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  1. I thought RC was for FS9 as well. Is that not the case?
  2. Carob

    Radar Contact Now Freeware

    Was the issue of slow, stuttering voices ever solved? That's the one thing that kept me away from the product.
  3. Carob

    Autopilot Disconnect Sound?

    Never mind. I figured it out. Sorry about that.
  4. Hello. Is it possible someone can walk me through how I might be able to add an autopilot disconnect sound to a particular panel? I have one aircraft that has no sound for this function and I'd like to add something. I've looked through config files for other aircraft but haven't been able to find anything related to this. I was hoping someone might be able to talk me through it if it's easy enough. Thanks!
  5. Carob


    It would make a difference if there WAS something wrong with mine. If nothing else, it's something to test.
  6. Carob


    Maybe you can send me your AF2 file and I can see what it does for me. I haven't changed anything on mine though so I'm not sure why they would be acting differently. Or, maybe it's only landing. Or, maybe it's only for user aircraft and not AI. All I know is what happened was wrong. Afterward I even shut things down and tried it again using manual weather adjustments and it did the same thing.
  7. Carob


    Hello. Does anyone else have an issue with the KMCI scenery from FRF of runway 1L & 1R not being used? Just had wind 360 at 13 and the 19 runways were being used. I looked at the airport file and the 1's are not closed for either takeoff or landing so I'm not sure why it's doing that. Anyone know?
  8. Carob

    David Durst CRJ-700 Panel

    There are two click buttons that aren't working for me but unless you have the panel it's too difficult to explain. Not to mention there would be no way of troubleshooting.
  9. Hello. Does anyone happen to be using the CRJ-700 Panel by David Durst? I corresponded a bit with David regarding a single issue I seem to be having with it but he was unable to give me much reasoning because he is out of the FS world now. I'm hoping someone here might be using it and would be willing to try and answer a couple of things. Thanks!
  10. Carob

    KICT Scenery???

    Those are AFCAD files, not scenery packages. They are missing jetways, etc. There are some for FSX but I'm looking for FS9. Which is why I posted here.
  11. Carob

    KICT Scenery???

    Does anyone know about any scenery for KICT?
  12. Hello. I'm hoping someone might be able to answer a question for me regarding the FS9 Flightplans.txt files. I noticed I wasn't getting as much traffic as I should be at a particular airport and started to investigate. During that I found something I never noticed before. It seems that with my various AI traffic files the actual airport location varies slightly between them. For example, my AA file shows "KMEM,N35* 2.54',W89* 58.59',341" and my Delta file shows "KMEM,N35* 2.60',W89* 58.59',338". That's just one example but other airlines show something different still. Is this a problem?
  13. Carob


    How is it a user saw new files for the product and nothing was mentioned in the "official" forum about it by the creator? The creator then replies and says he/she hasn't posted the release here yet? Doesn't makes sense.
  14. Carob


    What's the "official" forum? I would like to look into this but not sure where to do that.