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Found 49 results


    Best Airbus A380 payware.. for fs9

    hey guyz is there any payware for airbus A380 for fs9 just like the PMDG???
  2. Hi Good People, Edward Moore and I thought the DH91 aircraft and livery pack, recently released by the Ford Project Team, could do with a little bonus pack of liveries to enrich your flying fun with this model by Jans B. Kristensen. See to get the original aircraft pack with 18 liveries (including paint kit) and to have a better look at the images for the Livery Bonus Pack for the DH91 It is very close to release - just have to build a self installer and a document on how to cut and past the expanded aircraft list in the aircraft.cfg file to add the extra's to the existing pack. Will let you know when it is all ready for you to download and enjoy. Regards and happy simming.
  3. From now until the end of April at Just Flight we have reduced the prices of over 30 Flight Sim Add-ons to just £4.99 / €5.95 / $7.99 Many people ask why we don't include boxed products in sales and many people ask why no FS2004 products. So, every product in this sale is compatible with FS 2004 and a good number work in FSX too. Take a look now: You have until the end of April to take advantage of these ridiculously low prices.
  4. Nathan Brooks

    KMIA-SVMI || 757

    Did this flight 4am local time, Here are some shots of the sunrise. http://www.vataware....cfm?id=13078647 Hope you enjoyed the photos, more to soon come, till then Take care.
  5. Hi Good People, Some interesting stuff happening within the Ford Project Team. Edward and I have been busy and have been creating some very good liveries for the Default Microsoft Curtiss Jenny JN4D aircraft. This old girl has not been a friendly model for repainters and there is a void of historical,Fact, Fun and Fictional liveries for her. Edwards, after a lot of research has come up with a bucket of historical aircraft data that we could paint up for the Jenny that would work with the "mirror mapping" and other qwerks in the overall model texture mappings. Just a couple of liveries we have create are: Daredevil Lindbergh - a close representation of one of Lindbergh's early aircraft Another is a Jenny hanging from the roof in a museum - The Fish. I am normally fairly creative but this livery is a real beauty. There are over 20 other liveries already painted and you can check them out at the Ford Project - Coming Soon Page - click on any page top banner and you will be taken to the Coming Soon Page or the direct link is: We are trying to cover a good global use of this girl and give her a burst of life for simmers that enjoy LOW and SLOW flying in the simulators. There is still several more to be repainted up for this girl - some listed on the Coming Soon Page. IMPORTANT - These liveries are for the FS2004 Default Curtiss Jenny JN4D aircraft - HOWEVER, I believe that the aircraft ports very easily to FSX and these liveries will work very well in FSX as well (even a little bit richer) So if your interested in LOW and SLOW flying in your sim (FS2004 or FSX) then there are some pretty good new liveries soon to become available, hopefully early August 2014 That's all for now - hope you enjoy our FREE stuff designed for your simulator entertainment. Regards Garry and Edward.
  6. Lattanz

