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  1. You will find JIPOP as part of the VOR DME Y RWY 05R approach.
  2. Just make click in three blue dots area to display all content included in premium bundle. For example:
  3. Before 20 KT AUTO BRK.............................................................................................. DISENGAGE Disengage the autobrake to avoid some brake jerks at low speed. The flight crew should use brake pedals to disengage the autobrake.
  4. Although you don't mention which version of P3D you have installed, you can try the file courtesy of IniBuilds, following the information in the notes. At the moment it only ensures compatibility with the P3D v4 and V5 versions. https://forum.inibuilds.com/files/file/792-aerosoft-barcelona/
  5. My first type rating as well, the difference is that it was in the old generation version. Congrats.
  6. Finally, someone decided to give some love to KMKE. Continuously ignored through many generations of simulators, we now have these two good news, it was developed by IniBuilds and as if that were not enough it will be free.
  7. Oh, Oh , bad news, no doubt. Poor @Bobsk8, it's going to affect him a lot.
  8. RAW DATA method here, I need to keep current in Keyboard Shortcuts Qualification. 😄
  9. We are grateful for your commitment and great effort throughout all this time, without your contribution we would have missed a lot of good and not so good news. Thank you ver much.
  10. According to this roadmap, the next scenery should be LFPG, since Pointe-à-Pitre Airport (TFFR) and Orlando International ( KMCO ) have already been released. https://fselite.net/content/taxi2gate-products-coming-to-msfs/
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