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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, but I dont have NI installed. Just use the NCP.
  2. have to retract my above statement. After days of testing with no errors, I make that statement , and of course now it happens on preflight. go figure. Back to the drawing board
  3. Ive been troubleshooting this error for a number of days. Seems to me the driver install got corrupted somehow. Just uninstalling and reinstalling, didnt fix it. But if you do a complete Clean reinstall, the error went away.
  4. HighTowers

    P3d v4.3

    point releases are minor and changelogs to the user may be quite uninteresting, but if you notice , some devs will require you to be on a certain version , (usually the very latest) because what a user perceives to be nothing, actually fixes a big issue with xyz addon for it to work properly. Therefore a point release is more than meets the eye from what im reading about.
  5. HighTowers

    Why this rush for v5? V4 is still amazing

    Pfft ... I hear P3D v7 will be super sweet. 8k @60fps solid with all sliders right with VR. Real time based rendering with updated imagery. (whatever that means) 😏
  6. HighTowers

    TFDi PACX (Passenger and Crew Experience)

    interesting. Even voice interaction. Hmmm what you would really like to say vs what you should say in a customer oriented way .
  7. HighTowers

    My P3D is loading up extremely slow

    clearing your shader cache might help too
  8. HighTowers

    Freeware airports working in P3DV4?

    FSElite announced Dctry which will be an airport search scenery database. Still in beta, but should help alot in tracking down a particular airport. https://fselite.net/news/introducing-dctry-your-airport-add-on-directory/
  9. HighTowers

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    Ok finally got this last week and have been putting it thru its paces. While highly automated, theres quite a bit to do , although its just information harvesting. Feel like a software engineer to read all the info on the large screens. Done some short flights as well as a long haul, and dont really have much issues at all. There is some SID issues, where it cannot draw properly, but they are complicated SIDs. Im guessing any VNAV issues or LNAV for that matter may be from very involved SIDs or STARs? Otherwise there was no issues with LNAV VNAV. Certainly not any big issue if it does get confused. Take over like any captain would. V/S , HDG mode or speed mode all work great. The EFB is a nice feature but find it a little cumbersome to use. Would like to see it much more refined. Entering weights on the slider is a little lame. Only other note , is that it doesnt actually feel too much like a 'heavy'. Im only saying this relative to other heavy aircraft on the market. Even the NGX feels a bit heavier flying. Something that could be corrected easily im sure. However ground handling like taxi seems really well done. If your light , you can easily move on idle thrust. Finally someone got this right. If you have a heavy payload, you need some thrust to get moving. No CTD at all on all the flights ive done. Reading through all the 787 related posts , seems to point that it is system configured dependent problem. Why do some not have any issues while some do. In any case, it must be quite the headache for QW to deal with. Theres a few things, that need to be corrected but they are minor. Others just need better refinement, but overall its been a joy to fly.
  10. What about power consumption cost? That adds up when actually flying. At idle its barely anything. Maybe not for North Americans, but since moving to Europe, its a whole lot more per kwh.
  11. I like that better pushback plugin from Xplane too, but it was quickly shot down by Umberto when I asked about it. See here.... http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,17082.0/topicseen.html Was hoping they would be revamping the pushback system first ahead of this kind of thing, but the jetways and pax indeed add better immersion and much needed visual appearances.
  12. HighTowers

    P3d v4.3

    Haha my bad. Corrected it.
  13. HighTowers

    P3d v4.3

    Cant recall I had any. It was peace and calm watching VAS go to 5 or 6gb without it freaking out. P3D V4 never CTD. If anything it will be another addons cause. And FPS is very acceptable , I think better than V3 and thats with more features being used and at 4k!
  14. HighTowers

    P3d v4.3

    Gotta hand it to those die hard 32 bit simmers for hanging on so long. It was like being caged in concrete box with no where to go. OOM management drove me nuts and so glad to be rid of it never to be seen again. It does amaze me though how many continue to ask for the same features that are only now coming to v4 only because 64bit allows it to be possible, yet they continue to ask it it will be avail for FSX/P3D 32bit. I only have middle of the road hardware, but even if on the lower end, I would still go to v4 to take advantages of the extra tech and features, and just scale back settings until its acceptable. At least your not chained by a 4gb limit, and you have an ongoing developing sim. My 2cents worth.
  15. HighTowers

    FS Expo LM Interview

    Thats the main one but not the only one. If it was, they couldnt care less about FS Expo and talking to 3PDs and working with them. PMDG, Aersosoft, Qualitywings, REX,HIFI, FSFX, and the list goes on. Pretty sure their main target is not the military, yet they keep developing with LMs support. Just about every dev comments how nice it is to work with them and they do their utmost to resolve issues, or work on future requested features with their particular addon in mind. If it was military only, there would be almost none or maybe no discussions at all about with devs.