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  1. Ok they do have some nice routes included and some new features, but the fundamental problems continue to exist. Im surprised they do not learn from other game simulation models. The big secret sauce to it all, is having the community heavily involved in content creation. While there is a new editor and scenario builder, its still rather limited. Farming simulator for example has so much content of machines and maps that the adds on are enormous, and that in turn has greatly grown that title. The Euro American truck simulator also to a limited extent. Yet Dovetail refuses to give access, and very limited partner releases. They will not change because they have such a big greed factor. The only thing that might get them to change is very strong competition. There is some titles coming out, that may rival them, but they are too much in their infancy right now. Hopefully with time. I do enjoy TSW3 running with full safety systems on and being very vigilant, but these new full number are essentially updates. Look what MS does to FS2020 in that last years. Look at all the FREE updates and all the content that goes with it. Anyone who complains about MS updates in that regard should go have a look at the way TSW3 does updates and release.
  2. Hi I am hoping to pick the brains of you DIY'ers out there building home cockpits for a very unusual situation. Explaining this to other people who dont understand the meaning of your flight simulation hobby comes up with meaningless answers like just use a laptop. Background... About 13 years ago, I have alot of trouble to sit. Good for about 5 min before excruciating pain hits down the spine and into the neck. It involves multiple nerves that are stuck and cant be operated on. But there is no way I am going to lose my 35 year hobby and was determined to continue flying. For these past 13 years my desk is actually my bed. I did this by building a workstation next to my bed with heavy duty monitor arms that extend over the bed for the monitor and the speakers. This involves alot of counterweight options to prevent the desk from falling over. The keyboard and mouse all wireless, and my joystick is freely used as needed with longer cables, as well as the honeycomb bravo throttle mounted at an angle from the workstation. All very ugly setup but functional for the most part. I fly lying down looking slightly up to the monitor. Cant use pedals for rudder but HOTAS setup takes care of this with a twist. Everything computer wise is simple for me since that is my background and have a fully customized PC build. We are moving soon, and wish to find a better more "elegant" solution that also incorporates an option to stand and fly. I thought I would do this with a ceiling mount for the monitor which hangs over the bed, and swing it over to a nearby standing table, however the ceiling mounts dont have this versatility even though they are "full motion", they cant extend out they only hang vertically. My only ideas are somehow putting the bed and desk on castors and moving things around in order to have optimal placement of the monitor. Not so easy with cable connections everywhere. Perhaps other option is to have the monitor swing from the side desk. But because I would like a standing solution , and that I am 6'8, the desk needs to be much taller than normal and therefore less stable because of the high center of gravity and the extension when lying in bed. would need a whole lot of additional clever counterweighting. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Budget also has to be considered since I am not working otherwise this would be simple to get some builder in here to make a special platform that incorporates all this together. Thank very much
  3. Well just to put a different spin on all the white dot and border negativity, I am personally very grateful all the work WT did on the 787 and 747 because they were utter garbage before. Thanks very much WT! Was really needed and now we have it. Just about to do the update so if it happens, I am sure it will be annoying, but the big improvements to a couple of heavies outweighs the temporary irritant. It will eventually get fixed. Finally have some long haul flying to do.
  4. I am simply appalled by all the negativity and over reaction everywhere. Too much self entitlement.
  5. Talk about out of the blue announcement. I dont have a problem with all these career mode stuff. Looks exciting. Adds more variation for those who dont want to do regular flight legs with all the fidelity. I like those heli missions. But at the very least, we should have some very important features in flight sim, that have not been well implemented. Terrain and WX radar is a glaring fault, especially to 3rd party who dont have a proper API to plug into. Getting some very good high end long haul and short haul aircraft, but not having proper wx radar and terrain, is a big shortfall IMHO.
  6. Ask an ATR pilot. They all seem to select from the list rather than entering it in. But what do I know. I'm learning the aircraft like most. Was just pointing it out why they didnt find it in beta because of the critique it wasnt ready for release.
  7. Dont understand the critical nature from many. There should be no fix for this. 737NG Driver made an important point in his video about the freezing. Why wasnt this freezing of the FMC detected in beta when they had professional ATR pilots testing it out? The answer is simple. Because they follow what they do in real life. Meaning they dont type in the airways. It is selected from a list. Therefore no freezing. Should be a wake up call for everyone. This is a testimony that the aircraft is properly done, since ATR themselves had a heavy hand in the information they give. If we type in airways and waypoints and it freezes , its simply not the correct way of the real aircraft.
