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  1. In an email sent to a variety of flight simming sites today, Microsoft announced that Customer Support for FSX has expired. In the announcement, Jennifer Paige, Community Manager for Microsoft Studios said; "Customer Support for FSX has expired here at Microsoft. What does this mean? We will no longer be answering support emails or hosting various updates and download files for the FSX product. Why has it ended? It simply ran its course, all products will hit a support expiration at some point, FSX has hit that date." Microsoft will announce the closure of support in the XBOX forums and will provide links to the various community sites for fellow flight sim enthusiasts. AVSIM will be one of those sites. You can join our forum discussion here.
  2. Microsoft today released the P-40 single engine world war two fighter for Flight today. The P-40 as released does not include a cockpit. AVSIM Member Kabronicus describes the P-40; "Famous for its "shark mouth" paint jobs, the P-40 was one of the most popular Allied fighter planes in WWII. This classic aircraft's agility makes it ideal for tests of maneuverability such as collecting Aerocaches. The version in Microsoft Flight is the P-40B, with a 1000 HP in-line V-12 engine and a top speed of over 300 knots." You can read more about it in the forum topic started by Kabronicus here.
  3. Hi, I have a terrible problem. I've downloaded the FSX SP1 and install it. But not succeded. While about 3 minutes remaining, it says : "Error1935. Error occured during installation of assembly "Microsoft.FlightSimulator.Simconnect... bla bla bla... Please refer to help and support for more information". Can anyone help me fix it??? Thanks
  4. until now they only show a few gameplay cut videos and trailers but I not sure how can people spend 60 to 130 $ in a sim that they didn't release yet any full gameplay video I think they could release 1 video of 30 minutes doing a VFR flight and another video of 30 minutes doing an IFR flight with an airliner I think should be a minimum to show the customer what they bought cause I m on the alpha and even the final version will be a big update from alpha I already have an idea what I gonna get, but with an NDA and a few cut video if I wasn't on the alpha it will difficult to decide to preorder without any information on what is it in and a decent length video showing all the things. they still have a few Thursday to drops more information but once they announced please more info, and at the same time I wanna congrats all the devs and communication team cause they did a great job giving updates every week almost from September
  5. Hi, I have just bought a new Dell inspiron 15r (unfortunately with defaulted windows 8) and have installed FSX on it, but notice it keeps crashing whenever I start, load, save or end a flight when I've crashed the plane. I have installed the 2sp's for FSX but that hasn't fixed the problem. I have also updated win 8 to 8.1 but that still hasn't fixed the problem. I only use Just Flight 742s, 743s, 332s, 333s, 342s, 343s, and md80s and have no freeware planes taken out. All of the settings except graphics and aircraft quality are at absolute minimal! How do I fix this? (BTW I also have an unused Win 7 Dell XPS Gaming Laptop that's currently at the repair shop 'cause of some hard drive difficulty. Specs: Dell inspiron 15r Windows 8.1 8gb ram radeon graphics i7 intel proccessing chip
  6. Does anybody know of some sweet looking 737 airplanes that are free. Also are there any that have a lot of bells and whistles like auto landing.
  7. I am a beginner software developer... And basically I'm trying to make a sound pack for fsx... Now then... To have the working sounds, this would mean that the sounds were constantly playing in FSX while you were flying INSIDE the aircraft. So I basically want a constant sound inside the aircraft. Now I understand this would mean putting it into the sound folder in the flight simulator aircraft, but I am wondering how I would configure Flight Simulator to play these sounds while the aircraft is Flying and the battery is turned on. I understand that it has something to do with the .Cfg Sound file but I'm unsure what exactly I have to do to it... Could someone help? Thanks!
