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  1. His cpu and gpu may not be up to this. bob
  2. latest update fixes the fuel selector operation/movement. ; noticed the hand brake has a 'y' movement instead of a 'z' movement thanks for the updates, great job bob
  3. I think the 4k monitor members need to help you on this, bob
  4. try increasing Anisotropic=16 and lod (level of detail radius) bob
  5. If you are on prepar3d v4.1 then you need EZdoc ver 2.6 (build 27 is the latest. ) bob
  6. Hi Stew, sorry about delay in replying, problem with computer. I got notifications from Simarket and Milviz the file is ............. bob
  7. Thanks for the recent update, the fuel flow gauge is now working, however I getting a problem with the fuel selector gauges, something not quite right . bob edit have reported it to Milviz, had a reply they will provide a fix.
  8. Don't we have to set this value in the .cfg file as well [PANELS] MAX_VC_TEXTURE_RESOLUTION=4096 ( for airplane add-onns that have 4096 textures)
  9. Hi Howard, I'm using the latest..388.31 , no problems with slow texture loading. no tweaks in the cfg file, and at the moment running 16x Anisotropic filtering setting at 16x in Nvidia Profile Inspector. and frame rate limiter of 31. ( that's in Global.. not a p3d profile) in p3d setting sliders are on the high side I7 -4770 4.4o/c with the GTX 1080Ti....edit w7 you seem to have had this problem for a while now bob
  10. I'm running a Geforce GTX 1080Ti on a Z87k , I7 4770 at 4.4 o/c PSU 550 bob
  11. AT Flight1....... 'Download Version 2.6 build 24 (for 64-bit systems only - do not download if using a 32-bit operating system).' bob note .. build 27 is the latest at the support site.
  12. The 'Latest News' on the home page at Prepar3D is the best way. bob
  13. As I said I did the same, however if you happen to have any Carenado / Alabeo airplanes the fuel selectors will not work at all unless you load up the Default Airplane. bob
  14. I made the same mistake, didn't turn on the fuel selector switches, after installing ...rush to get going , now doing c&d with check list. easy way to switch is to use keyboard .. press 'A' twice (I think) bob
  15. Thanks for getting back, that's great news. bob