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  1. Can't offer an opinion on the PSS systems simularions, but the Wilco Airbus has decent visuals, especially with some freeware modification of the VC textures.
  2. I use the Wilco Airbus, but if you want systems fidelity, it's not for you.
  3. sascha

    Palm Springs

    This just cries out for something like this 21 : 9 monitor: LG
  4. sascha

    Back to Jefferson

    Amazing, P3D has really upped it's game with the last versions!
  5. sascha


    Marvellous. Detail on final is amazing!
  6. sascha

    Paint request for southwest airlines Louisiana one

    That's going to be some work!
  7. sascha

    Bristol F2b

    I don't think it is available anymore. Send me a PM.
  8. sascha

    Last days of Spring

    Wow, lovely clouds! First and last three are great, what a contrast in the mood!
  9. sascha

    AiG important poll

    Do you need to be logged in to access the poll?
  10. Thank you for the link! Is it possible to connect this to a weather injector for FS?
  11. sascha

    Jets or props? (FS2004 poll ONLY!!)

    And there's the 1960s makeover project which I haven't yet given a serious look at! Here's to another 15 years of FS9! On that note, I managed to get a 2048x2048 texture set from FSX working on a FS9 plane. This should open exciting new repaint possibilities as well as getting some nice FSX repaints which weren't released for FS9. I'm still doublechecking and will post on this when I'm confident about it but tge procedure is simple enough.
  12. sascha

    Jets or props? (FS2004 poll ONLY!!)

    From biplanes through flying boats and sailing boats and steam ships, trucks, limousines, balloons and Zeppelins, to rocket planes, spacecraft, warbirds, jet fighters and jet liners, I've loved them all at some stage. And helicopters, gliders and Ultralights, too!
  13. I suggest you start a new poll tagged as FS9.