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  1. The only way we get ahead of this cycle pushing boundaries is if flight sims went modular. This is purely budget dependent and I certainly wouldnt be in a position to do it, but the option should be there for those who can. Meaning- One computer runs the base sim, with the aircrafts physics,and everything else happening in the flightdeck. Another computer could be running weather and scenery generation, and yet another running full AI and ATC. Sounds like a dream and impossible, but we said alot of things were impossible in flight sim 5-10 years ago. Level D commercials sims did this when i experienced it 25years ago, and I cant imagine its much different today, one running hydraulics and pneumatics, and the other running other components of the sim. Its worse if software devs do not push boundaries as that just stifles innovation. They always want to improve naturally as that would drive new cash flow as the cycle repeats. If we cant afford this route, then for sure we have to make compromises in features and settings and live with them. In the meantime, your going to have to rip 64 bit from my prying hands as Im just thrilled to be done with fooling around with OOM as it is.
  2. Thats the exact same monitor I have but running it with a 1070 SC. Can usually maintain 30fps locked @30hz depending on your settings of course. But mine are quite high just not max. Also remember that running at 4k you dont need much AA at all. Im using 4xMSAA and will bump it down to 2x into big urban centers, but other than that it looks great. But you have a 1080 so your in even better shape. No its not. you can run less AA using 4k. Not everyone can afford a big 40"4k monitor or have the space and resources to do so. The setup works. I barely see much drop in performance at all .
  3. The 757 VNAV is not refined at all. Dont bother trying again at this time until maybe SP1. If you watch some RW videos on YT, alot of pilots are managing with V/S. Its more interesting , fun, and more challenging that just pushing VNAV and watching it do its work. Try it out.
  4. Cant believe they finally fixed the UTC time issue. Presumably an easy fix yet its been a long time like that.
  5. This is a fun aircraft to fly if you know how to handle it. I personally havnt experienced your other issues other than the VNAV. My suggestion for now until it gets fixed, is just fly with VS or FLTCHG mode. You can manage things quite well with it, especially with a banana arc aid on descent. Flying with 4 people on board wouldve made it very light of course, and the 57 is a rocket climbing out so you wouldve had to derate quite a bit not to mention the CG may have been off? Not sure if using the aircraft for your check ride wouldve been a good idea as a first time flying it but kudos to the challenge.
  6. My speed constraints were blown by a long shot. always have to takeover with FLCHG or VS. Also had descent initiated and went to -4000 with no altitude restrains ahead. I just dont trust it. Im sure it will get worked out, as they are getting fixes out fairly quick, but for me, I just use manual MCP control now for vertical. LNAV works fine. Other than that , the aircraft is pretty darn good.
  7. I dont think this is a CS issue. I had similar things happen with other aircraft using mesh, and theres too much messing around with airport elevations then. Took it out completely other than the baked in ones from FTX regions. Never seen it with the 757 so far. Getting quite a few flights in and its pretty decent. Just dont use VNAV. Better to self manage right now.
  8. Doing a flight now. Had no problem entering flaps on takeoff page. Used flaps 15. Dont think 757 uses Flaps 1 for TO at all so its just not possible to enter. CG came up with a right click fill in, as did the ZFW which was great to see. Didnt try a derated TO as I was fully loaded. Put in the STAR approaching arrival and all seemed to be entered correctly. So far so good. This is a pretty good hotfix so far. Now to see if it does a CTD on longer haul flights. BTW engine startup is improved, but still seems a little quick.
  9. This is great to see! Perhaps they really have turned a new leaf. They seem to be quite serious about fixing things properly and making it a great addon. 2 hotfixes now, and an upcoming service pack.
  10. Outstanding preview and highlighted features. (although I checked at LSZH nearby and couldnt see any PMDG 748 testing going on ) Pushing the envelope of the sims really makes this an incredible hobby to be a part of and PMDG to be one of the great leaders to set the bar over and over. Oh and nothing like adding a little suspense to NG3.
  11. Cool thanks. I will check it out. I would think there's some performance hit running both ?
  12. Thats cool. So the next big question is when can I that imagery in my sim!! hehe
  13. Yes its small relative to most other 4k setups around here but having a sharp picture AND using less AA is what makes the difference. I have a 1070 locked at 30 inline with 30hz and for the most part it stays there. Your 1080TI is more than capable.
  14. I keep an eye on FSW, but IMO its nowhere near ready for prime time. Seems like a few more years away still measured on the basis that I have seen very very few announcements from major or even minor developers for upcoming products for FSW. Until that happens, FSW despite its potential , will be just that. Potential. And even then , there basically has to be a whopping influx of what we use in our fav sims available nearly same time. If PMDG were to release your fav aircraft for FSW whos going to really fly it and adopt it as their sim if there is no detailed airports, ATC,AI,Vatsim,Moving maps, Charts and navdata, your VA airlines clients, etc etc. Its going to take alot for devs to move time and resources for FSW when they have a developed mature sim bringing in money in P3D,XP11, and AE FS2. Unless theres some relatively quick way to convert stuff over, I just dont see it happening anytime soon. But im sure DTG knew that and are prepared for the long term growing pains.
  15. Not saying it as an excuse. Its not acceptable. VNAV should be fixed and working, but it still doesnt make the plane non functional. Its very easy to fly without VNAV in the meantime. The caveat is if CS actually fixes it and properly. I suspect they will if they want to make it a "great" aircraft release.