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  1. I haven't found this anywhere else so I will try here. I recently flew into an ILS approach into KORD to 28C. Throughout the approach the autopilot had the localizer locked on but the bug showed half dot to the right. At about 3 miles out and with the runway visible out the front window I could if I continued I was going to land in the grass to the left side of 28C. So I disconnected the autopilot and hand-flew the rest of the approach. The only thing that was unusual was the wind was from 330/18G25. I have many hours in the PMDG MD11 and had not seen this before, Does the MD11 fly autoland approaches offset like this if there is a strong crosswind? Eric Parker FDX8124
  2. Not sure if this belongs here or somewhere else, but I am experiencing the same problem with poor landing performance with the new PMDG B747-400 v3 and the B747-8 v3 aircraft as other pilots. As a result I replaced the B747-400_PW.AIR file with one from a previous package for B747-400X DVD that I had on hand. The file names are different so I modiied the name but the airplane doesn't seem to mind. It definitely lands better and I am satisfied this is good. Now I want to do the same thing with the B747-8i but I see the file size is different and am relunctant to do more. I really like the -8 and the 8F but I can't figure out a better way to make decent landings. Changing the .air file on the -400 solved that problem but from there I am stuck. I have been flying sims for almost 40 years so I know a thing or two about how to do it but the -8 is kicking my tail.
  3. Not sure if this has been posted before since I could not find it anywhere, so let me know where to it is. I flew into EDDF yesterday with my PMDG B747-8 and noticed RAAS was confused on what runway I was pointed at. It announced "approaching runway..." and that's all it said. Today I ran MakeRwys.exe again and when the app finished a message indicating it had finished I could not find any of the files it is supposed to make. I know this has worked in the past but now RAAS doesn't seem to work at all. A complication may be that I log on to my computer with my Microsoft account and the support files for FSX are stored with that logon. I searched Appdata on the local C:\drive and OneDrive for runways.xml but they are not showing up. OneDrive is where the flight plan files are saved automatically by FSX and FSX seems to know that. I am reluctant to logon to the local computer now if it means reinstalling FSX or any of the airplanes. The airplanes are all stored on C:\drive. Eric Parker
  4. I have been trying to reinstall MD11 software for about two weeks now and it fails every time. I wouldn't need this so much but after my hard drive failed this is one of the last items to deal with. Emails from the factory tells me there is a problem on their end but how long can it take? I paid good money for this airplane and I like it a lot. Surely there is someone at PMDG that has the ability to fox this problem. Eric Parker
  5. I have made many derated takeoffs without much technical info before I tried it and sometimes it worked. I usually avoid derated takeoffs at airports like KEWR/29. When I was planning a derated takeoff at KMEM with a freighter using the ATM tool for the 748 I was much happier with the results. Eric Parker
  6. I couldn't find an existing topic but, anyway, I recently tried to install an older piece of software on my FSX stuff and the install replaced the opening splash screen with FS 2004 logo. While I reluctantly admit it hasn't hurt the FSX operation, it is a little annoying. The now-current splash screen file name is "dlgsplash.bmp and I could not find the original file on the DVD probably because it is inside one of the .CAB files and only the government or Apple (at least not me) can decode one of these files. Anyone have any ideas? Eric Parker
  7. Problem seems to have gone away with the latest updates. Eric Parker
  8. In my case, there was no fuel in the stab tanks and, yes the reserves feed #1 & #4 which is not how it works in the -400. I was expecting the override switches to automatically deselect as it had in the -400. It didn't. So the override pumps depleted the #2 & #3 tanks and since they never turned off, they kept sucking fuel until it was gone. If the fuel from the reserves weren't going to feed, there wasn't going to be enough to make it London. What I didn't know was the fuel from the reserves would not feed until the #1 & #4 levels were below approx. 13,000 lbs (6.1 kg). I also was not aware there was an auto/on switch for the reserve tanks. I have since run some tests to learn what went wrong and my conclusion is to turn the override pumps off after takeoff and not use them again unless there is a fuel balance problem. And most likely the override pumps are not needed for takeoff either although I like to use them. New to the -8 are electronic checklists which told me there was a fuel imbalance and to turn the crossfeeds off. D'oh! Always something new to learn. Eric Parker KSMF
  9. Hate to disagree but it doesn't always work. It used to work on the -400 but if it fails in mid-flight on the -8 and you are away from the flight deck for an extended period it could result in a flame out. I tried it for the first time today from KJFK to EGLL and over the Atlantic Ocean I had a serious fuel supply problem. None of the fuel from the reserve tanks were feeding and main 2 and 3 were empty. I quit the flight and returned to KJK to troubleshoot and learned that auto-switching was a fair luck situation at best. I decided pausing the sim was a better choice. Eric Parker KSMF
  10. My experience with Ground Operations on this version is that if you connect Air Start and/or Air Conditioning and then choose the built-in menu to use Ground Operations to load the plane with cargo and fuel, the Air Start and/or Air Conditioning never disconnect. The FMC will show "Disconnecting" but they don't. It doesn't matter if the chocks were in or out and how long you wait, they never go away. Time is not the issue. The issue is whether Air Start and/or Air Conditioning were connected before starting Ground Operations. Once Air Start and/or Air Conditioning are chosen or Ground Operations begin, those items will only disconnect if no other menu items have been chosen. Therefore either choose Air Start and/or Air Conditioning or Ground Connections, but never both. People who have responded they never have had a problem or the like don't choose these options or don't bother to look out the window before taxiing away from the ramp. Eric Parker
  11. Not sure if this is on topic, but I flew a NAT route today from ATL to AMS and while over the Atlantic I noticed Navigraph Simlink was plotting my aircraft north of the intended waypoints. Then I noticed that while I had filed for N5440 as a fix apparently Simlink was headed for H5440 instead. When I corrected the Navigraph flight plan to show H5440 instead on N5440 it showed me on course. Why would there be two fixes with the same coords but different coding? Eric Parker
  12. It was working fine for me too while I was flying. But after landing, I couldn't file a PIREP and then everything quit. I can no longer access the web page or smartCARS. Curious you say it is working but I have been trying since Saturday night without success. And I still cannot get anything this morning. Maybe we are not talking about the same airline. WWW.DELTAVIRTUAL.ORG Eric Parker
  13. Apparently DeltaVirtual.org went offline around 11AM PDT on November 4, 2017. I began a flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco around 6AM and at 11AM, their server stopped. Since I was still flying, the was no indication until I tried to file a PIREP at 6PM. After several unsuccessful attempts I discovered the failure and could not access the web page either. It is still down as of 6AM PST on November 5, 2017. Eric Parker DeltaVirtual Pilot 6042
  14. For whatever reason, it started working today. Probably user error. This can be closed. Eric Parker
  15. Oh yes. I doubt I could operate the aircraft without hydraulics and like I said, it flies. Just no trim.
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