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  1. This may help you, see the last post on page 6 regards bob
  2. The install guide indicates you should untick this.
  3. I think this is covered in the 'Zibo Install Guide' ( by Skymatix ), Its posted in the Zibo forum. regards bob
  4. I thought RTSS had a click box to load at Windows start up, however I think the command line for FSIUPC is :- example !1=// [Programs] // Run1=READY,"C:\Program Files (x86)\EZCA\EZCA.exe (not sure about the double forward slash) I don't have FSUIPC installed at the moment due to moving Prepar3D to a new drive but you can try it in the fsuipc.cfg file/ regards bob
  5. Try disable ‘True Glass’ in the ‘Addons’ drop down menu and then re-enable. regards Bob
  6. The trim indicator should be between the seats. regards bob
  7. What controls are you using to set the trim for take off and adjust during flight. bob
  8. had another go, still not working for me, this is a first, however managed to download on ipad, installation ok. thanks bob
  9. getting an error on the download link at the moment
  10. Ryan (with his 5000+ Post) has been a great contributor in this forum and in other flight sim forums and it’s its nice to see he still keeps in touch. regards. Bob
  11. Have you tried the ‘Sync’ option in Orbx Central , in the help menu bob
  12. well in this case it was broken, HF1 was to mend it. this has nothing to do do with Prepar3D 5.1 which has different HF's bob edit .. you need to have Prepar3D 5.2 installed to use HF1
  13. All I can suggest is run the installer update as admin ( and exclude it in any AV) and then run the config tool as admin. regards bob
  14. EZ ver is working for me , ( not 100% ). It has been noted on the forum that an update is due soon, bob just checked for update and the latest is EZCA For Prepar3D 5.2 (ActiveSky 7840)
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