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  1. XP11

    That plane painter was on LSD! Great scenery!
  2. XP11

    Lovely. As in: I'd love to get my hands on your setup ;)
  3. xp11

    Methinks I need to get X11 eventually, these realistic looks are what pushes my buttons ;) My brother already has it and the flight dynamics are something else! Makes for great immersion, even if he doesn't have the rig to go all out on graphics.
  4. xp11

    Thank you all! I've dusted off my Carenado 172, including the float version ;) Cheers, Sascha
  5. 3DEnforcer by cdahmedeh. The link does not work anymore. There is a git hub but you have to compile it with the Windows SDK. I think getting an Nvidia card is the best advice, I got a new GeForce 230 for Eur 50 and it works fine with FS9. Cheers, Sascha
  6. xp11

    Excellent, I like the realism of your settings.
  7. xp11

    I can't see the image.
  8. Check the line "texture_max_load=" in your FS9 config. Set it to 1024, that is the max texture size (1024x1024 that FS9 can display. Lower setting will downscale 1024 textures (512 to 512 x 512 etc.). FS9 photoscenery however tends to look worse below 1500 feet in any case, as the 1024 texture size limits it to more than a couple of meters resolution per pixel.
  9. Which windows version are you on?
  10. XP11

    Great job!
  11. Thanks for reminding me of that one! I've always had half an eye on it because I love the sleek design, but it was too expensive for me back in the day. I'm in the process of collecting stuff I have missed out on over the years as it is probably all going to disappear in the next years. I have not much hope that a lot of it will just be freeware...
  12. XP11

    Flightsimming as it always was meant to be!
  13. FS2004

    This probably is a relatively minor update, giving people a choice of trucks to call.