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  1. That's old and it's from the commercial version of EDGE for actual training purposes. Based on what we saw, the EDGE that's coming to DCS will be looking much better than this :wink:
  2. Just to clarify, that's not really a video from DCS World (or even last month). It came out a few monnths ago as a showcase of EDGE for commercial sim purposes. There are more videos like that and neither of them represents the final product.
  3. EDGE was apparently around for some time, but only in commercial sector as part of professional simulators. ED is now working on EDGE, further upgrading and adjusting it, to be used in DCS:World.
  4. So... remember this post? Well, since I made a commitment back then, I have to deliver:
  5. DDS definitely doesn't support layers. PSD is just Photoshop specific format used for editing and doesn't mean to be used for end-user viewing or (in this case) game textures.
  6. If you're saving layered image into file format that doesn't support layers, you really don't have to flatten anything.
  7. Not to be mean or something, but I just had to do this! Remind me to do the same thing when T7 is released :lol:
  8. Gotta love this thread :lol: And one for NAVY pilots:
  9. But I can't believe who put a coffee mug on it!
  10. 6th is really awesome :Applause:
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