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  1. Flying the Compass Airwego Virtual Airline Group Press Release March 2021 The core purpose of a Virtual Airline, from the viewpoint of Airwego, is to provide a platform for its members to enjoy the hobby while expanding their own knowledge of flight simulation. This belief has been at the heart of our VA since we took to the virtual skies in 2000. Through many iterations of Microsoft Flight Simulator, P3D & X-Plane we have endeavoured to support those sims to the best of our abilities with the resources available as we strive to fulfil this belief. Following a review of our long standing Aircraft Policy we concluded a change was required to continue to support both multiple platforms and allow our crew members to maximise the opportunity to fly their favoured aircraft. Traditionally virtual airlines would allocate a single aircraft type to a route. We have moved away from this approach and created Aircraft Groups. Aircraft within a Group will have similar runway , range and payload performance and so allows the aircraft within a Group to operate the same route and ultimately give our crew the choice of aircraft that can be used on that route. Prior to booking your flight you will see within the schedules the Aircraft Group allocated to a route. On retrieving your booking with Compass2020 (our in-house developed Flight Reporting ACARS software) you can then select which aircraft within the Group you will be using. From the viewpoint of a virtual aviator who has perhaps has invested either time or money into their favoured aircraft type this increases the number of routes available from our current schedule database of over two thousand routes. This new policy extends right across our virtual airline including our highly popular library of tours. If you would like to find out more about a virtual airline that promises “minimum rules, maximum fun” then please visit our website - www.airwego.uk Facebook | Twitter | Discord | Instagram
  2. Flying the Compass Airwego Virtual Airline Group Press Release May 2020 It is a little over twenty years ago since our first website was published and the Airwego Virtual Airline Group has this month moved to a brand new website. The original concept took shape in the final months of 2019 and has been developed through 2020. Very much at the heart of the project was to make the core content of the VA easily accessible in an “easy on the eye” design concept. A “Pilot Dashboard” presents our crew with an overview of their VA membership showing their virtual logbook, flights they have booked along with a snapshot of their VA Awards and Tour progress. Our extensively revised Tour suite compliments our comprehensive set of schedules operating from our twenty bases flying aircraft from Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer. All of our aircraft are available for both prominent freeware and payware aircraft via our easy to navigate Download centre. Also available from our Download Centre is our custom flight tracking software - Compass2020. This brand new program has been developed “in house” and compliments our website based Crew Centre in firstly, assisting in vital pre-flight preparation, tracking your flight and ultimately logging your flight in our databases all with minimal “key presses” so you can focus on enjoying your flight. Compass2020 will also assist in ensuring that all of our flight-plans are accurate as our internal reporting systems will flag if a route different from those in our database is entered and used prompting a review against current navigational databases. Supporting the release of Compass2020 is comprehensive user documentation detailing it’s usage following a long standing convention in the VA of making our hobby as accessible to as wide a range of people as we can. We understand that at first glance flight simulation can appear complex and to some extent exclusive however we firmly believe in creating a friendly environment in which all are welcome. This maxim is applied throughout the Airwego Virtual Airline Group manifesting itself in easy to install aircraft, detailed resources on how to expand your knowledge of virtual aviation and from our experienced Staff Team (with over fifty years of experience) a desire to share our knowledge. If you would like to find out more about Airwego Virtual Airline Group then visit our website at www.airwego.uk. Airwego Virtual Airline Group - Flying the Compass since 2000.
