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Found 91 results

  1. I don't know if this has already been adressed somewhere, at least I couldn't find anything on this topic: On my system LittleNavMap mixes up the types of the AI aircraft shown on the map. For example, a Skyhawk in XPlane shows up as a B738 in LNM, an A330-300 as an BE58, PA-18 as A333 and so on. The assignments are always the same, so not randomly chosen. This happens with XP11 as well as with XP12, and I saw this for a while in LNM, and still in 2.8.5.rc1. The plane I'm flying is recognised correctly, it's just the AI planes that are wrong. Is there a lookup table somewhere which messes this up?
  2. Excited to see there is an update from XP11 beta already. Unfortunately, installer wants me to click through each of the 1000's of modified files. Seems the "Do this for all files in this directory" button doesn't work, leaving you to have to click "Overwrite" of "Keep" for each file. Anyone else have this problem? Any work around?
  3. Hello everyone! I am an FSX user who often uses the website fuelplanner.com to calculate the required fuel for his flights. The thing is however, that when I visited the website on the 15th of December, I was greeted with a quite unfriendly window asking me to sign against FCC's decision about net neutrality. To make things clear, I am totally against this decision, and I would happily offer my sign against it, IF IT WAS WORTH ANYTHING. You see, as this decision only affects the USA, I see no reason for someone else but the US citizens to sign against it. So, I closed the annoying and unfriendly red window I was greeted with, only to find out that I can no longer use the site. The only thing I see when I visit the website is this: var _bftn_options = { theme: 'glitch' }; So, does anyone know who is the word not allowed who runs the website? So I can find him, and ask him how to reset the website to its normal form and sign the damn thing? Alternatively, can anyone recommend of a good, hopefully free, fuel planner?
  4. I had the chance this week to meet up with Austin at our local airport KCUB. As an air traffic controller at Columbia Approach, Austin and I have developed a unique relationship. What a great yet knowledgeable individual. There are some amazing features that X Plane is getting ready to roll out. In another post I'll post my video interview and detailed follow up on what he has planned! Of course this information is no secret and Austin has allowed me to share it with the flight sim community. Just to give you a tease, some may or may not know, but Austin and his team intend to make this lovely simulation platform, XPlane, available in several different languages. Sure, English is the language of aviation, but why not cater to those who don't speak it? Austin and I speak on the frequency several times a week and no matter what, he always remains professional. He is one heck of a pilot and friend.
  5. X-Line Virtual Aviation is a new virtual airline for X-Plane pilots. Currently we have 21 planes in our fleet, and offer 800+ routes across the whole world. We also allow charter flights, so everyone can fly their favorite aircraft on their favorite route. We use the new VAM software, including the SIM ACARS. This gives us the oppertunity to log the complete flight, including all kinds of extras, like landingspeed, lights on/off, taxispeed, etc. As soon as PMDG releases their DC6 for X-Plane, we will add it to our fleet, along with some historic routes. We are working on a shared-cockpit function. Check out our new website and join this nice new VA: www.xlinerva.com Kind regards, Johan Wijnands CEO
  6. I haven't been able to pay attention to all of the gauges within my cessna panel, but I have just noticed that they are not working. When I click on them to set them up, I notice they said "Displayed for X-Plane only". OK, so I removed them from the panel and selected 2 others only to find out they all say ".....for X-Plane only". None of them work with FSX. So what am I supposed to do to make these work in FSX?
  7. The beauty of MCE that can take the load F/O tasks, so you can enjoy flying as real as it can get. In VR in particular, you don't want to open menus or sneak to the desktop to start pushback for example. I use "Better Pushback" plugin in X-Plane, which is awesome addon, but I wanted MCE to do the job for me, and I came across this, maybe some knew it before in P3D for GSX I think, but here is the way for X-Plane: - Open MCE General tap, tap "more options" - Tap config file, press ok - Go down until you find [MECHANIC] section -Change the value of "PushWithGSXandAES=1", save the file Now in X-Plane, I plan the pushback before get into VR, then I ask the command to MCE "Ground are you Ready for pushback", and the Better Pushback starts. see the video @ 43:21. What I wish: - I think the mechanic hands over to Better Pushback and disconnect, it would be nice to still have his voice "Rotation" and saying "Ignition" - Is there a way to disconnect Better Pushback with MCE? I do it manually Thanks
  8. I have converted flytampa's kai tak to xplane 10, but there are 2 issues I'm facing. Everything looks pretty good except I get this layer of haze over the city that I can't seem to get rid of, and the runways at Kai Tak airport don't quite line up correctly, so you see 2 runways. If someone has converted this awesome addon and got it to look right in X-Plane 10, I'd appreciate if anyone can help me fix these issues so that I can use this scenery. Here are some screenshots to show the problems: Runway isn't lining up properly, and if you look you can see a layer of haze/smog above the city that came from the conversion that I don't want.
