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  1. the light from over 10000 feet is really deficient look at this is just like a sepia layer
  2. I had no landing lights until the [sHADERS] folder was cleared and allowed FSX to rewrite the shaders. Is it correct the the BA(2016) has no taxi lights?? How do you insert a picture in your post?
  3. Don't know what I did wrong this time ... I've cleaned up my FSX a bit and uninstalled all the dead wood and now only the DOME light works in the Queen. All the other light knobs and switches to full and no lights display in the cockpit. I've cleaned my SHADERS folder and let FSX write new ones - could that be the reason?? I've done a repair of the Queen with no change. I've tried default scenery since the Queen freaks out at some third party scenery what landing and taxi lights concern but that doesn't bring back the cockpit lights either. Shall I uninstall (again) - I just don't want to go through the activation hassles again that I've experienced with the first install? Ai, ai - if you only want to do a Sunday evening, relaxed, quiet house, flight and then it's a whole rigmarole to sort out a fresh set of issues.
  4. Have been assigning functions in FSX to the buttons on my Saitek quadrant (yoke) and wanted to assign the NAV light to a button. When I select the Controller type=yoke and Event category=lights the only selections under Buttons/Keys I get are Landing lights (6 of them), Lights (all), Panel lights and Strobe lights. What happened to NAV, beacon, taxi lights etc? Any suggestions?
  5. Hi I have just purchased my copy of fsuipc and downloaded Linda 2.5.7 I have some slight problems regarding lights in the 737. If i turn on the panel lights using a switch, when i turn on taxi lights, strobe, Anti-collision (Beacon), they all tend to switch off the panel lights. But turning on landing lights and/or (66376) Logo light, the panel light will remain until one of the other switches is switched. Please note i am very new to all this, so any help would be much appreciated. Also on the console i notice after making a new aircraft module, the next time i start the computer and startup FSX if i want/need to make any adjustments the console always says [E] *** LUA Error: cannot open linda-cfg/aircrafts/Standard 737/config-mcp.lua: No such file or directory. Regardless of this all programing i did all is there (switch assignments) Thanks Phil
  6. Hi I find that when I have the landing lights dim when the panel lights are on. After turning on the panel lights the landing and taxi lights are again bright lights and inside the VC you can still see the landing lights. Darryl
  7. Hi Everybody, I'm trying do get my UT2 traffic a bit better. So I installed the AI TFS A380 which is beautiful. Till now I installed the Emirates and the Singapore Airlines Livery in FSX. The Emirates livery is showing perfectly But to have the Singapore Airlines displayed I need to uncheck the "aircraft shadows" option. Anybody have the same problem or maybe know what happen ? I think it should be something with the texture file which are not treated in the same way ? Thanks in advance for your help. BR Basile
  8. i tried 4 merge, all of them i got 2 erros: 1. Landing Gear don't retract after takeoff 2. Lights don't show up! the last merge i read in an older topic here, i was just using the pss .air file and .cfg file, just replacing contact points and lights section of the .cfg with the posky ones. someone got that error too? how solved it? PS: Using 1.3
  9. Dear All, I have noticed that when I load up my PMDG 777 in FSX all the ai traffic 360 night lights (logo and cabin lights) goes off. When I click the "L" button on keyboard and I maintain it the ai lights starts blinking. Do you know if I can do something or if you can add a fix in your next update ? If somebody else have a tip I take it Thanks Cheers, Basile
  10. Hey everyone, meanwhile, I've been flying my NGX in all different types of conditions, but the NAV light never seems to light up correctly. I have double checked that it was synced up correctly (AKA button pushed) but every single time I go and check the NAV light you cannot even tell it's on, even in a night time setting. The white light on the trailing edge of the wing on the winglet (if applicable) does work properly, as do the rest of the lights.
