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  1. Minimum are 5 Mbit/s, Ideal are 50 Mbit/s.
  2. User Manual Limitations Section: Other limitations • • AI labels cannot be applied to AI created using SimConnect. Callsign pronunciation varies between ATC and aircraft. The pilot may pronounce a callsign correctly, yet ATC may pronounce a callsign phonetically. Changing the time, date or weather during a flight temporarily removes all airborne traffic. MSFS Live Traffic and Multiplayer model matching may be inaccurate. Multiplayer aircraft may spawn at the same gate as an FS Traffic aircraft. When exiting a flight, AI aircraft models will sometimes appear inside the globe.
  3. Accurate flight plans in your simulator: FS traffic adds tens of thousands of real-life commercial flight plans from different time periods, giving full worldwide coverage of commercial airline traffic sourced from the same suppliers that power a number of popular flight tracking websites and apps. Flight plan data covers the summer 2022 schedules and the 2021 and 2019 summer schedules will be made available as free updates after release. A complete list of aircraft models included in FS Traffic: • 737-700 (blended winglets) • 737-800 (blended winglets) • 737-900 (blended winglets) • 747-400 (GE) • 747-400 (PW) • 747-400 (RR) • 747-8i • 777-300ER • 787-8 (GE) • 787-8 (RR) • 787-9 (GE) • 787-9 (RR) • A220-100 • A220-300 • A319 (CFM) • A319 (CFM sharklets) • A319 (IAE) • A319 (IAE sharklets) • A319 (NEO) • A320 (CFM) • A320 (CFM sharklets) • A320 (IAE) • A320 (IAE sharklets) • A320 (NEO) • A321 (CFM) • A321 (CFM sharklets) • A321 (IAE) • A321 (IAE sharklets) • A321 (NEO) • A330-200 (GE) • A330-200 (PW) • A330-200 (RR) • A330-300 (GE) • A330-300 (PW) • A330-300 (RR) • A350-900 • A380-800 (EA) • A380-800 (RR) • ATR-42 • ATR-72 • CRJ-700 • CRJ-900 • CRJ-1000 • Dash 8-400 • ERJ-145 • E170 • E190 • E195
  4. A custom-made wooden bench, leaving only the upper surface uncovered and all the rest of the box inside the bench, placed next to me just at the right height.
  5. Freeware IF you have a paid FSUIPC 7 version…. 🙂
  6. There is a freeware mod, if you want a try. https://flightsim.to/file/39243/pmco-fnx32x-pilot-monitoring-callouts-for-the-fenix-a320-add-on
  7. v1.0.8:– Another round of optimizations targeting draw-call reductions, node and material reductions– Re-evaluated and addressed problematic LOD’s for 3D vegetation and parked vehicles– Re-worked vast majority of ground polygon to correct deformed taxilines and asphalt materials and uv maps– Added Hangar interior to hangar with automating opening/closing door, re-worked existing hangar materials/textures/mesh– Added in missing highway overpass bridges– Added southern section of highway overpass– Re-Worked night lighting slightly, added lighting to airport overflow GSE parking area– General enhancements to visuals while keeping a steady performance balance– Compatability with iniManager config options
  8. Click in three dots spot: Tick EGLL and then click delete:
  9. No, please. Yes, all premium package. 1. Go to your Profile, and click on Content Manager. Search for "PREMIUM" 2. In the list, Asobo EGLL will appear. Select it so that there is a checkmark next to it. 3. Click Delete. You must restart the sim for the changes to take effect. Example:
  10. Just drop IniBuilds EGLL folder into your community folder: https://helpdesk.aerosoft.com/hc/en-gb/articles/5023507568925-How-to-locate-the-Community-folder-in-Microsoft-Flight-Simulator
  11. Just open tab Profiles on FsRealistic menu. Note: ● You can share up to one profile per aircraft. ● If you re-share a profile, this will overwrite the original shared profile of yours.
  12. ● By default, FSRealistic is enabled for any aircraft that is loaded for the first time using one of our default profiles according to the type of the aircraft. ○ Piston engine ○ Turboprop ○ Jet ○ Seaplane ○ Glider ○ Helicopter ● From that point you can adjust the effects as you wish and all adjustments will be automatically saved into the aircraft profile. ● At any point, you can reset to the default profile by going to the “Profile” tab and pressing on the “Reset” button. n you will be able to adjust the effect sliders. ○ Movement ■ This slider will control the camera movement intensity. ■ To disable this movement, move the slider all the way to the left. ○ Sound ■ The combo box is where you select the sound you want. ■ The slider is where you set its volume. ■ To disable this sound, move the slider all the way to the left.
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