    FS2004 Crackling Audio

    Hello all, I'm one of the later migrants from Windows 7 to 10 and dragging FS9 to the next gen with my new computer. As seen in this video, I am having some really annoying audio mix. I'm trying to find a solution but have yet to find one, has anyone got a fix or a link on how to fix this? *******CAUTION*********** The audio in the attachment is loud to showcase the issue, sorry headphone users. :) Thanks, -Mike
  7. Name: SD Yak-40 Circling in Rostov (URRR) Category: FS Aircraft Date Added: 20 September 2015 - 07:18 AM Submitter: Andrey Kropotin Short Description: Training circling flight in Rostov (URRR) on Suprunov Design Yak-40 View Video
  8. Hi Good People, The Ford Project Team is happy to advise that 8 more textures have been released at the Ford Project Site. These and the many other Jenny textures we have available will work within both FS2004 and FSX The following liveries are now available (1) Checker Air Cargo...................(2) Buy a Bond (3) League of Nations...................(4) Emma Field Flying Club (5) Manchuria Aviation Company..(6) USAAC (Damaged) (7) Misty Moorings........................(8) Bush Flying Unlimited Number (6) is an experimental "very damaged by gunfire" USAAC camo alternative texture set See the pictures below: They are, of course, available at the Ford Project Web site Click on the Other Aircraft Button and follow the link to the Curtiss Jenny. Regards Your Ford Project Team. Edward Moore and Garry Smith
  9. hey guyzz can you tell me the names of payware to make my flight simulator 2004 or fs9 more realistic .......for examples real pushback textures, flight catering services, fuel trucks baggage conveyor etc etc .. plz help..i had flight simulator x but unfortunately its cd got corrupted some files got missing .. so upgrading to fsx is not a preferred choice for me as my parents will kill me if i bought second one....
  10. Hi there, i just tried the Flight1 Cessna 172R on my FS2004. I follow the described procedures and also looked at some 172R Videos on Youtube, where the fuel pump was clearly audible. But i cannot hear the fuel pump in the Flight1 Cessna 172 (although according to the Instruments, the fuel pump works). Is this a bug on my Installation or is the Sound simply not simulated? I'd like to hear of your experiences. Do YOU hear the fuel pump on this simulated aircraft? Thanks in advance Bodo
  11. Hello, I am aware this is a recurring topic for many users. I have searched the last four days tirelessly on this forum, and another approximate 15 forums. I am having no luck. ISSUE: When loading FS9 it gets to the Splash Screen then stays there. I have to CTL ALT DEL out of it to stop the program. This happened 4 days ago. I exited the program because I was upating some scenery files in my library (again nothing that was a new addition that the program had not had before at some previous point) and I exited the program and when I went to start it up it just stayed at the splash screen. Sometimes it will load the scenery files then freeze, other times it will just freeze right away. I have tried the following things: System Restore Read and tried all of these suggestions from MS Verified DirectX is up-to-date and not missing files Checked for problems with my NVIDIA Card and tried to update it but was unable to. Deleted/Replaced/Renamed FS9.CFG Attempted to modify some of the entries in the FS9.cfg that were previously reccomended. Tried the NO CD replacement of FS9.exe, that one cant find the program. Tried the flight1 registry repair but it cannot find my FS9.exe. I know where it is, the repair tool can't find it. Tried doing a hard boot in safe mode on my computer. Used the event viewer to try and see what is going on and it has numeruous DLL file error reports. No new software was added anytime near the vicinity of the start of this crash. Also the most recent add-on items worked fine for several weeks up to the crash. Other Items of Note: Re-installing is not an option for me. I can't find the other 3 disks anywhere. For some reason I am now getting a message that "Weather.dll is not working properly but other features will be available, the following feature will be disabled". - Still after getting the weather.dll message above, it just stays on the permanent splash screen like normal. I am SO desperate for help here. I don't know what to do. As I said before, I don't know where my other 3 discs are to re-install the game. If I had them I would have re-installed from scratch without a second thought. I know this sounds crazy and lame but this game has been such a huge part of my life the last 9-10 years and I can't imagine what I am going to do not being able to play it anymore. It's extremely depressing. Every night when I get home from work at the airport I go straight to FS9 and start up a flight. I AM BEGGING SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!