  8. Cool. Step in the right direction. Perhaps we could get clarification what 'Airport Environment' entails. The wind direction AND speed? Default Ops? What happens when the wind changes direction to a more accommodating runway but the wind speed is only 3kts. Then default ops still remain. If software somehow takes this into consideration, then it would a big step towards real world ops. Wind over 7kts is clear.
  9. That has always been a significant problem with ATC software. I have mentioned this before from previous software, but was never rectified. Airports have default operations as in wind 5-7kts or less. Problem with ATC software, reading a wind with 1-2 kts changes runways when its not necessary. Should be kept to default ops. There is probably an issue that needs to have a database to read somewhere to tell the ATC software exactly what default ops are, which runways are in use at this time of day with winds less than the 5-7kts. Dont think Navigraph has this implemented.
  10. Strange bunch. So much hate for a product not yet released. How many threads are there whining for a long haul payware? Aerosoft is not super high level and its not marketed as such, but its certainly no word not allowed-tain sim with fake cockpit and default systems with extra pay for liveries. I expect it to be half decent given the time its taken and from previews. Also dont expect perfection from ver 1.0 and from Aerosofts history, not quite abandonware. There is a number of updates after their releases. Lets not get carried away. If we carry on like this, why the heck would developers have incentive to produce aircraft we want?
  11. Bizarre and annoying. 11 gb of vram has never been an issue before. I've had this problem since SU12. Been barely flying much because its frequent. Play other demanding games and never have any issue at all. Also confirm graphics drivers makes no difference at this point. If they ever get a running error log file in place, this would help alot as long as the log doesnt have vague errors like windows does.
  12. Following this topic with great interest. Problem for me is ATC software sounds so scripted. If only it could be a little more dynamic. So I will just put this out there from my previous experiences with ATC software that annoy the heck out of me. Solve these and ATC software would become alot more human dynamic in reacting to situations rather than being mechanically scripted. I will preface to say that I dont currently use ATC software anymore, so perhaps these issues have been worked out. 1) This obsession with SIDs and STARs. Sure we use it often, but in the case of little traffic, or when traffic permits, I would certainly expect a DTO in order to cut out a good part of the STAR or SID. Got this often when Vatsim was actually online at the destination airport. Of course its terrain dependent too or airspace that has particularly stringent regulations in the surrounding area. But in general, ATC wants you out of their section ASAP to facilitate other traffic, so if a Direct To gets 'rid of you' faster, all the better. 2) Somewhat related.... ATC software are just following charts. This is good, but again comes back to the very scripted idea. This gets a little ridiculous when you are on a downwind leg, and ATC sends you 25 miles out to the IAF and then return to intercept. Again traffic and terrain dependent, but for the most part, there should be no issue to cut that at least in half and make your base leg a whole lot earlier to intercept 10-12 miles out. Again this is where dynamic intelligence comes in to play and why Vatsim has a big advantage over ATC software. But then again I got tired of Vatsim going offline at my destination. Understandable it cannot be manned 24/7 but a nuisance to the pilot regardless. Maybe this software can be different. Love the fact that AI actually have structure now.
  13. Thats harsh. No way its below the Wilco E170. A little more complexity than Wilco for sure. You havnt bought it yet so perhaps try it out before comparing it to Wilco. Yes there is quite some work to do, but its quite functional with an A to B flight. FPS is getting better, and the updates are coming as promised. Be on your toes is all as a pilot. Sometimes it has a mind of its own as far as navigation or sensitivity, so you make a correction and its back on course. VNAV will come but I'm sure that is minimum 6 months away. Had no issues planning descent using FLCH or VS, just do your calculations. One thing to note, they have moved to a stable and experimental branch workflow. So when you install the Aerosoft one installer, it will default to the older "stable" version. For better fps , choose experimental 0.9.5 Nice to have an Ejet in MSFS albeit quite an early state.
  14. This is so sweet! Cant come fast enough. Been a long long time since we had a good MD-11. If you lean towards Airbus flying more than Boeing, you will love the MD-11 If you love the Boeing more than Airbus, you will love the MD-11. If you love neither, then you have a good chance to love the mix. Its a fantastic hybrid right in the middle.
  15. Bring on the 777 and 747. Been all about the 737 since MSFS beginning. Need some real heavies around here.
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