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  1. I also had this duplication when being forced to completely reinstall. When I started using the community folder in the paid adds installation another folder was created. I solved the problem by deleting one and keeping the other.
  2. good afternoon and best wishes to all of you in this year that has arrived... In terms of time, speaking of it, here in my region, that is, 70% of my country at the moment we are with a lot of rain and a lot of heavy clouds CB etç. In the SUV 7 clear skies in any sector. I even use the Rex Weather too, but with no chance of a current reality.
  3. after this procedure the manager inside the simulator installs mandatory update. After this in the simulator profile you will see the option to update the public beta.
  4. Professionalism and dedication to our hobby, this is Fly By Wire. Health and peace to the entire team. Likewise, I wish everyone who share this forum.
  5. I confirm . Almost daily FlyByWire team good updates. Thanks to this team.
  6. Answered. Currently 100% flights when I can is with An32 FlyByWire. When I need support, and it has been several times, I am very well received by this team, via discord or otherwise. Health and success to all of this team
  7. hotmasterfsim@gmail.com Paulo's direct address. Excellent scenarios. There are great works on the P3D platform, I hope you bring it to FS2020.
  8. sorry, i know it's not the exact topic, but i can't import my simbrief flight plans to the a32x ipad .developer version. I have account records on simbrief and navigraph. I can't access via discord
  9. October 24 18:00 UTC KSMF / KSEA AN32X with SU6 without major problems until reaching FL360. After starting any type of flight level reduction, I experienced winds in all directions. Bursts, scissors, etc.Sometimes I managed to hold the manual and return to managed. Others don't. A new fact for me, I'm going to recycle my license, that is, relearn this new phenomenon that has never been experienced in the simulation
  10. I can't see AN32 FBW aircraft (painting) at simulator startup. Internal or external. Others including Airbus 320 Neo is ok
  11. good night, after installing the Sim 6 I can't see any painting of the A32 Fly By Wire in the parking lot. DEV version. Any idea? Currently Windows 11. Thank you
  12. the respect and attention that FlyByWare developers have with their (free) product should be followed mainly by some paid developers.
  13. I also agree 100%. Simulating with a sinclair Z80 in the past, I had the opportunity to experience the extraordinary changes of this simulator up to the present time. Congratulations to Asobo and his collaborators, including Dev-type developers with a passion for real flying, makes this project amazing. Health and longevity to all.
  14. At the beginning I also had some difficulty accessing or being invited to a certain forum on Discord. They have good security and different methods from a common forum. Many flight simulation developers are present there, as it is a place of greater speed and access to information in near real time.
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