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  1. I bought FS2020 this week. Yesterday I installed it on my 4 year old system and I must say Im really impressed. They did a very good job. I still have fs9 on my system and it will stay there. I think FS2020 is going to be my next sim. Im running it on medium specs and I get around 40-50 fps and that is making me very happy. I will invest in a new system in the future and I will start expanding it from this base. I is time to move on. I say this with a bleeding heart because after 15 years of fs9, it was not easy to make this decision.
  2. Thanks! can fs9 handle a wide screen like that? Or is everything going to be too stretched?
  3. Check the Murmansk afcad. Add Large parking spaces if there is none.
  4. Guys, Im reading a lot of information about FS2020 and I really am cautious about the specs that are needed for the new sim. I still dont know what to do. When Im going for a new system I also am going to add a new monitor. Last Friday there was a very good deal (a site with deals that last 24 hours) and I almost bought a monitor. I now want to buy a larger monitor anyhow. If FS2020 is going to require a NASA-system I will wait. The questions that now lives with me is the following one: is a monitor with specs like these compatible with FS9? It is a - 100 Hz refresh rate - 34", 3440 x 1440 HDR scherm I hope you guys can help me out.
  5. The screenshots look promising. I downloaded it and installed it but when looking around the airport gave me a complete CTD. I followed the right steps. I dont know what is the problem. Do you have any suggestions?
  6. The list is endless but I will stick to some addons I appreciate: Aircraft: QW757, iFly 737, Pmdg MD-11 Scnery: Anything from FSdreamteam (especially KLAX, KLAS, KDFW, KORD, KFLL, Taxi2gate MIA, Flightbeam SFO, PDX from Flightzone, Almost everything from FlyTampa (especially KBOS, KBUF and TPA rebooted) Utilities, I use REX, UTusa, GEpro. Pilots weather.
  7. I added this post after seeing the post in this forum regarding the large square. To be clear: I downloaded the fix immediately but it didnt fix the square. I downloaded the fix and replaced the textures in the orginal texture folder with the new ones.
  8. I have problem regarding the ground textures. Around the main terminal the complete ground is a light-grey square area. The rest of the airport looks okay, without any problems.
  9. Today I went back to Florida to give it a try and the problem seems to be solved. I have really no clue what happened but there is no CTD. I changed nothing. fs9 moves in mysterious ways. Thanks for your help.
  10. I will have a closer look at my traffic. Sunday I installed 3 packages (Amerijet, Avianva and Azul). After the CTD I removed them and tried again but the CTD kept occurring. I had this before above Florida and eventually I found out that it had something to do with a bad texture on a 737 Max from Gol. I have a programme called texturedoctor. I will give it a go!
  11. You think it has nothing to do with my Nvidia settings or CFG?
  12. The CTD’s only occur above central/south-Florida. Not even at the airport. It happens when I cycle through the AI-traffic. The first plane I view at high altitude (doesnt matter which one) shows up correctly. But when the landscape beneath the plane sharpens, the CTD occurs. It restarts FS9 without giving any notice. Its very strange and I never experienced anything like this.
  13. I’m sure many of us really appreciate your work. I do! Thank you!
  14. Here are some more details: My system: i7-4790 3.60GHz 16 GB RAM Nvidia GTX-970 230GB SSD My FS9.CFG settings which I changed: [DISPLAY] RUNWAY_LIGHTS_SURFACE_SCALAR=1.2 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_VASI_SCALAR=1.0 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_APPROACH_SCALAR=1.0 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_STROBE_SCALAR=1.5 UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=60 TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=240 [TERRAIN] TERRAIN_ERROR_FACTOR=100.000000 TERRAIN_MIN_DEM_AREA=10.000000 TERRAIN_MAX_DEM_AREA=100.000000 TERRAIN_MAX_VERTEX_LEVEL=21 TERRAIN_TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=8 TERRAIN_AUTOGEN_DENSITY=5 TERRAIN_USE_GRADIENT_MAP=1 TERRAIN_EXTENDED_TEXTURES=1 TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS=9.5 TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS=9.0 TERRAIN_EXTENDED_LEVELS=4 [SCENERY] IMAGE_COMPLEXITY=5 DYNAMIC_SCENERY=1 DYN_SCN_DENSITY=5 DAWN_DUSK_SMOOTHING=1 SUNGLARE=1 LENSFLARE=1 My Nvidia Settings: 1. Compatability. - Antialiasing compatability. -> 0x004412C1 (Diablo III) 3. Antialiasing - Behavior Flags. -> None - Gamma Correction -> On - Line Gamma -> Default - Mode -> Override any application setting - Setting -> 4x [4x multisampling] - Transparancy multisampling -> Enabled - Transparancy Supersampling -> Supersampling That is I've changed. In the end this issue only happens in Southern Florida. I tried heavy traffic areas like New York and LA but there are no CTD's and everything goed well. I removed the AI-traffic that I installed yesterday but the issue keeps coming back. I also recently bought KFLL from FSDT but could that be the issue? I resized the textures and at the airport everything goes well. The problem starts when I cycle through the AI-traffic with CTRL-W and at the first plane, when the scenery sharpens, there is that annoying CTD. I cannot find the administration tools in the control panel. Thats it for now. Thanks anyway!
  15. Dear brothers, Today I met some problems with my beloved Flightsim. I had some shimmering in my FS and i thought: let's solve the issue to read something about it. So I did. I found some interesting posts from different people and I started to tweak some little things in my CFG and in my Nvidia Inspector. I started flying from FSDT KFLL and I looked really sharp. Nice! At first sight! Then I started to cycle around some aircraft and there it started. When arrived at the first AI-plane the scenery beneath it was very blurry at first sight. Thats a normal thing, the system has to sharpen things up. But after a few seconds my (still) beloved Flightsim does a CTD and immediately restarts without giving me any suggestions of the reason for this reset. Now I went back to the Nvidia inspector and tweaked it again but the problems keeps existing. To conclude a question. I cannot find any suggested tweaks from 2018/2019 or even 2020. Could you guys help me around with your preferred settings within Nvidia? And how does you CFG looks like? I could really use some help right now. Thanks for your time and greetings from the best town in Holland which name is called Putten.
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