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  1. Great suggestion, but I'm sure Scott (A2A) will include this in his projects.
  2. South America time working faithfully. We are in the middle of summer. As for Rex, there is a need to restart the flight with a clear sky and then activate the on-line mechanism, followed by ready to fly.
  3. I like the product. Improves reality in real time. If you buy, follow the installation instructions faithfully and you will have no problems. Good assistance from software producers.
  4. In time, referring to what I mentioned at the beginning of this post. When I buy an add for any type of simulator (I have used several since 1982), I love to check every detail before the main use; it would be like unwrapping a long-awaited gift. This is why, when entering the cockpit, before starting any procedure, I decided to open the external ventilation since I live in a tropical country. In the sequence as I informed, there was the ctd and I could not do anything else. My bad luck, I think. I can only see the aircraft in the "ready for flight" menu. It was not a criticism, it was just a disappointment. I was looking forward to the launch of some Carenado product that suited me, but I will wait patiently. I understand that the corrections will be made, Asobo and Carenado. As I also give reason and wait for the products that come from A2A, PMDG and others. Currently very satisfied with the MFS2020, it is another world to simulate mainly in VFR. Sorry for a translation error. Health and good flights.
  5. PA44 . ctd right at the beginning too. Just open the pilot's window ventilation via mouse.
  6. Since the purchase of the FS2020, August, it is the first time that CTD has taken place; as soon as I try to open the PA44 Carenado glass ventilation window. It was my first and last baptism in the pay market. Frustrating really.
  7. After installing the latest version (via system administrator) I have to re-enter activation data every time I start Rex Weather. Any suggestion? thanks
  8. OSM, thank you for your work. The look is excellent now. Using the C172, Turbo Bonanza and King Air. Baptista
  9. Around 2009 at the time of the Rex launch, for FSX and P3d, the product simply changed my visual and practical way for a flight. I received this news for MSFS with great expectation. Everything adds up to this new phase of reality that we are experiencing.
  10. For Yoke CH it allows it to roll across the cockpit (360 degrees). FSX has native settings for this yoke.
  11. All right now. Flying and happy. Many thanks to friends. Good flights and health.
  12. I do not find the button for assignment of POV Hatswhich on FS2020. All other buttons including the axes are set ok. How can I assign these display functions to CH's FlightSim Yoke? Thanks a lot for the help. Baptista
  13. Over the years, life experience has taught me to wait for a good event with some calm. Except the passion to fly or anything related to it; I couldn't manage it until today. It will be long days, but with great expectations, and a lot of health, of course.
  14. Needless to insult a country, even an entire continent. I am proud Brazilian, I love my country, I want to fly and know all the South America aided by the FS2020 for sure. Baptista
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