  3. Flying the Compass Airwego Virtual Airline Group Press Release September 2019 The year 2000, to some, will feel a long time ago.. To others perhaps not so. After the furore of the “millennium bug” had settled down a small virtual airline opened in March 2000 with flights from three bases across Northern England. Airwego, a slightly tongue in cheek name some would say, started life with bases at Humberside, Liverpool and Manchester airports with a quirky livery and diverse fleet. Free from the restraints of basing its operations on a real world airline, Airwego was the vehicle whose course was determined by the creativity of it’s team. With traditional fixed wing schedules supported by a “classic props” division in the Caribbean, Vertigo a helicopter division flying initially to the gas and oil rig industry in the North Sea and a “shuttle” division filling in the “niche” to small regional airports Airwego flourished attracting virtual aviators who sought a home for their hobby. The “crew” should always be at the heart of the VA. Without them a VA has no life, no sense of community and honestly, no purpose. Over many years Airwego has been blessed with a loyal and dedicated crew who continue to fly with the VA nearly twenty years after its inception. That core crew have been supplemented and swelled by virtual aviators who have sought out a virtual airline where “minimum rules - maximum fun” is more than just a slogan...it’s the DNA of the VA! Mirroring the timeline of Airwego was a virtual airline carrying “JGA” titles. JGA was similar to Airwego in many ways with a focus on enjoying the hobby and merged with Airwego in early 2018 with the primary title of the VA morphing to “The Airwego Group”. As the Airwego Group approaches twenty years of existence (we are actually older than some of our crew) and continues to evolve with multi-platform support and with a deep library of resources we can certainly offer a solid foundation for flight simulation enthusiasts. Fancy immersing yourself in our “regional” schedules flying the Q400, E170 or CRJ...we got that! Twin Otter fan...no problem...fly the Fjords of Norway or the Islands of the Caribbean. Want to cruise the busy skies of Europe? Take your pick from fifteen bases across the continent offering passenger and cargo flights or maybe you see yourself ferrying “high end clients” as flight crew onboard one of our AirweGOLD Tours? Whether you are looking for a new virtual community to explore or just curious for more information about The Airwego Group we do encourage you to visit our website and perhaps browse for a uniform in your size? You know you want to...come and “Fly The Compass” http://www.airwego.org.uk/
  4. Does anyone have the .bgl file linked to above please? The link appears to be dead.
  5. Is there a relationship between the Texture Resolution [OPTIONS>WORLD] and Texture Resolution [OPTIONS>DISPLAY] in terms of the visuals represented in sim or do they influence separate elements of the virtual world?
  6. ANNOUNCING HEATHROW ARRIVALS!! Over a period of time our management team has been asked why we never had Heathrow in our base schedules. The answer was it has been the Airwego Group policy historically to concentrate on more regional airports as our bases. However we have listened to those voices and are proud to announce that effective immediately we will commence cargo operations from EGLL Heathrow. If successful and well used we shall in the future be considering passenger operations as well. For now we are stationing a mixed fleet of Boeing 757F, 747F and 777F at Heathrow serving initially 20 no. destinations both on the European continent and worldwide. So lots to enjoy for those with both short/medium and long haul preferences. You will be aware that Heathrow carries one of the highest online controller presence in both Vatsim and IVAO. We would urge those of you who have experience in these online organisations to “fly the Compass” and let the Airwego callsign be a regular for all to hear at Heathrow. In doing this it goes without saying that you will be representing the good name of Airwego so having charts at the ready and using correct procedure will be a must for all of us. We hope you enjoy! www.airwego.org.uk
  7. I would recommend your presets Adam. I have used them for around twelve months and think they look great.
  8. @Nickybird - the AFCAD mentioned by Alex fixed the problem.
  9. Did anyone get this scenery working in P3Dv4? I have missing buildings and the whole airport looks "default" despite being added to the scenery library?
  10. Apologies for coming back to this post. Would it not be logical for scenery disabled by click the Group Node to also be shown as disabled (i.e in red) in the scenery list?
  11. Great...thank you for the reply and a fantastic piece of software. Richard
  12. Morning all. I've just updated to 1.33 and spent sometime setting up groups. Now when I disable a group ( by unticking the group box) and the therefore the scenery in it should I also expect to see the scenery disabled under the scenery category as well? Thank you.
  13. I have just recently discovered the excellent Addon Organiser by the author of this topic. When running it I checked for "encoding errors" with the result shown in the image below; An example of the text from one of the .xml files reported with the error is shown below; P3D is installed in my D Drive while the "Documents" folder is located on E. Only one adon-on.xml is not reporting a error but I can see now obvious differences in the format of the text. All the problem add-on.xml have been created by the installers for the various products and function / show up fine in P3D. Curious?
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