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  1. onebob

    Framerate Mess- Sudden Change

    have seen a recent post with that suggestion. bob
  2. onebob

    Framerate Mess- Sudden Change

    Thoughts are with you, don't give up, Ver 4.3 is due tomorrow ( I should say expected) so you can give that a go. You may have to try flying default airplanes in default scenery and then introduce adds one at a time. bob
  3. onebob

    Framerate Mess- Sudden Change

    sorry I didn't get back sooner watching the P v S match. If you have done a clean install then its not worth repeating . did notice in your post at P3D you mentioned a texture issue so not to sure if you have done a refresh on the 'Shades' folder. bob
  4. onebob

    Framerate Mess- Sudden Change

    Not experiencing the same issue as you, have done two flights from KSTS to KMRY in the Alabeo P31, frame rates were as normal for me , set at 30, and recorded 23-29 . I did down load and install drivers 398.11 before the update, this was done thro' Geforce Experience. It may be worth trying downloading the drivers direct from Nvidia , carry out a 'custom' install and click on ' clean install'. bob
  5. There is a click spot just above the gps, next to the Appr button, you need to cycle through to the gauge. however my panel alteration is as follows :- [Vcockpit03] Background_color=36,36,36 size_mm=1024 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 // no_luminous=1 texture=$GLJ25_02_G_C // gauge00=Lear_45_XML!PFD,248,119,536,800 gauge00=F1GTN!GTN750,248,119,536,525,UNIT1.VC // gauge01=F1GTN!GTN650,248,644,536,275,UNIT1.VC // Second optional panel ----------------------------------- [Vcockpit04] Background_color=36,36,36 size_mm=1024 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 // no_luminous=1 texture=$GLJ25_03_G_C // gauge00=Lear_45_XML!EICAS,248,119,536,800 and if you install it into the add-ons folder you alter the path for the switch sounds :- [Vcockpit05] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=256,256 visible=0 pixel_size=256,256 texture=$GLJ25_03_G_D gauge00=XPGL25v2_Sound!FBGS_XMLSound, 18,5,1,1,D:\Users\????\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Xtreme Phototypes\SimObjects\Airplanes\\XP_Gates_Learjet_25_v2r1\\sound\\extra#48 // gauge00=XPGL25v2_Sound!FBGS_XMLSound, 18,5,1,1,SimObjects\\Airplanes\\XP_Gates_Learjet_25_v2r1\\sound\\extra#48 gauge01=XPGLJ25v2!misc_systems, 20,5,1,1
  6. That's good news, had to do a search on the vectors ... 'Avoiding the Vectors-to-Final Scramble' came up and what I got was the answer to your question that if you go for 'vectors to final' it clears out all the waypoints, fixes iaf, and faf , so if you get an instruction from ATC to go to a certain fix you would have to start entering info into the gps again, so by keeping to a a standard approach with the transition you able to call up and activate the last leg of the approach. bob
  7. Just tried the RNAV 33 GPS LPV approach into KPMP and it worked out ok, that was using the Alabeo s-tec autopilot. bob
  8. Are you using the RNAV 33 GPS LPV approach at KPMP and the QEPRO transition, I'll try and fly the approach later. bob
  9. This is what you should generally see, ( bear in mind I'm have the MOD in stalled so yours may differ) note the GTN750 should be in GPS mode.
  10. Sorry missed your post, How are you entering your flight plan, If you are using the P3D default flight planner then you will need to re- enter the flight plan into the Gtn750. (edit .. the default p3d flight plan will not show in the GTN750) bob Edit 2.. Entering a flight plan into the P3d flight planner does show on the 'Avidyne ' display but the autopilot will not follow the track. If you use ASP4 weather then using the P3D default planner is worth doing as this will be entered direct into the ASP4 flight Plan and of course you can also see the track on the Avidyne display. bob
  11. Yes the Flight1 G500/GTN 750 is a great addon for the Alabeo PA31 350 Chieftain, that's right changing the HDG, ALT and VS on the G500 is available however you still need to switch the ap/fd master switch on, located on the main panel, then switch on the autopilot itself. The GS mode is the glide slope mode when using an ILS approach. As you have these add-ons it may be of interest to you that there is an excellent mod for this airplane. see the Alabeo forum here at Avsim. bob
  12. onebob

    RealAir Customer Support *Please Read*

    Installed ok for me however I did have a hick-up with my Internet Security ( Bitdender) , had to except it and rerun the installation. The config program is installed in your Add-ons folder in a folder 'RealAir' path :- D:\Users\you\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Legacy V2 P3D4\RealAir\legacyv2p3d your path may vary bob
  13. onebob

    Flight1 GTN 750 performance impact

    Hi Mark, The selection for choosing the 'cores' in the 'FLTGTN ConfigP3d tool are ..Auto..0..1..2..3..4..5..6..7..Last two..&..All. After selection you can look at the F1GTN.ini file in the Airplane folder. ie [GTN750.1] Airplane=1 TAWS Voice=1 AVDB=0 Unit Type=1 Radios=0 Autopilot=1 Mouse=1 Link CRS=1 Auto CRS=1 Fuel=1 Sound=1 Invert Mouse Wheel=0 Active Mouse=1 CPU Core=1.................................note core 0 was selected in the config tool. If last two selected this value will be 998 and for the 'all' selection this will be 999 Play Click=1 VC Brightness=5 Color Airplane=0 VFR Code=1200 Fuel Type=0 [GTN650.1] Airplane=0 TAWS Voice=0 AVDB=0 Unit Type=2 Radios=1 Autopilot=1 Mouse=1 Link CRS=1 Auto CRS=1 Fuel=1 Sound=0 Invert Mouse Wheel=0 Active Mouse=1 CPU Core=6 .................................core 5 was selected in the config tool. If last two selected this value will be 998 and for the 'all' selection this will be 999 Play Click=1 Play Click=1 VC Brightness=6 Color Airplane=0 VFR Code=1200 Fuel Type=0 When I select 'Auto' it appears to show the core values of CPU Core =0 for both the 750 and 650 respective and looking at the AM values in task manager ( w7 here) it shows the 750 on core 7 and the 650 on core 6.. a bit odd. this is for the Milviz c310R I found when using Prepar3d v4.1 I was having some sluggish issues so I used the 'ALL' selection. but ver 4.2 appears to be a lot better. this could be for the update to 2.05 hope this helps bob
  14. onebob

    FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Here goes, for FSX sp2 the explanation I came across for a 4 core cpu:- For a frame rate say 30 1000/30= 33.33m's/frame for a FFR value of 0.33= 33.33x.33=11m's ( why .33 default, is was sugested after testing a value of 10m's was the best result) in the 4 core cpu Core 0 is responsible for Fibers Core 1 is responsible for Main Sheduler core 2 & 3 are responsible for Texture Management and Object ( Autorgen) batching. therefore :---- input into Fibers ( at 33.33m's) ...core 0 ############ .Fibers must co-operate with --------> Main Sheduler .....( at 11m's I think ?)..........core 1 ############ Main Sheduler Renders ---------------> --------------------------------------> .....core 2 ############ .....core 3 ############ another value that comes (some were) into the equation is:- SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT=30 This variable is the number of frames that the terrain engine will wait for terrain textures to be loaded into video memory before forcing new tiles of terrain triangles to be rendered. in dx10 it was suggested values 10 or below Now we are into 4 cores and more and also with HT and with LM moveing more on to the additional cores, The AM will move the above work on to cores other than core 0 bob