  12. So I recently purchased both the Airbus Evolution 1 and 2 products (FS2004, Win7 x64) after having used the PSS Airbuses for many years. I figured I'd give something else a try. Am I doing something wrong or is the autopilot broken? I have a flightplan programmed, have set weights and V-speeds, etc. I click on the buttons for managed modes for lateral and vertical navigation, advance to the FLEX detent, and off we go. At 1500 feet, I go to the CL detent and start bringing in the flaps and click on the AP and AT buttons which have extinguished themselves. I get the NAV and CLIMB annunciators with boxes around them, after which the boxes disappear. At no point in all of this does the autopilot actually capture either vertical or lateral navigation modes. When I revert to OP CLB and HDG, it also refuses to capture them as well. Any thoughts?
  13. Hello there, unfortunately the old topic for that problem is older than 180 days so I had to open a new one... I recently bought the scenery "Samsoft Shanghai Night & Day" for FS2004 at Simmarket. I decided to do so because I also have the "Sky of Taipei" and the "The very Singapore"-sceneries installed from Samsoft and I like both of them pretty much also I know these sceneries are nowadays...well, somewhat "oldfashioned". Now after installation there's a problem showing up at ZSPD, Shanghai Pudong Intl airport: it has no gate-fingers. Maybe you know how dull a scenery can look like if the airport doesn't show up them, even if the building itself is really nice. So I tried to fix it, first of all by mailing Samsoft but unfortunately I didn't receive any answer from them so far. The next thing I tried is to put gate fingers with my scenery maker from Flight1 (v2) but unfortunately they still didn't show up (I experienced that it doesn't work to set any scenery features if it's an addon-product which has to be activated in the scenery library of FS9). So I tried to use the "Runway 9-11"-libraries for enhancing several airports (among them ZSPD) but still the gates won't show up. First I believed that the airport "is meant" to show no gates at all but if you take a look: (link: http://secure.simmar...-(de_445).phtml) Could anyone please give me a hint what I could do to fix that problem? I know that there's a nice scenery of chinese airports (think it's called "AI China" but the link at that chinese site is dead...) available - normally - but I really would like to keep the Samsoft scenery because I like the city environment and the old city airport of Shanghai (Hongqiao/ZSSS) is very nice. I wonder if I'm the only one with that problem though... And anyway, I know that ZSPD changed a lot since Samsoft published the scenery...I think there are two more runways now. Gosh, I even don't think about fixing that problem! Any hints or answers are appreciated and highly welcome! Thanks, Felix
  14. Hi Good People, The Ford Project Team is happy to advise that 8 more textures have been released at the Ford Project Site. These and the many other Jenny textures we have available will work within both FS2004 and FSX The following liveries are now available (1) Checker Air Cargo...................(2) Buy a Bond (3) League of Nations...................(4) Emma Field Flying Club (5) Manchuria Aviation Company..(6) USAAC (Damaged) (7) Misty Moorings........................(8) Bush Flying Unlimited Number (6) is an experimental "very damaged by gunfire" USAAC camo alternative texture set See the pictures below: They are, of course, available at the Ford Project Web site Click on the Other Aircraft Button and follow the link to the Curtiss Jenny. Regards Your Ford Project Team. Edward Moore and Garry Smith
  15. hi does anyone know how to start the carenado cb90 in a cold and dark state. got all manuals but no manual for actual product as such so not sure if options should be available when plane loaded or from start menu (i.e same as wilco citation x) ta very much stuart
  16. Nathan Brooks

