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  1. Hello all I recently installed just the 4.3 client and things went smooth. I flew around a bit with the new client installed and it ran great. A day or so later, I decided to download the 4.3 content file mainly to check out the C 130. I downloaded the three files (cont1, cont2, and the content installer) with a download manager and all seemed well. The three files are located in the same folder. I uninstalled the previous content file. Shortly after running the new content installer, I got a message "Source file not found. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it". I initially went to the LM forums to see if anyone else had the same problem. I found a topic but their issue was when they were downloading and not installing. The solution for them was to re download with a download manager. I went ahead and tried this anyway 3 different times and each time I do not have any problems downloading but only when i run the installer. I made sure that I didn't have my firewall or antivirus running during the download or installation. Any advice is appreciated Thanks Paul
  2. Just wanted to thank you guys for all the info. Poppet your post was not only extremely informative, it made my venture easy. Thanks to all of you! Paul
  3. Hey Ebs Its going to be just a reinstall of p3d Thanks Paul
  4. Hello all Got to be honest, I feel a little intimated posting a question. I read various post from people about other topics and sometimes I feel like I am trying to read Latin. The knowledge people have on this site is amazing. I am not computer or for that matter prepar3d savvy by any means. I know enough to get me into trouble lol. But I have learned a lot so far and continuing to do so. With that said, I hope my question isn't to goofy. I am still running p3d 4.0 with windows 10 and I am having some issues with it. I basically want to start over with a clean slate, uninstall then reinstall p3d. I have read the topic posted on this site about uninstalling/deactivating p3d v4 and seems pretty straight forward. When I reinstall, I assume that p3d will install to v4.1? Also for addons that I have (orbx, vectors, asp4, various airplanes), are these automatically uninstalled when p3d v4 is, or do I uninstall them individually before uninstalling p3d and reinstall them after? I have so many more questions but initially I don't want to roll your eyes to much. Any knowledge is greatly appreciated. Thanks Paul
  5. Well its a start. Got one of my planes for V4. Just flight DC-10. Just found out that its "officially" released for V4. Looks great but flys unrealistic. I dont care. Still fun to fly. One down.
  6. Being a fan of older liners and such, there are a few I really hope become v4 compatible. 1. DC-10 2. 757 3. 727 4. Airbus 340 5. EMB-120
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