  11. Hi can anybody please help on this one I have tried various halo files and am happy with the runways, but AI aircfaft lights are VERy difficult to see I am running over 3 monitors with a 680gtx and these settings RUNWAY_LIGHTS_SURFACE_SCALAR=0.7 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_VASI_SCALAR=0.7 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_APPROACH_SCALAR=0.9 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_STROBE_SCALAR=0.8 In real life at night I can see aicrfat fly over my house from miles away, in FSX lucky to see them at 1 mile, has anyone out here managed to get them to look good on a 680gtx? Resolutioln 6054x1080x32 Anyone used A2a's lights and did that solve? I am also running Rex esentials with strobe and landing lights ticked, but runway lights unticked would be very grateful for any assitance
  12. My recent efforts with the usual 'net search methods have proven mostly fruitless, so I thought I'd ask here- When exactly were aircraft anti-collision lights (beyond the red/green wing tip navigation lights and possibly white or red tail light) first used or mandated? If known at all, this could include different answers by civilian/military and country/region also. What I've found so far- In the FAR's: "Aircraft for which type certificate was applied for after April 1, 1957 to August 10, 1971: These anti-collision systems must produce a minimum of 100 effective candela in aviation Red or White, 360 degrees around the aircraft's vertical axis, 30 degrees above and below the horizontal plane." In 1971 and later amendments the requirements improve the direction and brightness of the lighting, but I haven't found any U.S. requirement prior to 1957. According to the Whelen website, "Whelen Engineering began in 1952 when George W. Whelen developed a rotating aircraft 'anti-collision beacon.' " According to the Honeywell website (Honeywell now owns Grimes Manufacturing, another aircraft beacon maker), "Some of the contributions we have made to aircraft lighting include the ... first anti-collision lights ... first xenon strobe ...", but no dates are given. The reason I ask is that I have several WWII and earlier birds for flightsims with various flashing/rotating beacons and strobes and I believe that these are all anachronisms. I want to fly the most accurate representations possible, at least in simulations. The MAAM-SIM XC-47C even has physical elements of the 3D model to represent the rotating beacons. It's quite likely that other sim vintage aircraft have lighting systems modeled after modern planes rather than the way they really were. Sometimes this can be due to copying the appearance of an existing airframe that has been retrofitted, but I think it's more often due to ignorance on the part of the model designer(s). I don't blame them so much though, as info on the evolution of aircraft lighting systems just doesn't seem to be readily available.
  13. Hey, I don't know how I missed this earlier while flying in PNW, but are these KSEA lights normal? Is it normal that they are floating in air? I have reinstalled PNW (with .005 patch - which my installer has), and the latest Jan 2013 libraries. Thoughts? EDIT: IMAGES VIOLATE OUR IMAGE SIZE RESTRICTIONS. Before you post images anywhere on AVSIM again, you need to read and then adhere to our image policies. Please do not upload images until you do so. Thank you.
  14. Hello dear forum members, recently i've noticed a weird thing in my P3D, which may have been before, but i didn't see that. So, the problem is about night flying. When flying at night time, there are lots of lights, traffic, scenery, etc.., and, when I look at these lights straight, I don't see them until i come about 6-9 miles to them. BUT, when I look at them with my "side vision", those lights are nice a clear. Here's a pic of this thing happening. Hope for your help. Thank you
  15. I'm enjoying the MAAM DC-3, especially now that I know how to make the exterior textures show up (turn off DirectX 10 preview in FSX options), how to switch to a medium-res VC to keep my framerate usable, and how to make the yoke disappear so that I can see the ADF (I love NDB navigation, and the one thing I liked about the FSX stock DC-3 was the prominently-positioned RMI). I have a question, though -- are the landing lights realistic? I know they're going to be a lot brighter than the landing light in my little real-life Piper Warrior, but they seem to illuminate a huge are in front of the aircraft, with a much wider beam than I would have expected. I'm interested to know if FSX forced some compromises there.Also, is there a way to make the interior lighting more realistic at night (where "realistic" is based on my experience of flying Pipers and Cessnas at night, so may need to be adjusted for the DC-3).Thanks,David
