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  1. Post was in FSX forum so was referencing FSX.
  2. Hello. Does anyone know of a good payware Gulfstream available for FSX? I don't seem to find any anywhere? Thanks!
  3. Seemed to work. Thanks! Would like to know what happened though. I don't like running things like this without knowing why. I took a look at the script but only understand about half of it.
  4. Hello, all. I'm trying to help someone diagnose a problem on a Win 7 box and am looking for a little help. It seems all of a sudden when launching FS9 the process appears in the Task Manager but the program itself doesn't actually start. The first time. When trying to launch again then it starts and seems to run okay. If when launching initially, and nothing happens, you can end the process in the Task Manager and try to launch again and the same thing will happen. Nothing. Only if the process is running in the Task Manager and opening the program the 2nd time will it actually run. I'm pretty sure I've seen this before with other programs quite some time ago but can't recall the cause or the solution. I'm hoping someone here might have an idea. Thanks!
  5. Agreed. Was just trying to find out if what I was seeing is normal behavior of RC or not. According to you it is. Thanks for the info.
  6. It's the same number of AI if I'm using default or RC.
  7. I have turned down the default to zero. Just think it's weird that the skies are so quiet with SO many other aircraft around. I don't have the erroneous chatter enabled since none of it actually applies to what's going on. I suppose some probably like that but I don't particularly.
  8. You might be confused about what I'm actually saying. It sounds like you think I'm talking about calls to me, or other aircraft, about proximity warnings. If I'm mistaken I apologize but that wasn't what I was posting about. I was just talking about general communication. People checking in, leaving, altitude/heading changes, being told to contact other controllers, etc.
  9. Actually, yes, I have read the manual. If it's there I must have missed it. However, assuming that's true it doesn't explain why I would hear communication with aircraft who are 30 mi away from me but not 3 mi away from me. It's just odd.
  10. Ground and Tower seem fine. But those freqs are more than likely the same in RC as they are in the default. It's the Approach, Departure and Center freqs where I'm seeing it. Maybe some would look at it that way, but I don't. Whether it's a paid product or not, it should be doing what it's supposed to do. And perhaps it is. Whether that be because of a limitation, the way it was designed or whatever. That's pretty much what I'm trying to find out. If what I'm seeing is what everyone else sees or if there is an issue going on with what I have. If it's an issue then that's what the forums are for, correct? If it's what everyone else sees then I know it's most likely not an issue and we have the answer.
  11. I don't think it's the lack of airline names. I have seen what someone else said probably happens with those in that it only uses the first letter of the name. I am seeing that happen so I know it's picking those up. As far as airline packages go, it's all over the place. All added manually though. But that can't be it either because the default ATC sees and calls them just fine. I'll have to try looking at the log though. I didn't know about that. It just seems like something is off that it doesn't do anything with them. Whether that be with my setup or just the program in general. I guess I'm thinking the later if others see the same. I still haven't decided whether to continue to use it or not but if this is true it's a another vote no. If anyone else can confirm or deny as well I'd appreciate it.
  12. Hello, all. I am still trying to test out RC but am still having what I think is an issue with AI and ATC and hoping someone can shed some light. All kinds of AI around me but hardly any of them seem to be on the same freq as me. Using other tools I can see that they are on the default FS9 freqs instead of what RC has me on. If I turn up the volume of the default ATC I can hear them all doing their thing. Is this normal when using RC? Doesn't seem right to me. When I get in areas where the freq that RC has me on is the same as the default ATC I seem to hear more. But not always. Just wondering if anyone else sees this or if there are things I can check. Everything else seems to be normal but this has me a little flustered. Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.
  13. It's isn't for me. AI are not using the freqs that RC is giving me. The vast majority anyway.
  14. RC is also giving me Seattle Center of 131.0 and that freq isn't in either file. Is that possible? And when bringing up the default ATC to see what it wants to use, that's 128.15.
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