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Found 32 results

  1. Hi there Thank you very much for this excellent airplane! I do have an issue with the altitude intervention function though. In descent with altitude constraints and with the MCP altitude set below a constraint, every push on the button should clear one constraint in between the aircraft's current altitude and the MCP altitude. However, I don't get it to work... FMA shows VNAV PTH. Anyone having the same? Regards, Roland
  2. Hello, I've just bought the 777 base back at aerosoft.com. I have a big complicatet problem, i try to tell what happens. When i start a flight with the 777 (with fmc etc.) all is great. Then i take off and and fly a bit manual later on i put on the autopilot and i engage LNav and VNav. The plane is following the route and climbs. But at one point the problems are starting: First I get a CabinAlt waring with 999999 ft. 30 seconds later i get something like a autopilot disagree so the ap, Lnav, Vnav is engaged but the plane slowly starts getting off the route, accelerating and do what it want's. At this point I switched AP modes to heading select, speed and alt hold. Still no reaction from the plane. Now i disangaged the AP and the aircraft starts spinning in the air like it has a million tons of cargo in its back. There is no control at all it just spinns around. Need help! I spended 80€ and now i can't do a simple flight
  3. my VNAV wont activate and I'm at FL390 help. it wouldn't activate on the ground BTW
  4. Hello all. I have a problem with the VNAV, in the Boeing 747-400X. I checked the legs page before taking off, and nothing seems wrong there. Once I am airborn (just took off), I am turning on the autopilot. The LNAV and VNAV are armed. After a while, the speed only seems to be around 170 (right above "FLAPS UP"), and the altitude is about 4000 ft, which isn't matching to the altitudes and speeds that are on the legs page. Also, the altitudes (XX/XXX) on the legs page, becomes less and less. I don't know what's going on.. I flew like that to the destination airport, and the altitudes/speeds didn't get any bigger. I could net set the flaps either, because the speed wasn't moving. I guess that there's something wrong with the VNAV. Any help? :unsure:
  5. When I press "b" to set the altimeter at cruising altitude (which I have to do frequently because it keeps getting off), the autopilot does not correct my altitude even if I'm 1000 feet off. The only way to get it to climb or descend is to turn VNAV off and then turn it back on again. Now, if I turn off VNAV for the cruise phase and turn on ALT hold instead, everything works perfectly, but aren't you supposed to leave it on VNAV? I'm used to flying the 757 and 767 (Captain Sim), where VNAV worked much like ALT hold at cruising altitude. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but what is it?Thanks,boeing247
  6. Hi all! I've recently experienced some strange behaviour from my NGX, a 700 model ay this time. Flying from VIDP to VPQR in Vnav and Lnav at FL370. At about 10nm prior to the TOD I select the DESC NOW option on the FMS and the plane starts its 1000fpm shallow descent prior to intercepting the Vnav path. Till here all good and behaviour is normal. Upon interception of the descent path tho the plane suddenly rises the v speed to something like -3500 fpm for a couple of seconds, presumably as a burst to intercept the path. Is there a way to avoid/solve this? it seems quite unrealistic and besides my VA doesn't accept reports with v speeded higher than -3000fpm. I'd like to point out that this was NOT the result of am uncontrolled situation (e.g. weather related) but something connected to the plane logic. Does anybody know how to avoid this? (eg starting the DESC earlier/later, modifying the parameters such as oat index or other options). I really hope there's another way than overriding vnav and descend in ALT HOLD+VS. Cheers I'm advance, Matteo Capocefalo, MED1473
  7. It's impossible for me to do a Vnav descend without exceeding the target speed, specially beyond 20.000 feets. I need to deploy spoilers and still exceed the speed. I noticied that in idle position the engines are running at 40%N1, 40%??? that's normal? Anybody have the same problem?
