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  1. C16thFoxe

    what 737 do you use? (PMDG, ifly, SMS,etc...)

    In 19 years of flight simming I have never flown a 737 (or anything bigger than a DC3) nor am I ever likely too. Just sayin'.
  2. Hi, Recently purchased the Drzewiecki Design Miami City 2012 scenery package. Noticed on the DD forum there was/is a Port update, however this does not appear to be available any longer (following the link I get a 404 error). Have written to Drzewiecki Design, but, unfortunately, Stanislaw can long longer find the update file, so ... was wondering if anyone has an archived copy they could please send me? TIA. Dorian
  3. C16thFoxe

    FS2004 Install problems. Urgent help needed

    Do you have problems installing any other software programmes atm? I'm beginning to suspect this may be a hardware failure rather than Win10 (considering your initial statement of things working one day and not the next). Just throwing thoughts about.
  4. C16thFoxe

    FS2004 YBWW (Wellcamp Toowoomba)

    Okay, colour me confused Have found 3 versions of YBWW - the one over at aussiex which requires aussiex (?) Library Objects, a version by Sean Harrison (ybww.zip) complied with ADE and SBuilderX313, and ybww_brisbane_west.zip by Nick Langley which is an ADEX AFCAD (the latter two here in the Avsim library). You could try and recomplie the ADEX AFCAD to an ADE9 AFCAD (don't really know if that works but ... nothing ventured, nothing gained ... ) Dorian
  5. C16thFoxe

    FS2004 YBWW (Wellcamp Toowoomba)

    Maybe it's not showing because it's an FSX airport?
  6. C16thFoxe

    A Huge FPS Increase

    My apologies; that came across a bit more "snippy" than I meant. But, at least you have now found the tool.
  7. C16thFoxe

    A Huge FPS Increase

    35 seconds on Google could answer your question. Be that as it may, try here.
  8. As I recall, FS9 standard mesh is 600m. And yes, FS9 can display 20m mesh (Christian Stock's 20m New Zealand mesh has been around since 2006 - unfortunately it is no longer commercially available :( ). Set your tmvl to 21 and bob's your n'uncle. Dorian
  9. C16thFoxe

    LAGO FSE 2004

    I seem to recall that it was only the FSE Exchange module that needed online confirmation. As I'm not intending to create scenery (have EZ Scenery) but rather installing several FS9 Alaskan bush sceneries that require FSE, the Exchange module should not need to be activated. If I do create any FSE sceneries, they would be primarily soundscapes anyway. Of course, all of this is moot without a copy of FSE (to see what happens). Edit: Found a copy, installed it in FS9, activated the registration tab and typed in my serial number and ... voila! Bob's yar n'uncle. Works just fine (but I suspect the Exchange aspect will not, as has been pointed out). No great sweat. Dorian
  10. C16thFoxe

    LAGO FSE 2004

    Am searching for an archived executable copy of the above software. I still have my Registration code, am just missing the software (it was on one of a number of backup disks that were trashed in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake). Can anyone help? TIA. Regards, Dorian
  11. C16thFoxe


    Just throwing the cat amidst the pigeons ... if I'm reading this correctly, the Appleman Chart suggests a range anywhere between -26.15C and -69.61C, dependent upon hPa (pressure) and RH (relative humidity). Personally, I have no idea how well the simulator models these situations at altitude, so it might be that the MS default of -30C may be a good enough compromise for FS9. Who knows?
  12. C16thFoxe


    Which is the MS default value. Your choice.
  13. C16thFoxe


    And, as I have already stated, the general consensus amongst simmers, given the limitations of FS9 as a realistic simulation platform, is -27C.
  14. C16thFoxe


    "I still don't get it. So that's what it shows. Is that a good number or a bad number?" Just to show you that Google is your friend and that the subject has been discussed previously. You could have searched it out for yourself. "And whichever it is, the temperature number is something that is set per aircraft?" Yes. "So each aircraft has to be changed separately?" Unless you have a horde of friendly elves hidden away in a cupboard somewhere who are prepared to change the numbers for you, yes. "Not something that is global?" Do a Library search for "Contrails" "And is it ai_fx.zip or ai-fx.zip?" High-Altitude Contrail 50 Miles Long File Description: FS2004 High-altitude contrail 50 miles long. Use w/ default AI aircraft. High- altitude contrails are now enabled by MS for use on each aircraft, jet or prop, single or multi-engine, by using the FS9 version of the aircraft.cfg "EFFECTS" section to specify them. The temperature below which the contrails occur can also be defined in aircraft.cfg by the user. Included in d/l are new AI contrail, and revised aircraft.cfg w/folder structure to make a extra "AI" copy of default AC. This allows default(or other)contrail to be used for "hand" flying same aircraft. Easy manual installation with all new filenames. Filename: ai_fx.zip License: Freeware Added: 28th September 2003, 19:12:42 Downloads: 14356 Author: Jan Rosenberg Size: 91kb "Are we talking about two different files?" No, I was simply suffering a case of fat finger syndrome. Dorian
  15. C16thFoxe


    My apologies. Further investigation, specifically of the default b737_400 aircraft, shows the max temp at which MS decided that contrails should appear is set at -30C (in the GeneralEngineData section of the aircraft.cfg file). Jan Rosenberg looked into the actual mechanics of the contrail.fx effect and tinkered with both the look and duration of the effect. His work is available in the file AI-FX.zip and it is from this Readme that I was quoting. If you are still confused then I suggest you contact him. As for "hits" ... that's the number of page returns when you Google "FS9 default contrail max temp". Dorian