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  1. Am I too late to join this conversation? It seems to be close to what I want to do but I'd like to clarify. This probably shows my ignorance but where will you view this new window. The link looks like it will be a kind of popout - is that right? Would it be possible for me to do something similar and move the new window across to a tablet/iPad as I do with my RXT 750? Hi Bert. Roger
  2. Hi mikebxb, I just noticed your post. I have an Alabeo Aztec and like it very much so I assume there may be similarities. . I'm still tweaking to get it to the way I remember the actual aircraft but nearly there (with some help from Bert and others - mainly Jean-Luc). I too have problems flying at night as the instruments are quite dim. In order to see the DME selector switch I need to have the Dome light on and I found a way to control this so it is operated by a button on the yoke. If I use the light I can just make out the switch under the top of the panel. Then I switch the light off. The cockpit switch for the dome light is (on the Aztec) in the roof area with several other light switches but in practice totally inaccessible during flight - hence the switch. I used FSUIPC to assign the button. I'll check all this and amend if I'm mistaken (memory!!). Hope this helps a bit. Rog
  3. I can wind this up by reporting that the pedals arrived (and work). The problem was caused by sloppy retailing as when the item arrived there was absolutely no mention of Saitek on the packaging or the product. They are Logitech.
  4. Has anyone used LINDA with this aircraft?
  5. For the moment I'm going to use a cheap tablet for the 530 and my ipad for the 750 pop up. It's all useful while climbing the learning curve, Bert. (And occasionally sliding back down it!) Thanks for your thoughts guys.
  6. Thanks Jean-Luc. Good value as ever. Roger
  7. I bought the Reality GNS530 but then decided to buy and use the 750. This is in FSX SE. Is there any way I can have both in the panel of my Alabeo Aztec? Their blurb says both are supported but where would the extra one fit in the panel? At the moment I have the 530 as a pop up with the 750 in the panel and a pop up of the 750 as well but I just wondered... Jean-Luc?
  8. I sent off for three new pots (arrived 9 June) for my CH rudder pedals before I realised the problem was somewhere else in the unit. So I am selling these items (Digi-Key ref 1040-1164-ND) for £17 as they are no use to me. It cost £26 to have them sent from the US. I've added in £2 for postage in the UK in a jiffy bag. Anywhere else - let's discuss!
  9. Thanks 109Sqn, It is confusing certainly and I'm surprised more people haven't queried it. I'm going ahead with buying the PZ35 because the retailer confirms if I'm not happy when I get it I can send it back! Thanks for your reply and happy flying. Rog
  10. I need to buy some new pedals and decided to get Logitech G Pro ones. I realise that Logitech took over Saitek (as far as pedals are concerned at least) about five years ago. Why then do I get offered Saitek PZ35 pedals - brand new. Surely anything made that long ago hit the market long before now. These are from a major retailer in the UK at about £130. Is there a difference between PZ35 and G Pro? Can I assume they are synonymous? Can anyone clarify the situation please?
  11. Before I junk my CH pedals I wonder if someone can help me get them going again. I had problems with them and decided that three new pots might be the answer so I replaced the old ones only to find I have the same problem. Using FSUIPC4 in FSX SE (An Alabeo Aztec) I get either 116384 or 16383 or 0 when trying to calibrate the rudder. Nothing in between. So the rudder slaps from one extreme to the other. The left brake has a similar extreme but the right brake pot (when hand held and moved through the whole 270 degrees gives -16384 for the first CCW 90 degrees, the the full range down to zero, followed by +16383 for the final 90 degrees. The aircraft runs around in circles as you might expect. Perhaps all this makes sense to someone and I'd be very grateful if they could explain what's gone wrong. After all the insides of the pedals are pretty simple. Pete and John Dowson have tried to help but it really isn't a problem with their software.
  12. Right Bert. Wasn't difficult was it!!!
  13. One last thing Jean-Luc which may be significant. You asked about the FMS knob. I just noticed that the knob is flush with the panel. There is only one. It appears more like a button. On the pop up it is just like the one top left.
  14. Hello Jean-Luc, If I do this comprehensively it may be more than you need, but better that than miss something that you think is significant. The pop up seems to be working and showing me how the panel should. Summarising how they differ the pop up is opened from Views - Reality GTN unit 1 (managed). Pop up - Top left button has three areas setting vol/Squ/ID (a hand sign or turning sign) in either Comm or Nav (which I select by clicking in one of the four freq boxes). Light blue tells me whether I have Comm or Nav The top left or right of the button sets (scroll) the volume in the selected area. The bottom sets either Squelch or ID left clk on/off. [The panel TL button shows only a hand sign. I can scroll the vol on the selected Comm/Nav. The middle mouse button clk gets me the Sq/ID on/off]. The card slot on the pop up does nothing but hovering over this in the panel shows 'Rt Clk for Activate nav source' and Rt Clk shows 'hold for map' slide in and then the map appears. Home. On the home page holding the button gets slide in message 'Hold for Map' and then the map. This works on both panel and pop up. With the map showing one click on the pop up gets the home page but it needs two clicks on the panel Direct To. Both worked to bring in the slide in menu. However while I was playing around the panel DT stopped responding until I reset the flight. Bottom right button. On the pop up works well with three areas on the button allowing flip flop select of Comm/Nav and freq selection by scrolling. This button is dead in the panel, no hand sign, nothing. Not sure what CW and CCW are - CW - morse? As always, thanks very much for your help and interest. Roger
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