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  1. Carob E170/175 Panel

    It's not a sense of more control. I do like the panel, especially the built-in checklist you can go through, it's just that I would prefer to be able to control when I want the autopilot to engage. Which as noted is immediate. The worst part is that you can't disengage it until, it seems, you are at level flight for a brief period of time. If you try before then it just beeps like it wants to turn off but won't. Until level flight as mentioned.
  2. Carob E170/175 Panel

    Maybe that's why the autopilot isn't kicking in then. It's designed for FS9.
  3. Carob E170/175 Panel

    Yes. It's a "feature". Gear is retracted automatically too.
  4. Carob E170/175 Panel

    One question is that I'm wondering if there a way to change it so that the autopilot doesn't automatically enable immediately after takeoff.
  5. Hello. Is anyone by chance using the panel for E170/175 available over at flightsim? I'm hoping someone else who uses it might be able to help with a question. since it appears the author is no longer available. Thanks!
  6. I ended up creating a new icon .cab file, with a different name, with only the pieces for the GPS and modifying the number in that .xml file. That seems to have worked okay. But am willing to try other options if you, anyone, have any thoughts.
  7. Then the button for the one that's built-in won't work. is the file over at FlightSim if you want to see it.
  8. Then it would match [Window01] and still function for both. Wouldn't it?
  9. No, but if I change the number that is in the file, won't the other panel.cfg files be looking for something that isn't there any more?
  10. But then the other panels will stop working, won't they? I tried changing the [Window08] line to "ident=GPS_PANEL" but then the icon toggles both.
  11. Hello, all. I'm hoping someone can help me out again with something. I'm trying to adjust a panel slightly in FS9 to have the standard GPS panel icon point to the standard GPS popup window but it isn't working. The particular panel has a Window01=GPS and Window08=GPS Panel. I've added the standard GPS panel icon okay but for some reason it is point to the Window01 item and I want it to point to the Window08 item. Window01 looks like... [Window01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=456,378 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=225 window_size= 0.352, 0.382 window_pos= 0.324, 0.547 gauge00=EMB170_NAV!gps_EMB, 1,0,456,378 Window08 looks like... [Window08] size_mm=456,378 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=8 visible=0 ident=160 window_size= 0.320, 0.400 window_pos= 0.680, 0.010 gauge00=fs9gps!gps_500, 0,0,456,378 And my particular GPS icon entry in [Window00] looks like... gauge29=cpt.icons!GPS, 10,370,11,10 My hope is someone will help me figure this out. Thank you!
  12. Carob

    FS9 TAS Readout

    Thank you very much! This seems to work great at quick first tests. I will play with it a bit more when time allows. Thanks again!
  13. Carob

    FS9 TAS Readout

    Well, upon further checking, it looks like the rest of those items mentioned are part of the main .bmp file. So I guess that's why they are not showing up. So, I guess I'm back to hoping someone might be willing to put something together for me that shows similarly. Or maybe teach me how to do it. Thanks in advance.
  14. Carob

    FS9 TAS Readout

    The basic functionality of that seems to work but all I see is the number. The outline box, the "TAS", etc. are all missing. (And when I try to resize the window it jumps to a much taller size and won't shrink back down to the size that was first displayed.) Without that stuff it just looks odd. Any suggestions?
  15. Carob

    FS9 TAS Readout

    So here's what I have to go on and I'm hoping one of you can help. If I look at another panel that has a gauge like this built-in I see this... gauge93=pg.707.sw.tas!TAS, 852,424,28 However, I'm not sure how to make this work for an add-on window. I've tried a few things, and can get it to appear, but it doesn't look right. It should look like this but all I can get is something like this. This is what is currently in the panel window setting... [Window08] position=1 visible=1 gauge00=pg.707.sw.tas!TAS, I guess I don't know how to adjust this to make it correct. Can anyone help?