11 pilots, excluding me, the co-CEO, AOM, and the Human Resources manager. If this is in the wrong forum, ignore that. I need tips on owning a Virtual Airline. Thanks.
  8. Airwego is a UK based Virtual Airline originally formed in 2000. Our schedules see Airwego aircraft fly to destinations in both the UK and Europe from bases at Humberside and Bristol Airports. By some standards we are a small virtual airline in terms of the number of aircraft we operate and the number of destinations we fly to but...we are big in experience terms with a management team with over thirty years of Flight Simulation & Virtual Airline experience! Over this time we have come to appreciate that there are many types of virtual aviator of varying skills levels, time available to dedicate to the hobby and a infinite number of hardware and software combinations. However they all have one thing on common and that is to enjoy the hobby and have fun!. ...and fun we have had in our past... Airwego opened for virtual operations in March 2000. Planning and designing the virtual airline had started a few months earlier. While the name “Airwego” may sound strange at first it came about during a late night conversation between Ian and Richard. After several hours of brain-storming on several topics the subject of the what to call the new virtual airline came around. There we several suggestions from Lionwing Airways, Air Chester until Ian’s quizzed his daughter on the topic and the reply came back “Here we go" which very quickly morphed into Airwego! With this important piece of the planning in place a website and fleet livery could be designed! In 2000 web designing technology was far less sophisticated than it was to become. Automated flight reporting, fancy gizmo’s showing who was on-line or on-line voice communications…no…none of that. A counter showing how many visits to the page was pretty much the top of the tree in terms of website design! A early version of the website and the infamous 737 - "Purple Ronnie". But gizmo’s and fancy websites don’t make a virtual airline…the pilots do! So with a management team of three and a handful of pilots, who had left the global “we fly every aircraft ever made aren't we grand” airline, to stick with Richard, Ian & Bernie Airwego opened it’s doors and took off on a grand adventure in the virtual skies! The original policy of Airwego was to be a relatively simple operation with a sensible aircraft fleet and interesting list of destinations. Manchester Airport was the principle base but flights also operated from Liverpool and Humberside Airport. Destinations in the UK and Europe featured using Boeing B737’s, Airbus A320 & ATR42’s but with the expansion of the management team to include the legendary Steve “it wasn't me” Chase and Danny “where’s the runway” Cleavely the resources were in place to make Airwego more dynamic and unique. Steve’s passion was helicopter’s. With a day job as a helicopter engineer at Humberside airport he was in a very envious position which gave him a great insight into the daily operations of a airport and more importantly one that service the gas and oil fields located in the North Sea. With this in mind Steve was tasked with creating a scenery package for Humberside and also with replicating helicopter operations in the virtual world for the benefit of those virtual aviators who wanted their wings to rotate! Steve duly delivered a superb scenery for the airport and a virtual rotary operation that was supported with excellent repaints, detailed missions & schedules and program of constant development. Can you guess what we called it….VertiGo! The 2002 version of Steve's Humberside Scenery. An early version of the VertiGo logo. By early 2001 the management team of Airwego was settled with Richard taking the role of CEO (so pompous) Ian looking after the Aircraft Fleet (also assisted by a young creative chap called Adam), Danny dealing with new recruits and publishing press releases, Steve running VertiGo and a very smart fellow by the name of Chris Dale looking after Flight Operations. Alongside the introduction of VertiGo the fixed wing operations of Airwego also moved forward over the next couple of years with the introduction of long haul flights (and the 747), a special holiday charter livery called Sunspots, AWG Shuttle flying out of Humberside to small UK regional airports, a small Caribbean “retro” operation that flew the DC3, DC8 & Twin Otters and for a short period of time a small cargo division called..AirWeCarGo! The divisions of AirweGo. Despite the expanding operations the management team always kept the pilots point of view in mind when making any decisions with these decisions often taken at the Annual General Meeting – the AGM. The AGM was the opportunity for the management to meet up somewhere in the UK for a weekend and spend several hours of a Saturday afternoon discussing Airwego and deciding on what was working and what