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  1. XP11

    Aweaome! I love the natural look of X11...
  2. Do you have the not-to-be-named fs9.exe? If yes, you could try replacing that with the fs9.exe from the 9.1 update.
  3. Slava, try setting the global max texture size to the value below massive, this will set the Texture max load in your config. It defines the max size for textures which FS9 displays (256 x256, 512 x 512, 1024 x 1024). It is controlled by the global max texture size slider in the hardware settings in the sim with 1024 x 1024 corresponding to the "massive" setting. If this is indeed a memory problem it might be mitigated by a lower texture resolution. Downside is that airport and aircraft addons using hires textures will be less crisp.
  4. Hm. What setting are your textures on in hardware settings? Massive?
  5. Imagine fling this real world ... what a stunning experience it must be! This is next best :)
  6. Usually I would say this is either a bgl conflict with an exclusion not working properly or a height problem at the airport. But then it would appear all the time. What happens if you save the flight 5 minutes before landing, exit FS and load the flight ?
  7. This includes the Mi24. Thank you Nemeth Bros. for this generosity!
  8. Well said!
  9. Do they not sell their FS9 products anymore?
  10. That must be another Sacha;) as I am currently with you in sticking with FS9! Haven't transited to X-11 yet, and am pretty sure I will not this year.
  11. Couldn't agree more!
  12. P3D with PeopleFlow = really nice! But X-Plane 11 is my ultimate goal. I'll transition eventually from FS9 but am convinced that waiting until X-Plane 11 came along was worth it! But I will keep FS9 for the occasional friendly fling ;)
  13. Hi, can you send me a PM? I'm not sure I received your email. It is Regards,Sascha
  14. The download link is at the end of the first post, I think this is the latest version.