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  1. Hi, I am not using Ezdok but now this problem only occurs in the FSL A320, no other aircraft. I have properly configured the tiller and I can see the nosewheel turning in outside view, but the aircraft does not turn at all. Arnav
  2. Hi, I'm having a bit of a problem with my p3d v4 ground steering. With the FSL A320 the nosewheel turns but the aircraft turns very slowly. I've also had this issue with other addon aircraft, but some work. PMDG aircraft are fine. With full deflection of the rudder and tiller, the aircraft turns very slowly. Any advice? Arnav
  3. thanks anyways, but ezdok is the issue. not controls.
  4. Figured out that the problem is Ezdok v2. Anyone know how to fix it?
  5. Hi Tony, Thanks for the reply. Yes I did, and all my axes go direct through FSUIPC calibration.
  6. Hi All, I've been off simming for a while and as I just got back from boarding school for October break, I just updated to 4.1. Of course, she doesn't work right. I have a wierd issue with the physics in the sim that even when I have full control deflection, all aircraft pitch, roll and yaw excruciatingly slow. It isn't a controls issue, when I go into the PMDG 737 SYS EICAS page, the flight controls display show full deflection. Despite this, the aircraft behaves as if I am on 1/4 deflection. This happens on every aircraft, even default. I have ASP4 installed, but it happens even when it isn't running. Any suggestions? Thanks, Arnav
  7. Hmm... Maybe a complete pta recreation is unlikely for this reason because the shader filles have changed too much. IMHO the new sim only lacks a few crucial tweaks from PTA. Namely, Rayleigh. People on the other thread seemed to want the same. Maybe we should focus on getting that to work?
  8. Some people suggested in the v4 thread that it would be a good idea to manually tweak the shader files to get the same effects as PTA. Results I've gotten so far haven't worked well, I won't even get into it. Please share here if you have any success. Edit: My main interest I the Rayleigh effect, but being completely new to this kind of stuff, I can't find where the values are being changed/added... maybe yuri or pe11e will be kind enough to shed some light :).
  9. For about a year I hadn't simmed. I hadn't touched my hundreds worth of addons and sims. I came back to this world about two months ago and upon seeing how beautiful flightsimming had become thanks to this tool, I got pulled in. You guys will go down into sim hall of fame. If anyone does manage to have success with manual config, i'll make a thread for people to share.
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