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Found 17 results

  1. Not sure where this belongs, but both are under the P3D v4.5HF2 umbrella... I have been playing around with "turbulence" settings in Chase Plane and Active Sky. When I have AS turbulence set high the aircraft is a real vomit-comet - moving all over the place, left to right, up and down, and it matches what I have seen in "bad" weather scenarios in real life. However, it seems excessive during normal weather. Chase Plane, on the other hand, is much more "bump your butt up and down" type of turbulence, and from what I remember flying with my Dad in GA aircraft, a bit more realistic. However, I think we only went flying on nice days so this could be best case. What is the more realistic effect, in the opinion of people who fly real GA airplanes? AS or CP? If you have a chasing wind of 30 knots would you be in a vomit-comet or just bumping your butt? Side wind, yeah - going to be bumpy. Probably a blend of the two, no doubt... 🙂
  2. Hello guys, I've downloaded EditVoicePackX for my FSX but it doesn't give me wind speed or direction when I'm landing my aircraft. I have no idea why this is happening. I get wind information during my takeoff only. I tried to find an answer over the internet but I didn't find anything useful. My EditVoicePackX version is 4.0. By the way, how do I reset the elevator trim wheel on B737 for 0º whenever I disengage the AP ? I always disconnect the AP but I have to pause the simulation and keep clicking with my mouse on the position indicator until it reaches the position 0º. It's ######ing me off. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi, i´d like to know until which speed i should set ailerons into the wind on a, let´s say, 20 knots crosswind. I think it should be until 100 knots ground speed on landing, and from 120 kts on takeoff. Thanks!! tatin
  4. Hello, First, sorry if it has already been discussed, I found nothing via the search function. I have noticed that the ECON cruise mach is unsensitive to headwind or tailwind. Did I miss anything in the FMC setup or this particular functionnality was left aside during NGX development? And if it was, what were the reasons? Happy flying! Alex
  5. As the title says, How can I learn the weather over intersections without using the fsx default map? But I want to know wind data for certain altitudes. I have REX overdrive. Help me!
  6. 225 @ 3: Today begins my journey, I bid my friends goodbye How sullen is my mother’s mood, she thinks I’m gonna die Inside my room I have a globe, a line stretched right across With little pins I’ve marked my track. Around the world. At all costs. I check the forecast and reflect, on how lucky that I am The sky is clear, the wind is calm, my mother needn’t her Diazepam And so the mighty engine roars, my wings bring me aloft So smooth, like silk, yet in the sky. I pray all my journey remain so soft. Two two five at three. Two two five at three. The gods have granted unto me, two two five at three. A day or two of pale blue skies, of total bliss in flight Yet now the weather begins to turn, with ferocity and might That air mass from the frosted south, it chills me to bone The skies begin to darken and I suddenly feel alone And yet... I clutch my yoke with a heavy hand, I anticipate a blow But this time I do not expect, the way the air will flow Two two five at three. 2 2 5 at 3. No matter what the forecast said, it’s 2 2 5 at 3. The gods have granted unto me, 2 2 5 at 3. Half a world away from home, I haven’t had a hitch But what I see this fateful day goads me to try to ditch No sight of land and yet ahead the clouds begin to twirl A typhoon? Or a hurricane? No matter, I feel the urge to hurl. I can’t go back, I haven’t fuel, and so I press ahead. A turning swirling swell of greenish grey. I should have stayed in bed. Two two five at three. 2 2 5 at 3. I then remark upon the oddity, of 2 2 5 at 3. It seems indeed that I’ve been blessed, with 2 2 5 at 3. Those little pins upon my globe are now places I have been. I’ve flown my plane around the world, such splendours I have seen! I tell my friends glorious tales of tempests, winds and rain. To a ruin a good story, now that would be the shame. Two two five at three. 2 2 5 at 3. Your secret stays safe with me.
