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  1. Hi Guys, Sorry if this has been mentioned but just picked up MK Studios LPPT with ORBX with 30% off. Gary Jones.
  2. Lookslike it could GSX level 2 related,if you have GSX check the option regarding jetways in the control panel. Gary.
  3. I can certainly agree with you about the total lack of support from them,but regarding your issue im sorry i can't help out with that. Gary Jones.
  4. Thanks Bryan,ive taken to doing that anyway. Thanks Gary.
  5. Hi Bryan, Hope i find you well,i have just purchased the Aerosoft Airbus A330 Pro to go with the A318,A319,A320 and A321,everything works fine in the smaller buses but i have the same issue on every flight in the A330 the FO sets the wrong take off pitch trim setting,i get a config warning and have to set it myself,sometimes its a few degrees out,sometimes its so far out its unbelievable,but i get the config warning on every flight. P3Dv4.5 Button control With Thanks Gary Jones.
  6. Hi Everyone, I experienced the exact same issue a few weeks back,not just in the QW787 but also PMDG and Aerosoft aircraft,i fixed it by doing a completed uninstall of RC4 and FSUIPC, this fixed the problem and i have not experienced it since,it was something to do with RC4 moving ahead of FSUIPC and it cant catch up. Thanks Gary Jones.
  7. Hi Guys, Im looking to try and locate or maybe somene could help me out,im looking for a fictional British Airways livery for the Aerosoft Airbus Pro A330,i tried the Aerosoft forum but got no help there.. With Thanks Gary Jones
  8. Hi Bryan, Hope your keeping well,just a quick idea for a future update.With the running the pre flight events the two options are domestic or international,i cant think of may 787 that are used on domestic routes.The idea is to change them to meduim haul or long haul,think it will just make it a little more realistic. With Thanks Gary Jones.
  9. Have you got the box ticked called show all aircraft within FSX. Gary Jones.
  10. Another vote for UT Live from me,i find it amazing with no impact on the framerate on my low to mid range set up and their coverage of the airlines is second to none. Gary Jones
  11. Peter, Right your problem is that the FSDT Exclude is not installed in the correct path. Green entries are active, Red ones are disabled, Violet entries have incorrect paths. Gary.
  12. Peter, Untick the box see if it changes colour. Gary.
  13. Hi Peter, In P3D at the opening screen there is a box named Addons next to the Scenery,make sure that the FSDT exclude box is ticked,if it is then the exclude will show green in the lorby addon organizer,meaning that it is active. Gary Jones.
  14. Hi Peter, Have you got the FSDT exclude ticked in the Addons within P3D. Gary Jones.
  15. Hi Bryan, Hope i find you well,i have been having this issue the last few flights in the Airbus Pro,when i give the criuse message the FA gives here speach about the in flight service,at exactly the same time.Is there anyway to over come this issue, Using UK voice and button control. With Thanks, Gary Jones.
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