was not. A lot of progress was made in these meetings usually motivated by the fact that a night out had been planned on the back of it which would involve a meal and a few drinks. The following day would involve a aviation focused activity with notable tours around Humberside Airport, a few hours at Duxford Air Museum and aircraft spotting at Birmingham Airport. Times change and Airwego did. More depth was added to the operation with ready made flight-plans available, the Airwego Schedules recreated in Flight Simulator as AI traffic, the livery was updated, some automation of the daily flight reports and also personnel changes. Derek Jones joined the team after Danny moved on after several years of loyal service as did Richard with the expansion of his family. Ian assumed the reins of Airwego and continued to guide it very professionally for several years but the demands of the virtual aviator changed and newer, slicker virtual airlines appeared that slowly eroded away at the pilot bases of long established virtual airlines. Tragedy struck when Steve passed away which inevitably saw the closure of VertiGo. Airwego carried on until 2013 when through a combination of events the management team could no longer sustain the operation. Danny & Richard had remained friends after leaving Airwego and flew together with several virtual airlines but never quite felt the old magic. A conversation and the discovery that Brian Mason (ex Airwego pilot and now operator of Channel Express Virtual Airline) and preserved what remained of Airwego from 2013 sparked a idea that perhaps Airwego could be restarted with Danny & Richard at the helm. Brian was very supportive of the idea and assisted with repainting aircraft and using his contacts in development of the website. In the background Danny & Richard began to prepare for launching Airwego in the Autumn of 2014. So here we are. We have tasked ourselves with making being part of a Airwego as fun and enjoyable as possible! Please visit our website, Facebook or Twitter pages for more information. Thanks for reading!
  9. After months of hard work and preparation, we are pleased to announce that Asia Virtual Alliance is now open to the public. We are a Virtual Airline with 15000+ passenger and cargo schedules around the world, an active staff group and we boast a friendly atmosphere for both new and veteran pilots alike. We will be offering schedules for most major Asian carriers as well as some other international carriers. Already included in our network is Cathay Pacific, Malaysian Airlines, British Airways, American, and QANTAS. Soon we will be introducing charter flights, so you can fly between any airports in the world. Also we intend to hold regular events. Feel free to come and check out our website and/or have a chat with our friendly staff Kind Regards, Peter Benson - Media Director Asia Virtual Alliance. website: teamspeak: discord:
  10. We are planning to launch a new Virtual Airline in the Caribbean. At this moment we are brainstorming on what the community wants. The community is YOU. So come over to our forum and share your thoughts. Registration to the forum is free and not an application for the VA. Some points we are discussing about: - What should be the name of the VA - Which ACARS system should we use - Which software for the website - Which aircrafts should be in the fleet - Should we use a ranking and/or financial module - And many other questions that will rises So join the conversation to build a VA, for the community and by the community.
  11. if unveiling their new "Text Notification System" soon! We here at AFR virtuel are committed to making the most advanced, cutting edge, modern virtual airline. Our new text notification system takes our VA to the next level! Along with our new and beautifully crafted pilot center, to our pilot store AFR is committed to being the best. Our new text notification system will send a text to your mobile phone when something important happens ex. accepted and rejected PIREPS, event reminders, VA changes, etc. We'll release more as we progress through the launch of this new cutting edge technology! Thinking of joining? visit our website for more information!
  12. Hey! As I decided to leave FS9 for a while and give FSX a second try on my machine, I was surprised by the fact airports such as Fly Tampa Dubai and Hong Kong perform with much higher FPS and detail than the former simulator. Hence I decided to begin flying classic operations with either the 707 or 727 as I haven't decided yet. What I'm looking for is a virtual airline simulating the type and preferably with an active community to fee more involved in the hobby. A real airline is my preference but fictional is welcome too, and obviously I understand that the old boeings fall in historical category. (Unless Saha Air still flies them) :crazy: Doesn't need to be based in Hong Kong or Dubai for starters... Any suggestions welcome!
