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  1. Hi Guys,hope someone understands what im asking here lol,is it possible to have another smaller boxed view on your main view,like you could in P3D. With Thanks Gary Jones
  2. Same here,when i load into a flight it defaults to clear skies,i have to select live weather again.
  3. Hi Guys, Anyone experienced any issues with this current driver before i update mine. With Thanks. Gary Jones.
  4. exactly the same for me,thats why i dont use DLAA
  5. I have been using FSHud for a while now and quite like it,but i always have a problem with INIBuilds EGLL.One example that happened to me yeasterday,i was cleared for the Logan approach via LAM into runway 09L.There was 2 or 3 aircraft in the close proximity to myself,none of the aircraft where vectored away including myself.When it came to given landing clearance,3 aircraft were all approaching 09L at the sametime,again no vector instructions were given,my TCAS was going crazy so i had to abort the approach,this only seems to happen at EGLL. Gary Jones.
  6. Is there a way to stop FSHud allocating Runways 26R and 08L for arrivals and departure at EGKK,those runways are not in use IRL.
  7. Hi Guys, Is it just me or is fs2 crew down,i cant open any of the apps or connect to their website,all was fine yesterday its just today. Gary Jones.
  8. Hi Guys, I had this issue in P3D and it seems its followed me to MSFS as well,can anyone answer what is the correct freq for RW04R at LIRP 109.7(as per charts) or 108.7(as per MSFS) With Thanks Gary Jones.
  9. For me anyway P3D is light years ahead with these 2 features,MSFS in a whole is amazing but the night lighting and sky let the sim down massively,looks like they were designed by a child with a crayon or a Dev who was obviously late going on his 2 week summer vacation Gary
  10. Hit the nail on the head there lol.I tend not to fly at night time due to these issues,i used living airports night lighting in P3D and wow it looked amazing.Thanks for getting back,i also hope that MS/Asobo will look into it. Gary.
  11. Hi Guys, Im new to MSFS from a long time user of P3D.I totally love the graphics,but 2 things(for me anyway) are well below what P3D offers,that is the night lighting and the night sky i think they just look terrible.I was wondering if there are any addons payware or freeware to enhance these 2 features. I have most of my settings if not all to high or ultra,still nothing changes. With Thanks, Gary
  12. Bryan, Thanks for getting back,both FS2 Crew and PMDG 737 800 are the lastest versions,but still the SDK entry was not in the 737 800 Options.ini file.I copied the file from the 737 700 put it in the 737 800 and it now works. Gary
  13. Hi Bryan, New to MSFS from P3D,purchased the PMDG 737 700 a few weeks ago,no issues with FS2 Crew works perfectly.I purchased the 737 800 over the weekend and keep getting the SDK error,both the plane and FS2 Crew are the up to date,any ideas. With Thanks Gary Jones
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