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  1. just turn it off in ,Desktop Notifications, bob
  2. yes, I think its this way because in the real g1000 there is an option to use the 'VS TGT' or the FPR, but in the DA62 I wasn't able to adjust the VS TGT so I think its set to a default value to start with. regards bob
  3. Hi Ray, you should be able to scroll down to the 'current vnav profile' and highlight the FPA and adjust it to 3°, make sure vnav is enabled. bob edit ... just tested, works ok
  4. There was some files still left over when i uninstall it, can't remember the exact location, ... C\:program Files (86) or in , maybe C\: ... \users\ AppData\ Roaming... under the name Toga or Simarket.. sorry can't be more helpful than that. regards bob
  5. You have posted in the W10 os forum, you may be better asking the question in the Xplane Forum. , the mod's may move it for you. bob
  6. You just run the installer on the original copy and it will update it. ie restore/repair bob edit , this process i'm using is for the downloaded version, if you have a dvd version we need someone to confirm its the same process.
  7. For xplane 11, Just click and start the installer, It then gives you the option to install a second copy to the location of your choice. ( not sure about the steam version ) In fact am just going thro' the process now. bob
  8. The Sync option is in the ‘ Help’ tab in ‘ Settings ‘ bob
  9. Try using the Sync command in ORBX Central and also the Verify option. bob
  10. I had similar problems couldn’t get w10 installed on my c dive. Turn out I had a very small partition where I think some w7 os was placed. Had to enlarge the partition and then the W10 installation went on ok. Recently changed the c drive for a 1 tb , bought a usb/ sata cable for the old c drive and use it as additional storage.
  11. if you have it installed there is an option in setup to check for updates. edit .... or search RTSS updates bob
  12. RXP GTN 750 dll's have been quarantined by Windows Defender from the recent updates so I suppose you could check if this is the case with the dll you mentioned. bob
  13. @Noellthank you for posting link ‘Spacedeck’ regards Bob
  14. GTN750 ver 2.2 ...... Support for the latest Aviation PC Trainer V2.7.1.0
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