  13. Dear pilots, I am proud to present you the new virtual airline: TFLvirtual I will explain you some things about the VA. TFL is the ICAO code of Arke(fly) so basically we are their virtual airline. We have a modern fleet of 737, 767 and our pride the 787 dreamliner. Our 737 fleet has splitwinglets and sky interior. We have 2 new 787 on order. We have an Acars system and we fly on both IVAO and Vatsim. Ofcourse you are also able to fly offline. We use real flight schedules to keep the airline as real as possible. We have a new website (still working on it not yet finished). We have monthly events. Would you like to fly for us? Join us now at
  14. charlieajcobb

    Looking for admin!

    Hi there, I have just set up a new VA called Rikzo Virtual, a classic low cost European airline operating out of smaller airports like London City. Its not ready yet, so I was looking for anyone wanting to become a staff member, or even just become a pilot and help out with the site and the VA, all help is appreciated. I don't mind who, any age or experience. Or if anyone just wants to offer any advice, I would be glad to hear. The website is (obviously the website is very new and bad!) Thanks in advance, Charlie
  15. heathrowspotter

    New Virtual Airline!

    Hello everyone, my name is Matthew Smith and currently I have the opportunity to start up something for the community. This could be a Virtual Airline, flying club, etc... It will be really good as it will have a good and easy to use website, detailed briefing system, detailed tracking and much much more. I need your help to tell me what you would like to see in the community. So far I have come up with a few of my own ideas for what this could be; A virtual British Airways, however it will be different from the others as you will not have to take an entry exam and the minimum age would be 13+ (as of vatsim and IVAO regulations), SWISS virtual, this will be a free one to join and will still offer unique features as stated above, finally a Virgin Atlantic virtual. Please reply to this topic if you like any of the ideas stated above. I am also open to other ideas that you would like to see so if you would like to see something else, please reply to this topic below. Remember: This will be build for and around you because after all your ideas are incredibly important to me and i'd love to hear your thoughts, Thanks.
  16. Hello, my name is Bjarni, and i've been a Flight Simmer since i was a kid. Recently i found out about Virtual Airlines, and i'm looking for a virtual Airline that has ranking, which Means that you start with a Cessna 172, and then Work your way up. Also i'd like a VA with planned routes, so you don't have to make a route yourself. I'd rather have an active VA which has a lot of active pilots. Fictional or real Airline doesn't matter. All i care about is a VA that reaches these minimums, so i can get some Wind under my wings professionally. If you know any VA that reaches my Standars, i'd be very happy if you could give me a link in a comment. -Bjarni.
