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Found 18 results

  1. Does anybody have a fix for this problem?
  2. Hello, I'm planning to buy T7 because it's a great plane, am i wrong ? Question: -It's too expensive for me ($90 = 210 Turkish Lira. Almost 1/4 of minimum wage in Turkey). Can i buy it with my partner? I meant can we combine our moneys $40 by $40 then activate it in both of our computers? As I heard, we can activate it in 2 computers at the same time. If so, does the same techic work for 300er update? Thanks!
  3. Does anybody know of some sweet looking 737 airplanes that are free. Also are there any that have a lot of bells and whistles like auto landing.
  4. Hello, Guys! I don't know is it the correct forum to post this Question. I've some questions about Flare of an Airplane. I hope experts and pilots will answer and don't say me to Fly Cessna. I can just do request. Ahead, experts and pilots know better. 1- When to Flare the plane? Means when to decide, now it's a good time to Flare and land. Where at runway? at >>>>> sign? OR at Threshold OR at 9R etc.. OR behind all these? 2- How much height should be of the plane when pilots Flare and land smoothly? 3- How pilots in cockpit judge that now we need to Nose Up and how they know now "tires are going to touch the surface after a while"? and "now tires have touched down"?. Because they remain in cockpit and they don't see outer. 4- I Flare B747 in FSX and sometimes good and sometimes not good. I flare the plane by my own idea which sometimes gets successful and sometime not. These are the questions and I request to experts and pilots to please answer me. Regards, AP,
  5. Okay so I want to fly and IFR flight plan and I go the way points and set them in my GPS. But ATC gives me headings instead of allowing me to fly my route. Are the headings I get corresponding with my flight plan? Should I just use the headings or just use my flight plan? Help!!!
  6. Ok i have a big gripe with Chaseplane and that is every time you guys push out and update two things happen. 1) The app crashes, tells me it cant download or cant update something then CTD's. 2) I loose all my presets. Do you know how long it takes to setup presets? Im sick and tired of having to spend hours upon hours fixing presets or starting all over again. Take for example that last update. The program started updating then crashed telling me it couldn't update something and that it was going to disable this and that. In the meantime, i lost all my 737 777 presets. No presets at all. Thanks a lot. This seems to be a constant problem that needs to be resolved. I thought our presets were store on some server? Then why cant i retrieve that information and what does updating chaseplane do to those presets? Its not like im updating from v3 to v4. That was another fiasco in itself. I want to disable updates! I dont want auto updates happening and i want to ensure my presets are still there after a BLUNDEROUS UPDATE! -Mike
  7. Hi! Ok, so i previously made a thread about this problem as i thought the problem only occured with Carenados products. But i figured it wasnt.. I bought the following addons for my P3D: - Carenado B200 KING AIR - Carenado PC12 - Carenado B1900D - Wilco TBM850 - MILVIZ B350i So my problem is.. Every time i start with one of these aircrafts, the engine runs for about 30 seconds, but the displays inside the aircraft looks like they are in the start-up phaze. But the aircraft start rolling during those 30 seconds. Then i put parking brake on. Then when i try to start the engine(s) again, the aircraft will start rolling again, up till around 20 knots. And it also sounds like the engine is going full power. This cant be normal right? It takes away all the realism with the aircraft acting like this. So what i've tried so far is: *Reinstalling the aircrafts. *Reinstalling Windows and P3D I dont have any joysticks connected, or joystick drivers installed. (i had the same problem even with that installed) My speccs are: Windows 7 64-bit Processor: AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core Processor (8 CPUs), ~4.0GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM DirectX Version: DirectX 11 Card name: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series (4 GB) Can someone out there please help me? You might have a solution that i could try? I feel like i wasted so much money and time on this if i cant get this to work :(
  8. Name: FSX Film | Faster than a dream Category: MS FS Videos Date Added: 26 February 2014 - 01:27 PM Submitter: FlySteveX Short Description: None Provided View Video
  9. Hello together!I am pretty new in the FS scene and until now i just flew with the standart scenery and free planes. The starts getting me bored and so i thought about getting some AddOns i often see in youtube videos or stuff. But i can't really deside which AddOns to choose since there are to much of them. You can send me both: freeware and payware AddOns. :) What i'm looking for:-The best boeing 737-800 addon-scenery-ai That should be enaugh :DThank you :)
  10. Hi, I moved over to Prepar3D v4 recently, and when I load into the sim at Amsterdam (FlyTampa Scenery), my aircraft is spawning half way inside the ground... This is also the same for Orbx Bilbao. Screens: Initially I thought the issue was Orbx Vector, however after running the AEC configurator, the problem still persisted. I also removed vector in it's entirety, and the issue was still there. I've tried reinstalling multiple time, with no success. If anyone knows how to fix this, I would be grateful :)
  11. Hello, I'm loocking for a payware aircraft that has a full integrated FMS but don't cost more than 35 Eu, like the feelthere embraer 100 but with a better fms. Does anyone know such a plane ?
