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Found 26 results

  1. I apologize if this is in the wrong place as I'm new to this forum, but I'm looking for guidance as to setting up a flight plan in the FMS for the current MSFS version of the Cessna Citation. I've watched several hours of videos and read many pages of forums, manuals, etc. across different sites but I keep plummeting to the ground at record speeds after engaging the autopilot. (I think) I understand the basics of navigating the various menus in the aircraft, I understand how to input/clear data, etc. and I can even get the autopilot to navigate laterally without any issues, but when I try to use VNAV things quickly start to go wrong. If anyone knows of an updated resource that offers a full guide on setting up a flight plan with working VNAV I would greatly appreciate it - I enjoy "flying" this aircraft, but my inability to use one of its most basic features has me feeling rather frustrated. I'm new to flight simming and aviation in general so I'm very much learning as I go and I'm sure I'm missing some amount of general aviation knowledge that would make this easier. If I can provide any more information on what I've done that would be useful, I would love to, but I'm not entirely sure what might be useful to someone trying to help and I don't want to clog up the post with a bunch of useless info.
  2. Hi PMDG team, A question regarding the "Direct To" function of the FMS. I noticed that the autopilot tends to behave quite abruptly, ie large bank angle to capture the new track. IIRC the NGX or the 777 do not behave so quickly and limit the bank angle to 15° or so. Is this consistent with the real airplane behaviour? Is there a smoother way to use the "Direct To" option? Cheers Alex
  3. I have no power to the ACP, DCP and MSP? Everything else works fine? Please help... Thanks!
  4. I am having success programming the flight plan into the FMS, the waypoints display and change color as I pass over them, etc. But ATC is using the flight plan that is in FSX, not the FMS. Do I have to also manually create another flight plan in FSX in order to have ATC give the proper directions?
  5. Hello, I know the PMDG 737's FMC is very realistic but today, i have a big problem. I have watch this video : about the real FMCS and I think it is impossible to do the same thing. For exemple how to create a false waypoint with its coordinates in NAV DATA page ?thanks a lot
  6. Hey, So I have had the 737NGX for a while and it has been working perfectly. Today though I flew KPHL-KORD in it and something very wierd happened with the fuel Loading. I set up the aircraft same as I always do, programmed the FMC and loaded the fuel. I loaded about 15,000 pounds according to the FMC and FSX and FSC. Plenty of fuel to reach ohare. I flew the departure as usual, used VNAV, LNAV and the A/P same as always. Everything was normal. I then left for a quick 5 minute break, and when I came back there was 0lbs of fuel onboard and the engines were at idle. I have no idea why this happened. So, anyway, I flew the flight over later and it all went perfectly well. Any ideas? ~Remy
  7. Of course this is an Aerosoft question, but anyway... I was trying the Airbus X out today (despite having owned it for quite awhile, I haven't flown it yet) and ran into a snag while reviewing the flight plan. For some reason, I can't use either sets of arrows to scroll through the flight plan--I'm stuck on the first page. Any ideas? Thanks,boeing247(and is there really no way to set Altitude constraints until the extended version comes out?)
  8. HI Fellow Simmers I was wondering if anyone had encountered the problem of the fms eta times being out of sync with everything...sometimes its only out by 10 or 12 hrs more times it just keeps flicking times at random but always reads the correct time for last w/point passed..the clockin the plane always reads the correct time and the sim is set to real time, I also run Aiviasoft efb ( a wonderfull bit of kit and in my humble opinion a must have) and its correct with its eta's.....I'm running fsx with Xpack and think I read somewhere that it can be a bit quirky..but not too sure about this..any ideas much appriciated Many Thanks Fred TROUBLE FREE FLIGHT TO ALL
  9. Sorry if this is an old question, but i didn't find something for this. Are Place/Bearing/Distance waypoints possible?