  9. A 2 hour flight to Nice/Côte d'Azur...
  10. Because I got my new Haswell based computer set up! Under the hood this beast of a computer has 4670k overclocked to 4.2GHz (will need to delid for further OC) and a GTX780! X-plane runs beastly with max settings with HDR on, very much +30 fps except for heavy weather, clouds still very tough for framerates! But i don't mind Of course i gotta show off, so here's some pics around Helsinki with Truscenery free orthophoto and OSM data version 1.2 Now, I'm off to fly! :p0502:
  11. I have XPwideclient - XPUIPC - Plan-G working perfectly together on my X-Plane 10 multi-PC multi-monitor setup.At very least this suggests that I understand the settings required of the programs, have set them up correctly,and that my network is configured and working correctly. However, try as I might I cannot get the programs to play together on my X-Plane 11 installation using the same hardware. All programs are run as admin and firewalls are down on all PCs. I have opened Port 54942 (which I remember seeing somewhere as being associated with XPwideclient) on my router - did not make any difference!!! .XPUIPC is configured properly in Resources/ plugins folder. When I try to launch XPwideclient v2.0.0.3 with XP11 running it just 'sits there' without any connection to the server. XPwidclient.txt shows: Waiting for UDP from server Status INIT granting multicast to Status NOT CONNECTED Closing connection to server OK I am at my wits end - have searched and searched over the last week for a solution but apart from the usual " configure the .ini properly". "take down firewalls" etc etc the solution has evaded me. Can anyone suggest what else I might try? Bob Ward Melbourne, Australia (A very chilly Melbourne)
  12. Hello, I wanted to share my actual Home Cockpit Project. I think that some of you should be interesting. I'm making a Home Cockpit of Cessna 182/206 for P3D and Xplane. The Flight Desk is made by Ruscool in New Zealand. I make the cockpit in Wood by my Carpenter. The Rudders come from TRC and the Yoke from Flight Illusion. More details in next posts... Here are some 3D views of the Cockpit : I also made a Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/LeNezenLair1/
  13. hey guys Ive started my world tour yesterday and decided to share the world tour with you guys:) ill keep you updated and post some screenies once i figure out how :/?
  14. hey guys do u know any alaska or canada freeware mesh?? found one but i dont know how to manually add the bgl file manually to add it in fs9
  15. Its my first Xplane video. I hope you like it...
  16. Name: FSFlyingSchool for X-Plane 10 - Multiple Planes! Category: Commercial Product Videos Date Added: 19 November 2013 - 06:42 AM Submitter: Jeff Preston Short Description: FSFlyingSchool for X-Plane 10 - Multiple Planes! Just a glimpse at some of the features of FSFlyingSchool for X-Plane 10 - a team of talking instructors who help you fly your best with today's leading flight simulators. Take along an instructor when you fly any airplane, anywhere. Get the details and a free demo (with no time limit) from... http://www.FSFlyingSchool.com You can add an instructor to your favorite plane in minutes - and there is built-in support for 15 of the most popular planes - and the list is growing! VMAX Boeing 777 Worldliner VMAX Boeing 787 Dreamliner Carenado Cessna 208B Caravan Wilson Aircraft Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Shade Tree Diamond DA40-180 Diamond Star Boeing 777-200 Beechcraft Baron 58 Beechcraft King Air B200 Beechcraft King Air C90B Boeing 747-400 Cirrus C4 'The Jet' Columbia 400 Lockheed C-130 Hercules McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extender Piaggio P180 Avanti Ferrari More to come... View Video
  17. Here's a great mod from Sabach, just wanted to share it with you guys incase you haven't already heard about it. http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=66227 This is a great mod that will enhance the sky colors and fix the terrible default looking clouds in X-Plane 10. It's an ongoing development so things will get better as the project moves on. But so far this looks much better than the original.
