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  1. HighTowers

    QW787 Only Gets Better

    Just curious what VNAV LNAV issues people are having? Ive flown it a number of times and dont see anything major. The turns are a little wonky on LNAV but its corrected. VNAV mostly been on point but if I see it get out of hand a bit, I take over with V/S. And never had a CTD once.
  2. HighTowers

    Aerosoft A330

    Your kinda missing the point. Its not about the manufacturer (aerosoft) not fixing it. They should fix it , although with few reports among many thousands of copies and with thousands of system configurations, it must be more difficult than we can imagine to track down. I personally didnt see a speed issue. The point is, I see so many virtual pilots throwing in the towel just because VNAV/managed speed doesnt work exactly to the T or there abouts. So what does a RW pilot do? They deal with it, use another mode, manage it manually and get down on the ground safely. It doesnt affect airworthiness so it will be logged but may not be fixed right away. Could be the same kind of situation that its hard to track down especially if a software bug. The next pilot will see the log and make a note so that if it happens they know other options to use. Aerosoft may be slow and perhaps with unwanted reactions, but they usually get to it. The CRJ was a mess, but the updates came in due time. Im not a programmer, so perhaps tracking these down is far far more difficult than we expect especially when its a handful of reports vs the thousands out there.
  3. HighTowers

    Aerosoft A330

    My sentiments exactly. Very well said Peter Everyone expects perfect working VNAV and everything automatic 110%. You only have to look online at RW pilots posting weird things happening like nav display drawing wild patterns. No only flies the plane anymore. This apparently includes RW pilots where there have been conferences about ultra reliance on everything automatic. Its not good. Its not safe. There are different modes to choose from for a reason. Nothing wrong at all with manual invervention
  4. HighTowers

    CaptainSim 757 Freighter released, maybe?

    PMDG set the precedence for expansions costing more than double than previous models. Now everyone is following it. Those that dont complain and say its not a big deal is obviously subjective when your income views 50$ as just 5-10 bucks. Was really looking forward to flying the 75F, but thats just excessive. What is essentially the same systems as the base. They can justify the price by what they deem their work into it, but some of us have to draw the line on adding expansion models. The base model should have had most of the aircraft priced into it.
  5. HighTowers

    New Custom CS 757 Sounds

    I so wish. My biggest and only regret from leaving FSX. I keep the banner in the hopes there is another one like it for P3D (TFDI you listening? 🙂 )
  6. HighTowers

    New Custom CS 757 Sounds

    There is an instructions.txt file in the folder. Just follow it. All laid out for you.
  7. HighTowers

    New Custom CS 757 Sounds

    Oh yea forgot the link. The link is on his FB post, but I can assume he is sharing with everyone since its a shared folder for all. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1orgEhm-wTc9VBxihCUfLGd86eSu-28Gk/view?fbclid=IwAR0nTfl4DxwOoVPvLOurhqD7DNT1Gp_cJnrGRy9Lbiusx9xtlpx2MovBx2Q
  8. HighTowers

    New Custom CS 757 Sounds

    Just had to share these. Saw the post on FB from Alex Taveres, who worked on these fantastic custom sounds for the 75. Really great and adds to the immersion to have detailed sounds like these. Thanks so much Alex! Captain 757-200 Custom Sounds
  9. HighTowers

    CaptainSim 757 P3D v4

    Jim summed it up quite nicely. I dont find much issue with the CS757 other than odd quirks once in a while. But hey thats realistic in the real world. Pilots deal with oddities that just come up with no explanation. So. deal with it. If your VNAV is not behaving just perfectly, then intervene with V/S or FLCHG or heaven forbid, manual flight. Same goes for LNAV. But honestly , its quite good, and well improved from initial release. The 24hr sale was a steal. I paid the 70$ when it came out too which is steep, but the 757 is alot of fun to fly. There was some issues with A/T before and some other things, but they have been taken care of and CS has taken this release more seriously than previous aircraft. Hopefully they do the 767.
  10. Sounds like there is quite a margin for error given that it has to be very precise between die and cooler and there could be just enough air gap in between because its not sitting low enough. He believes most coolers including AIO should work, but seems risky given that process. Was great for the 6700k but I think I will pass this time for my 9700k. The temps are reasonable running P3D anyhow.
  11. HighTowers

    Hyperthreading for P3D. Yes or no?

    Or you can use a 9700k and there will be no debate since there is no choice for HT. 8 pure cores. End of story. My observation for the first few weeks of using this cpu is a rather balanced across all cores. Very little stutters except some in heavy scenery and overcast. Probably my 1070 is not quite keeping up now.
  12. Seems rather low but put it to use in combo with other surveys from Aerosoft and Avsims very own, plus whoever else has micro surveys and it should give a bigger true picture.
  13. Its set for 1.31 but adaptive. HWINFO64 reports up to 1.36 at times. You could just have a silicon lottery issue, or perhaps depends on the VRM on your MB.
  14. Same here too. Got the 9700k up and running. 5ghz all cores. Not all addons are on yet but most of them, and so far the experience is pleasing. I did gain a little fps but more importantly, its way more smoother and can hold 30 very well if I lock it there. The previous 6700k had trouble occasionally to do that. Wasnt expecting a huge jump in fps, especially my bottleneck is now the GPU but having it smoother is a much better experience. The only noticeable detriment is the long frames I get in heavy areas, and even pauses and stutters but I think that goes for just about any machine, and has to do more with coping with all the scenery layers in heavy areas.
  15. HighTowers

    BLACKBOX- Worth it?

    The current beta of which they refuse to call it beta and instead a prologue, is just OK at best. Its mostly functional and flies alright albeit can be quite finicky and awkward. Its certainly not polished, and feels kind of lacking in many ways. The FMC really needs a makeover and is quite basic. The next version .90 is supposedly supposed to take care of this. Who knows when that will come. The current version is .85 and I bought this in 2013 as ver .65. Taking absolutely forever. So version 1 will probably not be released for another 2-3 years. Its insane. The external model is quite good, but the VC seems lacklustre relative to other products. One thing I do like , is the config fuel and payload manager. That is quite well done I have to say. You also get quite a few liveries, and different series of A330 and A340. That said, I look forward to the Aerosoft A330 instead, but in the meantime its an aircraft thats tolerable since there isnt much else on the market that is viable and the A330 is a great aircraft in the real world.