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Found 21 results

  1. Hello everyone. Long story short, I'm eager to return to the virtual skies after a long break. I have a real history with the PMDG 737NG, but that was long ago, approx. 2010, and since then a lot of things have changed. The question is to those who tried and flew the both PMDG and iFly model: what is the real difference? Which one has more realistic systems simulation and flight model? Graphically, especially in relation to the virtual cockpit, iFly beats PMDG, but that's not what is important for me. Thanks in advance.
  2. Dear Pilots, I would like to introduce you to Ryanair Virtual Airlines. We are one of the fastest growing virtual airlines to date, with professionalism and realism as the cornerstone of our operations. Do you feel you’ve reached a dead end with your flight simulation experience? Do you feel as if you’ve exhausted the use of your 737-800? Joining Ryanair Virtual can alleviate these issues, as we have faithfully recreated the real world operations of Ryanair. Fly out of one of Ryanair’s European bases to all manner of destinations which we have mirrored in our route database. Sick and tired of straight in ILS approaches? Our flights to and from secondary airports offer non-precision approaches such as NDB’s, VOR’s and even the occasional circle to land! There is no better place to hone your flight simulation skills. Realism Using PMDG’s NGX or Ifly’s 737-800, fly the line with us. Using real world sources we have created configuration files for each of these aircraft so they have the equipment and displays that Ryanair’s fleet have. Our Flight Academy has all the documents you need to start, including SOP manual, flight crew training manual, quick reference handbook, fuel policy, checklists and winter operations manual. Crew Centre Access several areas through the crew centre, including your profile and logbook, company operations and staff contacts. You will also be kept up to date on all the latest NOTAMs. Visit your profile where you can submit a base transfer request, check your flight income and hours, view your awards and certificates and keep up to date on your rank progress. View your flight map to see all of your flights and plan your next destination. Our custom ACARS system and Flight Briefing centre makes flying with us easy and rewarding. Our flight booking system reflects the real world movements of the aircraft by tail number around Europe. When you book your flight, head over to the Flight Briefing where you will be presented with everything you need to dispatch, including a printable operational flight plan, a route planner, weather and NOTAMs. Community At Ryanair Virtual, we believe the community is the heart and soul of any virtual airline. We have a dedicated crew forum where you can introduce yourself to us, talk about aviation, ask questions about the 737-800, post screenshots and videos, or talk about anything you like! We have within our membership flight simmers of all experience levels, two real world 737-800 pilots and, a real Ryanair cabin crew member! Our strong presence on the Vatsim and IVAO online networks are growing every day, and you can be a part of it! This is an example of the average traffic on a weekday: Staff We have a professional, approachable and dedicated staff team handling daily operations at Ryanair Virtual. They are always contactable in the forums or via email should you have any issues at all. Included in the staff members are a real Ryanair 737-800 pilot as well as very experienced online fliers. They will get you going in no time! Destinations Below are but a few examples of where our route network can take you: Barcelona Budapest Farihegy Corfu Genoa Sestri Gran Canaria Katowice Kos Krakow Balice Leipzig Halle Munchen Memmingen Salzburg Vilnius So if you wish to take your flight simulator experience to the next level, apply today. We are at the top of the pile when it comes to realism and experience and can offer you a long and enjoyable career with us where the learning opportunities are second to none. There is no better source of information than real world experience, and that is what we have. Thanks for reading, and on behalf of the entire team, I look forward to seeing you on board with us. http://www.virtualryanair.com/
  3. Flight was from Montego Bay to the busy streets of Miami, Florida And home time after clearing Immigration & Customs with Patties and Tru-juice I brought from Jamaica.
  4. Took the Boeing 738 from Atlanta to Reagan National. Got a few decent shots from the VC as the sun was setting. Hope you guys enjoy!
