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Found 29 results

  1. One repaint available for the 441... kind of a cool scheme. More to follow, time-permitting. I will upload this to the library over the next few days, but PM me in the mean time for a download link...I usually respond within a couple hours if it's the weekend.
  2. http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/6223-carenado-centurion-t210-vh-kst/
  3. Download link> http://aussiex.org/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=17382
  4. 15 years ago today, as luck would have it...I finished and uploaded my 2nd repaint to Avsim (The 1st one lost to the hack of the site years ago, but still available elsewhere). It's hard to believe I've been painting this long...I still remember my 1st paint taking about 3 months to finish! It was an Alaska MD80 for FS2002 (the latest and greatest sim at the time). Maybe I should paint Alaska on this slightly updated version of the MD as a tribute to my career as a painter? :)
  5. Good morning pilots! I would like to report here this little contest we're doing: http://www.simcoders.com/2016/08/12/20160812make-nice-repaint-get-rep/ It is a good chance to do something for the community :-)
  6. Continuing my streak of masochistic insanity with Carenado repaints...I laid these down quick-and-dirty on top of the "N250EF" scheme, so not 100% accurate to the factory livery but pretty close. For all the other painters out there: This one's not the worst to repaint because the mapping is mostly straight except for the area-ruled dips in the fuse near the engines. There is one element that is abysmally difficult however... There's a rounded, pipe-looking joint where the wing/body fairing meets the fuselage. It's mapped and broken into many sections on the EXT2 sheet. It's a small part, but unfortunately still too obvious to ignore. I made some notes on the template to help speed up painting that area in the future. If you want to try painting this bird and that seems useful to you, PM me for a copy. These two were uploaded tonight, and I have another one the way.
  7. So I made this repaint for the SMS Overland A320 and I want to share a screenshot of the plane. For a split second some people can mistake this as an Aerosoft repaint because of the shine. How does it look?
  8. Hello all, I need a white livery for the 737-800. anybody have one?
  9. A download link for a repaint for Dave Garwoods freeware Beaufighter > http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/6337-dave-garwoods-beaufighter-mkvic-a8-166/ Download link for the Aircraft> https://cbfsim.co.uk/cbfs_lib/picture.php?/19/category/73
  10. hey guys thought you might wanted to take a look at my repaints, just finished up with the spanair livery, and i'm soon finished with my SAS Snowflake repaint as well here are som screenshots and if anyone wants it I can upload it on avsim :)
  11. Another one. Uploading this, and others to the library right now.
  12. slk1