  8. Virtual Blue: Exciting New Things, For a New Year, At Virtual Blue New York, NY | 12/27/2012 While still wrapping up our most successful year to date, Virtual Blue CEO Petey Shivery released to the world that "the organization is looking forward to an even better year; a year filled with development, service, and improvement for all our pilots." Virtual Blue is continuing to make itself an organization that stands out from the crowd, an enjoyable and fun-filled organization that can be joined by any pilot looking to learn. The Chief Executive Officer has already announced, with the help of many donations, that they will be seeing an official video come 2013. "The video," Shivery has stated, "is something that resembles our organization completely and is certainly something to look out for." Since its release in August, Virtual Blue has been looking forward to its official video, and now it will be able to be seen throughout the world in 2013. In addition, Virtual Blue has announced updates to its ACARS system, dispatching center, and website come 2013. Also, the institution of our flight dispatcher position and soon to be VATSIM ATO rated training program will all be updates to look out for in the new year. Dimitri Trofimuk, the Chief of Information Technology, has been working since the organization's release for the latest software for Virtual Blue pilots to use. He has already improved Dynife, the in-flight entertainment system, that can make a four hour plane ride seem like four minutes. We would like to thank Trofimuk for all his hard work in 2012 and cannot wait to see what happens in 2013. Now, when you are looking towards the new year, make sure you are looking for an organization that is constantly updating to fit the needs of its pilots. At Virtual Blue, there is never a day where we do not think about our talented pilots. Think about it, because we do! Exciting new things are happening. It is time to join today: http://flyvblue.org/.'>http://flyvblue.org/. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About Virtual Blue Virtual Blue (VB) is a virtual airline organization based in the games of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X. We are a community of aviation enthusiasts and real world pilots who wish to take their aviation experience to the next level, through the use of a virtual airline. Our virtual airline, Virtual Blue, simulates real world schedules and procedures of JetBlue Airways. Being a simulated version of JetBlue Airways in the flight simulation world allows our pilots to operate throughout the Americas, using their fleet of Embraer E190 and Airbus A320 aircraft. Using their established core values of safety, caring, fun, integrity, and passion; Virtual Blue creates a community that surpasses any other virtual airline. Virtual Blue was originally founded in 2009 by many initial founders that are present in the organization today; including Petey Shivery and Austin Forrest. After a few years of reorganization, Virtual Blue reopened in 2012 better than ever including a redesigned system and ACARS for all pilots. Today, Virtual Blue is one of the newest, premiere virtual airlines to hit the skies. It features hundreds of routes and an extremely active community ran by VATSIM's finest members. Our community makes up diverse cultures from around the world aiming to ensure a positive, aviation enthusiast community for all members. Links hr@flyvblue.org - Email Us! http://flyvblue.org/ - Join Us! http://facebook.com/flyvblue/ - Like Us! http://twitter.com/flyvblue/ - Tweet us! (@flyvblue) Ben Johnson Corporate Communications Virtual Blue ###
  9. Hello AVSIM!! I just bought FLIGHT last night and I'm loving it!So I try to start Flight today with my wired xbox controller and doesn't control the game anymore. The game recognizes it in the drop down box but when I try to map a button to it, the game doesn't respond. Its clearly not receiving commands from my controller. The controller cannot navigate the menu at all. And when flying, none of the buttons do anything except the left joystick. the left joystick is the only function that seems to have remained.I tried both my wireless and wired controller. restarting, unplugging, and run as admin but to no avail. Same thing for both. Does the same thing with 3 different wireless controllers and the one wired controller.any suggestions to get this gamepad to work again? thanks very much, and thanks AVISM for having a Microsoft flight dedicated forum!
  10. hey guys Ive started my world tour yesterday and decided to share the world tour with you guys:) ill keep you updated and post some screenies once i figure out how :/?
  11. Hello, Guys! Have you played MS flight? If YES then please tell me "What's the difference b/w FSX and MS Flight?" Also what do you think will Microsoft add new Aircrafts like B777, A330, A380 etc in next versions? Some people say that Microsoft will finish the FSX in future. So how much is it right? Best Regards, AP,
  12. Hey guys! Well.... i've just about had it with MFSX . When I built a new computer mostly for FSX I installed windows 8 on it (I know.... bad move), and sure enough i was getting all kinds of joystick problems, so yes i tried FSUIPC registered, disabling this and that blah blah blah.. And recently i took part in the cross the pond westbound just yesterday, and right when i got my oceanic clearence... BAM! Fatal error! So i was sick of it and uninstalled windows 8 and installed windows 7. I just got FSX up and running, Installed FSUIPC, REX and applied all the tweaks, and now when i try to run.... "Flight simulator was unable to load some program files and will now exit. Pleae reinstall FS....". That was the final strike. I checked for fixes and there are none and even if there are i dont really want to go back to it, i want to try something new. So prepar3d, which has support, developers, communities ect. However I have some questions about it before i buy. Most addon software now give the option for prepar3d which is great, however do PMDG aaircraft work fine? I know you can make them work but is it a hassle? I really enjoy playing on VATSIM so i was wondering if squawkbox works fine. Also, do you get random errors in game like in FSX? Are there a bunch of tweaks to add to the config file? Do you recomend i make the change? If you want my specs just for info there on my profile, and a list of addons i use(ed) in FSX: (in case you want to tell me something on compatibility). PMDG aircraft, looking to get the 777 Catpain sim 777 aerosoft airports and scenery REX ( I know they have prepar3d support) FSUIPC(Not sure if you use it in P3D?) SweetFX P.S. Did any of you use the "FSX to prepar3d migration tool" on the simmarket? Thanks a lot and hope to hear back from you soon!