  5. Hello everyone! First post here so I think I should first take the time to say a couple of things about me and my background to avoid a pointless conversation. :smile: First of all, although I'm not a newcomer at flight simulation I did get back into it only 1.5 month ago after an absence of about 8 years. Long story short I've been meaning to start "flying" again for 3 years but I was stuck with only a netbook computer. A couple of months ago I bought a new laptop with the following specs: Intel Core i5-4210u 4Gb RAM (which I intend to take up to 8 or 16Gb in the near future) AMD Radeon R7 M260 Graphics with 2Gb dedicated memory 256Gb SSD Going for a laptop was the only choice so please let's not start with the old argument about FSX and laptops. At first I installed FS9 as that was what I had in hand and what I used to use before, I had bought a plethora of addons for it so after beating the whole setup into submision (FS9 & Win10, anyone?) I got back into flight simming. A couple of days ago a good friend of mine gave me his copy of FSX & Acceleration which I proceeded to install. Wow! I knew there were differences but that's unbelievable! After tweaking some settings just to make sure that I wouldn't boil my laptop's internals (thinking of getting a cooler just for good measure, as well) I can say that it runs pretty much the same as FS9, possibly even better (which I believe has to do with the fact it was designed to play with the Vista core which is what Win 7 and later are based on from the get go). I bought myself a copy of FlyTampa's LGAV (my closest commercial airport) and I have nothing but good words to say about that product! This is where I need your help. In Fs9 I used to fly Wilco's not-so-excellent Airbuses and the PMDG 737NG as my primary aircraft. I will try the Airbuses on FSX as well but I don't know which NG should I buy. I am aware of two popular options, the PMDG NGX and the iFly. I would like your opinion on this, especially if you have both. What I am interested in is getting something as complex as (or as close as possible) to the PMDG 737 that won't bring my computer to its knees and that will have a decent 2D cockpit, preferably with the option to disable the VC. I don't particularly like virtual cockpits as they are heavier on the framerates, and the 15 inch screen combined with my bad eyesight don't help much with growing a fondness for them, either. If they are so simillar that any of the twowould suit me the availability of repaints would seal the deal. Thank you in advance for your responses and excuse me for my long post! :smile:
  6. I thought I would create this topic so I can share with you guys the liveries I'm working on :smile: In fact, this first one was made some time ago. Now you can also enjoy it, if you have the QW 757 of course. If you're fancy for some cargo flying in style, you can grab it <HERE> Anyways, a lot more to come! (i hope) Like this odd-one from Ryanair! Cheers guys! Attila
  7. Hi flightsimmers: Happy holidays to all, and just curious to know if anybody is having issues with their payware, such as landing gear up and aircraft floating on ground, no avionics, yoke turned hard left. I thought only PMDG had that issue, but is many more, including ifly and majestic. " I bought these, so don't say, " maybe if you buy it you wont have that issue". On level d, the panel fails to load and it crashes FSX Steam and Capatin sim FMC and MFD are blank. I wanna know if Im doing something wrong or I know what it is....
  8. Hello Captains, I'm pleased to annonce that VirtualRyanair.com ( www.virtualryanair.com ) has reached today 450 Pilots. VirtualRyanair is operating IVAO and VATSIM ATC network with two events per month. You can here attached see the preview of our online magazine and you can read it join our Company website. Thankyou for your attention and if you are interested in our low fares virtual Company stay tuned cause the big challenge has already begun. Francesco Gatta Director of Public Relations VirtualRyanair.com
  9. The longer the wait.. Some new variants, tons of extra features, corrections and all that for free. Go get it! :dance: You need a forum account to access those links. http://ifly.flight1....ownload-details Important information here. http://ifly.flight1....ant-information Some more details on the actual changes. Have fun exploring. http://ifly.flight1....-pack-uncovered
  10. Good evening! Lately I have been keeping my eyes on the iFly B747, however I have a question: How is the external texturing and modelling of the different models and variants? I have read a few reviews on Avsim and Flightsim.com giving positive feedback on the systems depth and the internal texturing and modelling. But how is the external texturing and modelling? Based on pictures and videos the texturing seems a bit so-so, but I can't really comment on the modelling work. Would really appreciate if you could share your opinons and thoughts on this aspect!🍻 Some screenies would also be appreciated! Regards, Viggo
  11. Hi, anyone please would do the repaint for the "care-antee"-livery from Westjet for the (Ifly) 737-800 (fs9)? I know there's already a fsx-repaint of that plane but that doesn't help me, I stick to fs9. Cheers Yeti
  12. Hi, i am using iFly for quite some time now and lately i have this quite big problem. When I fly normal flight and I set up everything proper, the whole flight is okay, takeoff, climb, cruise and even descend is fine, but.... before end of descend (in order to meet STAR restictions) i control my descend by A/P speed and altitude in MCP. This is still okay. Normally i use alt 3000ft or 2500ft (alt is locked and holding), and speed around 200-210kts with flaps 15 when i fly intercept course before IF and here comes the problem... When plane starts to turn to final the altitude sinks a bit (which is normal due to less lift on wings during turn) but then the alt hold quits working and plane starts to sink rapidly. The only thing to do is to manually fly the aircraft to landing... I cannot even reset the A/P (i disengage it and set up again but altitude still doesnt work), only heading and speed is working. In good visibility conditions it is not so tragic but when it is foggy it is nightmare... And then when i want to do the same descend and approach part again to see if it happens again, everythig works normal... I just set up plane before final point of STAR set everything up like in normal flight and do exaclty the same procedures like in full flight and nothing happens.. I turn to final, establish on LOC and G/S and land even in dual A/P mode without any problem... I don't get it at all...
