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  1. Still far to expensive for me to even contemplate purchasing the product.
  2. Hi Guys, Looking for a little help or advice regarding the rudder calibration on my Hotas X.This wasnt an issue to start off with but now its becoming a right pain. I need to calibrate the rudder on the joystick at least 2 or 3 times a day while using P3Dv5 to stop any of my planes constantly turning to the right or left during taxi this effects both default and payware aircraft. Once it is calibrated from within P3D it will work fine for a few minutes then it seems to lose the calibration again.This is an ongoing battle im having with it just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to fix it. With Thanks Gary Jones.
  3. Try looking in C\Programdata 12bpilot SODE,simobjects and xml folders. Gary.
  4. Experienced the exact same problem with the Aerosoft Airbus and the Mooney Acclaim(default aircraft),rolled back to the previous driver and issue fixed,so for me at least its not a windows problem but a Nvidia driver issue.
  5. Hi Guys, Does anybody know if this aircraft does or will have VC rain effects on the windshields. Gary.
  6. Hi Steve, just a quick question if i may,i have the same CPU as the guy above,i7-11700K,the default AffinityMask that P3Dv5 builds is, [JobScheduler] AffinityMask=65535 P3DCoreAffinityMask=65535 MainThreadScheduler=0 RenderThreadScheduler=2 FrameWorkerThreadScheduler=4 is there much difference between yours and the default AM. Thanks Gary.
  7. I have just read the posts on their forum and i see none of the PMDG lap dogs(you know the ones your names not down your not coming in etc)are jmping to his defence as they usually do,maybe they agree with the majority. Gary.
  8. I would say any of the PMDG Aircraft or the Aerosoft Airbus along side FS2 Crew,it really helps with the set up of the aircraft and lets you concentrate on flying.
  9. I use these and personally i think they are 100% better than the default,i also use version 1 of the product the version 2 or the update in my eye is not as good as the initial release. Gary Jones.
  10. This would be a definate purchase for me once all the issues are sorted out,but at the moment im more than happy with RC4
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyFHJDfh-5c This is a link for converting old Aerosoft Liveries. Gary.
  12. I have a RTX 3060 12GB and it runs p3dv5 with no issues whatsoever,never using more than 7GB of its memory and thats at a VRAM hungry Latin VFR LEMD.
  13. Hi, When i first started with Flight Simming may years back i started with a Asus G73jh gaming laptop and that lasted me for over 10 years running FSX,FSXSE and then onto P3D upto V3 with no issues at all,not sure if thats any help to you. Gary Jones.
  14. Hi Guys, I asked the question on the QW Forum about future updates for the 787 in P3Dv5,this is the responce i got from one of the QW Team.I have startred a topic on the QW forums P3Dv5 Support under the micellaneous tab for you guys to add your ideas for improvements,bug fixes etc etc. . With Thanks, Gary Jones. There is a P3D update planned for the 787 . Now would be a good time to tell us what features, or fixes you suggest be in the update. But it would be best to it in the support forum. Ernie Alston Development Team
  15. Agreed the price for the product is totally ridculous,no way would i paid that much for it,totally overpriced. Gary.
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