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Found 107 results

  1. One repaint available for the 441... kind of a cool scheme. More to follow, time-permitting. I will upload this to the library over the next few days, but PM me in the mean time for a download link...I usually respond within a couple hours if it's the weekend.
  2. Good morning pilots! I would like to report here this little contest we're doing: http://www.simcoders.com/2016/08/12/20160812make-nice-repaint-get-rep/ It is a good chance to do something for the community :-)
  3. http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/6223-carenado-centurion-t210-vh-kst/
  4. Download link> http://aussiex.org/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=17382
  5. Real one: Mine: As viewed by AVSIM member 'neucoas' as it flies over his house. :smile: On AVSIM...Soon On MediaFire...Now
  6. Hey, I've seen some of you have managed to do some good looking paints! I want to do the same but I don't know how to paint this one. I've done some paints before but this looks very strange. Do you have a template or something? Or is there a guide on how to do it? This is the plane I want to do! Thanks!
  7. 15 years ago today, as luck would have it...I finished and uploaded my 2nd repaint to Avsim (The 1st one lost to the hack of the site years ago, but still available elsewhere). It's hard to believe I've been painting this long...I still remember my 1st paint taking about 3 months to finish! It was an Alaska MD80 for FS2002 (the latest and greatest sim at the time). Maybe I should paint Alaska on this slightly updated version of the MD as a tribute to my career as a painter? :)
  8. A vast internet spanning a gazillion terabytes and no one has ever made a written or video tutorial about how to get the front end roof, sides and nose textures to align properly on the 737NGX paint kit. Is there a gem out there I am missing? Every single YouTube tutorial on painting the NGX is done with an easy livery that requires no thought what so ever about the front nose and roof texture alignment. When one paints a very detailed no repeating texture or gradient fill on the front, aligning textures becomes a nightmare I have discovered. The concept of how the sides of the plane bend down and the roof texture bends with it but splits apart at the seams on the 2D texture map is just breaking my brain. Is there no easy way to get a complex texture to align right? Are we stuck with solid color paints on the roof and nose for life? I have been struggling for days to finish up this Frozen One livery but I can't get rid of the front nose seams where the sides and roof come together. The entire plane is painted to be covered in ice crystals and snowflakes which creates unique patterns which do not align on the nose of the plan worth a darn. I can't find any tutorials on overcoming this problem. Anyone else find one?
  9. Hey.... Would someone be willing to repaint me a jetBlue livery for the wilco a330-200 FSX payware? Regards
  10. Hi there, since a few days, I have a strange problem with the NGX, which I never had before in any plane in FSX. After using the 737 for a couple of years without any problems, some days ago most of the buttons and swichtes in the VC stopped working. They are ignoring basically my mouse clicks. The coursor changes to the hand symbol, but nothing happens if I click or scroll with the mousewheel. To make it a bit more complicatet, thats the case with a lot of switches, but not with all. On the EFIS for instance, all pushbuttons like terrain, data or also the traffic and standard pressure knobs are working fine, but the scroll knobs can´t be used. On the MCP not a single switch or butten can be used. All capped swichtes on the overhead are unusable, but rotary switches like the autobrake are working completely fine. But it gets even more strange. And at this point, I have absolutely no idea how this could be possible. I have found one single repaint (wich is the Angle of Attack repaint for the 738WL) where everything and every switch is working normal. Only if I install this repaint and only if I choose this repaint in FSX, all switches and knobs in the VC are useable. If I load another repaint (even the standard PMDG repaint) or if I switch to another repaint after loading the NGX with the Angle of Attack repaint first, the same problem occurs again. This hole thing is the case with all models from 600 to 900, with the exception that the AOA Repaint only fixes the problem on the 800WL (They have also repaints for the 600 and 700, but if I use those, the switches still don´t work on these models.) If use the NGX at its lates version on WIN7 64 bit. Does anybody have an idea, what could be going on here? Thanks and best regards, Schmo
  11. Just curious if anyone would be willing/able to do a Sunwing Airlines repaint. I already made transparent .png files for the logos, decal, id, etc... Just need someone who knows how to properly place it all and make it come to life. Thanks!
