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Found 69 results

  1. The price for our SIMBITWORLD - A PILOT'S LIFE software is reduced by 30% until Sunday, the 9th of August 2020 Have a look on the simMarket page: https://secure.simmarket.com/simbitworld-a-pilots-life.phtml or the application website: https://www.simbitworld.com/aplDetails.html
  2. Not sure exactly when this happened but whenever I try to create a flight plan using the P3D planner the save option is greyed out if KRNO is involved. No other airports do this. Ideas? Thanks
  3. Hi all, Yesterday I installed the autogen from NL2000 ; trees, houses, buildings. I remarked that I have missing buildings in the center of all major cities. First I thought that they had not done these, but the ere ag files that cover these spots too. I have FTX Global installed and later France VFR products. France VFR makes a copy of some of the Autogen files, like default.xml , materials.spb , autogendesriptions.spb and roofdescriptions.spb. It might be possible that FTX Global has changed thoses files and the backup that FranceVFR made is not the default one. To exclude any issues with the NL2000 autogen I want to reinstall the default Autogen folder. Is there any way to reinstall them without having to reinstall P3D complete ? ( Eg renaming the current P3D folder to P3D.old and installing a new one next to it ..? ) Thanks for all suggestions. Nb : when trying freeware Netherlands autogen buidlings appear in the cities centers. And those ag files have the same name as the files in NL2000.
  4. Hi, I must admit its getting a bit hard and pretty complicated with all those add-ons and since ORBX and Scenery configurator also is not kompatibel makes things even more exciting sometimes. Lately after a Flytampa EHAM install i noticed that i did not have any Amsterdam City with SkyScrabers and football stadions . Also this Autogen folder inside P3D can change over time and after a FTX Central V3 open/close episode. I am wondering if it has something to do with this "Autogen Folder" that i am missing Autogens (Amsterdam Skyscrabers ) ? Any help is appreciated and understanding of what is exactly being changed in that folder over time is more than welcome Thanks Michael Moe
  5. Good evening, I have a problem with black clouds that i hope you guys can help me with. As you can see i have big black clouds. I am using PTA 2.0 with Pedrag's preset, ENVTEX, AS16 and REX Soft Clouds. I have searched around, and i've tried to delete the content in /AppData/LockheedMartin/Local/Prepar3d/Shaders, and i have also replaced the ShadersHLSL with the original folder wthout luck. Any suggestions? Anyone know the solution for this? Greatly appreciated!
  6. Just a reminder that X-Plane 11.0 is now a public beta. This means it is not yet ready for regular use and should not yet be considered a replacement for X-Plane 10. Before commenting and jumping in: Please do not uninstall or remove X-Plane 10. You can run both simulators separately. Remember it is a beta. Beta means it is buggy, incomplete and not meant as a replacement yet for your main sim Laminar Research have mentioned the build will have FPS issues because it hasn't yet been optimised. Don't judge the sim based purely on an early beta copy (See http://www.x-plane.com/kb/x-plane-11-00-release-notes/) XP11 is not free for XP10 users or steam users. If you purchased XP10 after XP11 was announced from Laminar Research's website, your product key will work. If you would like to try the XP11 demo and are using XP10, make sure you remove the DVD from the drive before attempting to install. If you don't, the demo installer will ask for a product key. Please don't rant about bugs, it's a beta, they are to be expected. Instead, let Laminar Research know about the bugs here http://dev.x-plane.com/support/bugreport.html. Remember this is an early beta. You do not need to install it and shouldn't yet unless you are willing to accept problems and report them.
  7. I've used CP with TIR manual launch and loved this add on, with 1.5 and added native TIR support this is simply awesome!!
  8. Hi everyone. Hope you all has an amazing Xmas...... Just a little time poor in getting information on a good system to run P3D. I have a budget of $1.8K and looking to make the switch from FSX to P3D. If anyone out there can put together some specs I would greatly appreciate it. A few months ago I picked up a GTX 970 4GB so was thinking of using it in the new system to save some $$. I also intend to use my existing 27inch monitor and not looking to go into 4K just yet. I have all the ORBX range (pretty much) and run PMDG, high quality scenery addons etc....... Appreciate your help guys. Jas
  9. In the P3D controls list is one called Turbine Power Management System Toggle. I enabled it but couldn't see that it did anything. Can someone bring me up to speed on what it is and how it works? Noel
  10. Hey, First of all I wish yo a happy new year and all of luck. :smile: Now, my problem is that my sky textures look very weird. There are no smooth transitions between the colours. I don't know why this happens or what it causes. Could anyone help me ? Thanky you very much and have a nice weekend. (in the picture it does not look as bad as it actually is)
