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  1. Hello all, I'm one of the later migrants from Windows 7 to 10 and dragging FS9 to the next gen with my new computer. As seen in this video, I am having some really annoying audio mix. I'm trying to find a solution but have yet to find one, has anyone got a fix or a link on how to fix this? *******CAUTION*********** The audio in the attachment is loud to showcase the issue, sorry headphone users. :) Thanks, -Mike
  2. Name: SD Yak-40 Circling in Rostov (URRR) Category: FS Aircraft Date Added: 20 September 2015 - 07:18 AM Submitter: Andrey Kropotin Short Description: Training circling flight in Rostov (URRR) on Suprunov Design Yak-40 View Video
  3. hey guyzz can you tell me the names of payware to make my flight simulator 2004 or fs9 more realistic .......for examples real pushback textures, flight catering services, fuel trucks baggage conveyor etc etc .. plz help..i had flight simulator x but unfortunately its cd got corrupted some files got missing .. so upgrading to fsx is not a preferred choice for me as my parents will kill me if i bought second one....
  4. hey guyz is there any payware for airbus A380 for fs9 just like the PMDG???
  5. Hi there, i just tried the Flight1 Cessna 172R on my FS2004. I follow the described procedures and also looked at some 172R Videos on Youtube, where the fuel pump was clearly audible. But i cannot hear the fuel pump in the Flight1 Cessna 172 (although according to the Instruments, the fuel pump works). Is this a bug on my Installation or is the Sound simply not simulated? I'd like to hear of your experiences. Do YOU hear the fuel pump on this simulated aircraft? Thanks in advance Bodo
  6. Hello, I am aware this is a recurring topic for many users. I have searched the last four days tirelessly on this forum, and another approximate 15 forums. I am having no luck. ISSUE: When loading FS9 it gets to the Splash Screen then stays there. I have to CTL ALT DEL out of it to stop the program. This happened 4 days ago. I exited the program because I was upating some scenery files in my library (again nothing that was a new addition that the program had not had before at some previous point) and I exited the program and when I went to start it up it just stayed at the splash screen. Sometimes it will load the scenery files then freeze, other times it will just freeze right away. I have tried the following things: System Restore Read and tried all of these suggestions from MS http://support.microsoft.com/kb/837195 Verified DirectX is up-to-date and not missing files Checked for problems with my NVIDIA Card and tried to update it but was unable to. Deleted/Replaced/Renamed FS9.CFG Attempted to modify some of the entries in the FS9.cfg that were previously reccomended. Tried the NO CD replacement of FS9.exe, that one cant find the program. Tried the flight1 registry repair but it cannot find my FS9.exe. I know where it is, the repair tool can't find it. Tried doing a hard boot in safe mode on my computer. Used the event viewer to try and see what is going on and it has numeruous DLL file error reports. No new software was added anytime near the vicinity of the start of this crash. Also the most recent add-on items worked fine for several weeks up to the crash. Other Items of Note: Re-installing is not an option for me. I can't find the other 3 disks anywhere. For some reason I am now getting a message that "Weather.dll is not working properly but other features will be available, the following feature will be disabled". - Still after getting the weather.dll message above, it just stays on the permanent splash screen like normal. I am SO desperate for help here. I don't know what to do. As I said before, I don't know where my other 3 discs are to re-install the game. If I had them I would have re-installed from scratch without a second thought. I know this sounds crazy and lame but this game has been such a huge part of my life the last 9-10 years and I can't imagine what I am going to do not being able to play it anymore. It's extremely depressing. Every night when I get home from work at the airport I go straight to FS9 and start up a flight. I AM BEGGING SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!
