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  1. Respectfully disagree. If this is the garbage that comes out that completely misrepresents the aircraft, then most of the addons are going to develop pre conceived reputation from newcomers and end up being a bad experience that maybe throws the sim to the shelf so to speak.. Copying and pasting this gauge from this aircraft, this fmc from this aircraft, and another part of the panel from another said aircraft, is just ridiculous. Sorry if this feels like its unfair, but to all us simmers who have been around a long time, investing alot of money on addons thru the years, that at least try to simulate the aircraft presented, this ends up being a slap in the face. At the very least make it look like an E-175 and function with the proper FMC, and proper displays. Not cookie cutter. The variability of system depth can determine the price for labor and time. Instead, its all a quick money grab that takes advantage of unsuspecting individuals.
  2. Ha my sentiments exactly. Did the same thing and flew a flight in P3D and while getting back to a premium airliner (Ngxu) was great, the ugliness around makes you gag. Like being transported back to a 2010 game over again. I have alot invested in P3D, but its long in the tooth now as the saying goes. Some things you invest in you cant hold on forever when it doesn't make sense. I am contemplating completely ditching it, but the TFDI MD-11 may bring me back if only for a short time period until its ported to MSFS, then P3D is gone for good. It did its job for the past 10 years. Served me well with a ton of flight hours. Time to move on and welcome next gen.
  3. Might as well put my 2cents worth in. I cant comment on whether a flight model is truly realistic because I am not a real world pilot. I will say it is far different to just being an observant in a level D sim with full motion. Being in a DC-10 level D way back when, was the most surreal feeling and so akin to being in the real machine. And thats what we are lacking in our home desktop simulators. Motion feedback. What I do know though, is that we have made progress. Going back to FS 2.0 , the improvements in technology to give us the simulation that plays on the senses we can use in a desktop sim, is the best we can ask for and should really appreciate. FSX should not be knocked for the flight models that came out of there were really unsurpassed in high fidelity simulation. XP did the same thru the years, and on with P3D. They all had their time where they peaked. I think MSFS is now the future with so much technology put into it. This is demonstrated well with the visualizations mappings of say how wind interacts with the mountains. This will continue to be improved on even further. So for our love the hobby which is really very niche, we all should be appreciative of what we have and that we have the support of a massive corporation. Sure you can say what you will about MS and business practices, but theres no way we would be here today without a huge resource of financial backing, knowledge and experience taken to the highest level. Remember some others tried, but just didnt have the money and all the resources MS does and thus failed. Raise a beer to the flight simulation hobby and be proud of it no matter the sim platform you choose to be in.
  4. This is a bonus to try that branch. Separate install that doesnt touch my main folder, plus its a steam install so theres no chance of MS store screwing it up. Sign me up! Bring on DX12
  5. There is no debate that P3D has the high fidelity aircraft right now, but the visuals kill the immersion right away after youve flown in MSFS. Its like a trip back to 2010. I am really looking forward to the MD-11, my favorite all time aircraft, but not so sure I will invest any more in a platform thats behind in being next gen. Might have to take the hit and wait for the MD-11 to come to MSFS. Maybe TFDI will consider releasing for MSFS first. Theres alot more interest there. Further, I dont think LM is too concerned. I wouldnt even be surprised if the next major version will have some implementation of checks for corporate and business credentials to use the platform or student training proof.
  6. What a surprise. A heated debate that divides the hobby. Competition is good. This will push each others platforms, and we users have a choice. Degrading either one doesn't help the hobby. This is great to see, and quite sure LR are feeling the pressure from the advances in MSFS, but they will have strengths and weaknesses just like MSFS does. Question is how do they pull it off against a conglomerate corporation which has hundreds working on the platform vs LR and their small team. Im guessing the way to do that is use the many established high fidelity addons already existing that can be ported easily into the new light and WX engines, since it will still be a few more years before MSFS gets a good selection of established high quality aircraft in the air. MSFS already has quite the lighting and wx and a whole lot of awesome visuals, although the obvious growing pains exist and will simply take time to weed out. That said, many will have to choose. Supporting 2 platforms is darn expensive.
  7. Great shots. FSS did a pretty good job with this and included a fair chunk surrounding the airport, in particular the downtown core. Can I ask how you got your A330 to work? The PMP + the 330 FBW compatibility mod doesnt work anymore since the new versions have come out.
  8. How refreshing to finally read a positive momentum thread. The summary being that is really is next gen as we all cried out for , for the past decade. Of course its got warts, moles, cysts whatever you want to liken it too. To expect otherwise , is simply not realistic. Its only going to keep getting better and better.
  9. Good to see some progress on this aircraft, because there is absolutely nothing premium despite being part of the premium package. But if there is some resemblance of a better lnav without resorting to heading mode all the time to fix the screw up, then gotta give it a try. Vnav doesnt matter right now. Can easily manage that with V/S. The nosewheel steering is annoying, but I think this could be locked from being fixed or else it wouldve been done by now.
  10. Amazing that a new developer gets blasted after just delivering a free 1st heli in MSFS that is alot of fun to fly. Been with the project since it first got released all the way thru 1.1 release. Frequent quality updates. Yesterday was an awesome group flight in Rio with so many other helis in the sky. Now a new even better model is on the way, and it gets ransacked before it has a reputation. Wow thats encouraging developers for MSFS. Downright discouraging. I agree the price point is not particularly favorable, but how do you know that the quality will not be near or equal to that of the AS CRJ? Its certainly not some mock up from another aircraft with a skin over it. If you dont like the early access payment, then dont buy it. This is not blackbox simulations (where I got burned with the A330 early access), or a CS fiasco. I dont see any intentions of those reputations whatsoever. Before the accusations come flying, lets come back down to earth , take a breather, and see what happens. We should be all in this together, not pit one another against each other.
  11. Cool. Well they did a great job with the freeware H135. So perhaps the price covers some of the freeware development costs. Can look at it that way.
  12. I have banged my head against the wall so many times for this problem. Google searches and the reported fixes will also drive you insane. After all the fixes implemented, it sometimes still does not work. What has worked is a few computer reboots. Sometimes it takes 3x, but eventually it kicks in. But it is evil and wish MS would fix this. Has nothing to do with MSFS other than being a dependency for store updates.
  13. The transparency and open discussions is so refreshing and exciting for the future. Look at other development groups from all kinds of genres and the vast majority dont have this discussion with their player base let alone admitting the faults, and sincerely want to improve it further. The haters for this platform will have a hard time picking this apart when things like the G1000Nxi is in as part of the core sim. The partnerships in expertise areas is also good to hear. I think the HPG A135 has garnered a whole lot of attention and a blast to fly, and really shifted the interest into high gear so that the search for an outstanding partnership of heli's native to the sim will be coming sooner than later. We arent at the 1 year mark yet and there is a whole lot more to come. DX12 looks to have a whole lot of optimizations. Exciting stuff. Now we just need some top notch high calibre airliners.
  14. Interesting since a freeware 20m mesh recently released as well. Wonder how different a 10m and 20m mesh is.
  15. Sure https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1031422716?t=00h00m00s
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