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  1. Its set for 1.31 but adaptive. HWINFO64 reports up to 1.36 at times. You could just have a silicon lottery issue, or perhaps depends on the VRM on your MB.
  2. Same here too. Got the 9700k up and running. 5ghz all cores. Not all addons are on yet but most of them, and so far the experience is pleasing. I did gain a little fps but more importantly, its way more smoother and can hold 30 very well if I lock it there. The previous 6700k had trouble occasionally to do that. Wasnt expecting a huge jump in fps, especially my bottleneck is now the GPU but having it smoother is a much better experience. The only noticeable detriment is the long frames I get in heavy areas, and even pauses and stutters but I think that goes for just about any machine, and has to do more with coping with all the scenery layers in heavy areas.
  3. HighTowers

    BLACKBOX- Worth it?

    The current beta of which they refuse to call it beta and instead a prologue, is just OK at best. Its mostly functional and flies alright albeit can be quite finicky and awkward. Its certainly not polished, and feels kind of lacking in many ways. The FMC really needs a makeover and is quite basic. The next version .90 is supposedly supposed to take care of this. Who knows when that will come. The current version is .85 and I bought this in 2013 as ver .65. Taking absolutely forever. So version 1 will probably not be released for another 2-3 years. Its insane. The external model is quite good, but the VC seems lacklustre relative to other products. One thing I do like , is the config fuel and payload manager. That is quite well done I have to say. You also get quite a few liveries, and different series of A330 and A340. That said, I look forward to the Aerosoft A330 instead, but in the meantime its an aircraft thats tolerable since there isnt much else on the market that is viable and the A330 is a great aircraft in the real world.
  4. Maybe we are being strung along and the news is a temporary false positive. Release dates have always been on Tuesday with a couple on Monday, but never a Wednesday that I can remember. Either this is breaking tradition, or the possible part brings it to next week and we just had a brilliant hype up marketing campaign lol
  5. Think the thermal issue is a little overrated. Yes it is a little hotter, but in normal situations with a high end cooler, its far from a TJMAX temp. I just got the 9700k all cores on 5ghz, and ran Asus bench, and some of the other benchmarks with a heavy load and was mostly in the 70'sC at best. Prime 95 and blender on the otherhand was a different story and had to run it with an AVX -2. Temps got up mid 80s then but those are likely not real world scenarios. Running some high end games and a fairly vanilla P3D (still installing 4.3 only to find out 4.4 is around the corner) and even at a fairly heavy load im in the high 60s. Cooler is just a Corsiar H115i. Seems reasonable enough.
  6. Good to know. Ordered the same MB and CPU. Upgrade from a 6700k. My bottleneck will now be the GTX1070.
  7. HighTowers

    AI2UTL Injector - Public Beta

    Thanks for your work on this project. Looks like a handy utility. Will go thru it.
  8. Its very messed up. Here in Europe, and specifically Switzerland where CHF equals USD, just about everyone is out of stock with some thin exceptions, and stock is marked as expected in 2-4 weeks. Even the 8700k s are low or out of stock and even cost a chunk more than the 9700k! These sounds like something from Intel that was done "Accidentally on purpose" to drive up price. If AMD had a killer CPU single core and higher frequency, together with their excellent multicore, they would have really been able to take advantage of this market.
  9. I like the pad idea too. May consider it. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is quite good yet its thermal conductance is only 12.5 W/mk vs that IC Graphite pad at 35 W/mk. Not sure how that translates in terms of temp differences but thats halfway to liquid metal which is usually around 70 W/mk Just looked at some charts. Seems the Thermal conductivity numbers are negligible. Application and its composition are what matters. Good thing the pad doesnt slide out as its electrically conductive as well.
  10. Not a good idea to use conductonaut (liquid metal) between the IHS and the cooler. Theres compatibility issues with the metals reacting like aluminum, and eating away at it. And because its liquid metal and highly conductive, just a tiny drop that spills or somehow gets on your board would be enough to fry it with a short. Safer to use a good paste like Kyronaut or the many others available.
  11. Delidding my 6700k was the best hardware mod I've done. Used the debauer tool and it was super easy. Then liquid metal , and then kryonaut for the paste on the IHS. With my Corsair H115i I have improvements of 18-20 deg over previous using the same stress tests. Although I didnt get a great OC CPU, its solid at 4.6 @1.32V. But will need to make the jump to a 9700k soon. Its had its time. If I had an 8700k I would do it again probably.
  12. HighTowers

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    Thanks for the video preview/review. Looks like this has potential and some nice aspects but comes up quite short from being anywhere near polished. The FMC needs to be alot more functional than it is with proper autopilot working, and things like that startup give you a roll the eyes effect with N1 and EGT jumping up so fast after fuel is introduced. (What does that say about how in depth the rest of the systems are?) The sounds are horrible in my opinion, but dont know if thats from the video or what. Maybe PMDG sounds could be incorporated somehow? Perhaps its because I was around alot of DC10s and MD11s in the 90s with their very peculiar and awesome sound but these dont sound anywhere near it. One would hope that Sky simulations would realize the potential groundwork they have for this aircraft, and fix it up, but im guessing this is a one off release, other than some minor bug fix updates? It'd be like coming from driving a Rolls Royce (PMDG MD11) and hoping into a Chevy Cavalier or the like. Think I will hold out for hoping for a TFDI MD11 or some crazy insane miracle that PMDG allows porting their MD11 jewel over some how releasing it to the freeware community to convert. But thats a far fetched dream. But hey at least its made some people happy about it.
  13. HighTowers

    P3Ders: Understand this please!

    The ones who refuse to move on from dead FSX or FS9 for that matter are the same as those who refuse to upgrade their VHS tape recorder, or their 70lbs CRT TV, or the restaurant that thinks 80s decor and food is still good. They are all afraid of change. There will always be Investment. Thats what a hobby does, but in order to make progress, we have to make that sacrifice. Your machine is very likely able to run P3D as some have mentioned as well as or even better than FSX. Its about conservative settings. For sure by reducing the settings even, you will still be at the same level as FSX. And the biggest bonus of all, never having to worry about an OOM ever. No matter what you throw at it. Its just hard to come to terms with change. But the reality is, not much addons for FSX are being made any more if any at all. Devs have moved on to bigger and better things, and improvements/optimizations. Happy Flying everyone.
  14. HighTowers

    Do you intend to stay on P3Dv4.3 for a while?

    I would rather not stifle progress and always willing to update to next version and in the case of a major version, than compatibility and finances dependent. Its a hobby, and hobbies are expensive. But if you want to progress and have improvements, then paying for them is inevitable. At some point, there will be a time when all the addons we know will completely break compatibility in order to truly make a big leap in features and performance. Thats a very hard pill to swallow considering the investment, but eventually it will happen and we certainly cant expect free upgrades for major rework done on addons. The good thing is that the current version 4.x is quite stable and performing rather well if you have the right setup so you can stay on it until you are ready for any major revision upgrades. But I gather, if you want the latest aircraft or scenery, they will stipulate that you need the latest and greatest of versions because its compiled that way to optimize and solve bugs.
  15. I would like to see some tests run for P3D that are more realistic for the vast majority of users. Running super high end custom cooling and a chiller with the most expensive MBs doesnt tell the picture for many who would consider upgrading but certainly not at that price point with everything combined. Anyone doing a setup with say a very good mid range board but still has 10-12 phase power, with a 9700k and a mainstream AIO?