  8. Was thinking about an approach using vnav only supported by localizer to keep the heading. I know Ryanair has published a document explaining that. Has any of you guys attempted this kind of approach and if so I have one question. The airdrome is located at sea level. (57 ft) should I then reset the mcp altitude to 0 ft' ? By the way, STAR contains already two important waypoints for making this possible I think (FF09 and RWY09)gura75
  9. Since there's been some good discussions on descents lately, I thought I'd add two more RW examples that we used on this last trip. Ex. 1 SEA-DEN on the MOLTN2. We were at cruise at FL370 and Denver Center wanted us to "Descend now to FL320, pilot's discretion FL240." There are many ways to do this, but me having the attention span that I do, I like to have it ready now. Here's a clean/smooth way of doing it: Reset the MCP to FL240 Enter a new cruise alt of FL320 If you're in VNAV PATH, the plane will descend and level at FL320 and at the T/D, it will start down to FL240. Sit back, enjoy the Pike Place, black, no sugar. Ex. 2 DEN-SEA on the CHINS9. We're inside HUMPP, level at 15,000 and 270kts for AUBRN at 12,000 and 250kts. Since SEA wasn't too busy, they had us descend to 10,000. That way you get a little bit shorter downwind. We still needed to slow for 250 at AUBRN, but the 12,000 restriction was gone. Here's what I did: Set the MCP to 10,000 LVL CHG at the current 270kts Let the nose pitch down and V/S stabilize (around 2000fpm) V/S (now it locks in that 2000fps) Reset the MCP to 250kts Once the jet levels at 10,000, the speed slows to 250 Now, I could have done this with VNAV, but this was easy and smooth. I needed to reduce the V/S a bit as we descended to 1700fpm so the jet maintained 270. Had I been doing a VNAV approach, I probably would have staying in VNAV, but from this point it was all vectors, so I left VNAV behind for the day. That's just how we did it, your mileage may vary.
  10. Hey guys, I am having some issues learning how to get the VNAV to work with the FMC and the flight director/autopilot. Everything is working perfectly except it is not auto controlling the vertical altitude even though I can see all of the flight levels in the FMC. The only way I can get the plane to climb or defend to the right altitude is to manually set it on the altitude control of the autopilot. I have attached a screenshot so you can see all of my settings. You can see that VNAV, LNAV, and A/T are all enabled on the autopilot and you can see that the speeds/altitudes are set for each leg.. I can't figure out what I am missing...Can someone help me sort out my confusion?
  11. Good day, I'm practicing the GNSS approach, and I noticed that if I perform a GNSS approach in LNAV/VNAV, I don't get the distance to the Mapt in the upper left side of the PDF. I do get it if I perform the same approach in IAN. By the way, in IAN approach, the distance is given with a single digit. Should not there be a double digit precision, like 6,3 NM ? Here I just get 6NM, sound a bit weird, I will double check in the real plane tomorrow. Thanks a lot for your assistance and congratulation for this great sim. If you could just update the FMC to version 11, it would be awesome Florent
  12. Greetings! I performed a flight from KBOS to EHAM. The flight was overnight and when I revisited the sim and set the MCP ALT to a lower amount so I can descend via VNAV. I noticed nothing was happening. When I went to the VNAV page I noticed VNAV Alt was set at 8000 and not FL350. All of the preparation work was done using PPFP as I am teaching myself ETOPS operations. Upon further review of the legs page I noticed three waypoints in the start with 8000 for the altitude. Any ideas of why this happened? I reset the VNAV cruise from 8000 to FL350 and then used the MCP ALT and pressed it in to start the VNAV SPD mode for descent. Thank you.
  13. Hi, on my latest flights I´ve been experiencing something weird. At the very beginig of the descent, just after reaching the TOD, I get a "drag required" message, even if I am going a bit slow and high on the VNAV Path. Then, fmc speed drops to 0. I disengage the A/P, handfly it a little bit, reset the F/Ds, and then, after a couple of times doing this process, i leave the A/P on, but i control myself the vnav speed, pressing the speed knob. Finally, when I reach FL200, approximately, everything goes back to normal and works as expected. I know it isn´t a pilot error, because before the SP1, I did the same things and procedures, but this didnt happen. Thanks in advance for your help!
