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  1. Hi guys, now the old thread has been closed, it might be time to open a respectful new one. Now offence to Sean. He's come up with something ground-breaking initially, especially when one is using DAs and the G1000 in the real world all the time. All that would be appropriate would be one single official announcement whether there will be further development or not. The user base, may it be pros or other users, would then know how to proceed with the aircraft. Cheers Baz.
  2. This is completetely understandable, but if you release something as a commercial product, it can't just be frozen completely like that. I have harped on enough about the DA62 being way too cheap. I alwas saw this as a potential study-level product in the pipeline, so it's a big shame this might be discontinued. Just my 2 cents as someone who flies real DAs, so the lack of IFR functionality etc. is just a big drawback. In its present state, it is a nice plane with reasonable flight characteristics, but still in its infancy on the systems side, All kudos to Sean, best wishes for his personal background, I Still have some hope it might become more than a nice toy soon. Won't be using it until then.
  3. That would be lovely to know - after the great initial product it simply was a great disappointment the DA has been left in this incomplete status - I've written to Sean but never got a reply and offered some advice as I am flying the real 42. It's a great vision but crippled in its functionality. I'd rather he would charge $100 for it and continue development.
  4. Well said - it needs to be integrated to make it complete.
  5. Calm down, guys 🙂 I didn't want to insult Sean and his great project, it is simply not adequate for someone who flies real DAs all the time. So I will just back off the product running on P3D pro for now and see what happens. If some of you enjoy the present version, great. Have fun and we'll see what might be in the pipeline. I trust in Sean's great talent.
  6. ....and I have stopped using it as well as is is simply not flyable under realistic conditions......
  7. Well said. Would love to connect. bazza@onlinehome.de.
  8. Yes ! It is the ONLY competent GA aircraft for P3D - so it would be wonderful to see it mature into a realistic project.
  9. Thank you so much - it's great I am not alone with my opinion. This is not about putting pressure on Sean at all, but to support him as he seems to be a great guy and amazing coder. The fact that his user base contains amateurs/enthusiasts to DA pilots like myself should be an inspiration. And working with the G1000 all the time, it just bothers me to try to handle the crippled Vertx version, I have about 800 hours on the 744 (Level-D, of course), but PMDG is accurate to 90%+ there. So if that could be realized for the 62, it would be amazing. Procedures including SID/STARS are vital, icing isn't modeled yet, and of course, this is an evolving process. I haven't given up hope yet....
  10. Well, I do so respect there are personal issues - but if there is no further development on a basically brilliant idea, it is such a shame when such a magnificent project stagnates. Flight envelope works really well, is v close to the real thing, but if you offer the G1000 manual on the website and the software can only perform 30% of the real system, that's a bit off. Nice eye candy, but it would be great if AIRAC and navigational behavior would be more accurate. I'd be happy to pay PMDG rates like $120++ if it were equipped with more system accuracy. Kudos, Sean, but that would be wonderful. Otherwise, it's a castrated version of something that has so much potential, I am flying DAs all the time, and we agree it could even be a great training tool - not a video game. (by the way, your rendering of the flight deck is wonderful, just a bit lacking in system depth when you fly the real thing all the time) Just my 2 cents. And that differentiates your rendering from a company starting with C.
  11. It's Latin. Fac (Do) it simile (similar) so it's just an imitation.
  12. The G1000 just needs to be less rudimentary, icing needs to be addressed, but otherwise there is great potential.
  13. So wait a bit. It's an incomplete but promising project. Regards to BC, one of my favorite places.... 🙂
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