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  1. Finally picked up the F50. Nice, real nice. Only thing I cannot figure out is where are the switches for the cockpit lighting. I found the series of switches on the center console below the throttles, but they are poorly labeled - some work, some don't. If I do a "Ready to Taxi", the panel lights are on but none of the overhead or flood lights. Anyone figure this out yet? Thanks --WH
  2. Will this convince ya' ..from their Facebook page. Cheers --WH
  3. Changing the parameter on the tail wheel as I mentioned works just dandy. Nice suggestion for a little more touch of realism.
  4. Have you tried changing it in the [contact_points] section? Seems easy enough. Under point.0, the eight parameter is set to 35. Change that to 180 and you should have 360 degree caster. --WH
  5. Well, no sense in discussing this any further. I have Milton's D-18 and AT-11, and the Flysimware bundle as well and use the SkySong sounds on all of them. It's a matter of individual preference and setup, mine includes a dedicated SoundBlaster sound card. Nothing negative here, as there are a lot other freeware sounds like those with Milton's B-26 and Juan's DC-3 that I love. There is just not enough time in the day to continually tweak these addons. --WH
  6. Never heard of Skysimworks. How about Skysong Soundworks? Their D18 HD sounds are great and are available for all sims including FSX. --WH
  7. I could not agree more. There are several products from other developers with newer versions I've ignored because my installs are just fine. Basically, newer versions are for changes in P3D which I do not have. The install processes are full uninstall/reinstalls which are fine except they wipe out everything including any modifications such as addon aircraft or tweaks to the aircraft.cfg [fltsim] entries. They don't warn you this is going to happen, so once you learn you have to make an entire copy of the aircraft folder before going through the update process. It's easier for them (the developers) to provide whole versions so they can just replace what is downloaded from the sales website(s), but they seldom let the end customer know the best method for updating. Rant over.. --WH
  8. My that is a pretty repaint. Thanks. --WH
  9. The ONLY way to get a response or action from Carenado is to go to their website and submit a Support Ticket. That may be hard for anyone who purchased their product from another distributor which is why I purchase directly from Carenado. The Support Ticket sets up an e-mail exchange which is tracked under My Account. I've disagreed a couple of times with their response and provided them with more detail or updates on what I'm experiencing, and my responses are automatically recorded against the initial ticket. Anyways, I just wanted to mention this because if everyone filed a Support Ticket on the C337 v2.0 issues it would really get their attention. --WH
  10. My response yesterday from Carenado was different: Greetings, You're right, all you need to do is to download the aircraft again, some textures were corrected in the package. Regards Carenado In other words they confirmed the problem. However, the latest download doesn't fix the problem. After receiving their response I once again uninstalled v1.0 and reinstalled the newer v2.0. In the process I accidently lost my aircraft.cfg and had to reconstruct it to include my addon paints. When done I fired up FSXA and noted that the light blocks are still there. At the moment I'm going to leave the install at v2.0. I hope they do have a "next version" --WH
  11. Much of this is being discussed in the v2.0 thread. I installed v2.0 when released and noted the squares for the nav and landing lights. I'm running FSXA in DX9. I reported the issue to Carenado along with photos (posted on SOH). They responded that I had to change to DX10. Problem is that DX10 does not run well on my setup, and others are having the same issues in DX10. This morning I went back to v1.0. --WH
  12. My latest response from Carenado is to change to DX10. "Greetings, This setting should solve the problem with the lights, this work on DirectX10 Regards Carenado" They do not want to listen. The external lights for V.2 in either DX9 or DX10 are trash. I do not like it when a developer tries to force me to migrate to DX10 because it messes up my scenery and the fix is extensive. The bigger problem (to me) is that developers like Carenado are changing their coding and not advising end users that their product is meant for DX10 only. I just uninstalled V.2 and am back to V.1. --WH
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