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  1. Ah right, that explains that! I use borderless gaming for other games so will definitely use it for FSX too. Thanks again, I cant wait to get back to my Cessna tomorrow after work! :)
  2. wow, thank you for the quick response! :) I did notice ezdok left loads of files and had to delete them manually, it seems ezdok does not want to be uninstalled! I made the mistake of verifying FSX:SE and now it seems to be downloading the whole game again! I will definitely post again and let you know how it goes when i reinstall everything. EDIT: I didn't need to reinstall everything else thankfully! I reinstalled the C172 as you suggested and all works great now, the walkaround is fully functioning as expected! :) Now i just need to find a way to bring up the ChasePlane window when in FSX! I have selected the "always on top" option but still have to drop FSX down to the taskbar to access the ChasePlane window! Can i trouble you again for some advice? Thanks again!
  3. Hi Keven, I have uninstalled Ezdok after using the EZCA config tool to restore fsx files and deleting the leftover folders and restoring the keyboard assignments to default as i had lots of redefined keys for ezdok. Chaseplane did come up saying to remove ezdok (even though i had already uninstalled it!) I have loaded a flight using my A2A Cessna 172 cold and dark and attempted to do the pre-flight walkaround. What happens is upon clicking the right arrow, my view is randomly moved and a few other screens pop up (A2A cockpit map screen/radios and a couple of others), Moving to the other stations, simply moves the camera to a random location either looking at a random part of the aircraft, random part of the scenery or even the top-down view. What is going on here? I am sure the problem is me and not the software as i have seen plenty of videos of it working for people though i cannot seem to get it working and it is driving me mad! Any help or advice will be much appreciated! Thank you for your time.
  4. Thank you all for the quick replies! Exactly what i was hoping for!! Thank you! goodbye ezdok! ;)
  5. Hi all! I have a quick question regarding Chaseplane which i cannot seem to find an answer for: Does CP work correctly when doing the walkaround on the A2A Cessna 172? I am currently using Ezdok, and have seen a lot of information on CP to make me consider switching (the main reason being that ezdok does not work correctly when doing the walkaround, the camera views are messed up). Everything else i have heard makes me want to jump ship, but if CP does not work correctly when doing the walkaround then there is less reason to switch. Thank you for your time.