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  1. I have been using his Twin Pro for about a year and they have been good. I changed the handles and knobs to ones more to my liking. If you have a question or problem he is very fast to respond and easy to work with. I would recommend them. - PT
  2. I bought the classic twin pro from this company; I've been using them for about 1 year now without a problem. http://www.fsxthrottle.com/ I had to change some levers and the knobs to suit myself, but the unit itself is very sturdy and reliable. And if needed, the customer support is quick and good. - Paul
  3. hiway

    XForce PC

    Has anyone bought a system from X Force PC? If so, how was the customer support? The after purchase help, if needed? Please let me know your opinion of them. Paul
  4. At least you could tell us what it was!
  5. Thanks for replying. I'll look at that.
  6. Is anyone using VR Insight's M Panel in X Plane? I used it with FS9 but not sure how to set it up in X Plane. Can anyone help? - Paul
  7. Right now, I just use the hat switch to look around. I also find it useful to have the "trigger" switch to get my view back to front/center. Used to use buttons on top for electric trim, but have trim wheel now. That's about it. - PT
  8. I am currently using this joystick in X Plane running Win 10 and it is plug and play. The computer does go into sleep mode with no problems. Very smooth and glitch free as far as I can tell. - PT
  9. In the mean time I've started flying the Turbolet 410. This aircraft is amazing! Flies well and looks really well done. So, until I can figure out Plane Maker, I'm enjoying flying again. If you don't have this yet, you should give it a try. Also looking forward very much to the AirFoillabs King Air 350. - PT
  10. Hello All, Is there a menu by menu description of all the settings in Plane Maker? The manual I have is pretty basic and just touches on a few. Thanks - PT
  11. Good points. I guess I thought artificial stability would help in this problem, but you're saying keep them to the left. I'll try tuning them some more. It's just that thousands of users are having a good experience w/XP10. I don't know why I'm not. Thanks - PT
  12. Hi all, Very new to XP, Transition from FS9. Having much trouble with keeping aircraft stabilized on approach and take off. VERY jumpy and hard to control. Especially steering on take off. I'm using CH pedals. The skidding and sliding gets frustrating. Been flying FS9 for about 4 yrs. and had to tweak the aircraft CFG file to make them flyable. Could this be done in Plane Maker? And what parameters would need looked at? I've tried using the adjustments in the Null Zones tab. They don't seem to have much effect, unless I'm not using them correctly. I'm attempting to fly the 172, the Baron, and the King Air 90. All default planes. I'm hoping some of you very talented XP10'ers will get me back on the runway. PT
  13. WOW What a setup ! Nice to have everything already done and ready to fly. One last question on the M Panel, How would I turn the course needle on the HSI like you can with the Heading bug? Thanks, Paul
  14. Thanks Eugene, That was it! I made sure that box was checked and it installed the drivers, although I got multiple warnings that these would destabilize my system. I took it up for a flight and it seems to work well. Why does the installation process have to be so convoluted and such a mystery? Also, I was using Win XP and some of the instructions didn't seem to apply. I see you have to start it every session also. Anyway, it seems to be up and running. Thank you, Paul
  15. Overload, Here is a shot of my devises and I sure don't see comm3. Now what? (I guess I don't know how to post a pic.) So how do I get comm 3 to show up? Paul