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  1. Thanks for responding, I thought I was the only one with the problem, it started after ver 12.05r1. After all the test i've done the only thing to reduce this pause on my set up is to lower the Antialiasing.(it reduces it from 8-10 seconds to 2 to 4) I did send a bug report after I posted topic. Its nothing to with addons or plugins I installed 2 copies of default x-plane versions 12.05r1 and the recent updated versions.
  2. thanks for your comment , using the same Nvidia driver on ver 12.05, no plugins for both versions i did a clean install. it just odd that when i maximize ver 12.05 the Xplane window is back and open and running whilst with ver 12.06 the window appears but it takes 8 to 10 seconds after the window appears for xplane to be active. most odd. BTW thanks for all the stuff you did years ago on fsx, flightsimware products and more, can't recall it all as my memory is a bit lacking these days.
  3. Running Xplane 12.05r1 I have no problem with minimizing and maximizing in windows mode, its instant, ie no delay, however using the updated ver 12.06r3 I get a 8 to 10 seconds pause/delay. This is without any addons or plugins just the default in both versions. I have all sliders to the right but i can reduce the delay by moving the antialasing slider to the left but it only reduces the delay. Have tried all other sliders but none showed any improvement. Both versions are excluded in the Defender. PC I9-12900ks GPU Nividia Geforce RTX 3090 ( driver 537.34 ) RAM 64 mb
  4. Thanks for the HU on this, just installed it, running ok, save time with regards going to the default cessna. was quite fast on the updates.
  5. yes you are right, looked at the approach plate again, yes it's noted as a 2deg offset, its also noted as the preferred runway for departure. Look at the link you referenced, long discussion re the offset but wasn't clear about which side the offset was on or if it was correct or not.
  6. just done a quick test, your right it has a problem, switch to 4L, that's ok.
  7. @Brian Mackie @MrBitstFlyer Thank you both, sorted, had wrong path and and xp11 install. bob
  8. Version 8491 has been posted, running ok here, for some reason AIRAC 1601 is showing , I have ver 2303 from Navigraph. photo at KSAN
  9. Yes, There is also a setting in the drop down menu .. 'Global' .. 'Shader Cache Size' in which it notes it may help with stuttering and may reduce startup times.
  10. Thanks for the Beta 3 update, just one point I dont' seem to be picking up the the latest AIRAC 2303 (navigraph) it shows 1601. edit ...... navigraph option tick in option settings regards bob
  11. There is a post by Jorn-Joren-jorenson on another forum re an issue with stuttering re gsync and a setting in navidia control panel. So see if you can do a web search.
  12. if it’s the zibo base version it’s 3.55 then download update 4.1
  13. Just tried disable Hardware-acceleration GPU scheduling on windows Graphics settings and the ZiboMod started ok. tried with the standard and 4k models. just tried again 3rd go still ok bob
  14. What happened was after the latest update the ZiboMod worked without loading the c172, tried it three times , so I posted to say it was working, on the next try it was back to a freeze. So I deleted the post . so we are back to looking for a solution regards bob
  15. Hi Phil, The Garmin Trainer software needs to be installed in the 'Program Data' folder on the C:\ Drive, Xplane 12 can be install on any drive you choose as you have done. The Reality 750GTN software installs into Xplane If you already have the Trainer software then you don't need to re-install it , if its not already on your system then just let it install it self ...... ie you dont need to browse. You can check for the application by looking in the start menu for 'Garmin Aviation Trainers' I have in running ok and the ver's are :- Garmin Trainer ....SW 6.62.4 Traing Reality XP ..... 2.5.30 You can get the Trainer Software from here :- http://download.garmin.com/avtrainer/gtn/ Run as admin bob
  16. Sorry misread your post, did'nt pick up on the 'xplane 11' in ......... ' On my WIN 11 PC. Xplane11' regards bob
  17. Hmmm! I have a RTX3090 and it happens every time I try, that's with W11 as well, so we all want know how yours is different ? bob
  18. Thanks for posting the link of the comparison between the ZiboMod/PMDG 737-800 in the xplane/MSFS. always wondered what the PMDG was like as I never purchased it for P3D. Surprised he did'nt mark the Zibo down after the ILS failure , however that was most likely due to the course for both pilot and copilot was incorrect ie 000 and 350, 360 was set both sides for the PMDG. Also noted the Yaw damper was off throughout the flight for both, just wonder what effect this would have. Excellent video showing side by side comparison. bob
  19. Hi Phil, during the installation of the RXP750 it goes through the process of installing the Garmin Trainer (from garmin) as the RXP wont work without it, The Garmin software installs itself into c:\Program Data. can't understand why it's coming up with the path of c:\n, Have you installed xplane12 on the c:\ drive and do you have xplane11 installed as well on the c:\ drive if so as both x-plane.exe files have the same name that may be the reason in cant find the correct path, also you may not need to install the garmin trainer if you have it already with xplane11. bob
  20. None that I know of but I do it out of habit from the old FSX days when it was needed for the likes of the carenado planes. I also have some Areobask and REP mods that use the 'Skunkcrafts' updater which need to be updated from a default plane ie the C172 so I do a check for recent updates. As regards to the the Zibo Developer from the activity on the support forum Zibo is very much day by day modifying and updating. Skymatic does quite a few streams on youtube in which Zibo and some RW pilots join in and comment. regards bob
  21. Its on the xplane.org forum :- "Zibo B737-800 modified in X-Plane 12" from "skymatix" one of the Zibo team' "Do you have to start with the Cessna then switch to Zibo737?", yes its recommended in skymatic's installation guide. bob ps Also note its best to do a cold and dark start for the ZiboMod to configure the pay load and fuel as you can not use xplane's own weight and balance drop down menu.
  22. Hi Phil, I get the same message to, have you tried excluding your download folder in windows security. what's the path to your xplane12 installation.
  23. My ver is 12.04b3 for ZiboMod patch ver 3.9 you need Xplane Public Beta 12.04b2 or later. You need to run the xplane installer and tick the box ' check for new Beta's )
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