  11. Has anyone found a solution to the landing lights not working on the WOAI aircraft.
  12. Hi all- I was wondering what the procedure is to replace just the Daedalus AC in UTII. I'm OK with the rest of the AI for now. Cheers, Mark
  13. Attention FS2Crew NGX 'REBOOT' Drivers: The Version 3.4 update has been released with new special support for Ultimate Ground Crew X! This is a FREE update! The V3.4 update is for the P3D V4 version only! VERSION 3.4 IS BUILT INTO THE MAIN INSTALLER ONLY. YOU WILL NEED TO LOGIN TO YOUR FS2CREW ACCOUNT AND RE-DOWNLOAD THE MAIN INSTALLER AGAIN. LOGIN TO YOUR FS2CREW ACCOUNT AND CLICK "COMPLETED ORDERS". YOU DO NOT NEED TO UNINSTALL NGX REBOOT FIRST. IF YOU REQUIRE ASSISTANCE, SEND US A SUPPORT TICKET VIA: WWW.FS2CREW.COM IF YOU PURCHASED VIA A 3RD PARTY VENDOR, YOU WILL NEED TO REDOWNLOAD NGX REBOOT FROM THEM. GIVE THEM A FEW DAYS TO GET THE UPDATED FILE ON THEIR SERVER. CHANGE LOG: VERSION 3.4 (P3D V4 VERSION ONLY!) 18 OCTOBER 2019 Ultimate Ground Crew X Integration: 1. When UGCX Voice Control is active, FS2Crew NGX Reboot ramp agents should no longer respond to any detected voice commands that are intended for the UGCX ramp agents.This saves you the hassle of pressing "Hard Mute" on the FS2Crew Main Panel when you wish to communicate with the UGCX ramp agents to avoid triggering the ramps agents in both programs at the same time.2. When using Hand Signals only (Engine Start Up without Pushback scenario), UGCX can now remove the PMDG chocks and GPU from the PMDG 737 when you trigger the associated hand signal.This is done via FS2Crew internally. The Chocks and GPU are removed via the PMDG FMC menu, so the aircraft must have some power. Ensure the "UGCX Option" on the FS2Crew NGX Reboot Config Panel is set to YES. Other Misc changes:1. You can no longer select WAI in the Departure Brief since WAI serves no purpose on the ground.2. "Set Engine Bleed 2 On" and "Set Dome Light Off" voice commands fixed. VERSION 3.3 (P3D V4 VERSION ONLY!) 26 JANUARY 2019 1. Bug fixes VERSION 3.2 (P3D V4 VERSION ONLY!) 8 DECEMBER 2018 1. "Cancel checklist" command removed as it could trigger audio loss. 2. New Config Option: FO enters Vref during the arrival setup (SOP1 Only). 3. SOP 3: EFIS "Airport" Button during Station Setup fixed. 4. Suppress Flap movement check config option saved option working now. 5. Ground Crew voice in the USA region (fueller had an Aussi accent previously). 6. Bug fixes. VERSION 3.1 13 JANUARY 2017 1. 'ATC Client Xponder' Config Option state will now save properly. Previously it would reset if you press the CFG button. 2. Per user request, you can now toggle the SECONDARY PANEL via a hotkey or joystick button. Assign a button to: NITROUS TANK VALVE TOGGLE. 3. Slight pause fixed after calling for the Secure Checklist. 4. Eliminated that possibility the "Master Caution - Hydraulics" could play in SOP3 during Engine Start with Emergencies enabled. 5. If SOFT or HARD MUTE active, Green Bar will no longer appear on the screen when speech is detected <- THIS ONE IS SIGNIFICANT. 6. Flap Movement Check option fixed. 7. Global Voice Set (UK Voice Set 2) "Landing Checklist" sound fixed. 8. If using the spoiler to trigger the After Landing Flow, the new minimum ground speed to trigger the flow is 50 knots up from 20. 9. New CFG option to disable the FO's timer during Engine Start. A user reported he experienced the occasional CTD during Engine Start. We linked it to the 737's FO's timer. If it's ever an issue for your, just disable this option. VERSION 3.0 17 SEPT 2016 NEW! 1. Support for the new NGX Reboot Global FO Voice Pack. 2. KLM airlines Config option: Taxi Lights will be turned off during the runway entry flow. 3. Key Board/ Joystick button command to pause the Crew audio per user request. To toggle the audio pause function, assign a keyboard/joystick button to WING FOLD command. When active, note the new flashing symbology on the Main Panel: AUDIO! 4. GOL airlines cfg option: When announcing "LAND", THE FO will turn on the Retractable landing lights. 5. Minor symbology on the SECONDARY panel updated per user request. 