  7. Hi Good People, Some interesting stuff happening within the Ford Project Team. Edward and I have been busy and have been creating some very good liveries for the Default Microsoft Curtiss Jenny JN4D aircraft. This old girl has not been a friendly model for repainters and there is a void of historical,Fact, Fun and Fictional liveries for her. Edwards, after a lot of research has come up with a bucket of historical aircraft data that we could paint up for the Jenny that would work with the "mirror mapping" and other qwerks in the overall model texture mappings. Just a couple of liveries we have create are: Daredevil Lindbergh - a close representation of one of Lindbergh's early aircraft Another is a Jenny hanging from the roof in a museum - The Fish. I am normally fairly creative but this livery is a real beauty. There are over 20 other liveries already painted and you can check them out at the Ford Project - Coming Soon Page - click on any page top banner and you will be taken to the Coming Soon Page or the direct link is: http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/coming-soon.htm We are trying to cover a good global use of this girl and give her a burst of life for simmers that enjoy LOW and SLOW flying in the simulators. There is still several more to be repainted up for this girl - some listed on the Coming Soon Page. IMPORTANT - These liveries are for the FS2004 Default Curtiss Jenny JN4D aircraft - HOWEVER, I believe that the aircraft ports very easily to FSX and these liveries will work very well in FSX as well (even a little bit richer) So if your interested in LOW and SLOW flying in your sim (FS2004 or FSX) then there are some pretty good new liveries soon to become available, hopefully early August 2014 That's all for now - hope you enjoy our FREE stuff designed for your simulator entertainment. Regards Garry and Edward.
  8. Hi Good People, The Ford Project Team is happy to advise that 8 more textures have been released at the Ford Project Site. These and the many other Jenny textures we have available will work within both FS2004 and FSX The following liveries are now available (1) Checker Air Cargo...................(2) Buy a Bond (3) League of Nations...................(4) Emma Field Flying Club (5) Manchuria Aviation Company..(6) USAAC (Damaged) (7) Misty Moorings........................(8) Bush Flying Unlimited Number (6) is an experimental "very damaged by gunfire" USAAC camo alternative texture set See the pictures below: They are, of course, available at the Ford Project Web site http://www.ford-tri-motor.net Click on the Other Aircraft Button and follow the link to the Curtiss Jenny. Regards Your Ford Project Team. Edward Moore and Garry Smith
  9. Did this flight 4am local time, Here are some shots of the sunrise. http://www.vataware....cfm?id=13078647 Hope you enjoyed the photos, more to soon come, till then Take care.
  10. Hi Good People, Edward Moore and I thought the DH91 aircraft and livery pack, recently released by the Ford Project Team, could do with a little bonus pack of liveries to enrich your flying fun with this model by Jans B. Kristensen. See http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/Misc-Aircraft.htm to get the original aircraft pack with 18 liveries (including paint kit) and to have a better look at the images for the Livery Bonus Pack for the DH91 It is very close to release - just have to build a self installer and a document on how to cut and past the expanded aircraft list in the aircraft.cfg file to add the extra's to the existing pack. Will let you know when it is all ready for you to download and enjoy. Regards and happy simming.
  11. From now until the end of April at Just Flight we have reduced the prices of over 30 Flight Sim Add-ons to just £4.99 / €5.95 / $7.99 Many people ask why we don't include boxed products in sales and many people ask why no FS2004 products. So, every product in this sale is compatible with FS 2004 and a good number work in FSX too. Take a look now: http://www.justflight.com/category/boxed-bargains You have until the end of April to take advantage of these ridiculously low prices.
