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  1. Wow nice work. Looks great.
  2. Just found this. Skimmed through it, but found broad references to the sims we use, and even mentioning Vatsim and Pilotedge for Comms training. Very nice recognition
  3. Correct. All heatsinks, fans, and pumps removed according to article and video. The heat goes to the surface and evaporates is my understanding. Still bizarre to see but cool
  4. Agree with Dave_YVR. Your better off to upgrade that GPU as a priority above anything else. 1080TI would be the best but at the very least a 1070. Then you will have a great system.
  5. Think the issue with CS, is to release, and perhaps do a few bug fixes and then quickly move on to the next project. I get you want to have a number of products released, but it would be better to have one released thats pretty solid and build your reputation from that. Hopefully they have realized that and have turned a new leaf.
  6. Go for it! I procrastinated for years to get on Vatsim even though signing up. Now that ive finally jumped in, I regret I missed all those years. Its a great immersion assuming there is controllers online. To all ones who are thinking of Vatsim, and who are actually still reading this thread without being discouraged, just go ahead and do it. Never mind Pete Kings demands. Fly what flight you want, with what aircraft you want and what number you want to give it but its not a bad idea to check on flightaware for recently used flights. Its just not a hard and fast rule. Just adhere to the Vatsim rules not Tooting Pete Kings rules. Go find a Vatsim training organization and do the P1 training and exam. (They are free and I used VATSTAR) You get an all around general knowledge that can be put to practical use. P1 rating will help to recall later on, because even after doing the exam you will forget to put the knowledge to use until you get comfortable. I made lots of mistakes after, but the next time I remember to be more prepared. And controllers make mistakes too. Im sure Pete is an excellent controller with his career experience but without the attitude but they are all not infallible as he would insinuate. So what. We learn and then move on. Respect on both sides goes a long long way and enhances this awesome hobby of ours. The hardest thing to overcome is the nervousness at first and to train your ears to listen to instructions that may be partly audible due to poor mics, or internet lag and breakup. Ive gotten it wrong a number of times, so if you are not quite sure, just ask again. The instructions should make sense to what you are expecting to happen anyway. And stay away from the southern UK until your really comfortable with quick action. There is lots of airports that would love to see your traffic who dont get much relative to the busy hubs. Hope to see you all in the virtual skies. Cheers
  7. Fair enough , but it goes both ways with the same for controllers. Just listen to some of archived recordings online. What I dont get is you applying your real world career experience to the vatsim world to perfection apples to apples. The vast majority are not real world pilots, we are not paid to do this. We do this as a fun enjoyable hobby, and while Ive been in flight simulation for 30 years, vatsim or the like while adding to realism immersion, can also be killed in a flash when everything must fit in your perfect world. We try our best, but there will be screw ups as there is on the other side of the fence. We all live and learn. The end game is still to enjoy the hobby. If you dont like missed perfection, then send us all to a professional school paid for , accommodations food and any license fees. We appreciated online controllers being there but its not going to a real world scenario each and every second with so much variety of experience online.
  8. Im fairly new to vatsim (about 5 months now) which took forever to actually go thru with it. I signed up on vatsim 6 years ago. First, kudos to the OP for getting to know vatsim right out of Gatwick. Busy place to learn and intimidating. At the same time , clearly he is keen on learning and humble enough to post on here to learn from mistakes. However alot of the comments about exact proper procedure to the T would be such a push away to newbies. You want to increase vatsim numbers, well that certainly isnt going to do it. Not just to the OP but to anyone else thinking of joining may have just read this thread and be put off by it. Once you start getting comfortable with vatsim, its a great experience overall, but it takes time for many and there will be instances of annoyed controllers. (understandably so, as its quite stressful, when its busy and some didnt get the instructions properly or failed to execute it for a number of reasons. My suggestion from experience is to just be an observer at those busy hubs following taxi instructions from other aircraft, then do some flights in far less busy places first. (ENGM,ESSA are great for that and very understanding controllers) If you want to fly in/out of EGKK or EGLL EHAM EDDF etc, try to find a less busy time initially. Use a good flight planner that is tied to vatsim so that it is filed properly. I use simbrief and dont seem to have much issues. Just put in the comments section of the FP that you are "new to vatsim". Hopefully they will be more forgiving and helpful that way. All the best.
  9. Im excited for this, and the video while looking quite compressed, still looks quite good. But at same time, I hate being a pessimist and wondering why the cabin looks that good with all that eye candy. That to me looks like more time spent on cabin simulator rather than spending time on high fidelity systems on the flight deck. Hope Im proved wrong.
  10. Ugh hated those ground air starts with the diesel air starts at gate. So loud. Mind you that was back in the late 90s so im sure its much improved now. But really had to push a hell of alot of air to get an engine going. APU inop= headache.
  11. Excited for this but with cautious optimism. I think Captainsim is smart to finally fill this much needed airliner gap for P3D and can get great sales for this IF they do it right. (not holding my breath on the LVL-D one as that may be a few years away still) My guess is that they learned from the past and want to improve and make things right. I dont have the L-1011 but judging from other comments about it, it sounds like a decent model. So they are moving in the right direction and dont think its a bad idea to give them the benefit of the doubt albeit with reservations. Had the old 767 of theirs and it wasnt too bad. Couldve had more systems depth and bug fixes, but it was definitely flyable and complete enough to work around the inconsistencies. I dont expect perfection or even outstanding model, but a dev that just listens to its customers about bugs AND does something about it.
  12. Great news, but also am puzzled by the price. Its a straight port. 64 bit gauge files. No enhanced VC textures, no bug fixes, no new features. for $25? Theres got to be a discount for previous 32bit owners.
  13. Are you talking about helis only? Its my understanding the MJC Q400 is nearly all external FDE. It behaves quite different from others. So if P3D heli FDE is so poor theres got to be a way they can use an external engine. Lots of things were said to be impossible years ago and look where we are today with some aircraft and WX addons. Just found this one for V4. Seems favorable. Anyone else flying this? https://www.pchelicopters.com/index.php/helicoptersimulators/p3d/guimbal-cabri-g2
  14. Another bump for P3D V4 heli revival. Shopping for a heli thats hopefully on a BF Sale. Seems like the most realistic ones are not ready for v4 though. Some polls some may find useful. Best Helis across all sim platforms Best heli sim platform P3D needs some work and lags 5th. Must be a way to have an external FDE model like our other premium addons for aircraft.

    Wow PMDG on sale in that list? Oh its FSX boxed only lol. A real sale with P3D downloads included would probably induce a heart attack to the masses anyway. Since FSX is over 10 years old, we will see PMDG for P3D boxed on sale in 2027. Blue moons are more common than PMDG or FT sales.