  17. Tanawsomeguy55

    porter Virtual

    Hi, we’re Porter Virtual, a new VA simulating Toronto based Porter Airlines. Porter operates a Bombardier Q400 only fleet, flying to destinations in eastern Canada, the Northeast US, and seasonally to Florida and South Carolina. Almost every flight is out of the very interesting airport that is Toronto Billy Bishop, just a hop, skip, and jump from downtown Toronto. Along with Porter, we simulate the operations of their partners too! We expand the flying possibilities by flying JetBlue, Emirates, Qatar, El Al, and Sata. Plus we want to make being a pilot with us as simple as we can make it, so we chose smartCARS as our ACARS system of choice. It brings a seamless flight-to-PIREP system into play, and lets you chat with the community; we think you’ll love it. And to make things even better, Porter Virtual is run by a team of dedicated staff who are all die hard flight simmers. We constantly push out updates to our system, and always thrive for a greater experience for our pilots. Intrigued? Visit for the whole scoop. Cheers! -The Porter Virtual Staff
  18. Hi guys, myself and a friend have made CityJet Virtual. We operate the same routes as the real CityJet (see here and the same fleet, with a few added aircraft. Our fleet includes. All BAE 146's and Avro Rj's, Boeing 737 200, 300, 400, 500 and NGX, CRJ 700, embraer 175, Dash 8 Q400. The VFR club has many more vfr aircraft Sign up and book a flight now! ------>
  19. We are a friendly group of virtual aviation enthusiasts who use Microsoft Flight Simulator. We have a lot of experience with virtual aviation and welcome people who are new to the hobby. We use VAFS to track our flights and manage our airline.VAFS works with Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane and Prepar3D. So any of those simulators work with our system. We focus on bush and charter flying using small propeller aircraft.Our planes range from Piper Cubs to Beech King Airs. We do operate some DC-3's but we do not use larger commercial jets. For more information and sign-up, send a message using the OAC Contact Form. Osprey Air Charter Website
  20. Hey Pilots & Controllers We have just opened our registration pages to new pilots. We opened at the start of February and believe we have something for everybody. Flying anything from Cessna Caravan up to the Boeing 747 and Airbus A380. We have for areas of the airline. The main passenger section where the planes are locked by rank. The Cargo section where you can fly any plane you like (booking allowing). Executive section where you fly our corporate virtual customers in our executive fleet. and finally our charter division flying our any of our planes to places the main airline doesn't cover. We have based the airline on fantastic payware scenery and awesome freeware scenery so where ever you go your sure to find somewhere to fly. We also have a pilot shop for you to spend your hard earned virtual money. We don't believe that your virtual airline should come before your home life so we DO allow you to pause your flights, leave the cockpit (as long as your not online) and if you really want fly over night whilst your sleeping in your bed. we also only require you to fly once every 60days, and if you cant fly within that time just let us know and we'll keep your account open. We have a teamspeak where we hope once we're fully up and running will be a place of great community and a little bit of banter. we currently use the free version of Kacars as our tracker but are on the waiting list for a custom package. We are also partnered with aerosoft, FS2Crew, Simbrief with others in the pipeline. Which means we have discounts available for you after a while of service. I'm sure I've probably forgotten some stuff so come take a look at our airline at read our SOP and we look forward to seeing you. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you guys and gals Mark VCEO WeGo Airways P.S any questions please don't hesitate to ask :-)
  21. Hello Everyone, So the purpose of this post is to get the word out about Majestic Airways. Run by me, Matthew, we have more than 600+ possible flights once every flight plan is inserted. We currently have about 300. We operate out of London, Heathrow airport in England, to many other airports around Europe, Asia, North/South America, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. We have many more airports we are considering flying to. Our fleet currently has 17 aircraft, consisting of the A318/19, A380, B737-500/800, B757-200/300, B747-400, B767-300, B777-200/300. We have other orders for the A330-200/300, A340(all versions), A350, B748, and B787-8/9. It is completely free for any pilots to join and we can have you in the air within a couple hours after you join. We offer pilot ranks, meaning pilots can earn a higher pay grade and a more influential say in airline business, with each rank. We have an active website for anyone to view who would like more information. We use the fsairline platform for our airline. If anyone has any questions, please comment them below or email me directly at Thanks for your time, and hope to see some of you join! Matthew President/CEO - Majestic Airways
