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  1. My first ever flightsim video. All feedback is welcomed.
  2. Skinner_11

    ###### happens

    You didn't open the radiator flaps, the engine overheated and caught on fire. The An-2 is a very unforgiving airplane from the engine management aspect... :wink:
  3. Skinner_11

    Baku 2017

    The photoscenery is terrible, the airport itself is superb! Great quality, nice FPS
  4. Skinner_11

    What simulator do you use...

    There is. Stanislav just confirmed it (kind of) :wink:
  5. Skinner_11

    Smooth panning in VC possible?

    Get FSRecorder, you can create VC cameras with it, and make the panning smooth i think
  6. Skinner_11

    RTWR2016 Recruiting

    Are you guys still recruiting? (Callsign) Skinner (Flightsim version) FS9, FSX with acceleration pack (Experience in Flightsim) Flying tubeliners mainly, 211 hours on IVAO, first time RTWR'er (Timezone ) UTC+1
  7. Run the WA3 installer to a temporary destination outside FS (eg. D:\WA3TEST) You will see the folders it creates, like Addon Scenery, etc. Probably there will be a scenery folder, outside the Addon Scenery folder where it installs the jetway bgl-s. So you need to look for that(/those) bgl(s) in your normal FS9 installment and delete them.
  8. Looks like Aerosoft is working on an up-to date version of Innsbruck. The very good news about this is that they are planning to release for FS2004 as well!
  9. Skinner_11

    My liveries

    Fresh and crispy, the real counterpart rolled out of the paint hangar on 2016.01.05 :smile: Download it here, for the Flight1 ATR Cheers, Attila
  10. Skinner_11

    Slovenia croatia by fsquality fs9

    Thanks Paul. I also had this problem, maybe that's why i could relate. Or maybe because I'm also speaking English as a second language
  11. Skinner_11

    Slovenia croatia by fsquality fs9

    Yeah, correct! I was referring to the AI-Ship patch, because i also had this problem and was using 9.1 already :wink:
  12. Skinner_11

    Slovenia croatia by fsquality fs9

    I found this at an older forum: Question: After installing Slovenia / Croatia my Flightsimulator refuses to start. What can be done? ATTTENTION!!! NEW AND FINAL SOLUTION!!! Answer: The solution we first suggested, to upgrade your Flight Simulator to version 9.1 (a patch that Microsoft has released early 2005) is only partly correct. It will work in most cases (and we suggest anyway to use this patch), but it does not solve the actual problem for certain Windows-configurations. The reason is, that the problem is caused by a missin entry in the section "description" of the AI-Ships "aircraft.cfg". The Flight Simulator is adding this missing entry in most cases automatically. But in some configurations, for unknown reasons, the program does not add this entry, causing the Flight Simulator not to start properly when Slovenia/Croatia is installed. In such case, please reinstall Slovenia/Croatia. Then Download the Zip-File HERE. Unpack the zip-archive and move the two folders "AI_Anek_Ferry" and "AI_Jadrolinija_Ferry" to the directory "aircraft" which can be found in your Flight Simulator's main directory. Overwrite existing directories and Files. And that's it. your Flight Simulator then will start normal, with Slovenia/Croatia installed, disregarding if you are using Microsoft's Patch to version 9.1 or not. However, we suggest you use this update anyway. In case you want to download the ENGLISH version of Microsoft's Update now, you can do that HERE... Please use the english version of the update only with english versions of the Flight Simulator... The patch is not available anymore i think. But the problem can be also fixed by deleting the "AI-Ships" folder in <your FS9 folder>/Aircraft. After that it will work, but you won't have the ships sailing around the coasts.
  13. Skinner_11

    Edit Voicepack Help

    You tried running it in Win7 compatibility mode? Maybe it'll work with that on, as i don't think there is a problem with the server.
  14. Skinner_11

    My liveries

    I would like to wish all of you guys a very happy new year, with this little present! And for 2016, I have some interesting stuff to wait for Cheers, Attila
  15. Skinner_11

    Unpausing FS9 reduces frame rates

    If you are using Win7 take a look at the Processes tab, in the Windows Task Manager. Sort the view by CPU, and Memory, and see if there's anything which slows down your machine. I had a problem with svchost.exe using 3/4(!) of my RAM. I looked it up, and it turned out to be a problem with Windows Update. So under the Services, i had to disable "wuauserv" and magically my PC could take a breath again. Also, at a max lock to 30. You'll never get anything stable over that at EGLL, or JFK. Even on a NASA server-PC. FS9 is poorly optimised for modern hardware and multi core CPUs.