  13. Hi everyone. Few days ago I uninstalled some addons and installed the Carenado C337 and since this moment the startup loading take 5 minutes at the autogen loading and when the game is started I have no autogen at all ! I tried with a clen fsx.cfg, logbook.bin... But nothing happens. Do you have any solution for me ? Thanks in avance guys !
  14. Kotaku, a Game focused web site, is tonight reporting that the Microsoft Aces Studios title "Flight" has had development stopped. In the article written by Jason Schreier, the site reports that "Microsoft has informed Kotaku that they have not shut down the studio but it has ended development on flight simulator Microsoft Flight and Project Columbia, a Kinect interactive TV project ." In an unattributed quote, Kotaku reports; "Microsoft Studios is always evaluating its portfolio of products to determine what is best for gamers, families and the company, and this decision was the result of the natural ebb and flow of our portfolio management. Many factors were considered in the difficult decision to stop development on "Microsoft Flight" and "Project Columbia," but we feel it will help us better align with our long-term goals and development plans. For "Microsoft Flight," we will continue to support the community that has embraced the title and the game will still be available to download for free at http://www.microsoft.com/games/flight/." You can read the entire artilce here: http://kotaku.com/5929141/microsoft-shuts-down-vancouver+based-studio Note that AVSIM has requested confirmation of this news directly from Microsoft. We will update this article to reflect any communication we receive. You can join the forum conversation here.
  15. MS today released some teaser images of their soon to be released scenery add-on for MS FLIGHT. FLIGHT of course is their latest product in the flight simulation genre'. You can view more of the images here. You can participate in the AVSIM Forum discussion here.
  16. My questions is this: With so many brilliant scenery designers, aircraft modellers, and computer fs nerds out there; how come nobody has created a new flight simulator like fsx? Pardon my igorance, but why would a company like Orbx make awesome scenery for fsx, and not be focusing their energy on making New Flight Sim awesomeness 2015 or something of their own ....think $$$$$$? Is it hard to build something like flight simulator x? I guess that's a rhetorical quesion...interface design, art design, marketing, scenery design and programming, simulation physics, aircraft modelling, access to huge photo-based resources like satellite imagery, and an army of creatives trepsing around the world taking tens of thousands of reference photographs and video, 80 underpaid recent computer design grads on 50 computers doing blend masking of shorelines.... yadayadayada I guess you needed Microsoft and Aces for something that big. Or no? Everyone cries for a new base fs engine, but is anyone building one? It seems that there is ample talent out there to do it...what's missing? Hell, I'd pay to start up a company to get something like that going! I think there would be huge bucks to be made from it...and a continuation of the hobby. I don't know. Motts Clamato Caesar is doing the typing tonight ; )
  17. Hi There! I'm new here, but was advised by a fellow Flight pilot, HB1PC3, to join this website to ask for much needed help. As I am also posting to msFLIGHTS.net & FSDeveloper.com to ask for the same advice, I have posted all the problematic information to a page within my own website, at: http://www.smartartsplus.co.uk/flightadvice.htm in the hope that someone out there in the virtual Flight skies can help me relaunch my game. Thanking you in anticipation of a solution! Paul J. Hopkins (aka Lordnum)
  18. Do you like flying in good weather conditions, but you are tired of seeing the same cumulus clouds over and over again? This addon inserts a new weather theme with 256 randomly generated weather cells in Microsoft Flight: Mixed Fair Weather Enjoy a variety of cloud formations as you travel around the world in good weather conditions. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/h00plp5s1ocgnv5/Mixed_fair_weather_theme.zip How to Install: Install the file Mixed_fair_weather_theme.flightAddon with the latest version of the Flight Toolkit by stonelance.