  12. Just browsing the rest of AVSIM since MSFLIGHT is going down under and was really hoping for more participation in DCS. I know that you guys play it(well some) but there is absolutely no content here or articles, videos and try this/try that posts. I just bought this from STEAM SUMMER Sale and imma fire it up this weekend. It looks very tough(as I am not a pilot and consider myself a n00b when it comes to flight simming) Anyways, I am excited to give it a shot and hoping multiplayer is active **Edit: Okay, I did find some of you guys here http://forum.avsim.n.../529-dcs-world/
  13. Music: Armin Van Buuren - Unforgiveable SBJD - Airplane Spotting 2 Filmed on Canon 7DLente 55-250mmVelbon 7000 tripodPH-368 fluid head
  14. Hi everyone, I'd like to create this thread in order to regroup all the ideas this community has to improve FSW so DTG devlopment team can see all our expectations on one page. Having a team listening to the Flight Sim Community for creating the perfect sim is rare so I hope this thread will be useful for all of us. In order to keep this readable, your posts can contain 2 categories: - small improvments that could be implemented rapidly - big and long-term improvments (real world weather etc...) Please dont comment or discuss too much, keep it simple and readable, give your ideas that's all. Let DTG Team judge what is worth it and what can be done or not. I'll start: Short ones : _rain sound could be louder to feel and fear the elements :) (or be adjustable, the environment slider is currently not that efficient) _make a " visual smoke effect" if you look at the wings from the cockpit when flying through clouds to simulate the plane is REALLY in it. _make ATC speak faster like in real life _ Head anticipation in turns when taxi and flying (like in XP Realistic addon) Big ones : _ a "FSPassengers like" feature whith passengers screaming in turbulence (make us avoid the clouds) _Windows Voice Recognition for ATC would be awesome like in Tower3DPro _ ATC speaking with accents depending on which continent or country we fly
  15. Hello! So, my problem is that FSX doesn't show all liveries for the Airbus X. In fact, it doesn't show all the default planes! I did buy this boxed version 2009 and installed on 2 PC (Including the one im writing from). On the first PC everything worked. I did try the FIX when you run the CD but that didn't help.I did try different textures for the Wilco/FeelThere airbus but still - no change. I dont know why this happens and am need for help! Please help me if you could. Thanks in advance!!! ^_^
  16. This isn't an Xplane-10 post, nor an FSX post, or a post about any particular simulator that currently exists. It's about the future! No two ways about it, XPlane-10 Seattle is exceptional - and there is room for a lot more in that city. I've also been very impressed by the speed of which addons have been coming out for Xplane-10 as well. Nice job Austin... I've lived the labor of love myself, so I can spot one when I see it. When the rest of the world is populated like Seattle, and ships and trains are added, I will retire and do nothing but immerse myself into X-Plane 10/11/12. In fact, I'll look for a way to digitize myself into the simulator! One Sim to Rule Them All is not as tall an order as you might think. In fact, the lads at DCS are already doing it after a fashion. A virtual world where you can fly an aircraft, pilot a ship or train, or even a car - and whatever you do is seen by the others online. Mixed AI that one can jump into. For instance trains would run on a schedule (this doesn't have to bog down computers by the way) so if you're flying over a particular point when the train is supposed to be there, you'd not only be able to see it, you could pilot it if someone else wasn't already doing so, copilot it, or get on as a passenger if you really wanted to. Same for air traffic and ships. Taking it a step further.... fly, boat, drive or train into a city like Seattle for FANCON, a Virtual Airlines meeting, or whatever. Go to a building, and inside you have a virtual meeting facility with presentations, advertisements and could actually speak to Ryan from PMDG in a group setting, or Austin from X-plane, or anyone at all. The best part is that addon modules could be created by anyone, opening the development doors as wide as you can imagine. Sure, sure, a monster server would be required, no doubt about that. But they already exist and are waiting to be used! We'll likely have One Sim to Rule Them All someday, but everything needed to produce it is already available today. Isn't "Someday" a great place? I suppose that's a great name for this virtual world.
  17. So I came across this forum this morning while browsing some video game dogfight videos. Im a big enthusiast of piloting video games and I watched a couple clips of the Microsoft Flight simulator and I liked it but without some type of air combat, flight seems too plain to me. Maybe Ive played 'dog fights' so long that Im used to it. I understand that a lot of people play the flight simulators for just that, flight simulation. But I know there has to be gamers on this forum that like air combat. Well if your one of them and havent tried one of the following games, you should. My very favorite would have to be, and before you brush me away, hear me out: GTA 4. Theres two versions, GTA 4 Original and GTA 4 TBOGT, each offers its own kind of helicopter/s with their own ability. The flying mechanics still amaze me considering it was made over 5 years ago. The dogfights are nuts on this game because this is one of the few dogfight games, IMO, where skill means everything. Ive seen top guys, me being one of them, take on whole squads of mid level pilots on their own. And if it gets too much, why give them the satisfaction? Hop out and parachute into the city and let them try to come get you. Very realistic and one that I like very much is Battlefield 3. You have to fight your way to the aircraft but if youve put in the time to learn it, it is a delight when you disappear into the clouds and come down like a speeding bullet, taking out a couple of soldiers and a tank, and then disappearing back into the clouds. Even if youre about to blow up you can parachute down, and still use your RPGs or tracking missiles(if you have them) while your parachuting down. I usually just parachute right onto a vacant tank, park it in a good location and switch to gunner view. Which is like having an automatic mid range sniper rifle...while your proteted by the armor of the tank:). Halo reach, is aliens and monsters, probably not the kind of taste some of you have but it can be a lot of fun if you learn to circle in the helicopter and pick up 2 good shooters. Theres also a plane type aircraft called the banshee which can be very lethal and a game-changer. The bad thing is that the body isnt particularly strong and good players focus fire on the banshees until theyre taken down so you need to communicate with ground support. Im not home at the moment but on my pc I do have some very good footage bookmarked, and when I get home, I'll post some videos if anyone is interested.
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