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  1. Im not sure why there is so much trash talk on here, FB and other places about this level 2. Just played around with the demo and this has some very powerful editing features. Your parking space is now highly customizable and having SODE jetways essentially at any airport you want including defaults brings this to another level. The focus is so much on PAX and the way they look and talk. Who cares honestly. Its a perk to see pax loading and unloading, but why focus in on it? Its not a FPS game or anywhere near meant to be about passenger characters. Its still a flight simulator and about flying as a pilot. The jetways working everywhere or proper loading at a stand is what sets this apart for some added immersion. Will buy when I am able for sure but this should be given where credit is due to Umberto and the team. Well done.
  2. HighTowers

    Aerosoft A320/A321 Professional - Delayed again

    This is the very reason why the vast majority of developers never give release dates. Its pretty much guranteed to be delayed again and again and again , but if no one knows the real release dates, that delay can happen without many knowing about it. Its just soon to be released. AS on the other hand stick their neck out in this dangerous and highly critical game of hoping to release at such and such a date. Its nice to know, but there are too many in our community that complain and criticize even if its 1 hour late.
  3. HighTowers

    Zurich FSDreamteam vs. Aerosoft

    FSDT one was pretty good but is a little dated now. AS one is newer, and the pro version being built for p3d v4. Also the groundwork and taxi layout is more inline from the charts today from what I recall relative to FSDT. AS seems to be a little hard on FPS at times. As mentioned, try the free demo from FSDT 1st. Its cheaper anyhow.
  4. HighTowers

    New MD-11 (New Cockpit & New livery)

    This is an absolute tease and torture because we cant fly this awesome bird in prepar3d. Sorely missed. 😥
  5. LSGG-Geneva, EIDW - Dublin LPPT-Lisbon LEMD= Madrid EBBR-Brussels LTBA-Istanbul WSSS-Singapore KPDX-Portland KLAS-Las Vegas KORD V2-Chicago Ohare Although that would take 2 years to purchase
  6. HighTowers

    CaptainSim 757 v3 Update 1.2 Thrust Issues

    Good to know. I didnt see much info about it, and it appears CS is away for the week.
  7. Just updated to 1.2 but it seems it has messed up my A/T response and the FMC spd in VNAV. No matter what you put on the VNAV CRZ page, or the CI , it keeps slowing down. This is straight and level cruise flight. Even going to SPD mode, there was no response from the throttles. Disconnecting and reconnecting throttles did not resolve it. Thrust control panel is on CRZ. Finally resolved my speed my selecting CON which is wrong. Continuous max thrust would in reality send me into an overspeed quite quickly, yet in this mode, it was responding to my VNAV or spd mode of .80 The CLB thrust control panel worked fine climbing and used FLCHG and V/S. I dont use VNAV in descent usually but decided to try it and the throttles were responding properly oddly enough. It was just in cruise I had the issue. Anyone else having this or is it a bummed up update install?
  8. HighTowers

    Current 747 Passenger Routes

    Nice work. The 748s should be around for a while still, so the PMDG version will be put to good use. Heres another page, that adds some airlines I didnt know about. https://www.knaviation.net/guide-to-flying-boeing-747-airlines-routes-2018
  9. HighTowers

    who stole the plane

    1st thing that came to mind as well if he is any sort of simmer. He doesnt have to be a serious simmer to just have FSX/P3D or XP on his PC with any aircraft on it let alone the M-Q400. All it would take is one incident like this to drum up a debate on how regular consumers can have so much access to knowledge on aircraft and have it slapped with heavy regulation. Think that kind of discussion started with MH370 and the 777. Fortunately it petered out. Sounds like he was a little high on something taking his joyride. But refusing to land because he would be jailed for life, surely indicated he knew what he was doing with consequences. Lets just be glad he didnt crash into people.
  10. HighTowers

    Mild complaint about the P3D platform

    What needs to happen, but likely never will, is to have P3D core foundation being modular, and then have a split division. LM can then focus on military and corporate features. A more hobby sim enthusiast division would then focus on features we simmers really want. As it stands now, all the wants, are not exactly high priority , and likely never will be unless they dont know what do anymore. (again highly unlikely). Obviously LM is not going to fund resources for a hobby sim enthusiast division, so it would have to be external, licensing and branding it a little differently yet working very closely with LM. Bill Gates.... interested in rekindling your flight sim interests? Someone with deep pockets. I really cant see this happening at all, (.0001% chance) so we have to put up with the P3D platform and live with its goals of corporate and military goals. I am still appreciative we still have this kinda sim, and that the development is firm and stable. Our reliance is with 3PDs to enhance and deal with what we perceive is shortcomings. Its a good thing devs have a pretty good relationship with LM and the SDK appears to be strong.
  11. HighTowers

    POSCON online flying

    Hmmm I get the BOGs stance, but I think this has paved the way for dilution of the networks which doesnt benefit anyone. Our hobby doesnt comprise of millions of users, there is no room for further fragmentation. POSCON sound eager to move forward, and I gather will develop at a quicker pace than what Vatsim has accomplished the past 2 years and into the next 12 months. Perhaps the decision should be more about sustaining and improving live air traffic control for the hobby, not just for Vatsim or IVAO. This IMHO would have been better accomplished by putting differences aside and merging the now 3 networks to become a very strong modern one.
  12. HighTowers

    POSCON online flying

    Yikes quite the debate going with Vatsim users for and against. POSCON sounds good with its features and modernization but if a merge or buyout doesnt happen, we are looking at very thinned out networks as some from Vatsim, and IVAO will move over. Others will stay because they dont like change or the idea. Something doesnt seem right. An alleged offer of 50k, be it to buyout outright or just the data? How the heck is that money going to be repaid back? You dont invest 50k and not expect it back somehow. It says it will be free, but theres something else at play here.
  13. HighTowers

    Appreciating Windows 10, a year into ownership

    No issues with Win10 here either. Not sure where others are coming from insisting win7 for life. Here I have peace of mind that everything is up to date including security holes. The forced updates can be worked around if need be. Best of all it was free. You can make it look like Win7 if your really that concerned about the interface but I dont think its all that different. I suspect they made the foundations very modular so they can rework it if need be and just replace a module that way rather than a whole new version.
  14. HighTowers

    REX Worldwide ARPTS HD TO BE released

    Reed, Im sure I can say on behalf on many, that there is appreciation for this work by the team. Everyone jumps on here ready to tear apart, with very negative comments. This is not just for REX, but many devs. I imagine it must be very difficult to stay positive. Seems very clear to me its a Technical update with the fixes and compatibility listed. No where else does the update page mention about tower control yet. Now I can have it working again in p3dv4 finally and have a little more life and modernization to the 10 year old default airports. Thanks for the work
  15. HighTowers

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    Too many comparisons with modern games and the expectations are too high which leads to disappointment. Modern games have a 200x 200km world usually, maybe bigger, but they loads in sections. Its also usually views directly in front at ground level. Lots of interactions and effects going on, but still its in a relatively narrow field of view. Comparatively , flight simulation we want to see 100 miles out, with full live real world weather, AI, top notch scenery moving at a fast pace, all the while calculating sophisticated aircraft physics, and complex systems. List goes on with everything thats going on. To expect the same performance as todays games just doesnt seem realistic no matter what the rendering engine can or could be. Best we just hope for a much smoother experience that can just deal with heavier scenery and aircraft, but I doubt we will see high fps in those circumstances. Aerofly with vulkan example looks fantastic, but its empty other than great looking scenery. What happens to it when WX, complex aircraft, AI, and ultra detailed airports are added into the mix?