  7. Hi Guys! In my NGX I've never heard the "windshear, windshear, windshear" audio warning. I know there is windshear I can feel it and it is set up under weather in FSX. Anybody else know about this?
  8. Hello guys, I'm having a little problem with my NGX. It doesn't happen everytime, and some times it comeback to normal. What happens is I'm entering the winds on the winds page and suddenly when I click for example R3 key to enter the wind for that way-point, the data doesn't get populated and the Exec button doesn't lit. I have to go to another page for that to happens. From that time on, it happens again with any data I want to change. Also I loose my vertical path and calculations and VNAV won't engage. On the legs page all time/FL data for all the waypoints are dashed, and i don't have any TD calculations. Does someone encounter this? Here are some screenshots. EDIT: I just made the VNAV come back by adding a FL restriction into one of the waypoints at cruise. But if I do that, the FMC calculates the TD just after that waypoint, and in the case of the flight of the screenshots, almost 800 nm before!
  9. Hello, Guys! Please see in given picture. Where Aircraft will fly as compared to Wind direction?
  10. Two observations on windsocks: 1) their response to the wind seems absurd. They often seem to glitch about left and right, up and down in a stop-motion fashion without any real fluidity and don’t seem to provide a reliable indication of wind direction or speed. 2) I’ve noticed their placement often doesn’t match the real world. I’ve wondered why this is the case, and whether it could make for a straightforward fix. Oftentimes the windsock’s location is really obvious from satellite imagery, as it sits at the centre of a large painted circle. I’m no expert on these things, but I would assume that one way there location could be determined is by programming the AI to identify those circles from the sat imagery and position the windsocks accordingly. Any thoughts? Be nice 😋
  11. One quick question. On the PMDG for FS9, when on ground and hydraulics depressurized the rudder follows the wind. I have not seen this modeled on the V3 yet, but I have had some considerable wind on ground with no hydraulics pressurized. Any one experiencing this also? Is this a bug or just something I have missed. On the whole, Awesome aircraft. Handflies beautiful!! Just needed to point that out.
  12. Does anybody know what the units are on these settings? MaxGustRampSpeed=200 MaxGustTime=500 MaxVarRampSpeed=75 MaxVarTime=50 MinGustRampSpeed=1 MinGustTime=10 MinVarRampSpeed=10 MinVarTime=5 I'm trying to find a better "feeling" wind. The default values are too weak/benign compared to the real world, and I'm trying to adjust them. It would help if I knew what the numbers represented. For example, is the "speed" a unit like KTS or degrees, or a percentage? Is time in seconds on milliseconds?
  13. These problems seem to crop up quite a bit throughout these forums: "My aircraft will not follow the LNAV path" "My aircraft suddenly turns and I cant stop it" and "My aircraft suddenly starts 'S' turning and no matter what I try I cant stop it" Well 99.9% of the time this is because of an improperly configured weather set up coupled with FSX's poor depiction of wind turbulance. I used to be a victim of this extremely annoying problem and thought it would be nice to put some of you guys out of your misery too. How you tackle the problem depends on the following: Are you using FSX default weather engine? or Are you using a weather program like AS2012, ASX or ASE If you are using FSX default weather your solution is to use the wind and pressure smoothing features in FSUIPC (if you have a purchased copy) or turning off wind effects all together within the engine itself. Confusingly, If you are using a program like Activesky you need to turn off all FSUIPC wind and pressure smoothing options (as they conflict with each other causing wind anomalies) and let AS2012 take care of it, maybe even dampening down the wind turbulance setting within the program if needed. Hope this helps and Good Luck!