6. New voice callouts to which the FO will reply "checked": GREEN LIGHT ON THE AERO BRIDGE MARSHALLER IN SIGHT MY AIRPLANE MY THROTTLES AUTOPILOT COMING OUT CHANGED: 1. FO now starts 3 minute timer as the first step in his after landing flow per user request. FIXED: 1. SOP 3: Should no longer get a 'MASTER CAUTION HYDRAULICS' when starting engines. 2. FO should no longer announce "Cabin Crew Seats for Landing" when calling for flaps five during a touch and go. Note: The circuits are meant to be flown at flaps 5, so you really should't be calling for flaps five anyway. 3. "LETS TAXI BACK TO THE RUNWAY" command should now no longer result in a stuck mode after an RTO. 4. During 2nd sector, FO should now turn on the wheel well light as appropriate. 5. SOP 2 AFTER LANDING FLOW XPONDER user option now auto saves when you exit FS per user request. 6. Per user request, trigger for FO to start his after landing flow changed from 30 knots to 50 knots if stowing the spoiler is defined as the trigger. 7. If military option selected, FO will no longer inform you the cabin is not secure during takeoff. 8. Set Packs On/ Off and Auto voice commands removed per user request. 9. You should now be able to call for a Go Around during Rollout. 10. UK audio fixed for FULL UP and FULL DOWN. 11. Volume of ACARS printer reduced. VERSION 2.0 15 APRIL 2016 New! 1. Emergency NGX! Functionality (a FREE 24.95 EUR value!) The full set of Emergency NGX! procedures were ported over to Reboot. We promised when we released Reboot NGX that we would give all Reboot users Emergency NGX! for free, and we delivered on our promise The new failures / non-normals functionality works with the AU voice set and it's designed for use with SOP 2, but you can also use it with SOP 1 and 2. The failures only work with Voice Control, not Button Control. Aborted Engine Starts APU Fault APU Fire Bleed Trip Off Cabin Altitude Warning or Rapid Depressurization Cargo Fire Drive EEC Alternate Mode Emergency Descent Engine Failure or Shutdown Engine Fire or Severe Damage Engine In Flight Start Evacuation Hydraulic Pump Overheat Loss of Hyd System A Loss of Hyd System B Off Schedule Descent One Engine Inoperative Landing Partial or All Gear Up Landing Probe Heat Reverser Standby Power Off Tailstrike TR Unit Transfer Bus Off Window Overheat 2. Geographic detection system update to better detect appropriate voice accent region for ground crew. 3. New CFG Options: SOP 2: Option to have the FO set the transponder during his After Landing flow instead of during the Shutdown flow (which is the actual way that do it at that airline ) Option to suppress the Flap Movement check during cold weather operations. 4. Voice Control: If the speedbrake is deliberately not armed during the Landing Checklist (for example, when flying circuits): speak "Down Detent" for the Speedbrake challenge. 5. Button Control: Gear down command skipped if gear already down. 6. If the Jetway CFG option is selected, the Jetway will now connect during gate arrival in SOP 3, even though this airline never uses gates in the real-world. The trigger is the "Cabin Crew Disarm Doors and Crosscheck" voice command. 7. On-Line ATC automatic transponder control option in the CFG menus renamed to: "On Line ATC XPNDR - YES/ NO" to prevent confusion. Remember that Prepar 3D Version 3 users should always set this option to NO due to a technical issue with P3D V3 if flying on-line using a pilot client. 8. During his Secure flow, the FO will now turn off some cockpit lights on his side. 9. De-playing sound will shut-off when the forward cabin door is (manually) closed if not doing a thru-flight, or when you call for the Secure Checklist. 10. New "Systems Check" button in the Config Manager. This function designed to help you quickly identify and troubleshoot any potential installation issues. FIXED: 1. Button Control: Descent Mode not terminating. It will now shut off during the After Landing flow. 2. SOP 2 Button Control: "Cabin Crew Prepare for Landing at 20,000" PA should now play. 3. No flap retraction during the FO's After Landing flow under certain temperature conditions. 