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  1. Great, thanks for telling me that Blender is the better option. I've already had tons of progress done on Blender doing my project before trying Sketchup, and I'll try to provide screenshots and whatnot. http://prntscr.com/g8wokt
  2. Hello fellow simmers and designers, I'm designing a freeware 737NG cockpit for FSX. I'm new to modeling, but I've already got some progress done on SketchUp. I'm planning to make it look simple as possible, but maintaining a good cockpit look that is much better than the on Microsoft provided us with. http://prntscr.com/g8hqpx I would like to ask some questions. 1. How do I animate knobs and switches that the user can toggle? 2. How can I apply gauges to my model once it is completed? 3. How can I make the model so it can be used in FSX? Note this is a side project, and I am not accepting donations. I just want to do this for fun but also support the freeware community as there aren't very great 737 VCs out there for free.
  3. There have been numerous times where it has been mentioned that the PMDG NGX has bad cockpit dimensions. Now personally the aircraft is amazing in systems, and I admire its success in the FS world. Personally I just had to compare reality to its simulated counterpart. I'm not saying it should be fixed, but I'd like to compare it just to make a point to the people who believe the windows are just right... The photos are exactly to where they should be. The images were not streched in any way. They were simply cropped to fit into the picture.Hate me all you want, but it's my opinion whether it looks right or not.
  4. It's a good font, I'll just edit the letters because there's a small difference in between the two.
  5. What's the font? I'm repainting an aircraft for FSX and I've wanted to know the mysterious font that AA uses on their tail reg. It's not the AA font (American Sans) for all I know. If you can, please try to give a font that looks similar to the one below:
  6. I have started a repaint project called From The Flight Deck, which I operate myself only. I also made a YT channel to support my repaints and to post my flights that I do. Here's the channel trailer. Explore more about my channel by clicking on the "Youtube" logo on the video player.
  7. You're making a good point to some cocky flight sim pilots who claim that they are "A380 certified." As a pilot you are multitasking moment by moment. Correct.
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