  16. Hi, hope the beacon lights and strobes will be a little bit better after the sp1, because in fact they're not really nice and realistic. The beacon lights normally on 737 NG aircrafts light up the engine cowls and the winglets ( reflection ). Hope they did it in the upcoming sp1 and the strobes could be a little bit brighter.Well, PMDG is my favourite addon creator!Best regards, Tom
  17. OK Let’s have some fun, here’s a little Quiz for everyone Identify the Airport in the picture (ICAO name) Doing this will expose Night Environment’s next regional project Whoever uncovers the airport location first; gets a free copy of this upcoming NE region release To participate; make a single post that includes only the airport ICAO, This will be your official entry! pls, guys… we use the honor system; no edits! multiple entries are acceptable; but only your last entry counts as your final vote! If the correct location has been identified; the location and the winner will be announced next Sunday you must make your vote on this thread to participate http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=80078 Good luck to all
  18. Hi all, I have just installed REX and just tried to land at Sitka (PASI) in the dark, with no landing lights. Bearing in mind that this is the older Carenado Stationair, which I have not had any troubles with, I tried on approach to turn them on, but to no avail. The light itself didn't even light up, so it isn't a problem with the FSX setting allowing lights to illuminate the ground. So after this episode, I tried the taxi lights...nothing. A different plane...nothing. A Project Airbus A318-111 lit up on the plane itself, but the ground remained dark. I googled the problem and it came up with a REX problem, so I reverted back to my initial back-up files so that all textures were now default, but still nothing in the aircraft I tried. Then I looked at the aircraft.cfg files of my aircraft and noticed this in the Carenado 206: [lights] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing light.0 = 3, -2.97, -18.05, 3.45, fx_navredcarenstat light.1 = 3, -2.97, 18.05, 3.45, fx_navgrecarenstat light.2 = 4, -3.27, 0, 2.05, fx_vclight light.3 = 1, -21.1, 0, 7.5, fx_beaconcarenstat light.4 = 2, -3.2, -18.11, 3.45, fx_strobecarenstat light.5 = 2, -3.2, 18.11, 3.45, fx_strobecarenstat light.6 = 3, -20.99, 0, 1.98, fx_navwhicarenstat No landing lights anywhere - none of the lights are type 5, which is what I would expect? Project Airbus planes illuminate the plane itself, but not the ground, since they include a different file, namely fx_PAland: light.5=5, 12.570000, -10.48, -5.81, fx_PAland , light.6=5, 12.570000, 10.48, -5.81, fx_PAland , but even they do not show up. Maybe I am completely wrong, but I think this is where the problem lies, and that with all aircraft...! Help?
  19. Hi everybody, I've noticed that when I load up my PMDG 777 in FSX at night, all the Traffic 360 ai aircraft night lighting at the gate (tail logo and cabin lights) goes off. When I press "L" on the keyboard and I maintain it the AI lights starts blinking. I've tested with other aircrafts and they work well. So should come from the PMDG 777. If you can help me would be really nice Thanks Cheers
  20. hi, my "problem" is not the autothrottle itself. next to the lights test switch, there is some sort of panel with three lights: A/P, A/T and FMC. The A/T is always flashing during approach, but especially when i select a new flap setting. EXAMPLE: i select flaps 1, then reduce my speed to the "number 1" that appears on the speed tape. Please, if i am making any mistake, correct me and i will thank you. thanks in advance tatin 98