4. "Let's Taxi Back to the Runway" command during a Reject Takeoff should work properly now. 5. Button Control: Flaps 40 speed check added. 6. Button Control: If skipping direct to the Descent or Approach mode, the Before Start Checklist will no longer play. 7. FA's "Happy to release the Cabin?" should now play on the 2nd leg. MANUAL UPDATED: 1. Set Course On My Side/ Set Course on Your Side added. VERSION 1.1 OCTOBER 17 2015 NEW FEATURES/ COMMANDS / OPTIONS P3D V3 Support. Independent “GEAR DOWN” command (separate from other verbiage). New CONFIG Option per user request: Option to have the FO not ask to release the Cabin Crew. New CONFIG Option per user request: Option to allow MCP commands (Heading, Speed and Alt) to function while on the ground. New CONFIG Option: “ON LINE ATC CLIENT”. By default it is set to off. When set to off, FS2Crew will not send a transponder signal to Squawkbox. New PA per user request: “TURBULENCE”. SOP 3 new possible response to the Flaps challenge in the Before Taxi Checklist: "CHECK UP FORTY UP". Used when freezing conditions are present and you wish to taxi to the runway with the flaps up after doing a flaps movement check. FIXED Updated Configuration Manager. A few users could never get it to open due to Dot Net problems on their end. This issue should now be fixed. UK Voice Set: "Before Takeoff Checklist" spoken instead of "Before Taxi Checklist". Button Control: Missing FA Cabin PA when starting Engine 1. Button Control: Pressurization Mode Selector position referred to as "Auto", not "On'. SOP 3: Runway lights will now turn off during the 10 Checks in the Climb. Takeoff Sequence PA's fixed. EU Voice set: When the FA asks if you're ready to board, the same female FA will now respond. Flap 5 Match Speed command. SOP 3: VSD was going on even if associated VSD CFG option set to Off. SOP 3: The FO will hold the After Takeoff checklist at altimeters during the After Takeoff checklist if the MCP Altitude window value is less than or equal to the Transition Altitude. The FO will not hold at the altimeter challenge if the MCP altitude window is greater than the Transition Altitude. SOP 3 No Engine Bleeds After Takeoff Section fixed and manual updated. Missed Approach Altitude of 10,000 feet will now be verbalized during the Approach Brief. When playing the Departure Brief, the crew status value no longer automatically changes. Removed possibility FO could attempt to turn on the VSD twice in SOP3 during either the “Ten Checks” or the Approach Checklist. SOP 3: If the Before Start checklist was run very late, the FO shall no longer prompt you for the flight deck windows and doors challenge after you ask the FA to close the cockpit door. UPDATED Pre Flight Checklist available even if the FO does not run the main Pre Flight procedure. FO's After Landing Procedure (trigger: spoiler down) now uses GPS ground speed (less than or equal to 20 knots) instead of indicated airspeed as a necessary condition. For the benefit of on-line ATC users, FO will set the transponder to Standby instead of Alt Off even if ASDEX selected to yes during the Before Taxi procedure. Button Control: Full Up/Down added to the Flight Controls check. SOP 1: FO will now only turn on the Beacon during his Before Start flow. FO will now turn on the wheel well light during the walk around. If you do not run the Pre Flight events, the FO should now set the landing altitude in the pressurization controller during his Descent Flow. SOP 3 Before Taxi Checklists: Stab trim challenge now accepts an actual value., i.e., 5.4 units. SOP 3: Randomized FO’s response for releasing the cabin crew to ‘okay’ or ‘check’.
  14. Bored of waiting for FSLabs A320 and fancying a new challenge. I only enjoy very realistic systems heavy simulations which I can follow real world FCOMs and procedures with. Recently got the A300B4 FCOM so wondered about SimCheck. Does it work in P3D and does anyone have any experience of using it? Cheers Rich
  15. Does anyone have a set of alternative passenger sounds for GSX? I have a good replacement ground crew voice set but looking for better boarding sounds (especially the hellos). I checked the library to no avail. Thanks!