  14. hi there, i know it's not a new add-on but i was wondering if anyone could tell me the 'requirements' in order to get VNAV working on the feelthere e-jets v2 (175 and 195). I've tried following the manual but i must be missing something as VNAV just will not arm or select for me after take-off. i was hoping someone with experience of this addon might be able to give a list of things that must be satisfied in order for VNAV to work in this unusual bird. eg.... - A/T on and armed - Speed controller set to FMS - Climb power set ? - etc - etc thanks in advance if anyone can help james
  15. I noticed this problem the other day when I was coming into SFO on runway 28L. I wanted to test out the autoland feature so I was coming in to intercept the localizer at a heading hold. The correct frequency and heading was input manually into the CDU via the NAV RAD page, and approach was armed. The 747 intercepted the glide slope no problem and I got a LAND 3 just fine. BUT, about 100 feet AGL, the simulator would exit and say that I had crashed - presumably into the fence next to the ocean as I was about to land. During this, I can see that the plane is following the diamonds perfectly until 100 ft AGL or so, when the aircraft seems to very quickly fall beneath the glide slope markers (even though vertical descent rate did not change). It's almost as if the vertical profile is programmed to shallow out right before the runway. The aircraft maintained a constant rate of descent and did not adjust for the veritcal diamond moving upwards very quickly that last 100 ft or so. Was I doing something wrong, or is it just an FSX bug? I feel like even if it was an FSX bug, the aircraft should have compensated for the diamond moving up and shallowed out with the ILS profile?
  16. I've been using the iPad app iFMS for default aircraft in FSX and having mostly an easy time of it. One issue that still crops up is VNAV descents using autothrottle. If I disable A/T and manually control power to follow the speedbug that iFMS has calculated I can follow the descent pattern and I end up where I'm supposed to. If A/T is engaged, the aircraft does not spool down power enough to maintain the set speed. There are several times when idle is necessary (but still not needing speedbrake) but power remains above idle. This makes me overshoot the intended VNAV plan. Is there a way to tweak the A/T power settings for descent?
  17. Happy Holidays everyone, I am enjoying my holiday today as I bought 2 new airports for my sim. I am traveling a real world route with FSCaptain from KMSP to KSFO. I can not figure out why FMC is not calculating altitude so that I can engage it. My Airac is 1712 Here is route KMSP/30L SCHEP9 ONL DCT NUXRO DCT VOAXA Q136 OAL DCT INYOE DYAMD3 KSFO/10L (or try 28L) I am reading the FCOM2 11.30.X-11.42.X (going up and down the pdf, Just can't figure out on what is happening). Any suggestions on what is happening (I have searched the avsim forums for this but can not find an answer that I am looking for). Can someone point me in a direction on how to solve this. Thanks Update: Around DYAMD - FMC calculates T/D and right about here I am able to activate VNAV for descent. Quite confused why it isn't working before and then it works
  18. Hi, everyone, Today I had a rather perplexing event. I was in cruise, Route 1 active, everything OK. Then I modified a STAR and runway with transition. In the course of doing so, I realized that I had somehow selected Direct to a waypoint in the STAR, thus wiping out the intervening enroute waypoints. To solve this problem, I loaded the entire route in Route 2 from disk, moved the next waypoint aheadof my position up to be the active waypoint (rather than the first waypoint going back to the beginning of the flight), and activated Route 2. The aircraft followed the route OK in LNAV, but would not engage in VNAV. No altitudes were showing on the FMC legs page for subsequent legs except for restrictions included in the STAR (although my current Perf entry and I believe VNAV cruise entry had the correct altitude, FL350, after two auto step-climbs). The progress page did not show any predicted arrival time or expected remaining fuel. Active Sky Next, latest beta, was active, and I loaded current wind information, but it made no difference. (I did have a problem later with ASN, but I don't see how it's related to this one). I also entered the current FL either in the active waypoint or the following one, but the altitudes did not propagate down the list of waypoints. To solve this problem, I went back to Route 1, re-entered the remaining enroute waypoints, activated the route, and lo and behold, altitude information and predicted times returned, Progress display returned to normal. Did I do something wrong or is this a bug? Thanks, Mike
  19. I flew the SEEVR1 RNAV Arrival into KDFW tonight with no traffic anywhere to justify the speed restrictions on the arrival. I did still want to comply with the altitude restrictions. But... I couldn't figure out how to either A) Delete just the speed restriction on the pre-populated VNAC restrictions. B) Enter altitude restrictions as between two altitudes - or - What is the correct way to do either of these? E.g. FEWWW.SEEVR1 has a restriction at NECKK to cross Below FL280 and Above FL240 at 290KIAS. In the FMC legs page this was represented as 290/240 280. http://flightaware.com/resources/airport/KDFW/STAR/SEEVR+ONE+%28RNAV%29 As a work around, I created an along track waypoint a tenth of a mile before NECKK and assigned it altitude "280B" and then assigned NECKK 240A, with no speed on either one. It was a good amount of button pushing for what I think should be pretty straight forward.