  12. Hi All! Well - I've been lurking around here for an awful long time! Far longer than the 'joined date' over to the left suggests. Lets just say I've got happy memories of the Rambow/Chaffin/Visser R4D and still pine for the wonderful Falcon 50 CAEA by Yannick Lavigne, Fred Banting and Rob Young... (nostalgic yet?) Anyway, times move on and I've enjoyed all sorts of wonderful add-ons: most memorably FSD's old Commander 115, the ground-breaking RealAir SF-260 and more recently, the fantastic Majestic Software Q400. Most of these, I probably wouldn't have come across without the help of Avsim, so I figured it's about time I said a (very, very) belated 'thanks' to Tom and everyone else at Avsim for this great site. Perhaps the greatest bit of freeware there is! However, it's the wonderful Piper Cherokee by A2A Simulations which finally inspired me to crawl out from under my rock! I've truly connected with this little aircraft. I'm not sure whether it's because the product is so immersive or if it's due to the characteristics of the real 1960s PA-28 the add-on is based upon. Either way, it feels like my proper little aeroplane! :smile: I reckon the Cherokee really just looks the part too. I guess this says an awful lot for the genius of Karl Bergey, Fred Weick and John Thorp who designed the original PA-28 (though the modellers at A2A have done a wonderful job as well!) In fact, I was so taken with its looks that I decided to try my hand at some repainting following the example of talented individuals here like Ron Attwood and Tim Scharnhop. So rather than turn up at the party late and empty handed, I've just uploaded my first repaint to the Avsim library: http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=Piper+PA-28+Cherokee+%28G-AVSE%29&CatID=root&Go=Search I know I'm not really supposed to post screenshots here, but hopefully one won't hurt... I've tried my hand at repainting a few other liveries for the Cherokee too. I plan to upload these to the library as well, but will probably tinker with them a little beforehand. in the meantime there are download links and some more screenshots in threads like this one at the A2A forums: http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=115&t=41235#p310520 All the best, Nick P.S. Thanks also to the Avsim file library guys for dealing helpfully and patiently with my dufferish attempt at uploading my first file!
  13. Hi, Please could someone make a fictional 3B-TJM Air Mauritius (new colours) livery for the TDS B737-700 for FSX, Thanks, Timothy Moores P.S. paintkit available here: http://simviation.com/1/browse-Aircraft+Paintkits-97-1 , 4th one down
  14. Tutorial: Working with alpha channel in Photoshop Hello everyone. So, after I saw some people asking about how to work with alpha channel in Photoshop, I decided to make a simple tutorial for it. Tutorial was created in CS5, but this should work in any other version as well. We're going to use Photoshop ONLY. No DXTBmp! That program is only good for working with extended bitmaps, since Photoshop can't save that. But for DDS textures, you can use nVidia Photoshop DDS plugin and there's absolutely nothing Photoshop cannot do. So here we go. Step one: Assuming you already have some layer ready for alpha channel, we switch to CHANNELS tab. In case you for some reason don't have that tab in there, you can activate it in "Windows" drop-down list. We named our layer we want in alpha channel "Alpha layer" Step two: Now switch to the alpha channel itself or create it, if there's not one already. Step three: Go to Image -> Apply Image... Step four: Now the importnant part. Set everything just like you see it on screenshot below. Layer: There should be your layer you prepared before to be used in alpha channel. In our case, it's called "Alpha layer" Channel: RGB, because that's where the layer currently is. Blending: Normal, so you can actually see the alpha after. Do not press invert unless you actually need to invert your alpha for some reason. ALL DONE! Alpha is now there, no need to use any other witchcraft. Reverse process: Extracting alpha into RGB channel In case you want to edit your already existing alpha channel and want it in RGB channel, it's very easy. Just create a new layer and use "Apply Image..." menu again. But now you select your source channel as "Alpha 1". Layer now doesn't matter, since that channel has only one and Blending should be again set to Normal. I hope you learned something today and if you have any questions or ran into any issues, feel free to ask, I'll be more than happy to help you!