    A Cloudy Flight

    Flight was from Montego Bay to the busy streets of Miami, Florida And home time after clearing Immigration & Customs with Patties and Tru-juice I brought from Jamaica.
  17. I'm looking for good freeware KSAN Scenery for FS2004 if anyone knows of any. Thanks.
  18. Hi, where can I download the 747-400F for FS2004? I already have the normal 747 and it works great but I'd also like to have the freighter version. Thanks for help
  19. I'm running FS2004 and the current version of edit voice pack for it. I found a link to the last official update of edit voice pack for FS2004 and the file was dated in 2006. It was the files which you download to your computer and then go into edit voice pack update and do the offline update. It worked great and i was messing with some settings and lost it. I was wondering if anyone here knows where it is? Thanks for the help in advance. If some finds it for me I'll deliver a steak dinner B)
  20. MrRevoSmiley


    Can someone help me my water has no reflection or animation what so ever Ive had this problem for so loooong ​Nothing seems to work Ive been looking at the settings Scrolling up and down on the different Set all to max and the other way around Ive had this problem as far as i can remember So now i turn my hope to someone who can tell me what i can to Ive been thinking maybe im missing a file for the wave effect on the ocean surface "not at the beaches" Ive got fs2004 installed v9.1 Computer: Acer Aspire M3800 Processor: Pentium ® Dual-Core CPU E5400 @ 2.70GHz 2.70GHz Ram: 4GB System windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit HELP!!!
  21. Hello all, I have an older system. I put it together in 2008 to run FS9 "good" on a scale of "poor" to "great". I really havent done much to it since then. I was always using hand me down CRT monitors until I got a tiny Dell LCD that someone was throwing out. Then I came across a really nice Samsung SyncMaster LED monitor, got rid of the VGA cable, plugged in the DVI cable and life was good for a few weeks. Then the video card blew, too old and used too much for such a strain I suppose. It was an EVGA 8400GS 512mb card. I replaced it with a brand new EVGA 8400GS card only this one has a gig of memory. $32 for this new card versus the almost $200 I paid for the old one at the time, great deal. Everything works fine, but I am having some odd displays of airplane textures in FS9. I looked in the Nvidia control panel and during the installation of the new card and drivers (version 335.28) all my previous settings were back to default, apparently. I would imagine my issues lie somewhere in there. My current values are as follows- Anistropic filtering - Application controlled Antialiasing/FXAA - Off Antialiasing/Gamma correction - On Antialiasing/mode - Application controlled Antialiasing/setting - Application controlled Antialiasing/transparency - Off CUDA/GPUs - All Extension limit - Off Maximum pre rendered frames - Use the 3D application setting Multi display/mixed GPU acceleration - Multiple display performance mode Texture filtering/anistropic sample optimization - Off Texture filtering/Negative LOD bias - Allow Texture filtering/Quality - Quality Texture filtering/Trilinear optimization - On Threaded optimization - Auto Triple buffering - Off Vertical sync - Use the 3D application setting As you can see in this screenshot, the default Cessna is dark and the door is oddly illuminated. And in this one from the default PMDG MD-11F FedEx livery, the main cargo door and "something in the back" is displaying weird, including the engine cowling textures. All my in-sim display settings are the same since before I changed the card. I havent noticed any scenery textures displaying oddly, but I havent spent a whole lot of time looking. I am kind of stuck with the system I have at the moment indefinitely, and I really would like to have FS9 run at least as good as it did before I had to make the switch. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  22. Dear developers and users of FS2Crew. I'm a proud user of the voice commander for the PMDG 737 and 747 in FS2004. I mean it when I say that I really love this product, and in a short time I will purchase FS2Crew for my FSX. Coming to the point: On some airports I can't use my AES from Aerosoft for the pushback uttility, so I use the pushback uttility from FS2Crew. The pushback starts without any problem and turning in position is also without any problem. BUT after the tail is pushed in position the pushback keeps pushing my aircraft in to the mountains, sea or buildings, just what ever is crossing my path. I used commands as Stop pushback, stop, cockpit to ground, but nothing works. Is there someone who knows how I can stop these pushbacks. I'm Always spend 45 minutes to an hour for preperations like weather, planning, passengers, configuring the FMC etc. And if the flight is ending op in the sea or something else, then it's an really anoying utiility. Thanks in advance Leon
  23. I have recently reinstalled my windows and I reinstalled my fs9 and active sky. But the active sky won't connect to the flight simulator. I also tried installing REPro and WOAI, they also wouldn't install. I don't get what the problem might be and I've searched untill I can throw away my laptop. I'm running windows 7. REPro always says an erros has occurred and active sky doesn't say anything but if I click on lock to FS position, it won't do that. So I know it is not connected.
  24. Trell-PC-2015-dec-3-012 by HDSimulations Photography, on Flickr Trell-PC-2015-dec-3-009 by HDSimulations Photography, on Flickr Trell-PC-2015-dec-3-004 by HDSimulations Photography, on Flickr Trell-PC-2015-dec-3-007 by HDSimulations Photography, on Flickr Trell-PC-2015-dec-3-006 by HDSimulations Photography, on Flickr Trell-PC-2015-dec-3-003 by HDSimulations Photography, on Flickr Trell-PC-2015-dec-3-002 by HDSimulations Photography, on Flickr I was experimenting with the SkySpirit2010 Boeing 767-100 to see if it was capable of flying out of Pellston within FS2004. Howeveer, enjoy the screenshots.
  25. Hi Good People, We (the Ford Project Team) have finished off a Scenery Expansion Pack of airfields for the Ford Tri-Motor Project. It is a package of 4 historical (1930's era) airfields within the Indo-China area known as Manchukuo. Additionally there is a 5th airfield, a French Colony area known as Fort Bayard which is a link between the Manchukuo group of airfield to the existing Ford-India-Project (see These airfield are all works of fiction but try to capture the look and feel of China in the 1930's See image1 See image2 There is well over 100 special scenery 3D models (using over 800 images) that have been created for this project and there is a mixture from lightly populated to rather heavily populated airfields within this package of 5 airfields. The package is 35mb in zip format. The package is totally self contained - no need for any other Ford Project Scenery to be pre installed. Because of the size and complexities of some of these airfields and the massive amount of unique models being used both Edward and I thought it would be advantagious to get some testing done of the package before we release it to the masses. :-) Therefore, I am seeking some volunteers to contact me for an advanced copy of this scenery pack who will give the 5 airfield a bit of a hammering within their FS2004 environment and let me know if it all runs smoothly with minimum Frame Rate impacts etc. Also for their recommendations on anything that they may notice. You can contact me via a Personal Message through this forum or by e-mail to Regards Garry and Edward Your Ford Project Team