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  1. YAY! They only ever have sales.... what, twice a year? I want to upgrade KMCO Orlando, been messing with the old blueprint for long enough but I'm stuck FSX. Did they add the new south terminal to the other releases too or just p3dv5?
  2. thanks for the post rightseat! liking the lancair... promo says there's 3 days left as of today...
  3. I constantly monitor ADSB/TISB/MLAT, and everything I look at here in Florida has been doing faster than 250 without reduction until they get to 5000, even the VFR's if capable. The ATC doesn't complain about over-speeds either... I suppose it could of been covid related with the reduced traffic, but even today they're still zooming through...
  4. If the statistics from steamdb are accurate, now is the time to get X-Plane 11 on sale for $39, with the Halloween, Black Friday, and Christmas sales the only other times to get it discounted... too bad im not passing through Argentina or Brasil where its in the (converted to us$) single digits.. https://steamdb.info/app/269950/
  5. ah ok pulse lights! this whole time i thought they were something completely different ... 😛 i was figuring that the flyables would need the full effect to be modeled, BUT what I'm trying to do is add a simple *.fx to AI traffic for virtual spotting purposes. No ground interaction needed since i have things like ground shadows turned off to get higher traffic levels...
  6. fully loaded with rev and fuel? sure it's a stretch, but doing a high density short-haul flight? easy, just ask any JAL or ANA -400D pilot.... flying empty only needs about a 4000 ft rollout like ive seen Kalitta do at MIA... As for FLL, their expansion as represented in the scenery was for that very reason of taking some of the international heavy traffic away from MIA.
  7. dont forget to pick up the free dlc's with it too... i suppose we can say theres some flying in this, like an Avatar dino with a rocket booster...
  8. Noticed that in the real world, the 250 kt speed restriction ceiling has now changed from 10000 ft down to 5000 ft. Is there any way to apply this to the sim? And can this be done in P3D and X-Plane when I get them? Also, I've browsed through old threads on how to edit FX files for different lighting effects, BUT i still can't figure out how to successfully get the specific SWA style LED wigwag landing light effect (left on/right off,right on/left off, repeat) I've tried doing it as recognition lights but didn't notice any difference... anyone figure out how?
  9. Just logged into my account to check what versions i had from the first sale, and it appears that if you already got the P3dv4 version, it is also now including the V5 update with that purchase.
  10. nice, I suppose we could see a v2 for the new platforms later on but i do want to ask which is the better mudhen: the milviz or the iris?
  11. Found a new forum over on Reddit for cheapskates, this came out a few days ago but still works. Never heard of IndieGala before, but will be checking for more deals there... https://freebies.indiegala.com/airport-madness-world-edition/ Part Tower 2011, part Air Havoc Controller, this game from 2015 is still listed over on Steam for $9.99. The download can be a little tricky to find for new users of their site. once logged in and claimed, it will be located in the showcase tab of your Library page for download.
  12. still younger than FSX! (and just as popular for some) *lol* Yeah for the next two weeks (till June 11) they are giving away a game as part of their Epic Mega Sale. This week's giveaway is for the $60 turn-based strategy game called Sid Meier's Civilization VI. Not exactly the kind of game I play, but i guess it's something to try for later.... the cnet article also mentions another unrelated "Doom-based" Chex-Mix freebee that just dropped... I could swear the voice actor they got for the first commercial sounds a lot like the guy who does the Professor on Futurama... Epic are also giving away a $10 off coupon for another purchase worth $14 or more during the sale, so I could pick up something like the original classic Ghostbusters Remastered for just $5, which IMO is much better spent than on whatever that garbage was in the theaters a few years ago.
  13. yes yes i know but i mean 3rd party mods like we do with flight sim
  14. 78 gb just for vanilla... what does the space on a player's rig loaded with mods actually need for it?
  15. hmm, might want to update the title since its GTA V, before I looked I was thinking of quips for vice city (though i did see a youtube once where someone ported over the old maps from previous releases and the only way to get there was to fly or cruise..... "This is captain Helga welcome you aboard United Airlines to Vice City, please sit down be quiet or Helga DeeStroy! Thank you" lol that was a funny series too...
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