  18. I wanted to start a thread for those of you who own payware scenery packages for FSX such as Flytampa, Aerosoft, etc. Would like to make a thread to discuss conversion settings, issues, etc with other members on here. Which scenery package have you had success with and or minimal trouble converting? I have had minimal issues with converting FlyTampa Dubai, Hong Kong and St. Marteen for use with X-Plane 10. But I had to do a little cleanup afterwards and there are still a few weird issues with multiple runways not lining up properly and such. I almost have a good working FlyTampa Hong Kong conversion except for the runway issue and a few other things not lining up properly. I had an error while converting about having duplicate airport entries in a bgl file, so I had to delete that file and rerun the conversion in order to let it complete. I think this is one of the reason why my airport isn't looking perfect. I have quite a few more addons for FSX that I'd like to convert for X-Plane use. Such as Aerosoft Manhattan X, San Francisco, ImagineSim VHHH Chek Lap Kok, etc. If those of you who own any of these packages and would like together and help each other out on getting these conversions almost perfect, that would be great.
  19. I wanted to start this thread to discuss iPad/iPhone apps made to be used with X-Plane. My favorites so far are: AirTrack // http://www.ipobjects.com/products/airtrack - This app is great, its basically a remote controller to fly your plane, an ND/FMC/EFIS and more. I can be eating dinner while controlling my plane. It's awesome! It can be used as an EFB to store all your maps, charts, etc as well. You can even update and modify your flight plans. X-Mapper Pro // https://itunes.apple.com/app/id490618924?mt=8 - I love this app! It shows me in realtime where my plane is at on a map! Great for VFR flying. No need to constantly go to the file menu and go to map to see where your plane is. This app tracks your plane in realtime! You can use a regular map view, hybrid or satellite. I definetly recommend this app. IGMap HD // http://fswidgets.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=52 - The FSWidgets iGMapHD app turns iPad into a hi-res moving map for your desktop flight simulator! QuickPlan // http://fswidgets.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=63 - Great flight planning app! All done with the touch of your finger. Very intuitive and simplistic interface!
  20. Hello everyone. I have been playing X-Plane 10 for awhile now. Since I am on a Mac I can't really try out FSX. I've recently watched a lot of FSX videos on youtube to see the differences and I really admit that FSX looks a lot better. I am fully aware that this is because of 3rd party add ons. But even when I am using X-Plane 10 with add ons, it still doesn't compare to FSX. I have purchased parts to build a new computer for FSX because of this and am curious to know how is it that a 6-7 year old flight sim (FSX) can compete or even look better than X-Plane 10 which was released at the end of 2011? I am sad to find out that FSX is no longer being developed, such a shame since it is such an amazing looking flight sim. I've given X-Plane 10 a chance, but everytime I see videos of FSX on youtube, it makes me not want to even look back to X-Plane 10. I know the die hard fans will say that X-Plane 10 isn't about the graphics but the physics is priority. Well that's partyly true, but there's absolutely no eye-candy, if so it's very limited. Main reason I like playing flight simulators is for the graphics. I love nature, outdoors, and beautiful scenery. Which is why I love flying in the 1st place. X-Plane just doesn't really satisfy me in that sense. Another thing is, the payware planes have an absolute amazing level of detail to them that lacks in X-Plane. PMDG 747-400X, PMDG 737 NGX, Aerosoft Airbus X Extended, Captain Sim's 777. Truly stunning! However on the X-Plane side of things I don't feel the same way. The planes just aren't on the same level and that's also another negative for me. The only positive thing I can really say about X-Plane is that the physics are good. But not much else. I am hoping that there will be more addon developers making stuff for X-Plane soon, since FSX is no longer being developed. I would love to see OrbX, UK2000, REX, FS2Crew, PMDG making stuff for X-Plane. I would like to hear how the rest of the community feels about this as well. For those of you who have tried both, what are your thoughts and opinions.
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