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Found 29 results

  1. I thought such a topic would come handy. To kick start it, I would like to ask if someone's kind enough and make a West Atlantic (cargo variant) repaint on the DC-6 please? In reality, West Atlantic did never operate the type (Air Atlantique did). West Atlantic is basically a holding company for Atlantic Airlines (they "inherited" Air Atlantique) and West Air Sweden. West Atlantic operate a fleet consisting of BAE ATPs (would love to see a study level BAE ATP in P3D), 737s, 767s and CRJs. I think the West Atlantic livery (both the grey and the white one) looks great and would make for an excellent dress for the DC-6 especially in a nice, weathered condition.
  2. Hi. My name is Cameron and i have made the Delta VA! We are new to the world of VA and hope that you will join us! we run on xACARS! Current Positions Aval. Pilots 6 HUB managers 2 Website Managers We would like these to fill up soon so feel free to go to http://deltavirtual.tk to join! We are free to join and are always working on our flight schedules! Please join! Thanks Cameron
  3. Delta Virtual Airlines is a distinguished virtual airline that hopes to soar with the top VA's in the industry. We offer a unique custom built PHP website and ACARS system that was designed exclusively to suit our needs. Our website is designed for ease of use, while having astonishing visuals to enhance the users' experience. We offer pilots the chance to use our custom built ACARS program, Skytracker, to file their reports. Our exclusive ACARS program includes flight bidding, dispatch, fuel loading, weather planning, flight planning, live chat, and a live map. Our ACARS program is just one piece of a larger network where we promote social interaction between staff and pilots. Delta Virtual Airlines was created for fun, professionalism, and realism, all at the same time. We take pride in our work and we're there to help our pilots with anything they require. We understand that pilots are the biggest part of a VA, and that treating them fairly and with respect is absolutely necessary.We invite pilots of every experience level to apply for a career at Delta Virtual Airlines. We offer many programs and services that have never been seen in the VA industry, and we invite you to take part in everything we do.Thank you for taking the time to read our article. Check us out at www.deltavirtual.org.
  4. FedEx Virtual Airlines Opening Employment opportunities available June 15th, 2012: FedEx Virtual Airlines announced today that they will be beginning operations: effective immediately. Along with this opening comes a variety of employment opportunities. Please read below to find out more information. Mission Statement : FedEx Virtual Airlines provides a professional and fun environment that aims at constantly attracting and retaining a diverse group of individuals within the flight simulation community. We do this by continuously making strides to offer the best possible experience to our members. Employment Opportunities : At this time FedEx Virtual Airlines is searching for dedicated individuals to fill crew member vacancies. FedEx Virtual Airlines consists of a diverse group of flight simulator enthusiasts. Boasting an expansive fleet and destinations across the globe, there is something for everyone. Please visit http://fdxvirtual.net/ for more information. Along with the current crew member vacancies FedEx Virtual Airlines is looking for dedicated individuals to join the FedEx VA corporate offices. Various corporate staff positions are available and applications are currently being accepted. To learn more about the current staff vacancies visit http://fdxvirtual.ne...ntent=new_staff.
  5. I was wondering if anybody would be doing some southwest repaints anytime soon? I havent seen many new ones on the avsim library lately=( It would be so cool if people took the Canyon blue SWA 737-700 and just changed the Tail number so that all the SWA flyers can have a simulated different aircraft tail numbers! Also It would be SO cool to take the PMDG 737-600 and put it in the new Southwest colors as kinda a tribute to the retireing of the real life SWA 737-300 and 737-500 fleets. Victor Sandoval
  6. This is the checklist that I created for the Airbus A320. This is a free file, do not sell it to anyone. I created it to help anyone that wants it. Contact me if you wish for me to create the same one but with another airline logo, or if I have made a mistake. Download it here:
  7. As we approach our Grand Opening...we want to invite everyone to check our VA out and join! Yes we know what you all are thinking...ANOTHER DELTA! But... We strive to provide you a unique virtual experience that we think no other virtual airline can provide! Replicating Delta's day-by-day operations you can fly virtually anywhere using Delta's fleet from an A319, A320, A330 to a Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767, 777 and MD 80, MD90 aswell as a DC 9-50 We would love to be your virtual airline of choice where, not only you fly for a hobby. You come to talk and spend time with the people that make your hobby, passion, and love for flying on FS possible. We are in our BETA stages and I can only say that IT GETS BETTER! With all that said...make sure you mark your calendars on March 1, 2013! To commemorate our opening...all flights will be out of ATL! Schedules will be posted this week! See YOU in the virtual skies! Join Today! -Ariel CEO vDelta Airlines
