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  1. FSX

    Amazing attention to detail. You need to land our plane there to appreciate it ;)
  2. HiFlyer, thank you for digging that up! I'm looking forward to that particular sim, it's a bit similar in scope to Flight Unlimited, which I loved.
  3. Wow! Loooking forward to more development work.
  4. Hmmm, now what does that forebode...
  5. A very interesting concept:
  6. Looks very nice indeed. And at €19something also quite reasonably priced! Thanks for the HU.
  7. P3DV4

    Personally, I think the fading out looks realistic. In RW you rarely have perfect visibility which means you lose everything to a blue haze 20 miles out.
  8. Eddie can you PM me your complete config please?
  9. I'll go over your file tomorrow, no problem!
  10. You might try higher mip bias settings to begin with. Make them as high as you can before you get shimmering on objects.
  11. I must have racked up 100's hours in Falcon 4. I still keep copies of the CD around and always want to reinstall with BMS. Somehow I never get around it ... Crying shame judging from the screenshots...
  12. It gets real hard to tell sim apart from RW these days.
  13. P3DV4

    Beautiful, especially the last few! How do you get the deep blue distance and the vibrant colours close up?