  20. Hello guys, I'm having a little problem with my NGX. It doesn't happen everytime, and some times it comeback to normal. What happens is I'm entering the winds on the winds page and suddenly when I click for example R3 key to enter the wind for that way-point, the data doesn't get populated and the Exec button doesn't lit. I have to go to another page for that to happens. From that time on, it happens again with any data I want to change. Also I loose my vertical path and calculations and VNAV won't engage. On the legs page all time/FL data for all the waypoints are dashed, and i don't have any TD calculations. Does someone encounter this? Here are some screenshots. EDIT: I just made the VNAV come back by adding a FL restriction into one of the waypoints at cruise. But if I do that, the FMC calculates the TD just after that waypoint, and in the case of the flight of the screenshots, almost 800 nm before!
  21. I'm having a weird problem when descending with VNAV. If I let the aircraft reach top of descent and start down on it's own in VNAV, everything works normally and the power reduces to idle smoothly. However, if I use the "descend now" function, it will start down slowly and reduce power a little bit like it's supposed to, and when it catches up with the VNAV profile and captures the path for a steeper descent, the throttle mode switches to "hold" and will overspeed if I don't manually reduce power to idle. Perhaps I've missed something, but I believe it's supposed to retard to idle at this point on it's own. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  22. Hi, Every time I've gone to fly the NGX in P3D V4 on a chartered flight in the ngx VNAV has failed about an hour into the flight. It also gives me problems on takeoff. Not sure if this has been reported yet. I'm flying with: Pro-ATC X and Active sky. Every autopilot function is disabled in pro-atc x is disabled and it's even happened without the software running. Thank you
  23. hi, i tried today for 1st time, to use the vnav, following the tutorial (from cold and dark state). when i press vnav i get the msg perf/vnav unavaible. for me, i did everything right. in my demo flight i created, the only "strange" is the very short flight, lgsa to lgav, at 11.000 alt at a distance of 144nm. i used fuel 55.000 (25.000 for the flight in safety) plus 30000 for the wings as the example says. i put right the temperatures for takeoff (27c that moment +15 , plus a little more) 55 in total. trim also calculated 5.7 and put. v2 of 153 also at the spd ready. i dont know what else it could be. i read many times the tutorial example and there is nothing different. any ideas pls? thank you
  24. Hello, after retrieving (panel state & filesave) a FL350 YBBNKLAX haul, the 747-8i was a little slow on speed, so I made via MCP a 500ft descent to get up to cruise speed, then set FL350 again on MCP, pressed FLCH, I waited to be again into FMC cruise parameters, finally I hit VNAV and temporarily left the PC returning after a few minutes, I found the 747 in overspeed (easily corrected), that I could not explain (AS2012 was on) what did I miss? thanks Marco Gabbrielli
  25. We PMDG supporters are begging for a CRJ 200, but that dream may never happen or at least take 2 or so years to happen. If all we want is a CRJ could PMDG create a PMDG quality VC for the FSX CRJ 700? This would satisfy me and possibly kick start the development of a CRJ family. I just wish to have a CRJ that has LNAV, VNAV and all the buttons, knobs, switches and etc working. Nothing to special. I know there are products on the market for such issue but none are high quality and that is what I need.
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