  10. After getting into some of the advanced flight planning features in the default airliners and the new CRJ - there are a few things I'm still confused about in terms of how flight planning works in the real world. I can narrow this down to three main questions (see below) and would be grateful for any real world pilots who can chime in and clarify! 1) How do you know which runway you will be arriving at when composing a flight plan? - The active runway can change multiple times per day based on weather and windspeed / direction - Tools like the MSFS planner and Simbrief don't seem to "know" what the currently active runway is and let you pick any runway you'd prefer How does it work in the real world? Do you look up the currently active runway somewhere before creating a flight plan? What if it changes mid-flight? 2) Simbrief and MSFS make it seem like you have full control over your route - is this true in real life? - When I look at real world traffic patterns, almost all aircraft seem to follow the same exact arrival flow - Wouldn't it create chaos if flights could choose random waypoints and vectors, and zig zag all over controlled airspace as they please? - I know there are specific arrival patterns, but is there one in particular that is the "currently preferred" arrival pattern at any given time? (based on weather, etc...) In the real world, is there a preferred arrival pattern that most pilots follow? Does ATC limit your route options? 3) As you get closer to an airport, does ATC alter your route, or do they let you follow your flight plan most of the time? - I'd imagine heavy traffic results in lots of queue / hold patterns What do you do when you are rerouted? Is there a mad-scramble to punch in new vectors into the FMS? Is that stressful? Thanks for any insight!
  11. After some time off from FSX, I came back and purchased Navigraph FMS date for PMDG. Ran PMDG-1601.exe and didn't know where to put data (program did not offer me a default setting - location box was empty and wanted me to browse for location). I chose ...FSX\PMDG\NavData and there were some .txt files there with the correct date. However, in NavData\PMDG\NavData\SIDSTARS there were only older data. I have downloaded Navigraph FMS data before, but either I was offered a default location to which I should download data, or I remembered where it went. Now I don't remember (getting old, I guess !). Oh, and the end result has been that the 737 FMS still shows NavData is out of date. That's quite a long topic which can be solved by some one refreshing my memory on the proper location in which to download these files. EDIT: Finally decided to just leave the file location in the download program blank and data was downloaded to C:\Program Files (x86) and looked OK, but when I went to fly the 737, the FMS still said "Data out of date"
  12. Hello, I just purchased this product and everything works fine except the FMS database will not load. When using SHIFT 9, it indicates 0 percent. Seems to hang. I created a trouble ticket with the Carenado folks but haven't heard anything yet. I use FSX Steam. Is anyone else been having the same problem? Thanks, Dave
  13. I'm trying to do a 10 hour flight, created a flight plan in fsbuild, and imported it into the fms of the PMDG 747. after about 30 minutes the 747 started veering off the flight plan and making random s curves. I thought it might be because of sharp tight curves fsbuild had put in it, so I deleted the departure waypoints, and it soon had a nice long line and was following it fine. about 30 minutes later, it started making s curves again on either side of the acars map. What gives? I would presume that the 747 would be like every other aircraft, and simply follow a straight line. Am I doing something wrong here, or is this a known issue? 10 hours is a long time to sit here and baby a 747 with the heading indicator... Everything else is working just fine, so it's not an FSPasengers failure. Any ideas?
  14. I fly the PMDG 737-800 NGX in Flight Simulator X and I find it a hair pulling experience to have to move my cursor around to type in routes of 50 waypoints on that tiny FMC. Does anyone know of any hardware modules of FMS..or more accurately the CDU, preferably identical to that of the 737 I can buy and use? Or any alternative solution. I own FSUIPC. Note it needs to work with FSX and the PMDG 737 NGX! Any help is very much appreciated (:
  15. I have a issue with the J41 fmc. When I am initializing and choosing waypoints some are found in the database and some are not. Does anyone know how this can be and where I can look to debug this. I have airac 1407 I tried a couple: It can find: KLAX, EDFH, It cannot find: ESSA, EFVA, EFHK, ESNU. Has anyone come across this before?
  16. I recently updated my FMS and I dont understand some information. For example if my destination is KCLT (Charlotte Airport) and my designed runway is 36L, I put the runway in the FMS and then the FMS shows me the APPROACH list. I want to choose the ILS 36L but I don't know which one is... can someone please explain me which of them is the ILS 36L. I attached the FMS Approach list... Also... If I select a random approach... the FMS shows me the Approach transition page.... how do I know which one to choose? Thanks for the help :Peace:
  17. I installed the C90 and it uploaded the default FMS data. I also downloaded a new Airac cycle but cannot get it to update in the C90. I see in the CarenadoNavigraph folder it still shows the 2013 cycle. In my PMDG folder it shows the updated Airac cycle. If I try to copy the PMDG updated cycle into the CarenadoNavigraph folder it does not seem to work. Can anyone advice what I may be doing wrong. Thanks. I'm running Steam FSX. My main Staem folder is on a HDD but I moved FSX to a SSD. Maybe this is causing confusion with the program? Thanks.
