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  1. meesterlijk

    New AI Aardvark Models

    That is really great news. I was missing that 737 max in my collection. Thanks for the HU!
  2. meesterlijk

    A Sad Farewell

    As I said in another thread. I have no issues at all. Nothing has changed. About installing a new fs9 with everything I have tweaked. I also have a backup on an extarnal drive. It is not a fs9 install bit everything I own like airports, planes, trafficfiles, scenery files and so on. I have reinstalled my fs9 several times and it costs me a small day to get everything running again.
  3. meesterlijk

    FS9 problems with latest Windows 10 update

    I have no problems at all with the update. What is occurring to your sims?
  4. meesterlijk

    Afcad question. (Cargo planes at gates)

    Thanks for your replies. I will check the afcad again and count the FDX cargo spots. Since AIG dumped a lot of cargo traffic this winter my airports are filled with ABX, FDX, UPS and other cargo traffic. I like them, especially with the beautiful FAIB 767 cargo versions. In the morning TBIT should be kind of empty, looking at all these white-purple planes is a bit odd. I will also try the AIFP tool. Thanks for that HU.
  5. Hi guys, A few months ago I started a topic about adjusting afcads in order to let the correct airlines visit the correct gates. I learned a lot since then and I changed lots of afcads. My airports now look more realistic and up-to-date. Nice! There is one thing I wanted to ask you guys. When I visit LAX in the morning the international gates at TBIT are filled with Fedex Cargo planes. Is there some way to get these planes out of there? Is there some way to exclude these planes from these gates? Does LAX really have that much Fedex planes visiting the airport on daily base? Thanks.
  6. meesterlijk

    Moving on

    Last weekend I had enough. On the AIG forums there was the announcement of the multiple week flightplans. These plans cannot be installed for fs9. I have fs9. Tons of addons, tons of (payware) airports and lots of addons that give my sims enough eyecandy. I have a very smooth running sim with high frame rates even in the most demanding areas like the northeast corridor. I love flying commercial airliners on short routes. I started to dive into p3d v4. Asked some questions, had a chat with an ex-fs9 user and I found out that p3d is a very demanding sim for your system. I have a i7 (3,4 ghz), 16GB Ram and a GTX970 but that is not the best system for p3d. With my wishes for a flightsim I seriously will get a slide show at JFK for example. I decided to stay with fs9. I still gives me so much joy, there is still so much work to do (now Im working on the Afcad’s of my airports) and still the fs9 gives me very nice surprises when I meet a special livery ai-aircraft or when the sun sets on a approach. I simply spent too much time, energy and money to leave this one. It became a part of my life, ending this will end up in some serious trauma for me.
  7. meesterlijk

    From fs9 to p3d

    What is your preference regarding AI-traffic? im planning to use my old traffic files and convert them to p3d. Im used to add traffic with AiFP and have a lot of AIG packages installed. So very dense traffic at the “usual suspects”. How are your traffic sliders? Edit: I found the specs. I was in doubt about my Ram but here they are: i7 4790 running at 3,6 ghz 16GB RAM GTX970 Is this a reasonable machine to run p3d with? (With ai-traffic?
  8. meesterlijk

    From fs9 to p3d

    Hi guys, I decided to take a deep breath and make the step to p3d v4. Im a fs9 user for years and I made the simulator work perfectly. The last period I found out that more and more addons are not compatible with fs9. A lot of developers make very beautiful sceneries for p3d. For me that is something difficult because I spend a lot of effort, time and money in fs9. My system is a i7 with a GTX970 and was two years ago a really fast machine. It still is btw but I think it meets the standards for p3d. (What do you guys think?) I love AI traffic and I love busy airports so that is going to be an interesting one. My question is this: since I have bought different types of sceneries the last years I was wondering which of the developers made them available for more than one flightsim. Is it true that I still can use the FSDT sceneries with P3D? Well, thats it for now. Thanks.
  9. meesterlijk

    AI Fun...NOT

    I strongly recommend AiFP installer. I also strongly recommend to use the flightplans from the AIG website. They announce new flightplans on their forum every now and then. (look at announcements) From the AiFP installer you will directly guided to install new repaints. There is a download button for the suggeste aircraft. When a aircraft appears in blue there is a possibility to download it. Last but not least I recommend the following websites for repaints: - Juergen Baumbusch - JCAI - Atco repaints - Kyles Repaints. Good luck
  10. meesterlijk

    Windows 10 --Ugggg

    This is worthless reply for you but I really had no issues at all with the migration to win10. My fs9 runs great with it. But I cant explain why it works. Im sorry dude.
  11. meesterlijk

    Faib Lightmaps (767 and a32xNeo)

    I have added the lightmaps to my 767’s but Im not 100% happy. I havent been on fs9 fo some weeks now because Im busy with other things. What happens with my 767’s is that the wing inspection lights are clearly visible. The rest (the lights on the tail and the windowlights) are not visible. I am not seeing any white squares so what you see is not familiar with me.
  12. meesterlijk

    How tall are you?

    Hahahaha, I had the same problem there. I also had hope for the Aiforce but the max was 1,91 in the Netherlands. I became a geography teacher instead.
  13. meesterlijk

    Faib Lightmaps (767 and a32xNeo)

    Allright. I should check the AIG forums. I have found a tread about modelling and some guy made the lightmaps for the 767. And the lightmaps for the a320neo are even more easy. It is possible to use the lightmaps from the original a320 from faib. Sorry for bothering you with something I could have found out myself.
  14. Guys, I have a question I have asked before but it was in a different topic. I now have both new and fresh FAIB products installed and installed various types of repaints (converted them from fsx repaints and made them compatible for fs9). The thing is that they dont come with lightmaps. It tried to make them by myself but Im not experienced in doing this. Can you help me with this?
  15. meesterlijk

    Moving on

    That is also the biggest reason not to move on. My fs9 is tuned and modified to the max to get the best results in visibility, frame rates, traffic and it runs like a dream. Everywhere, everything maxxed out. No oom’s, no ctd’s nothing. If P3D can run like this, I will move on.