  13. Hi, anyone please would do the repaint for the "care-antee"-livery from Westjet for the (Ifly) 737-800 (fs9)? I know there's already a fsx-repaint of that plane but that doesn't help me, I stick to fs9. Cheers Yeti
  14. Hi! This is my first post on this site, so... yeah. Anyway, I'm looking to get some new planes for FS9 after FSX continuously crashed in windows 8.1. I'm looking to get some new planes. I already have some old scenery, graphics, aircraft addons from before, but I need some new planes and AI So what do you guys think: PMDG 737/ 747 or iFly 737 They all look pretty promising, but what's your opinion? It doesn't need a virtual cabin, but it would be a nice extra. Are there any others out there that handle and look realistic? Or maybe a 757? I don't want any Airbuses (boeing ftw). And as for AI, what do you think is the best? I tried installing WOAI, but it's too time consuming. Computer limitations really aren't a problem for me. Thanks for any help
  15. Is anyone aware of any new development projects from iFly?
  16. Hi All, I am a longtime forum-lurker, newbie member and first-time poster! I have already built a fully-loaded custom made aluminium Main Instrumet Panel (MIP) targetting GA (single, twin etc.) comprising the following Saitek modules: - Cessna Yoke, Rudder pedals and Trim Wheel - 2x Radio Panels - 2x Backlit Information Panels (BIP's) - 2x Throttle quadrants - 1x Throttle, Prop, Mixture panel (TPM with switches) - 11x Flight Intrument Panels (LCD FIP's) - 1x Switch Panel - 1x Multi-Panel - 1x iPad on flexi-mount My plan was always to focus on GA / low and slow (I hope to start on my PPL/CPL soon), hence this 'equipment' - with an occasional 'play' at the heavy jets. Maybe with a side joystick. Having relocated to Australia and spent the last year on a road-trip (immediately following completion of the MIP - which I have never used!), my MIP has been (and remains) in storage for the foreseeable future. So I got to thinking.... What if I were to extend what I already have to provide better support for jets? After lot's of research, I am now fired up to do this! My plan was to enclose the MIP in one of Sim Samurai's enclosures (the CS-1 Stallion, for which I already bought the blueprint). I reckon I could squeeze some jet bits in, so am looking for some guidance before committing $$$ to my purchases. On the Boeing vs Airbus debate: I will probably go Boeing primarily (though maybe with room for a PIC joystick for Airbus - just in case!). I like GoFlight stuff but am swinging towards VRInsight for their: CDU III panel (CDU II + LCD), 737 Overhead panel - and, if I need it, MCP Combo II (EFIS/MCP/COM). Oh and their GPS 5 panel, 'cos I can. Which leads to the million $$$ question: if I sacrifice the "realism/immersion", how much of the jet workload can be mapped to the GA-biased MIP? Obviously, early 737's would map better, with more 'steam' guages, though 11x Saitek FIP's should help either way? For me, getting the CDU III is a no brainer, especially with it's LCD. I 'think' the GPS 5 would also be useful - even if only to extend the GA capability. And I guess, the overhead panel could also be a no-brainer (I know it tends to only get used at the beginning/end of a flight, but it is an 'easy' add-on, just stick it above my head!). More matched to iFly than PMDG I understand (in terms of functionality that will work) - shame! Where I 'do not get it' yet, is how much practical overlap I have with existing instruments and the MCP combo? I see some COM and autopilot potential overlap, but lack the experience with both GA and commercial to make a sensible decision on whether I can get away without the MCP Combo - or whether this will prevent a sensible, more realistic workload. Any thoughts from others who fly both types please? Thanks!
  17. Looking At Getting The IFly 737 or PMDG 737. Which one would you guys recommend and why?
  18. Hi flightsimmers: Happy holidays to all, and just curious to know if anybody is having issues with their payware, such as landing gear up and aircraft floating on ground, no avionics, yoke turned hard left. I thought only PMDG had that issue, but is many more, including ifly and majestic. " I bought these, so don't say, " maybe if you buy it you wont have that issue". On level d, the panel fails to load and it crashes FSX Steam and Capatin sim FMC and MFD are blank. I wanna know if Im doing something wrong or I know what it is....
  19. Hi fellows, here are some stuff at http://store.fs-track.com for sale, check this out prices are 5ft from ground.
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