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  1. Hi ! I have a problem, today when i started FSX (it was the third time that i started fsx this day), it crashed before the main screen, i can't even choose an aircraft or anything else. The error log says that api.dll is the faulty module. I'm running on W8.1, i5-3570k@4.5GHz, 8Gb RAM and a GTX670. Any help would be appriciated, thanks.
  2. Hello, I just installed the RXP GNS430/530 WAAS and when I install the RXP with the Realair Duke V2 config panel, everytime it crash when FSX is loading, same for Carenado's planes with rxp installers. But when I install the RXP with the default rxp installer it works and no crash. Can anyone help me ? Thanks in advance. I can't have a 3D GNS and the default gps's remains here, that's a little anoying.
  3. MattX

    SSD and photoreal scenery

    Thank you guys ! I thinked of the LOD RADIUS this morning and I'm going to try if it corrects it and I'm flying at max 250gs with the Duke B60. And for the OC of my CPU I want do to it but I need a new ventirad and tips because I don't know how to do it. :/ And I set my LOD R to 6.5 and it is running smooth, maybe I'll set it to 7.5 but i'm satisfied for the moment, thanks everybody !
  4. MattX

    SSD and photoreal scenery

    And on your PC no blurry textures like on my picture ?
  5. MattX

    SSD and photoreal scenery

    Hi cianpars, thanks for your answer. I know that the loadings will be shorter, but this isn't what I want. And I have a i5-3570K@3.4GHz and a GTX 670 and my FSX is running smooth so I don't think this is because of my hardware. And when I pause my FSX and wait like 30s the textures become less blurry so I think that the textures take a "long" time to load on the hdd but on top of the mountains even if I wait the textures stay like this.
  6. Hello ! I've downloaded California and Arizona photoreal sceneries by BlueSky Sceneries. But for the moment my sceneries (due to their size) are installed on my hdd and fsx on my ssd. And I plan on buying a SSD to install more addons and sceneries. On my HDD the scenery looks a little blurry (see the picture) and my question is, this problem is because of the hdd and if yes, the ssd will correct it or not ? Thanks in advance.
  7. MattX

    Autogen loading problem

    I've already done this many times but thanks for your answer.
  8. Hi everyone. Few days ago I uninstalled some addons and installed the Carenado C337 and since this moment the startup loading take 5 minutes at the autogen loading and when the game is started I have no autogen at all ! I tried with a clen fsx.cfg, logbook.bin... But nothing happens. Do you have any solution for me ? Thanks in avance guys !
  9. MattX

    Reinstallation and serial

    Ok thanks, I don't need to unregister the product with the FMC ?
  10. Hi ! I have a question, I plan to reinstall my FSX on another hard drive, can I use the serial for my PMDG's twice ? Thanks in advance ! PS : I love your aircrafts !
  11. MattX

    No Roads In Fsx

    Up :huh:
  12. MattX

    No Roads In Fsx

    I've seen this forum but when re-installing FTX Global nothing change and I've replaced the ftx roads textures with another texture and nothing change. I've seen that it can be an error with the terrain.cfg.
  13. MattX

    No Roads In Fsx

    Since the beginning but I've reinstalled FSX and directly installed FTX. So this is maybe because of FTX.