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  1. Yep there's something not quite right, been trying to get my head round it for a day and a half, but managed to get somewhere this evening, not as quite as easy as ver1.0. I found the problem is the light source you start with is positioned out side the airplane so an adjustment is required to get it back to the pilot eye position. It's a free upgrade if you purchased ver 1.0
  2. I running ver ASP4 6491 for Prepar3D v4.1. had no problems of updating. bob. SierraHotel got there before me .. must type faster in future.. but maybe the old fingers wont allow it ..hah ha
  3. could be this is for the Beta version ..Objectflow 2
  4. the name of the application (install) file has v2.3a at the end. bob
  5. got the gns version up now. bob
  6. Just installed the c402,( v2.3A) installed into Prepar3d v4.1 ok. did a short test flight with the GTN750 version bob
  7. try altering this line in the F1GTN config file in your Airplane section (Sim Objects) .... CPU Core=0 this will use the last core . this works ok bob
  8. Yes, just checked it again, setting 'All Cores ' in the F1GTN Config tool and checking the AM in Task Manager which shows it set to core '0' so it doent appear to be picking up the AM in the config tool. bob
  9. Affinity Mask... open Task Manager click on 'Processes' right click on 'GTN Simulator' and click 'set affinity' click 'all Processors' It does appear it's not picking up the cores in the config tool. this is only a temporary solution as this needs to be done every time you boot up P3d. but at the moment its now working. bob
  10. I've reset the AM in Task manager to all and it seems to be working ok. I had it set to last two cores in the config tool, bob
  11. not yet, just posted to see if anyone has the same issue. have tried running it on all cores and the last two. bob
  12. Have updated the GTN750 to ver 2.04 but finding it a bit sluggish when zooming in and out.
  13. Thanks for the update, working for me ok. ( alabeo PA44 Seminole ) bob
  14. that's good , lets hope FSW can thro' some light on it. I have FSW Airplanes installed in the Add-on's folder, (also the Gates Lear jet l25 ) but unable to sort out the sounds for Alabeo PA44 , so have that installed in the P3D default folder. at first I thought it was a consequence of that, after messing around with the installation of the pa44for I noticed today there was a reference to the Carenado/Alabeo in a recent topic about it not working in the Add-on's folder. bob
  15. press num 2 to enter edit mode. zoom in or out with mouse scroll wheel . ( to achieve correct zoom, I use 1.0 where possible ) note Ctrl + & - will give very fine adjustment. use arrow keys to fine adjust your seat position. press num 2 to save edit. bob latest beta is 2.5 build 11