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  1. TextMaxLoad is used (when using unlimited frames) to calculate the data to be processed. The default value is 6. TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT is used in the calculation for data when a TFR has been adopted. When changing the frame rate it will change the amount of data to be processed unless you change the TFR as well. bob
  2. onebob

    Recommended Settings P3DV4.3

    I don't have orbx Global installed but run FTX PNW, NC, SC, Central Rockies , Northern Rockies,Pacific Fjords , Pacific Northwest, Southern Alaska and some orbx Airports and ASP4 weather, I also use Orbx trees which does not have any affect on frame rates. I fly GA and have quite a few add-ons hope this helps...bob
  3. onebob

    wx locked out

    I have just received an email from Rex informing me 'The WX Advantage Radar has been upgraded for use in Prepar3D v.4.3. The update also contains several performance upgrades across all simulator platforms! this technical update 5 so you may be best to check this out first. bob
  4. onebob

    Recommended Settings P3DV4.3

    Your rig just about meets the min system requirements for v4 and with all the addons your running I would suggest you start dialing back all of the settings to get a reasonable stable flight. then increase a little at a time. perhaps you may need to think about some of the add-ons your running. bob edit .. I should have added your doing ok if your getting 20-30 fps. I can run at 30 on my rig I7 4770 4.2o/c with a gtx 1080 ti w10
  5. onebob

    Controls reset to default

    Yes it use to happen to me on ver 3, the best way to avoid going through the complete control set-up again is to 'export' your settings through the controllers menu. bob
  6. Try clicking on the flight path course on the map and dragging to wp position , vor ,airport or create one by just clicking any where. bob
  7. onebob

    Ezdok problems

    yes that's correct, where I got that 2.6...… from . hmmm many thanks for the correction bob edit just noticed that's the ver of the config tool.
  8. onebob

    Ezdok problems

    I would uninstall it and using the F1 wrapper re-install, run the config tool by right clicking and select 'run by admin' after plugging in all your usb devices. assuming your on Prepar3D v4.3 you can also update ezdoc v2 to 9 it may advise you on this after starting up Prepar3D. edit P3D only after the above procedure. bob
  9. onebob

    Ezdok problems

    Did it also show .. 'Done' you can use the tool, if so you can close the config program down and then start the flight sim. bob
  10. onebob

    Update Prepar3dv4 4.3.29

    When you 'updated' what did yo do, just the client or a full install, did you uninstall before. if Orbx stuff is in the same folder then you need to run FTX Central as admin to uodate. bob
  11. If Prepare3D v4.3 was still activated when your computer went down you may need to ask LM to sort out/reactivate your license. bob
  12. onebob

    Cessna 402C update 2.5

    I understand (from a recent post ) that the file size for ver 2.3a is 92,451 bytes, that's what I've been looking for . bob
  13. onebob

    Cessna 402C update 2.5

    Thanks for the HU on that, same here will have to wait for PC Avaitor to catch up, not checked this morning for the 441. bob
  14. onebob

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    sorry didn't back Mike, had hospital appointment, frame counter:- open up GeForce Experience --> Settings ( top right) --> General --> IN Game Overlay --> Settings --> Hud Layout --> FPS Counter. could be a w10 problem with it not holding the changed settings, one good thing is my Saitek trim wheel works better in AF2 than P3D bob
  15. onebob

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    Hi Mike, after reading your post I also decided to have a go, not touched it since 2016, I set the frame rates at 120 and using the frame rate counter in GeForce Experience it indicated 120/121 for the flight, resetting it on 240 but it just reverted back to 120. with regards the setting for VulKan Beta I wasn't to convinced I was using it because when I re-entered settings it had reverted back to opengl Edit.. just tried frames selection to 'off' but it shows 120. I think my installation appears to be stuck on default settings. bob