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  1. heroturkey

    A question about purchasing T7

    oh well. that means i need to save more turkish lira <_<
  2. heroturkey

    A question about purchasing T7

    how does it determine that we are different individuals? IP?
  3. heroturkey

    A question about purchasing T7

    Hello, I'm planning to buy T7 because it's a great plane, am i wrong ? Question: -It's too expensive for me ($90 = 210 Turkish Lira. Almost 1/4 of minimum wage in Turkey). Can i buy it with my partner? I meant can we combine our moneys $40 by $40 then activate it in both of our computers? As I heard, we can activate it in 2 computers at the same time. If so, does the same techic work for 300er update? Thanks!
  4. Hi people, I encountered a problem with the reason of the problem but I don't know how to fix it. Title tells the problem. I tested without the normal panel.cfg which fs2crew not installed: FSPS X worked. And i made a ditch landing It's fun. And i tested both installed: It didn't work. Fs2crew works perfect in this situation. But when I start FSPS X. A black rectangle appears instead of the normal blue mini-display with icons even manifest dialog is disabled. I really want to fly with these addons. Help me please :C
  5. Hi there, When i try to spell the word ends with -ed, The Recognising Engine can't understand -ed. Example: I spell "Confirmed" It understands as "Confirm" and the action won't start. I'm using the turkish version of Windows. So i can't use the speech training and i'm trying to spell as a american.
  6. heroturkey

    How Can I Learn The Weather Over Intersections?

    here is my second problem... I can't directly enter the route to REX. That causes losing time.
  7. As the title says, How can I learn the weather over intersections without using the fsx default map? But I want to know wind data for certain altitudes. I have REX overdrive. Help me!
  8. heroturkey

    Bojote tweaking tool offline

    the site down again edit: the site isn't down. it was my browser's issue
  9. What does cutback do in PMDG 737 NGX while departing? Hi captains, I have question about noise abatement departures. Few days ago, I learned what is accelleration height, reduction height and restore height with detail. And I did a flight which is EGNM to LCLK (it was very long o.o). And I successfully performed noise abatement departure. Anyway, my question is what is the difference between departures with cutback and departures without cutback. When i enable cutback in the fmc, acceleration height disappears. Instead, restore height appears. I did those 2 departures too but I couldn't see a difference. Can someone explain me with details. And is there a online or pc program that shows you which runways you should use according to winds and shows you, whats the winds and tempetures on certain heights in an intersections. Active Sky does this but i dont have money . Oops, sorry people. I accidntly posted 2 same topic because when i clicked post topic, the service unavaible error appeared and i went back, and posted again sorry
  10. Hi, In the fmc of b737 ngx, there is a section called n1 limit. There are few selections like TO, TO-1, TO-2 and CLB, CLB-1 and CLD-2. They are the power of engine while takeoff and climb but i don't know how to calculate and select the power. How do you select it? According to what? And in the takeoff ref page, there are few AGL settings such as ACCEL HT, REDUCT HT, EO ACCEL HT and Cutback switch. And when i enable cutback,RESTORE HT or something like this appears.What do they mean? Sorry for asking terms meanings but i'm trying to learn advanced fmc
  11. heroturkey

    Winds Alofts are messing my plane

    Yeah, I tried REW WX engine today by a long flight such as Netherlands to Istanbul about 1500nm. And I configured WX engine a bit and I saw It smoothed a lot. THere are still wind changes but not as much as default real world weather. Thank you for advicing trying REX
  12. Yeah nowadays I'm trying to fly wit the real world weather but when the simulator redownload the new weather, my plane's speed goes to overspeed like 360 or goes to stall speed like 135. Thats annoying. I can useREX but it spends my computer power
  13. heroturkey

    What is the difference between ILS CAT's

    Lol, finally i understood xD Anyway, I'm keeping swearing to fsx because of these problems.
  14. heroturkey

    What is the difference between ILS CAT's

    Thanks for quick responce. Well, I don't need to turn off A/P when my aircraft passes the DH and I can see runway till the flare. Or vice versa?
  15. Hello, Nowadays I'm trying to make ILS landings with my darling B737ngx pmdg I land it smoothly without problems but my problem is a bit technical. Anyway, let me ask questions 1 - In approach charts, there are ils without category such as ILS/DME Rwy 17L.Why they don't indicate CAT? As I know, all ILS systems must have a CAT. 2 - I want my flight is closer to real life so in reality, All runways doesn't have CATIII in reality so when an ils system become disabled that is CAT I or II? Is It already written in the charts? or where can I learn it? According to this, I will turn off A/P and try to land manually as if the ils is disabled. 3 - What is the difference between Radio or Barometer Altitude Settings? And what does Aproaching Minimums....Minimums...Minimums ! callouts mean? Note: This is my first topic on the avsim forum. So there might be some violations of rules and I know my english is suck and i wish you will understand it. Sorry