  15. My first repaint. Still tweaking details and trying to get the colors right. N4635K had beige instrument panel covers at one point, so I will be making an alternate version as well. Criticism welcome. Nitpick it. I'd like to make this as close as possible to the actual plane. But in many places, I have to get creative since the A2A geometry is significantly more modern than the referenced real-world aircraft, especially in the cockpit. N736HD is nearly identical to this aircraft, but the paint is faded, and the interior is worn and damaged. I plan to follow up with that plane later. I will post more photos as I progress.
  16. Would it be possible for one of you super talented painters out there to do a repaint of the Majestic Q400 in UW's Husky Purple and Gold? There's been one made already for the Cougars (grrr), Vandals, and University of Montana (I think), and this is the one I want the most! Pictures (Hopefully not copyrighted!): http://www.flickr.com/photos/52810288@N05/5605144428/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/djlpbb40/4261636192/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/clemensv/7078223435/ If you're feeling inspired and want to do the Ducks (http://www.flickr.com/photos/52810288@N05/8461013600/) as well, I won't complain at all... Thank you very much.
  17. Because if yes, they might like this.
  18. Hello, I am looking to get four aircraft repainted I already have graphic & design, I just need it to be applied to aircraft via a professional repaint team. The aircraft is as follows. PMDG B737-800 PMDG B747-400 Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended Majestic Dash 8 Q400
  19. Hello. I just finished painting a Privilege Style livery for Feelthere 145 and I don't know how to mount it, can anyone help me? Here you are the files: http://www.mediafire.com/?b3j3qk2c7hps20x I have already done the wings, tail and engines, I need help with the main fuselage only. This is what I need to mount. It's for FS2004. Thanks. Javier Cabrera.
  20. I'm looking for someone who can do a repaint for X-plane (flyjsim) 727. nothing fancy, just the name of my project on the plane, and a few other things. I'm pretty new to all of this. I started out probably like others on FS9. Thanks
  21. Hello, Can someone make a repaint for the Carenado Cessna 152? It is Sabena Aeroclub, from belgium. The plane is a Reims Cessna 152 registration OO-FLC. You can find pictures on airliners.net. Thanks! With kind regards, Keukenrol
  22. Hello, I was woundering if anyone know of(or wants to) create a libyan airforce or similar repaint to the virtavia Tu-22 blinder. It is such a wounderful and unique aircraft(despite its rumours) And i am a little dissapointet virtavia (or alphasim then) only made one default soviet paint for the airplane. Just woundering if there are any others out there like me that are interested in seing repaints of this rare airplane. Last picture is the virtavia fsx tu-22 model
  23. Hello, I was woundering if anyone know of(or wants to) create a libyan airforce or similar repaint to the virtavia Tu-22 blinder. It is such a wounderful and unique aircraft(despite its rumours) And i am a little dissapointet virtavia (or alphasim then) only made one default soviet paint for the airplane. Just woundering if there are any others out there like me that are interested in seing repaints of this rare airplane
  24. Hello everyone, I've been flying for Mediterranea Virtual Airlines, an Italian VA for over a year and I've recently fallen in love with this splendid aircraft by PMDG. I would be extremelly grateful, and I'm sure so would be lots of other members of the VA to anyone who will attempt a repaint in the livery of Mediterranea, well, I should probably say theme.A few examples can be found here http://www.mediterra...angar/index.htm and any improvement on the theme to make it look less plain or else is more than welcome!!!! Thanks very much in advance! PS please let me know if you take on the task on this forum! Matteo Capocefalo, MED1473
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