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  1. I start it with 'Windows' ( at the top of the RTSS GUI ) also click on 'Show On-Screen Display' to get the frame rate counter to show, there are controls to move it or increase the text size. Add the Prepar3D.exe link and make sure its highlighted (not to sure if this is a requirement but I do it any way.) regards bob
  2. Yes that solved it, now running at prepar3d start-up. many thanks … bob
  3. I've checked my EXE.XML file and its as you listed, however its not loading up with Prepar3D v5, the only way I can get it to run is to run the EZCA.exe from the C:\Program Files\EZCA3.1 folder, I have the files excluded in the AV and have run the config as admin. Prepar3D v5, W10 1909 many thanks bob
  4. If I install it outside the gauges folder (inside the P3D root). I get a black screen, installed into the gauges folder I get the Groundhandling pop up screen but the gauge isn't working, push back or taxi, sound ok. bob edit, checked if the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x64) are installed, I have ver …. Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x64). 2015 - 2019, ver 14.24.28127
  5. It was on approach rw 33,Cessna T206 Soloy, odd the take off was ok. Normally have the Orbx Airport addon but its not available for v5 bob
  6. Squamish (CYSE) is another, turning on to final and its straight through stargate back home to the desk top. that's with the default airport, bob
  7. @GEKtheReaper thanks for the explanation, now seeing clouds in EA, will try again to install Envtextures I see paths to P3D4 and 5, although I've uninstalled ver 4 , maybe that's what's been the problem. many thanks bob
  8. There's an explanation in the help manual, its a choice which of the textures you wish to use , from ASCA or Envshade. from some odd reason I cant get it installed fully as I get a pop-up message to say incompatible and shaders will not be loaded , most odd. bob edit .. The orange highlights the current sim, the box at the end needs to be ticked to make active.
  9. Have a look at the Cessna T206H Soloy Mark 2, bob
  10. Yes that did it, good to go now many thanks ..bob
  11. Yes same here, just installed Envtex to see if that would produce any textures, but no bob
  12. I think you have to purchase the 'Extension Pack' and then update it at Navigraph bob
  13. Did you click on ‘Apply’ ( bottom right corner of the Control Panel Screen)
  14. Hi Ray, just done a test with excluding core 1 on my (old) I7 4770 8 core (HT enabled) and I got some stutters. ( I run on the first six cores) My understanding from the old fsx days that Core 0 was for fibers, core 1 was responsible for the main Scheduler, and cores 2&3 are responsible for the texture management and object batching and Autogen. Not with standing that LM have moved on from the old FSX model but it may be that the concept is still apparent it may be worth trying running on the first 6 cores. bob
  15. I also fly the Seminole, from Bert's recommendation, of course. The T206H SoloyMK2 supports the G600/500 -GTN750. worth a look. (you will be surprised,) bob
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