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  1. I agree, with EA off, ASP3D and CLOUDART give me a fantastic sky.
  2. I went back to 1.6.8. until sceneries are compatible. I had problems with Imaginesim KATL as well.
  3. Imaginesim KATL ground textures are not right either after installing 1.70
  4. Anybody know how to fix the wonky shadows ? kmco-CONCRETE3 displays the shadow but the other 2 (kmco-CONCRETE2, kmco-CONCRETE) don't.
  5. I'm finding the shadows are missing or inconsistent.
  6. overhead panel looks really high. need a booster seat to reach it 😃
  7. Ive done several flights since the update and my biggest quirk is the VNAV descent at 70% N1. The descent profile is to shallow. Panel state is only partial. PFD/MFD brightness has to be adjusted in QW config, master brightness knob does nothing, at least during the day. Autopilot is smooth though.
  8. I just did a test with manual throttle and went to idle at 100 ft and the reverse and autobrakes worked normally. Maybe the autothrottle doesnt get to idle quick enough. Greg Schmidtz
  9. Same issue for me so far using latest build and P3D 4.4, EZCA, FB KSFO , FSDT KLAX , AS P3D.
  10. 3 flights with SP1 and AS. No CTD's with radar on. Very well done IMO.
  11. Still waiting for them to fix missing vehicle textures at YYC
  12. Ok, thanks for trying Dan. greg
  13. I'm getting a CTD departing RNO heading NE over Lake Pyramid. win 10 64 p3d 4.2 ftx global Pacsim RNO was at top of scenery list. No CTD after RNO uninstalled. Anybody able to confirm this ? Cheers Greg
  14. I solved the problem by starting from another airplane cold and dark. After I saved my scenario, it starts up fine with N2 at 0. Only other minor issue is I find the efis font hard to read. Fantastic bird though.
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