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  1. See: icev10.zip by Charles (Dutch) Owen. Read the detailed icing document to see how a Missed Opportunity [is] Partly Redeemed.
  2. In 19 years of flight simming I have never flown a 737 (or anything bigger than a DC3) nor am I ever likely too. Just sayin'.
  3. Hi, Recently purchased the Drzewiecki Design Miami City 2012 scenery package. Noticed on the DD forum there was/is a Port update, however this does not appear to be available any longer (following the link I get a 404 error). Have written to Drzewiecki Design, but, unfortunately, Stanislaw can long longer find the update file, so ... was wondering if anyone has an archived copy they could please send me? TIA. Dorian
  4. Do you have problems installing any other software programmes atm? I'm beginning to suspect this may be a hardware failure rather than Win10 (considering your initial statement of things working one day and not the next). Just throwing thoughts about.
  5. Okay, colour me confused Have found 3 versions of YBWW - the one over at aussiex which requires aussiex (?) Library Objects, a version by Sean Harrison (ybww.zip) complied with ADE and SBuilderX313, and ybww_brisbane_west.zip by Nick Langley which is an ADEX AFCAD (the latter two here in the Avsim library). You could try and recomplie the ADEX AFCAD to an ADE9 AFCAD (don't really know if that works but ... nothing ventured, nothing gained ... ) Dorian
  6. Maybe it's not showing because it's an FSX airport?
  7. Yes, it has been discussed since late October (see: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/389455-have-any-of-you-tried-this-sweetfx/). Regards, Dorian
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