  22. Good Eveing Pilots. I'm Mark & i'm the VCEO at WeGo Airways. We have been running for the last 7months but (like all the rest i guess) looking for new pilots and staff members!! We are a 5 tier airline. 1) Normal passenger operations for our fictional airline WeGo Airways (We even have paints avaliable for FSX users) 2) Cargo Division 3) Executive Division, Flying business jets all around the world. 4) Charter Division. Basically fly where ever you want using any plane in our fleet. 5) WeGo World. Another Passenger division for our fictional alliance. Real world schedules for real world airline. Currently we have 5 airlines in the alliance with 5 more set to join this month!!! Check us out at to find out which airlines we have avaliable for you to fly. Although the type of aircraft you can fly is restricted by rank on passenger operations you can fly any plane in our fleet for any other operations (and earn hours, points and Virtual Money whilst flying them). So you like flying the T7. carry out a few T7 cargo ops and you'll have enough points in no time to fly the passengers. We believe that fly in your sim is a hobby and therefore we allow you to pause in flight (must disconnect from online client). We allow you to fly over night whilst you sleep if you wish. you can fly online or offline if you wish. you only need to file a pirep every 60days and if you cant commit to that just let us no. there is no restrictions on how much time you want off all we ask is you let us know. Although we don't believe in a big staff roster we are always looking for schedule managers which will give you added benefits. (Read our SOP for more info) Any questions please don't hesitate to ask or email us at Look forward to hearing from you See you in the skies. Mark VCEO WeGo Airways
  23. Hello, This is a quick message and no application needed. At the moment we are having issues with PIREP systems so the VA is not launched yet but we need pilots who wish to join to register on the Main VA website or they may miss out! Below is the list of routes that will be done: From To Aircraft Rank Required: YBBN - YBCG Cessna C208B Caravan Trainee YBBN - YSSY B737-800 Captain YBCG - YSSY CRJ700 First Flight Officer More Routes Will Come Upon Request and how many requests per flight. All intrested need to register on the official website. Access & IP info is all there.
  24. Bonjour à toute la communauté ! Evinhe Virtual Airline se restructure et reprend du service. Nos missions principales : - Vols de lignes commerciales. - Vols de lignes privées. - Aéroclub. Nos missions secondaires : - Vols de brousse. - Meeting, et courses. - Search & Rescue. - Humanitaire. - Sciences et technologies. Notre flotte est en constante évolution, selon les préférences et le besoin de nos pilotes. Nos hubs sont ouverts en concertation avec nos pilotes et ils sont gérés de manière indépendante et autonome. Actuellement, la compagnie se restructure : finances et statistiques réinitialisées, phase d'achat des appareils et réflexion sur l'ouverture des prochains hubs. Le modèle de gestion des finances a été intégré à partir d'une étude de modélisation économique des compagnies aériennes. Nous nous situons entre la simulation de vol et un jeu de gestion de type airline manager. C'est très immersif à la fois pour nos pilotes et notre équipe de gestion. Aucune compétence informatique n'est requise pour pouvoir intégrer le STAFF, grâce à notre propre module de gestion qui permet de manœuvrer la compagnie en quelques clics. Nos managers de hubs sont la clé de voute de notre compagnie car ce sont eux qui planifient en premier lieu l'activité de la compagnie. Chez Evinhe, il n'y a aucune obligation de voler, pas de quotas mensuel à réaliser. Chacun est libre de voler et de faire une pause de plusieurs mois si besoin, en fonction de sa vie personnelle et de ses impératifs professionnels ou non. Nos pilotes peuvent faire valoir leurs qualifications et expérience virtuelle et réelle, afin d'obtenir un grade dès leur inscription. Le site est 100% fonctionnel et nous recherchons en premier lieu des pilotes, mais surtout des personnes souhaitant intégrer le STAFF afin de monter une équipe de gestion solide et réactive. Pour plus d'information, vous pouvez contacter : A bientôt sous les nuages... Jérôme B., fondateur d'Evinhe Virtual Airline.
  25. FlyCaribbean Virtual Alliance (FCB) is a new virtual airline operating in the Caribbean. At FlyCaribbeanVA we offer our pilots to simulate real world flights from many different real world airlines (Winair, InselAir, LIAT and many more) Our fleet consist of realworld aircrafts flying in the Caribbean. At the moment we have over 500 routes and 50 aircrafts to choose from. For flighttracking we primarily use smartCARS, but allow XAcars for iMac users. This makes it possible to fly online and offline. We have our own Teamspeak 3 server and our own forum. Come see for yourself Website: Like us on facebook Follow us on twitter