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  1. sascha

    PF3 ATC - Is it worth it?

    Here in the library: Cheers, Sascha
  2. sascha


    Great shots, and a very detailed scenery too! Is the island really that flat? What's the mesh like in AFS2? Is the vegetation procedural or part of the scenery?
  3. sascha

    FS9 Ultimate Terrain

    Yes, Luis, I have but I'm afraid the problem is known and it's just a matter of internet access from older systems, they don't support the F1 server security protocols anymore. I actually have an unpacked version saved so maybe I could try adding the bgls to the sim manually, but I don't know if the registration would still be recognized. I didn't uninstall UT, but I installed FS9 into a new directory. At the moment I'm quite happy with various freeware landclasses, but of course UT with addons provided decent landclass for areas I'm not interested in but fly over on my way to a more detailed place 😉
  4. sascha

    A German Explorer

    Is that X11.3? Very nice indeed, that VC looks so real!
  5. sascha

    FS9 Ultimate Terrain

    Wouldn't want to fly without it - unfortunately I have to as I still run my FS9 on Vista and the Flight1 wrapper won't work anymore ...
  6. sascha

    PF3 ATC - Is it worth it?

    I found it impressive, I tried the demo, but getting it setup and using it right seemed beyond me, so I dropped it in frustration because I don't have a lot fo time to fly. That is why RC4 is right for me - I disabled FS9 ATC, installed Meatwaters sound packs and off I went! One thing I really liked about PF3 was the bird strikes which happened occasionally!
  7. sascha

    PF3 ATC - Is it worth it?

    I only installed RC4 after it became freeware and so far have been very impressed! Adds a whole layer of immersion to flights. Thank you for making this freeware, indeed!
  8. sascha

    Radar Contact Now Freeware

    I never got round to using any ATC replacement program, could not decide which one to go for so I am very grateful to get the chance to try now. Thank you very much for making this great program available as freeware instead of just taking it off the market!
  9. sascha

    The Siberian Rocket

    Old Faithful 😉
  10. sascha

    Enigma Sim 737-300?

    Are there any repaints for this? Couldn't find anything, it seems this model has a long and troubled history!
  11. sascha

    7.5 Terabytes later...

    YOu could waste your whole life in XP that way - although who said it would be wasted`