  19. http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_MICROSOFT_BALLMER?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2013-08-23-09-41-44 yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. :( Hi my name is andrew, i have a some problems with the lights on my aircrafts. On the ground the lights are in position and ok, strobe, landing, position...... When takeoff around 2000 or 3000 feets the lighs disappear, Im using the dx10 on fsx, and i install al the patches or I tried all possible solutions, fixes of dx10 have any idea or solution?? Thanks!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  21. Joshua Howard was kind enough to provide answers to AVSIM's follow-up questions following the announced stopping of development on Flight. Here is a "mini-review" of sorts. AVSIM: We have a number of questions we would love to ask, but the predominant one is regarding external development. Are you considering allowing third parties continuing development of FLIGHT? Would you provide the SDK's under license to another or others? Joshua: There is no facility to allow 3rd parties to independently develop content for Microsoft Flight. Though we had hoped to offer this capability in the future, as the product stands today it’s not possible. AVSIM: Do you foresee then a point in time in the not too distant future, where the work on Flight could form the basis of FSX11? Or, is there some other possible road that MS ACES might move down to continue the genre’? Joshua: Those are difficult questions, because on one hand I can’t discuss unannounced product, and on the other hand the company never wants to say never. It should be clear that there is no current effort to continue with a Flight type product. The team itself is dispersing into other projects. But, who knows what the future might bring? I wouldn’t want anyone to hold out any false hopes, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if after some period of time the company reconsidered. We are constantly evaluating our portfolio and making changes – right now Flight doesn’t fit, but it might again in the future. It’s an unsatisfactory answer, but it’s the best I’ve got for you. AVSIM: Thank you Joshua. We do appreciate your candor with us.
  22. Jennifer Paige, Community Manager for Microsoft Studios today provided us an announcement regarding MS FLIGHT. Here's what Jennifer provided us: "New Microsoft Flight Update Now Available. Here are the changes included in this latest update: We made a few changes to help address an issue that was causing some players to crash when starting the game. We addressed an issue that was causing a CRC validation error for some players. We also made some adjustments to help improve Windows 8 compatibility. A special thank you to all the players who participated in the beta test of this build! Your efforts are appreciated."
  23. The FSX Fleet is an extremely realistic virtual military! We teach our students what it takes to be truly great pilots. We have an Air Force and a Navy, flying such airframes as the F-15, F-22, B-1, C-17, C-5, VRS F-18 Superbug, and a custom E-2C Hawkeye. We also have an active Aerial Refueling Squadron, which flies the KC-10 and the KC-45. Refueling is part of standard Advanced Pilot training. We would love to see some engaged pilots enter our ranks! So, apply today at FSXFleet.com!
  24. In response to an AVSIM inquiry regarding the status of FLIGHT after last night's reporting by various gamer sites, Joshua Howard, Team Lead at the Game Studios provided AVSIM a statement which does confirm that development of the FLIGHT product has ceased. Here it is in part; "It’s important to be precise about what actually happened. Microsoft decided to end active development of Microsoft Flight, but the product itself will continue to stay live and continue to be actively managed as a community. New users can still download it, and existing users can still play it, with full access to whatever content they have purchased. It’s always a difficult decision to end active development like this, especially with such a dedicated and committed team. But ultimately this was the right decision for Microsoft.". We hope to be asking Mr. Howard some follow-on questions, which we know the community is anxious to hear the answers to. We'll report on those shortly.
  25. Front page news just posted: In an email sent to a variety of flight simming sites today, Microsoft announced that Customer Support for FSX has expired. In the announcement, Jennifer Paige, Community Manager for Microsoft Studios said; "Customer Support for FSX has expired here at Microsoft. What does this mean? We will no longer be answering support emails or hosting various updates and download files for the FSX product. Why has it ended? It simply ran its course, all products will hit a support expiration at some point, FSX has hit that date." Microsoft will announce the closure of support in the XBOX forums and will provide links to the various community sites for fellow flight sim enthusiasts. AVSIM will be one of those sites.
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