  21. I am going to apologize up front for asking this question, but I have tried everything (including contacting Friendly Panels). Friendly Panels "answer" was DX is a "preview" and we do not support it! I want to thank Steve Parsons (and others) again for all their work on DX10. I have installed tested and reinstalled V3.2.2 patches, and I still cannot find a solution. I am going to provide links for 4 pictures on my King Air 350 wing tip navigation lights, two with DX and two without DX on. I will also include here the aircraft.cfg changes related to lighting. These are the changes I made to aircraft.cfg: Default King Air which Friendly Panels builds from: [LIGHTS] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit light.0 = 1, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, ballast light.1 = 2, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, ballast light.2 = 3, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, ballast light.3 = 3, 0.56, -28.41, 1.97, fx_navred , light.4 = 3, 0.56, 28.41, 1.97, fx_navgre , light.5 = 3, -31.20, 0.00, 9.75, fx_navwhi , light.6 = 2, 0.89, -28.48, 1.87, fx_strobe , light.7 = 2, 0.89, 28.48, 1.87, fx_strobe , light.8 = 1, -26.30, 0.00, 9.89, fx_beacon , light.9 = 2, -4.55, 0.00, -1.85, fx_strobe , light.10 = 4, 4.91, 0.00, 1.64, fx_vclight, King Air aircraft.cfg created by Friendly Panels and modified by me: [LIGHTS] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit light.0 = 1, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, ballast light.1 = 2, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, ballast light.2 = 3, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, ballast ;light.3 = 3, 0.56, -28.41, 1.97, fx_navred , ;light.4 = 3, 0.56, 28.41, 1.97, fx_navgre , ;light.5 = 3, -31.20, 0.00, 9.75, fx_navwhi , ;light.6 = 2, 0.89, -28.48, 1.87, fx_strobe , ;light.5 = 2, 0.89, 28.48, 1.87, fx_strobe , ;light.8 = 1, -26.30, 0.00, 9.89, fx_beacon , ;light.9 = 2, -4.55, 0.00, -1.85, fx_strobe , light.3 = 4, 4.91, 0.00, 1.64, fx_vclight, I have NOT changed anything else in the aircraft.cfg files for either the Default or the Friendly Panels version of the King Air. If I change the Friendly Panel lines for nav and strobe to not be comments, I get double lights on external view and still no view of wingtip lights from cockpit. I can not get my wing tip navigation and strobe lights to work on the Friendly Panels version, when I try and view them from the cockpit EITHER virtual or 2D. I did try it with the above changes without DX and they work OK (can be seen from cockpit). In both NoDX and DX they can be seen from the external views. ANY ideas or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. The links for the pictures are: No DX-10 left and right wing tips from the cockpit: https://www.box.com/s/uode4cqj9jdf12g8p1mf https://www.box.com/s/4o2wlk28ltwxtfgzku43 With DX-10 left and right wing tips from the cockpit: https://www.box.com/s/na4rqtn07ub8odulxcc2 https://www.box.com/s/2z0kgaxpenqxcpzxhypt ANY ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have read ALL of the documents on AVSM regarding DX-10 and searched the Forums for similar circumstances but I can not seem to find an answer. THANKS!!!!
  22. Hi all, I have a problem where by the flood lights in the FSL A320X vanish depending on the angle I'm viewing (see video below). Also the same thing happens with the taxi lights on PMDG's 777. Does anyone have an idea of how to solve or further diagnose?
  23. Hi there, Would the light problem in the image below be a DX10 related issue? If so, is there anyway I could fix this? I use Steve's Fixer program and have the latest version installed. The problem only occurs for a short period (currently about 15 minutes) at early dusk from around 15h15 to 15h30 local time. Before 15h15 and after 15h30 the lights look normal. I did switch to DX9 and the problem went away - which is why I think it must relate to a DX10 issue? I use FSX-SE and have never seen this or any other DX10 problems before. I was flying the PMDG NGX. Thanks and regards, Rhett Kelly Order Number: FSS0274286 (SteveFX's DX10 Scenery Fixer) PC Specs: Intel i7 Haswell 4770K 3.4Ghz O/C to 4.3GHz CPU, GTX 780 3GB 256bit O/C, 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM, Windows 8.1 FSX:SE DX10
  24. Thank you for a GREAT addition to our aircraft hanger! I've been searching the forum for a possible answer and forgive me if this is a repeat - but - is it just on my rig but when I turn on the panel (back) lighting it's as if everything is out of focus? Don't know if I explain correctly but on the overhead panel and autopilot panel you can hardly make out what it says because it's as if there is a second layer that highlights the letters. I'll take a screenshot next time if this is unclear. Back to the tutorials because thousands of hours in a Boeing or Airbus means nada, ziltch, zero when you learn to start-up and fly this MadDog ...........
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