  16. Hey guys! At first I wish you all a good start into 2017! Here is my question: Is there any good Boeing 757 out there? One of my favourite planes is the Boeing 757 so I want to fly it and get used to her systems on my simulator. I'd like to see a 757 in PMDG quality (It would be cool if PMDG would start developing one after it's Queen of the Skies). What do you think is the best 757 you can get so far? Regards s110103
  17. I have i4790k and a GTX 1070. In trying to see what is causing some big pauses around EGLC, I see that if I limit my FPS to 31, my kill-a-watt shows 180 watts. If I set FPS to unlimited, I will go to 280. This was clear day, no ActiveSky. Limiting to 31 FPS seems to be ok and I save money and the planet too. I originally had ORBX England (and all the base ORBXs), but since going to latest p3d version, something has been broken (yet OOM seems a few times less). I did uninstall England as OOM was just too much around UK2000 Heathrow. Going back to original issue, I found that traffic causes quite a bit of pausing. I did try cranking up shadows, but gives some FPS hit on the 1070.
  18. I'd like your opinions on how to get night lighting corrected on my P3d v3.2 setup. Basically, it looks like any urban / suburban textures are a raging firestorm - way too bright and lit up everywhere. (I don't have a good place to store a photo, or I would have a link here...) My setup: - v3.2 - Orbx Global and LC NA - UTX roads - REX textures for water, sky, clouds - using PTA v2.0 I have tried every combination I can think of - Orbx night lighting on / off, UTX night lighting on / off, reduced the autogen emissive value in PTA. These things make a bit if difference, but overall it looks like a forest fire below me. The rest of my P3d world looks great. Thanks, Ron
  19. i have decided i have had enough of p3d v3 as the water sucks and the hdr sucks also my woai aircraft don't work properly the lights are all messed up so i am asking is it better to go to fsx with the dx10 fixer or p3d v2.5 thanks.
  20. So all this time, I have had tessellation set to off. I figured I have a good mesh for the areas I fly; and I heard it was hard on the CPU. I also have PTA v2, and the world looked pretty good - except for my weird light bluish lakes and rivers. And I could barely see any cloud shadows. Just for the heck of it, I turned tessellation 'on' tonight while experimenting, and - Christmas gift! - my lakes and rivers are darker, and while not dramatic, I can see moving cloud shadows. Does anyone have any idea why this would be?? I thought tessellation was just for the details of the physical landscape. Edit: I have v3.2, GTX970 card, and almost new driver. Tessellation is set one notch left of extreme right on all sliders. Ron
  21. I imported the Microsoft FS Cessna 172 and 182, but the cockpit files are very low resolution. Has anybody got an updated high resolution version?
  22. Season's greetings everyone, For those who have upgraded to the lastest client version, have you had any issues with the latest version? I have a fairly stable previous version - although I'm pretty sure it's 3.3.5 - I need to check. I think I rolled back when I developed issues with the previous 3.4. Just wondered if there were any significant reasons not up upgade. Have fun.
  23. After installing A2A Connie - I assigned several new views in Ezdok. (Probably messed up here) Ended up freeze keyboard views when hitting some keys, such as open ATC window, while Y slew was OK. HAT switch views is OK. Deleted a lot of key assignments. Did not help. Lost A2A aircraft all drop down submenu such as SHIFT 3 refuel. Uninstalled EZdok - after restore key config. Deleted SITUATION in config. Reinstalled A2A aircraft. Still no drop down submenu. Starting P3D there still a EZdok ghost somewhere. There is a folder in programfiles 486 called EZCA witn an .exe file. Tried to delete it but not allowed. Want to uninstall P3D and start from scratch. Any advice on how to get rid of all ghosts before reinstall? Can I keep ASN Weather and MyTraffic?
  24. see the link https://postimg.org/image/ttxsfrvvx/ my setting are high or ultra.but traffic is 0. i5-4690k oc4.3 . RAM 16gb. GTX1060 6gb. win10 64bit
  25. It is a make or break it for me. Thank you. http://en.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php?action=article_detail&s_supplier_aid=12718&s_design=DEFAULT&shopfilter_category=flight%20simulation&s_language=english
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