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  1. Super sweet. Setting up and flying in no time, like the PMDG we know. The sounds are superbly immersive. Its all what we expect so far. Hand flying was also alot of fun and certainly plausible as a very good flight model but I'm no real world pilot. Thankful to finally have a high fidelity Boeing aircraft in MSFS. Highly recommended.
  2. Simply outstanding work. Extra bonus to the immersion.
  3. MD-11 would be my first choice, but sounds like the 737 will come out first. Either way , I have had enough A320 flying for now and look forward to anything new that is high fidelity.
  4. I can see what direction this is going in if comparable aircraft are less in price. Then we will hear the MD-11 is a flop just like PMDG touted for so many years. 70$ for the Fenix or PMDG? Then that means it costs 20$ for the extra engine. 😄 This MD-11 however is far more sophisticated than the 717 they released. Been following development. Maybe think of it as a 2 in 1 aircraft since its like a hybrid airbus/boeing in systems. Just a whole lot bigger and the extra engine with some unique characteristics.
  5. Time for AS to think outside the box. This obsession with Airbus is super saturated across the market. So since he crossed out the A350 and the A380 and the 5 hair dryer aircraft is not mentioned, there is clearly alot of other options. A220 for one that would need a good complex development. Not sure how the whiskey jet one will turn out and to what extent is the fidelity of the aircraft. The Embraer series could be a good option (70s and 90s) or even the E2 if the data is there. I doubt they would bother with Boeing since other major devs are doing that, and they probably dont have anywhere near the same relationship with Boeing as they have with Airbus.
  6. With great anticipation. Hopefully this will be the beginning of some premium high fidelity aircraft releases for MSFS
  7. This problem wont go away until we have a much easier way at properly editing all airport parking spots. Shame this is such a low priority both with Asobo defaults and even 3rd party.
  8. When oh when are we going to get a real airliner that actually has proper systems depth to the actual airliner being sold? All payware airliners so far coming out is a cash grab with a coverup lip stick job that relies on other default systems and a shell within a shell, with very poor implementation and zero plausible fidelity. FBW A320 blows this out of the water and its free fairly complete modelling with a very well representation of its systems and a very functional FMC. Did I say free? There is a very hungry market that is itching to fly a proper airliner other than an A320.
  9. SU8 Bug fixing only is the right call and priority. Its amazing that you will get people complaining no matter what. If there were updates only a few times a year people would complain there is too few and whining for fixes and updates. If there was a bug fix and update everyday , people would complain they have to do an update. As we have it now, we have sim updates and world scenery updates fairly frequently on a regular schedule and yet people still complain. Go figure.
  10. Super awesome. Great effort and determination. Can't understand why MSFS keeps ignoring this necessary function to be properly implemented for airliners.
  11. Since I am anything with machines/engines sim fan, I take a break from flying and drive trucks, or farm. FS22 has some pretty nice features, with alot of improvements. The video featuring DLSS with a good fps boost might show the potential in MSFS if it is implemented. Albeit travelling in a tractor at ground level at 20MPH is a whole lot different to flying. Liking the new sounds, textures, production chains, and some other new activities to do. Pretty extensive modding community just like MSFS too. So many cool machines to explore. Anyone else trying the new FS22? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3judu8lLqo
  12. Great video. My all time favorite too. Pilots love hand flying them. My sentiments are exactly the same. Has the perfect combination of automation and traditional.
  13. The past decade we were all crying for a next gen sim. Something that just doesnt put on more makeup for the next upgrade, but something that actually looks like its from 2020. We now have it, and the potential is tremendous. But its a toddler that has learned to walk but occasionally stumbles. All good things need time to mature. I have uninstalled P3D now after a decade of investment, and XP has been sleeping for awhile, and investing in 2 sims is not financially viable. The complex airliner models will be releasing within the next year and I am pretty sure that this will propel another leap forward in its advancement and attraction to the sim. Next year , helicopters will be officially supported which already has a high interest from hacking and really great effort heli models. Look forward to the future of flight simming hobby!
  14. Looks exceptional. The only con I can see is that the timing of release seems to be lining up to about the same time as the PMDG NGX. Double blow to the wallet.
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