  8. What livery would you want your PMDG B777 to be in when you first get it?
  9. Hi folks, Can someone please explain to me AA 77W deployments? "American said in May that it would introduce the 777-300ER on the D/FW-London on Jan. 31, New York-London in February, a second D/FW-London flight in March and New York-Sao Paulo in April" http://aviationblog.dallasnews.com/2012/10/new-american-airlines-airplane-will-be-delayed-seven-weeks.html/ I'm Sorry, but i don't see how this can work with just 2 A/C until 2013.... maybe i'm just tired and looking at it wrong, i don't know, but why would they pull a route with it, if it was working well and they planned with it working well? But maybe i am looking at it wrong... you tell me! i am planning to go on the AA 77W next Summer to the west coast of the US via DFW (so an MD-80 also), and, although i wouldnt fully mind going on a 772ER, i think if they changed it now i wouldnt go AA, i really need to try and get on an 77W next year, AA looking hopefull, seeing as i dont know BA's deployment yet...
  10. Good Day Fellow Pilots. It is with great pleasure I write to you today introducing National Cargo Virtual. National Cargo Virtual has been around since February 2013, we have been testing and retesting every aspect of our site and are now ready to expand. We are a small yet friendly group of aviation enthusiasts, some of our members have real world experience and are willing to help you learn more if needed. National Cargo Virtual is based out of Orlando International Airport (KMCO) and operates a small fleet of Boeing 747-400BCF's and Boeing 757-200's. We are a world wide cargo carrier for not only our daily civilian routes but we are the #1 CRAF carrier for the Virtual US Air Force. We work closely with the vUSAF to simulate day to day operations. Our Boeing 757-200's are used to move virtual military personal around the globe in a relaxed and comfortable environment. both of our 757's are located at our international hub of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (OMDB). If you enjoy a small and relaxed virtual airline with the Boeing 747-400BCF come check us out. http://www.nationalcargova.com Thank you, National Cargo Virtual Administration Team
  11. We are now open !!!! I would like to take this time to gain the interest of pilots we are looking for staff if you are interested use the contact us page on the website.With this said there are minor tweaks to the website that should be done this weekend thanks for your patience. To proceed to Delta Virtual click here.
  12. Hi! I am looking for an Virtual airline that would uses dc-3s, dc-4, and dc-6. Also , the acar should prevent the uses of gps. Navigation must be done by ndb and vor only.... Hope some of you know a V.A. that fit this description.