  12. THIS SALE HAS ENDED FSInventions have announced that their award winning FSFlyingSchool PRO is on offer, bundled with all its add-on components, at 45% off at the FSFlyingSchool site for a limited time. Pilots who have any earlier version of FSFlyingSchool can also upgrade for even less than this! These bargains are available here and the FSFlyingSchool site has all the details, including free demos for every product, movies, feature lists and full manuals. Click here to take a look at www.FSFlyingSchool.com
  13. Alright Guys, So ive used the new Head Tracking software FaceTrackNoir, I must say its a bit shaky....Well Good News I found a fix I actually got it from another Forum Site and it WORKS. Below are the download links to the files you will need to make this work. Its a simple procedure but please read it carefuly to avoid any mistakes. Downloads a (64bit_headtracker) http://sourceforge.n...ED.zip/download b (SeeingMachines headtracking Demo) http://www.faceapi.c...ad/register.php c.(FacetrackNoir1.50) http://sourceforge.n...01.zip/download 1.) Once you've Downloaded the ED API interface x64 dll package and extracted the headtracker folder (with contents) into the game's "bin" directory or Main fs9 directory stratup your FaceTrackNoir application. (NOTE: PLACE ENTIRE HEADTRACKER folder into your FS9 MAIN INSTILATION FLODER) 2.) load the DCS_A10C.ini file (its in the headtracker folder you placed in the fs9 directory) Use picture for reference 3.)Now once thats completed ajust your curves to match the graps below DONE: Have Fun
  14. Good day to all, as I'm resuming a scenery I frozen two years ago, I am looking for pictures or generic materials about Mo i Rana Røssvoll Airport (ENRA) located in Norway. Sadly Google find very few pictures of this airport, the best would be to get in contact with some norwegian guys that live up there. Someone could help me? thank you Barbacan
  15. Hello there my fellow flight-simmers! I'm messaging you all to announce the grand opening of Monarch Virtual Airlines! We've currently got just under 10 Pilots, but are expanding by the hour! We have a custom PIREP system for all our Pilots, you can choose whether to track your flight online or just do some private flying and update your hours by uploading PIREPS (With proof you've flown them of course!), communicate with hub managers and senior staff and participate in monthly flying events (Read further on to see what Events are coming up!) and browse through a modern fleet of Airliners, flying the same real world operations that Monarch does to date! You can see our website at http://www.mon-va.co.uk/en/, and if you require more information, just send a message to me via pm, comment below or contact us on the site! Right... Lets get down to the events! European Fly-Off This is an event that we're currently hosting through the upcoming months that Monarch Virtual will stand. Pilots will fly from their selected hub (Manchester, Luton, Gatwick, East Midlands), and will fly across the UK, to Europe and back to their hubs. The first Pilot to complete the full circuit (Each hub) will receive a special prize! So, what are you waiting for? Join us today and become a part of a fast expanding virtual airline today! http://www.mon-va.co.uk/en/ See you soon! Ryan
  16. Hi FS2004 fans: Thought I would post a discovery I made which appears to have solved a problem I have had for several months - namely blurry ground textures. The textures near the aircraft have been OK but not far away turn into a complete blurry mess! I tried tweaking all the terrain and texture settings in my FS9.cfg file per recommendations I have found online, to no avail. Yesterday I tried deleting ( actually I hid it by renaming it) my user\application data\Microsoft\FS9 directory (I'm using WindowsXP) and had FS2004 rebuild it on the next restart. This directory includes not just your FS9.cfg file but also index files and a scenery cache directory. On the next restart FS2004 regenerated some indexes and to my amazement, my blurries were gone! Textures were nice and clear much further into the distance. I then tried replacing the newly rebuilt FS9.cfg with my old one to see if it was a bad setting in that file that was causing my problem. To my surprise my textures remained clear! So, at least for me, it was some scenery index or cache file in my user directory that was causing my trouble. Time will tell if my solution remains permanent but I am so happy to finally have this problem solved! I had not encountered this suggestion online so I am posting it here. Long live FS2004! David B.
