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  1. Needless to insult a country, even an entire continent. I am proud Brazilian, I love my country, I want to fly and know all the South America aided by the FS2020 for sure. Baptista
  2. My chaseplane also prompts me to restart my computer, right after I later updated my own chaseplane. I am attaching a screen.
  3. Encouraged by a sponsor, amateur and also pilot. Amateur radio I was able to follow, but flying due to low financial resources, I chose to buy a British Sinclair ZX81. At this time was the first version subLOGIC released a version for the TRS-80. Living and working on a farm, this was one of the great wishes cultivated and admired to the present day. Fortunately, my wife, my children and grandson understand share this with me.
  4. In other times, I also felt like a Beta Tester from subLOGIC 1980. No internet, no phone, no fax, just post office or amateur radio. It was at the release of the version for FS1 - Flight Simulator. My TRS-80 CP200 hardware using TDK cassette tape, 10 inch monochrome monitor (Philco tv) and a K7 National Panasonic recorder. Today very optimistic about the expectations of the FS2020. It was worth this coexistence in recent years.
  5. Patience is a virtue that we acquire with life time. I cultivate this for six decades. Success in these and other endeavors that are about to arrive Commander Robert. This year ends soon and the next for sure. Baptista
  6. Okay, Mr. Keven Menard, I also have this question. I even assigned a keyboard letter to turn on or off the global enable function. This occurs when I least expect it. Please explain how to perform the procedure described in your topic. Thank you. Baptista
  7. I believe in a great release. This prediction expected by all is fueled by many good fluids, because we like it. The feeling of flying is not explained, you have to fly to understand. We need this expectation in our daily lives. Baptista
  8. ... "I'd personally LOVE to one of the 170-190 series and / or the new C-series." Ozires Silva defends Boeing-Embraer agreement. This is largely responsible for our successful aircraft. Please study this proposal with care. Success and health in 2018
  9. Using since the November 2017 beta release. Working well with P3DV4 and friendly interaction, many settings options. Very detailed.
  10. It happened to me. I was asked to activate all PMDG products. I even thought it was due to the recent update of Windows 10. It was good, I took the opportunity to reorganize my files.
  11. Updated successfully. PMDG Operations Center valuing my investment. Thank you .
  12. Thanks for the advice, Cmde.Robert. Let's do the right thing to make the most of this new technology.
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