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  1. So.... just select the part that's on the stabilizer or the rudder and move it accordingly until it aligns? :wink: edit. By the way, just to be precise, this is not the paintkit's fault but rather a little miskate done by a modeller when unwrapping the model's UV. There is absolutely nothing else you can do. Just like when you're placing a graphic that spans across two textures and you have to cut it in half and align, you're doing the same here. It's not a rocket science, it just requires a little bit of patience :smile:
  2. Violent games have negative effects on brain.... Flightsims have positive effects on brain... But what if I play combat sims? Or fly with airplane in GTA? 100% people who drink water and are exposed to oxygen, die!
  3. Hello. I'm glad you like it! It's been 2,5 years since and I'm actually starting to hate it I was thinking about redoing it (or more like making another version). Although limited options and color palette kinda puts me off from doing it... and I don't even have FSX anymore. What do you mean by drop down menus though? Like on the upper bar when you're already flying? There are some elements that just couldn't be changed.
  4. Su-25 too has advanced flight model! Even hydraulics and engine simulation as far as I remember. It's just not clickable and has some systems simplified. TF-51D is full featured clickfest, basically payware P-51D without the guns :smile: And you don't have to fly missions and shoot stuff, you can just create an empty mission and fly around. :smile:
  5. And the best thing... IT'S FREE!!! When the L-39 comes out, I'll probably won't leave my room for another month Thanks everyone!
  6. License discussions are banned so buy the cheapest, academic one, but don't say anything about it! Don't even think about it! Actually, read my post through the mirror with one eye closed!!! Seriously, the cheapest one is the one for you, you're not going to miss anything :wink: As for the SSD... what does it mean "external". SSDs are lighting fast (just bought one!!!), but if it's external, it'll be as fast as the connection you're using.
  7. I don't post here like I used to anymore so I guess I just share some screenies from DCS I made. They're edited, in one way or another, just so you know. But nothing major ^_^
  8. Scheduled maintenance. People were even saying that this is because of Mig-21 release but the fact is, they really don't need to bring the whole site down just because of an update or module release. They never did and it doesn't even make sense to me. So it's just make-believe from unpatient fans, I'm sorry Before the 2.0 release, we'll probably see a changelog first. If I'm wrong, I'll livestream eating of my own socks.
  9. What is inflight toolbar? That top menu with Flights, Aircraft, World.......? This has nothing to do with that.
  10. No. It's the same thing. Those standalone releases are for people who don't want to pay full price for FC3 when they want to fly only one particular plane.
  11. If you mean that it wobbles back and forth a little bit when you're on deck, it's normal, unfortunately.
  12. I never used anything else than Javier's, so I don't know about anything better. There's an oldschool USS Enterprise payware that looks quite nice, but it's 25 bucks. For carrier ops, you'll need aicarriers. It's an application that will let you place your carriers wherever and control them afterwards. It's controlled either by drop down menu or Shift+J in FSX. http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=112008&Name=&FileName=&Author=&CatID=root And obviously the ships, links are up there as well (part 1 and part 2). If you wish to spice up your carrier ops even more, there's a convenient application called vLSO (virtual landing signal officer). It'll comunicate with you on final (you can even get waved off) and it also has greenie board. http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=unslbi27di8i91uhl21t52s231&topic=4915.0 As for the airplanes, all the free stuff I linked before is carrier-based. Including T-45C, so you can do it just like in real life with trainer aircraft first :wink:
  13. If you're into military flying, I would strogly suggest you looking into DCS. When it comes to FSX, why don't you have a look at some nice freeware that is available? For example, Dino Cattaneo has amazing F-14D, F-35A/B/C and T-45C on his blog here: http://indiafoxtecho.blogspot.com/ He's also constantly updating those aircraft and they're getting better and better. In fact, F-14D was just updated today. Or maybe you can have a look at FSXBA Hornet here: http://fsxblueangels.com/hornet%20dowload%20template.html It's based on the default F/A-18 in FSX (which is quite horrendous on its own), but adds new and way better flight dynamics, sounds, effects, liveries and many other functions. By the way, I hope you have FSX:Acceleration. All those birds require it and there's really no point in getting into fighters without it.
  14. There is no good Gripen worth money on the market at the moment. And since the Gripen is still largely classified aircraft, I don't think we're going to see one anytime soon. Looking at that link you posted, they would have to torture me to get me paying for this. It looks like a joke from FS2002 done by 15yr old dude who just discovered modeling and I don't even want to talk about flight dynamics and avionics. I'd rather flush those 20€ down the toilet. By the way, isn't the Alphasim one freeware now? I thought it was...
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