  17. I've just finished re-installing FS9 in hopes my problem would go away, but it still exists. I am running Windows Vista Ultimate, 32bit and, was, FS9 on the SONY VAIO. My problem, default airplane or not, is once I load FS9 up for a trip, I am having issues switching between views like 2D, VC, tower etc...If I were to hit the 'W' key to switch from 2D to the six pack, the top of the panel shaves off a bit, the glare shield usually. If I were to rotate to a six pack view, and then switch to a different airplane, I can rotate through the various views mentioned above just fine, like normal. If I were to go back to the 2D, six-pack mode and cycle through to the 2D panel again, the problem arises again. If I try to go to the outside view from the get go from 2D, I know it's on the outside view because I can hear the change in noises, but the 2D panel still shows. If I switch back inside, the 2D panel remains, but all is frozen, gauge wise...ie if I push the throttle in, it's not resembled in the 2D throttle being pushed in or a change in RPM. Seems the views have a mind of their own. The relation of sound to view isn't matching, like inside view, but you hear outside or outside view, but you hear inside. It's all a bit difficult to describe and I've not ever once seen this problem before in all my years if FSing. Any suggestions and help greatly appreciated...trying to avoid resetting and re-installing everything and making this a new computer again...argh! lol On a semi-related issue, because I don't if it is or isn't, but I now get texture flickering. I didn't notice if before un-install when the above issue began happening, but it does it now since re-install. Even the text at the bottom left about your brakes being set flickers, but only when zoomed in on the A/C from the outside view or when in VC mode only if the propeller is spinning. (In this case, the default C182.) Also flickering on the outside when zoomed in, A/C shadow, lens cover for landing/taxi light and windshield.Flickering outside not related to the engine running or not. Again, I would love ANY help and ideas before having to re-install Windows and going from scratch! lol
  18. Hello everyone, I am new to this place, I know this posts have been discused 100 times, but I assume some changes have been made in the last years. I am currently happy fan of LD 767, but since I'm student, I can't afford to buy games, so this is my only. I have found various freeware I was totally speechless, some are better than paywares. Please since you know more than me, for now I have. Virtavia Typhoon, Mitsubishi F-2A, and some little more. I only need one civil jet, and military It's enough for 1 year So please your opinions really only the best (with APU ) Thank you , best regards
  19. Hi, Could someone please give me a good setting for the FSUIPC visibility tab for FS2004. The following sections are what I need :General Limits and extensions AND Smoothing options! Ideas Appreciated Kind Regards, Kriss
  20. Hi all, have noticed recent downloads of Boeing 777-300 and 767 American Airlines livery for FS2004 as well as FS-X from simviation.com, graphics and panels are excellent photoreal quality, however once installed in a Windows 7 (64bit) machine (have not tried in other windows formats since unavailable to me) they do not like to leave the runway with my joystick pulled back all the way. So if y'all happen to come upon these machines, original Project Opensky Boeings, it's a waste of time and bandwith to download and install. If any of you are paid members of simviation, please forward this to their moderators/webmaster as well so they can look into it further. Thanks, Flight Simulation Rules! As Real As It Gets For us unlucky ones who can't do it for real. Ex MSN Zone's F56HS_Diablo of the F56th Hurrican Squadron (CFS1) here :-)
  21. Hi, I recently downloaded a freeware addon scenery for the City of Kuala Lumpur. However, some of the landmark buildnings from the default scenery is still there, leaving duplicates of e.g. the Petronas Towers. I wonder, if possible, how do I remove these "old" versions? Kind regards, Johan
  22. what are some must have freeware addons/scenery/texture freeware thats "must have"I know we all have diff opinions,but whats your opinions of some must have things for fs9 ?
  23. I was flying on FS9, but suddenly it closed down and an error came up that said, "Failed to read from file". Then about 30 seconds later, a window pops up that states FS9 had a fatal error and needs to shut down. I looked at the error report and now I suspect that a file named mfc70.dll might be causing this, but I'm not sure. I don't have any scenery packages that modifies the FS9.CFG or SCENERY.CFG and I do have SquawkBox and FSUIPC installed and they're all for FS2004. I did all I could to try and troubleshoot, but no success. I flew on FSX and no error, so it may not be a hardware issue. PLEASE HELP ME!!! Normal FS2004 Operating Settings: Display: Medium High~High; Aircraft: Ultra High; Weather: Medium Low~Medium High; Hardware: High PC Specs: Toshiba Satellite A105-S4254, (Dual) Genuine Intel CPU T2050 @1.6GHz, 0.99GB RAM, Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset, Toshiba MK3265GSX internal hard drive (Max Capacity: 298GB; 199GB of free space), Windows XP Media Center Edition with Service Pack 3, FS2004 ver.9 (No Update), and FS2004 No-CD patch for ver. 9.0
  24. Not lookin for award winning or ultra realisitic.... (thats r eserved for the props in my hanger) But lookin for a decent B727 100/200 series with a decent VC. Cant seem to find any.... Could anybody point me in the general direction. Searched the most popular fs pages.... I find 727s. But nibe with vc... Much thanks and a 10000 interweb points award to the first answer .... Lol....
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