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  1. Do you made sure to set up the settings according to FSLabs introduction guide, Hardware Controls Setup, Thrust Lever and Thrust detent Configuration?
  2. Since you're close, could you take a ride around Pulau Tioman, please? Some pictures will be more than welcome.
  3. Press ESC key , for some people works.
  4. Could you check if the next airports are in: MSLP MSSS Thanks in advance
  5. "That is the problem, if you get too far back the mouse rectangles become inactive.. Don't remember if there is a reset eyepoint command available. If there is, use it. Otherwise use the built in camera views to move around the cockpit. " In other words, move your view a little forward, normally hit CTRL+BACKSPACE will do the job.
  6. Helicopters!! I still don't understand how in a simulator whose greatest achievement and advance is his incredible visual, which enjoys flying low and slow, they didn't include helicopters. Or is it part of a strategy to sell them as extras? 🙂
  7. Be sure of your source is select to VOR, you can change your source pressing CRS SEL button, located right next to Course Knob
  8. Just to be honest, don't expect nothing 'Pro' level, not even close to Aerosoft version, remember still in Alpha stage, but... What issues can we see in this picture? For naming some: 1- Landing lights out, no memo message showing. 2- 770 RA, no ECAM MEMO 3- Residual pressure on triple indicator 4- In FMA no speed mode with A/THR on , FD on. Some others 'issues' can be detected but could be fault of the alpha tester and his poor knowledge in the operation of an Airbus. So, do you have an idea know?
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