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  1. lgflyer

    Windows 8 keeps crashing

    Hi again, I have to run FSX in admin mode as it won't start unless I do that. I run Trend Micro Security as my Protection and I have asked them whether it actually affects FSX and they have replied as no. I have also done this with Windows Firewall and have gotten the same result. I'm considering whether I should actually reinstall it on my computer in a separate directory.
  2. Hi, I am a long time user of MSFS and have bought a new Dell inspiron 15r with Windows 8 on it and have installed FSX on it. After finding out it keeps on crashing, I brought down the settings on everything except Graphics and Aircraft Quality but that didn't work. I tried uninstalling all freeware aircraft I had on FSX and sticking with all my payware planes but that didn't work. I installed the two Service Packs for FSX AND Tried updating to Windows 8.1 but even that didn't work. I love FSX but now it's becoming really frustrating :angry: as it crashes whenever I save, load, start, end or accidentally crash into terrain. I have tried converting fsx.cfg into Fsx.orig but that made my computer really slow for 2 minutes. I have adequate RAM, Hard Drive Space and Video Card but it just doesn't work! How can I solve this? Thanks. ======================================= Computer Specs: Dell Inspiron 15R with Intel i7 Core with 2GHz and an AMD Radeon Graphics Card with 8GB RAM and 1TB Hard Drive Space (793GB Remaining).
  3. lgflyer

    Windows 8 keeps crashing

    Sorry for the misleading title. It's FSX that keeps crashing. I'm making a new post and deleting this one.
  4. Hi, I have just bought a new Dell inspiron 15r (unfortunately with defaulted windows 8) and have installed FSX on it, but notice it keeps crashing whenever I start, load, save or end a flight when I've crashed the plane. I have installed the 2sp's for FSX but that hasn't fixed the problem. I have also updated win 8 to 8.1 but that still hasn't fixed the problem. I only use Just Flight 742s, 743s, 332s, 333s, 342s, 343s, and md80s and have no freeware planes taken out. All of the settings except graphics and aircraft quality are at absolute minimal! How do I fix this? (BTW I also have an unused Win 7 Dell XPS Gaming Laptop that's currently at the repair shop 'cause of some hard drive difficulty. Specs: Dell inspiron 15r Windows 8.1 8gb ram radeon graphics i7 intel proccessing chip
  5. I've noticed some of my woAI planes do this. I find that Air Canada Jazz and Express Planes either flying Vancouver Seattle or Vancouver Kelowna reach their cruising altitude, then the plane starts nose-diving into the ground, then they diasppear... It's scary - almost every 1 in 3 ai planes crash in canada for me...