  14. I'm wondering if the wind sound in a real 737 NG is really that loud. Because when I'm in cruise I can hear more wind than everything else. It is even louder than the engines! In the passengercabin you can't really hear the wind and so I'm wondering if the loudness of the wind in the cockpit is true in the simulator.(I have set all loudness options in the sim to 50% and the loudness of the NGX is also set to 50%) Anyway I'm thinking about reducing the loudness of the wind sound without reducing the volume of the other sound effects. Can someone tell me which file I must rework for that and where I can find the file? Thank you for your help.Emanuel
  15. I'm have a problem with wind changes during landing in P3D 4.1 with AS4. Yesterday I had a flight with a Cherokee to Antwerp (EBAW). The metar for this airport in AS4 showed that the wind was 238/8 knots. During the approach for runway 29 the wind was correct, but when I was ready for touchdown the the wind changed suddenly to 30/33 knots for the last 10-20 feets. So the airplane was pushed in the sky again because of the strong winds and it turned diagonal towards the runway. I have performed a missed approach and when I was climbing the wind changed again to normal. I made a second attempt and during this approach the same behavior was observed. On the AS4 map I saw that the metar of the weather station was correct, but when I clicked on the aircraft symbol the displayed wind was the strong wind and there was also a red text about wind shear. So it seems that AS4 is causing some wind shear around the aircraft and this wind shear is following the aircraft during some time around the airport. This is not very accurate. Wind shear is happening during a very short time period and it should be different every-time it happens. I have seen this behavior already several times in AS4. Yesterday evening there were some thunder storms in the area so wind shear was a possibility. But when I fly to Tenerife South (GCTS) with an airliner I see this behavior during every landing on runway 08, also in perfect weather conditions. With an airliner there is no time anymore to correct the flight when the wind changes suddenly the last 10 feet because the airplane looses the its lift and it will come down very hard. Do other users have this same experience with AS4? What can we do to prevent this behavior? Is there a way to have some realistic wind shear in AS4? Best regards, Snoopy Belgium
  16. Hi all! I just thought I would post here as a last resort as I have a problem preventing me flying. Whenever I go beyond taxiing speed, my Cessna 172 pulls violently to the left or right causing me to be blown off the runway!. I am using REX Essentials for weather and textures but I have made sure to disable the wind options in REX for now until I get more experienced and fancy a challenge! :-) I have disabled turbulence in FSX as it states in the REX manual and cannot understand why I keep getting blown off the runway!. This is obviously preventing me from flying (which I really want to do!). Any help or advice would be much appreciated, please don't hesitate to ask me questions as I will answer them the best I can, also please check my PC and Simulator specs for more details if needed. Thank you for your time!
  17. Hello Guys. this is my First posting on Avsim cause my English is not he best. Hope you Understand me and can maby help ! Situation: I Fly the PMDG 777-200LR and use ActiveSykyNext. Alson i use the Wind Uplink Function. I Want to make Long Turns from Europe to the USA for example EDDM Munich - KJFK Kennedy. But i need to skip a liitle bit time with the Time Compression cause my reallife is bussy and i cant seat 10 Houres on my Computer.... Also i need some Information how ASN Wind data in the FMC from PMDG 777 works when i do Time Compression 4x . 1.) I Read that ASN gives Wind data for Far away Waypoints NOT in form of the actual wind at the moment of making the Flightplan. ASN makes a kind of Forecast with help of the loadet Flightplan in ANS and my proxied Cruisespeed and calculate when i´m ETA on the Woyypoint. IS THAT CORRECT ??? 2.) When I use Time Compression its maby not important if the Winds are forcasted or live. I will reach the Waypoint not at the correct Realtime. Also the Wind-data is in both ways not corect. I decidet to fix that Problem and looking forward to make a "Reqest wind Data" from time to time. (Maby every 30 Minutes Realtime or 2 Houre of Sim-Time with 4x Timecompression) Ah that point my second Question: Does ASN know where i´m located at the moment of a new Data Reques?? Or does ASN just calculate the time since my last request and think i´m on the Position who i where without time Compression. 3) At last. What do you guys think is the best way to use the Wind forecast Uplink from ASN/PMDG with working with time Compression while long journeys. Is my opinion with a update by the mfc avery 30 Minutes a good idea or ist it not possible to make flights with time Compression. Thank You !
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