    Swiss 777 - 300

    Hi - I would appreciate any guidance in acquiring the above into my PMDG stable. (Fsx Win 7 64bit) Any recommendations as to a download and an easy guidance as to the use of the Ops Center (Livery Downloader) in installing the download would be much appreciated. Shaun Keegan
  13. Hello, I just started doing all the Emirates 777 fleet for our magnific PMDG plane. All detailed photos you can gather are welcome. The plane. Nose. Engine. Tail. Livery list: A6-EBA: Coming soon... A6-EBB: Coming soon... A6-EBC: Coming soon... A6-EBD: Coming soon... A6-EBE: Coming soon... A6-EBF: Coming soon... A6-EBG: Coming soon... A6-EBH: Coming soon... A6-EBI: Coming soon... A6-EBJ: Coming soon... A6-EBK: Coming soon... A6-EBL: Coming soon... A6-EBM: Coming soon... A6-EBN: Coming soon... A6-EBO: Coming soon... A6-EBP: Coming soon... A6-EBQ: Coming soon... A6-EBR: Coming soon... A6-EBS: Coming soon... A6-EBT: Coming soon... A6-EBU: Coming soon... A6-EBV: Coming soon... A6-EBW: Coming soon... A6-EBX: Coming soon... A6-EBY: Coming soon... A6-EBZ: Coming soon... A6-ECA: Coming soon... A6-ECB: Coming soon... A6-ECC: Coming soon... A6-ECD: Coming soon... A6-ECE: Coming soon... A6-ECF: Coming soon... A6-ECG: Coming soon... A6-ECH: Coming soon... A6-ECI: Coming soon... A6-ECJ: Coming soon... A6-ECK: Coming soon... A6-ECL: Coming soon... A6-ECM: Coming soon... A6-ECN: Coming soon... A6-ECO: Coming soon... A6-ECP: Coming soon... A6-ECQ: Coming soon... A6-ECR: Coming soon... A6-ECS: Coming soon... A6-ECT: Coming soon... A6-ECU: Coming soon... A6-ECV: Coming soon... A6-ECW: Coming soon... A6-ECX: Coming soon... A6-ECY: Coming soon... A6-ECZ: Coming soon... A6-EFD: Coming soon... A6-EFE: Coming soon... A6-EFF: Coming soon... A6-EFG: Coming soon... A6-EFH: Coming soon... A6-EFI: Coming soon... A6-EFJ: Coming soon... A6-EFK: Coming soon... A6-EFL: Coming soon... A6-EFM: Coming soon... A6-EFN: Coming soon... A6-EGA: Coming soon... A6-EGB: Coming soon... A6-EGC: Coming soon... A6-EGD: Coming soon... A6-EGE: Coming soon... A6-EGF: Coming soon... A6-EGG: Coming soon... A6-EGH: Coming soon... A6-EGI: Coming soon... A6-EGJ: Coming soon... A6-EGK: Coming soon... A6-EGL: Coming soon... A6-EGM: Coming soon... A6-EGN: Coming soon... A6-EGO: Coming soon... A6-EGP: Coming soon... A6-EGQ: Coming soon... A6-EGR: Coming soon... A6-EGS: Coming soon... A6-EGT: Coming soon... A6-EGU: Coming soon... A6-EGV: Coming soon... A6-EGW: Coming soon... A6-EGX: Coming soon... A6-EGY: Coming soon... A6-EGZ: Coming soon... A6-ENA: Coming soon... A6-ENB: Coming soon... A6-ENC: Coming soon... A6-END: Coming soon... A6-ENE: Coming soon... A6-ENF: Coming soon... A6-ENG: Coming soon... A6-ENH: Coming soon... A6-ENI: Coming soon... A6-ENJ: Coming soon... A6-ENK: Coming soon... A6-ENL: Coming soon... A6-ENM: Coming soon... A6-ENN: Coming soon... A6-ENO: Coming soon... A6-ENP: Coming soon... A6-ENQ: Coming soon... A6-ENR: Coming soon... A6-EWA: Coming soon... A6-EWB: Coming soon... A6-EWC: Coming soon... A6-EWD: Coming soon... A6-EWE: Coming soon... A6-EWF: Coming soon... A6-EWG: Coming soon... A6-EWH: Coming soon... A6-EWI: Coming soon... A6-EWJ: Coming soon...
  14. Hey guys, i'm new to this forum thing but I just finished up my first repaint job for the leonardo flythemaddog x, and I want to know if anyone is interested in dowloading it. If you do just reply here and I can make it available for you :) here are some pics:
  15. A bit of fun. Because the sim doesn't have to be as real as it gets all the time. I hereby announce the Business Executive (turboprop) class for the Reno Air Races . The Avanti's over-the-top racer-inspired paintjob was provided by AVSIM member warbirds (thanks again Paul!). My only specifications were a sharkmouth and chequerboard patters (of course!). As you can see, Paul included the Italian colours and flag. The plane is Mario Noriega's Piaggio Avanti. She does barrel roll quite well. whoooooop.... whoooooop.. Thanks to a bit of over-exuberance, the overspeed noise was going off. Cheers!
  16. I will package these and upload to the library at some point over the next two days, but in the mean-time, you can PM me for download links. Chino-based (KCNO) Cheyenne: Owned/operated by Reno Flying Service. Good for all your adventures around NorCal and the high Sierras. RFS is one of the only charter operators that will fly to the dirt strip at Burning Man...you know, if that's something you're into. US-registered but Italy-based, I believe:
  17. Hello, I have a problem with the repaint of my PMDG 737-800WL and hope some of you know the problem and the soloution. The problem is that the three parts of the fuselage don't fit together, as you see in the picture below there is a thin line between the sections. This lines are defnitly not in the paint-kit so I guess the problem is when the plane gets stiched together. The question is how do i get rid of these lines? I hope some one of you knows the answer. Thank you very much. Mario https://www.dropbox.com/s/1bukzdprxsbh4k9/Livery%20Error.jpg?dl=0
  18. Hello, i modified the original Alabeo-Paint just a litle bit to make it an Airplane with a german sign. Hope you'll like it too... http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=goertz&CatID=p3dacrp&Go=Search Greetings from Germany Raller
  19. Hello Pilots,here i have my contribution for the Beech Baron 58. Hawaiian Airlines Paint,you must have Toolkit and Beech Baron 58 installed! You can download Repaint Addon from my Cloud,following Link: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21ADBuQjz6Kz14Ev4&id=78EA2496DE940382%21173&cid=78EA2496DE940382 Now have Fun,best regards,Steff Sorry,forgot Link for Main Page on my Cloud,you can see Pics under "My own Repaints Pictures",thanks,bye https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21ADBuQjz6Kz14Ev4&id=78EA2496DE940382%21193&cid=78EA2496DE940382
  20. Real one: The blue on this picture is darker than most of the others I've used. I taken an average. Mine: AVSIM soon, MediaFire now.
  21. Hello, I have a problem with the repaint of my PMDG 737-800WL and hope some of you know the problem and the soloution. The problem is that the three parts of the fuselage don't fit together, as you see in the picture below there is a thin line between the sections. This lines are defnitly not in the paint-kit so I guess the problem is when the plane gets stiched together. The question is how do i get rid of these lines? I hope some one of you knows the answer. Thank you very much. Mario The link to the Picture https://www.dropbox.com/s/1bukzdprxsbh4k9/Livery%20Error.jpg?dl=0
  22. (FS Version: FS2004) I have been repainting the PA A320. Occasionally, the mid section (fuse_2) appears blurry. I have to zoom right in and then out again for it to sharpen up. It happens every time a change back to spot plane view and also whenever I switch between full screen and windowed screen. It is saved in the same DXT format as all the other texture files are (extended 32 bit 888-8). Any help would be much appreciated. See attached screenshot. Regards, George
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