  18. I got a Ryanair FCOM2 and I'm looking a bit into it. It says what to write, to put a waypoint on the route! But I can not insert a waypoint in the LEGS page! (Along the route) Examples. "GG711 / 5" The ESGG STAR to 03 It should end up 5 NM along the route ahead of GG711 Manually Entered Along–Track Waypoint Names Along–track waypoints are a special case of place–bearing/distance waypoints applied to the current route. When a waypoint is desired on the route where none exists, the along–track waypoint feature creates the desired waypoint without creating a route discontinuity. Along–track waypoints are entered using the waypoint name (the place), followed by a slash and minus sign, for points before the waypoint, or no sign for points after the waypoint, followed by the mileage offset for the newly defined waypoint. The route course takes the place of the bearing which is not entered. The created waypoint is then inserted over the original waypoint. The distance offset must be less than the distance between the originating waypoint and next (positive value) or preceding (negative value) waypoint. Latitude and longitude waypoints cannot be used to create along–track waypoints. Examples: • VAMPS/25 is 25 miles after VAMPS on the present route, and is displayed as VAM01 • ELN/–30 is 30 miles before ELN on the present route,and is displayed as ELN01.
  19. Hi all, just wondering, is the overfly function present in the NGX's CDU? And if not, how to force the Lnav to stick to a precise path over wps as opposed to the more efficient (cutting corners, etc..) default? Thank you all
  20. Hello, I was wondering how to configure the FMS, and if it was possible, for a touch-a-go configuration. When I load a flightplan in my FMS, each time the 737 passes a fix it is deleted from the Legs Page and on the Navigation Display, so that only the points that the plane hasn't passed yet are remaining. My problem is that when I perform touch-and-goes and that I have put my airport and runway indication on the Navigation Display, after the first landing everything is deleted on the ND, consequently it is all clean during my second circuit pattern.In this video, we can clearly see that those indications stay on the Navigation Display during the whole procedure : How could I do that ? Thanks you in advance :) Bekatro PS : Sorry for my bad english, I'm not a native english speaker.
  21. Hello! I am a long time user of PMDG's MD-11, a beautiful product. I recently re-installed a fresh FSX-SE on my PC, a fresh installation of the MD-11 (I had taken a long FSX break) and updated the AIRAC (cycle 1610 I believe). The issue: the MD-11 flies about a quarter of a mile to the right of the FMC track. The heading is correct and there is no 'hunting' for direction or anything, it is just to the right. This offset is constant in any direction and even after intercepting ILS localizer the plane descends into a place just to the right of the actual runway. This did not happen before updating the AIRAC database for the PMDG FMS. I have not programmed an offset (don't even know how) and the IRS alignment is performed in real time, 10 minutes. I am not running any add-on scenery, the only addons being the MD-11 and FSUIPC. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Dan
  22. I was wondering whether it is absolutely necessary to subscribe to AIRAC data updates (from Navigraph) if one desires to fly an FMS aircraft (like PMDG 737NGX) on VATSIM? Thank you! Grant
  23. Hello Captains, I have a little technical query. I have one of the Just Flight videos about the 777-200, and I've seen the captains do something I can't do on the PMDG one. I'm aware that the one on the video it is not an LR so maybe is that. What they are doing is instead of letting the FMC to calculate the Steps Climbs, they set an Initial Cruise FL, the step climb at 0 and then set the required FL restriction on the required waypoints along the route, as per the route planed by the dispatcher. Now with our new and shinny flight planner (PFPX), we can make a flight with the steps climbs already specified on the route. I honestly didn't look for it on the FCOM, so please don't be to harsh on me. :Whistle: I notice that if I set the cruise level on the init page to the final FL I can add the restrictions to the waypoints, but only the ones below that FL. But if I set my initial FL, that usually is lower than the final FL, I can't. My question is: am I doing something wrong? is this modeled? is it something that is different on the LR?. Thanks a lot!!
  24. Name: SYSK - Forecasting Descents Category: FS Instructional Videos Date Added: 07 October 2014 - 02:23 PM Submitter: scandinavian13 Short Description: None Provided Stuff You Should Know: How to forecast VNAV descents by finding and choosing the best data. Additionally, why this data matters. View Video
  25. Name: SYSK - Understanding Descents Category: FS Instructional Videos Date Added: 07 October 2014 - 02:22 PM Submitter: scandinavian13 Short Description: None Provided Stuff You Should Know: How to understand VNAV descents and the limitations of automation in understanding STARs. NY Airspace Application: http://tfmlearning.fly.faa.gov/NY_Airspace/NY_Airspace_Pkg/NY_Airspace.swf View Video
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