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    20 years old from Norway. Been a flight entusiast since I was a little kid, started flying FSX when I was 10 (And quickly crashed into a mountain). But now enjoying proper routes with my loyal 737 on VATSIM :)
  1. Oh, thank you, have never heard of this Google thing before. Extremely helpful -_-
  2. Hello there simmers I was wondering if anyone know about some sort of extension that would play the safety announcements kinda in the background as I pushback from the gate. I know it serves no purpose but it would improve the flight feel for me
  3. It was perhaps an exaggeration Feels like 40 minutes anyway, I know very well how routing work thank you, and Ive had plenty of practice. I fly for a virtual airline and follow the airline routes so simroutes is rather useless to me. I should perhaps explore if my virtual airline lets me export the route and yes you can double click the scratchpad to enter by keyboard, but as waypoints are just 3-5 letters i don't really feel any efficiency gain from doing that
  4. Thank you very much! Found one for my android tablet using that search term. Now maybe I won't need a painful 40 minute preflight to enter my route! (: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.virtualavionics.vcdu
  5. I fly the PMDG 737-800 NGX in Flight Simulator X and I find it a hair pulling experience to have to move my cursor around to type in routes of 50 waypoints on that tiny FMC. Does anyone know of any hardware modules of FMS..or more accurately the CDU, preferably identical to that of the 737 I can buy and use? Or any alternative solution. I own FSUIPC. Note it needs to work with FSX and the PMDG 737 NGX! Any help is very much appreciated (:
  6. hmmmm.. ive been convinced, just took teh time and pain to install FSInn, cause I'll see how this goes Looks like it automatically installed my MyTraffic X planes.. cool! I could do without the cheesy interface though..
  7. I do not wish to switch to FSInn, it won't even install for me
  8. So I play on Vatsim with Squawkbox 4, and I'm become really tired of seeing those dumb stuck "VIP" planes everywhere so I decided to try to make Squawkbox use the MyTraffic X planes. I used the SMS Generator from here with little luck. As I did the conversion I had dozens of unknown ICAO errors, a few hours of googling I had found the real ID for all of those planes and entered it. I tried to launch squawkbox..and it popped up another few dozen of dialogs telling me that the ICAOs were not in equipment.txt. Now Ive tried to add them there, and it still wont shut up.. Is there any easier way to do this? A premade MyTraffic X setup, a different model pack? I can't be the only person out there with these pains. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. VNAV PATH, but I've really learned everything i need Thanks guys!
  10. Hmm.. allright, thanks for your help!
  11. I was at FL280 (cruise altitude) I was asked to descent to FL220 by the next waypoint which was 12nm away. i had set MCP altitude to fl220 and selected the next waypoint and set its altitude to 220. Nothing happened
  12. I did that too as I stated in my initial post "MCP altitude was set to the altitude I wanted it to go to."
  13. That is what i explained I was doing. Quoting: "And I tried to enter the altitude into the FMC and select the waypoint in the LEGS page, (That seemed like the logical way to go about this).". It set the alttiude for the waypoint but when i pressed execute it just continued flying leveled
  14. Hmm..allright. So if I press the altitude intervine switch after setting the altitude for the waypoint im approaching in the FMC it will start decent?
  15. Started flying on VATSIM a few months ago and last night I was doing a standard approach to Heathrow via the LAMB3R arrival and the controller was asking me to be at a certain altitude by passing a waypoint, I know this is very normal but I could not for the life of me find out how to instruct the FMC to do this. A/P was engaged with VNAV and LNAV, MCP altitude was set to the altitude I wanted it to go to. And I tried to enter the altitude into the FMC and select the waypoint in the LEGS page, (That seemed like the logical way to go about this). The numbers on there changed, but the plane didnt do anything. Am I going the wrong way about this or..? I ended up having to manually set the decent rate via the MCP since I couldn't figure it out, would appreciate some help
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