  13. Welcome to Corporate Virtual we a virtual airline with a difference. We offer our pilots many airlines, routes, destinations and fleet giving you the freedom to explore the virtual world. Our main aim at Corporate Virtual is to make sure our pilots have an enjoyable stay with us. We have a staff team who are always on hand to make sure we provide the best experience to our pilots. We are always looking for Trainee First Officers so if you think you have what it takes and are looking to have an enjoyable time apply here. Website: http://corporatevirtual.org Email: ceo@corporatevirtual.org
  14. Good Eveing Pilots. I'm Mark & i'm the VCEO at WeGo Airways. We have been running for the last 7months but (like all the rest i guess) looking for new pilots and staff members!! We are a 5 tier airline. 1) Normal passenger operations for our fictional airline WeGo Airways (We even have paints avaliable for FSX users) 2) Cargo Division 3) Executive Division, Flying business jets all around the world. 4) Charter Division. Basically fly where ever you want using any plane in our fleet. 5) WeGo World. Another Passenger division for our fictional alliance. Real world schedules for real world airline. Currently we have 5 airlines in the alliance with 5 more set to join this month!!! Check us out at www.wegoairwaysva.co.uk to find out which airlines we have avaliable for you to fly. Although the type of aircraft you can fly is restricted by rank on passenger operations you can fly any plane in our fleet for any other operations (and earn hours, points and Virtual Money whilst flying them). So you like flying the T7. carry out a few T7 cargo ops and you'll have enough points in no time to fly the passengers. We believe that fly in your sim is a hobby and therefore we allow you to pause in flight (must disconnect from online client). We allow you to fly over night whilst you sleep if you wish. you can fly online or offline if you wish. you only need to file a pirep every 60days and if you cant commit to that just let us no. there is no restrictions on how much time you want off all we ask is you let us know. Although we don't believe in a big staff roster we are always looking for schedule managers which will give you added benefits. (Read our SOP for more info) Any questions please don't hesitate to ask or email us at ops@wegoairwaysva.co.uk Look forward to hearing from you See you in the skies. Mark VCEO WeGo Airways
  15. Eagle Airways is a realistic Virtual Airline Based in Cleveland, OH. We are currently looking for pilots and staff. To join Eagle Airways you must be 13 years of age and possess a valid vatsim account. To apply for a staff position At Eagle Airways use the contact us feature on our webpage a link can be found below again you must be at least 13 years of age. Check us out at www.eagleairvirtual.com And our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pages/Eagle-Airways/1415511745365309
  16. American Virtual | AAlv.net is in need of a VP of Technology, someone with an extensive background in PHP, MySQL, and other web/graphic design to plan, design and push out innovative things to an already fairly huge virtual airline. If you're interested, please PM me or e-mail creid@aalv.net We're trying to change the world of virtual aviation, but we need you to turn these ideas into reality!
  17. I was flying from Glasgow to Gatwick and thought I would get some pictures because of the beautiful sun. So here they are! Tell me what you think! Cheers, Callum
  18. Hello there, I've started a new virtual airline with my friend, we are currently accepting Pilots of ages over 13. We operate with the Airbus A319, A320 and Boeing 737. Our hubs are Gatwick, Luton, Manchester and Edinburgh. We use the VAFS system to track flights, and pay pilots! (With virtual currency, of course) Visit us at http://easyjet-va.weebly.com/ Apply at http://easyjet-va.weebly.com/recruitment.html Thanks for reading!
  19. Who here would be interested in putting their flight simulator and aviation love to the test and become a pilot for the growing virtual airline: American AirlinesV We offer dynamic employee site, phpVMS, sleek design, pilot center, generated schedules, flexible PIREPS, pilot handbook and more! Come see for yourself @ American Airlines Virtual Our site: http://aavirtual.aerohome.net Our Facebook: http://facebook.com/FlyAAGEFS Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/VirtualAA Go apply, and see the difference. Contact one of our executives: ceo@aavirtual.x10.bz president@aavirtual.x10.bz vp@aavirtual.x10.bz "We Know Why You Fly"
  20. Can someone please do this Livery on the PSS 777-300 ER? It would mean alot to me thanks!
  21. Hello, Minerva Airways is a new and exciting Virtual Airline that focuses primarily on economical travel. Based out of Torino we fly to a variety of destinations. Why not be a part of our journey... Minerva Airways is in the first stages of development and we are currently looking for staff. To apply for a staff position the only rule is that you do not currently hold a staff position at another VA. We ask that you approach us via PM. If you wish to approach me directly then please PM me on the forums. The current Vacancies are: Chief Operations Officer WebMaster (Urgent) * we really need some experienced on vaBase 3.1 management software and cPanel for building all the template of the website. SITE : minervavirtual.com Kind Regards, Thomas Boscherini Owner
  22. Hello, if you are looking to join a virtual airline, or a join a new virtual airline. Sun Country virtual is the one. We know what you like and what you don't like. We will not use boring horrible starter planes, with a horrible looking virtual cockpit, and make you fly them. The 737-800 will be at the top of our fleet, (being the top of the real Sun Country Airline.) We will be doing operations in a realistic manor and will not be leaving things out. Another thing is that we will not be going cheap on this airline and buying what we need to make it a great and fun virtual airline. If more information is needed, or you would like to join, please e-mail or reply to this message. SunCountryVA@hotmail.com Thank you -Tucker
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