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  1. onebob

    Falcon 50 - AP Mode Indicators - FOV

    Hi Scott, the ALT flag is noted in the Pilot Manual but doesn't appear to work on the Attitude Indicator. The AP flag works on the Annunciator Panel. bob
  2. HI Scott, is this the PA46T your referring to. Have been looking for a Airplane to put the Flight1 G500/600 in, the only way to run it is to use the F1 GTN750 complete or the GNS 530 complete., I'm sure thats what Tim has done. bob
  3. onebob

    Falcon won't sit still...

    Hi Mark, did you install the Pay Load Manager Tools, in the Desk-Top folder. bob
  4. onebob

    Maybe a bit less taxi N1

    Installed ver 4.8 and done a test climb to 37000', GW 37400. Max fuel. The inial climb out went ok but around fl160 something went a miss, loss of speed ., veered up,slats appeared to be deployed. must have lost concentration. however levelled off and continued withthe climb at 2500fmp, .72mac,85% N1 increasing to 93%N1 to reach FL370, decreasing climb rate to 1500fpm for the last 2000'to 3000' Cruise .8mac, 76.1%N1, N2 80%, PPH 7x100 Are these the figures I should be looking out for. bob
  5. onebob

    Falcon won't sit still...

    Mark's made some changes on the power/throttle side in ver 4.7 Flysimware's Dassault Falcon 50 Falcon 50 Beta 4.7 Updates: 1. New taxi and landing lights. Fixes the bug when fog is loaded. Also has a complete new recipe that makes the 2 lights blend together without over brightness. Also near dusk or dawn its also not over bright. 2. New flight dynamics. 31% N1 idle. No more sticky taxi. This requires need no power to taxi. 85%-90% N1 to maintain 10,000 altitude to 20,000 altitude. And 93%-98% for high altitudes. This new update is more accurate to real world. And we my improve this over time. 3. Go Around is now 3800 FPM. This is where you should be for takeoff with our new flight dynamics. 4. ITT now shows roughly 470C to 875C range. Structual ice adds 100C to ITT gauge 1 and gauge 3. SPR with ITT below 100C will increase 50C to all 3 ITT gauges. 5. FIxed some of the monitors with backwards map in cabin. bob
  6. onebob

    P3D V4.4 Compatibility

    Thanks Alan, will give it another go, just as side note just purchased the Reality xp gtn750 and noticed the 'Traffic' is greyed out , bit of a disappointment there after using the F1 gtn750 bob.
  7. onebob

    P3D V4.4 Compatibility

    The only problem I have is the Rex/milviz wx gauge. uninstalled it at the moment, not heard if this has been fixed bob
  8. onebob

    Falcon 50 gtn 750 2D popup

    You could try the F1 stack, if you change views you have to use the shift + ( number) to get it back, I'm sure there use to be a red spot to keep it active but that does not appear to be there any more, anyways it works, just use the F1 config tool to install. bob edit.. a right click on the little white triangle brings up the red button but it just keeps it in full view ( that's the stack) in the vc., of course changing views you need to use the shift sequence.
  9. onebob

    Falcon 50 Beta 4.6 is available.

    Great news Mark and thank you for all the hard work and hours your putting in. regards bob
  10. onebob

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Your not by any chance running the ch devices with the ch manager. if so you could uninstall it. bob
  11. onebob

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    No GoFlight Modules Ray. Been following your post, However just looked at device manager and didn't see any mention of the ch devices, odd. ( only a ? against multifunction devices) thought I just post to show with only the ch devices there's not a problem. bob
  12. onebob

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Hi Ray, i'm using the ch yoke and pedals in w10 (1809) without any problems. that's with Prepar3D ver 4.4 bob
  13. onebob

    Beta 4.5 - Excellent performance!

    I uninstalled the rex/mv wx radar and just have a blank screen in the f50, bob
  14. onebob

    Beta 4.5 - Excellent performance!

    Hi Pat, just carried out a flight ( similar to Jim) using Prepar3D 4.4 and the flight1 750gtn ver 2.07 and it went well. that's with ver 4.5 for the f50. bob
  15. onebob

    4.4 clean install question

    No harm done, you will sort the settings out, dontforget to make copies of the shaders and texture folders. Bob ps ...... Install addons one by one and test.