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  1. Thanks AJZip, I appreciate your explanation. I have actually reinstalled the programme and it works just the same. Fortunately I hadn't got too deeply involved to lose much. Intuitiveness, makes us expect things that don't always happen! It's Christmas so lets hope there's less of that around. All the best to you and all.
  2. Thank you Sierra Delta for your reply. A circular one and which still leaves me trying to make the point gently that if you're looking for an answer on the forum about MSFS generally you don't see any guidance there. One bullet-pointed section warns off putting questions on there and the other section is posted as being to do with VR. End of. Let me make the point that I do appreciate the time and effort people put in to make the website and the forum work. Thank you to you all. That doesn't mean that I can't gently point something out that I think doesn't work very well. That's what I was trying to do. Whatever. My actual question will seem rather puerile, but I'll ask it anyway. When I start the game it goes to the 'checking for updates' page, stays there for what seems a long wait before completing the load. During the wait the icon shaped like a spring washer - an incomplete circle - doesn't move at all. Logic suggests that it ought to turn to tell me it is actually looking for updates, but it doesn't. Could it be that the Update Manager is not actually working? I see a lot of people do post in various places about Stuck on Update Page or similar. Or is the 'I am looking' icon being stationary the way it should be?
  3. The title and comments about what the forum is for make me wonder if this is the place to ask a question about MSFS. It is not about VR just the running of the programme. Should I ask it here? If not then where, please?
  4. Hi Murmur, Sorry not to get back to you especially as you were trying to help. I carried on experimenting but got nowhere and yes I am following the steps. In the end the situation is that the red band goes blue when I move the trim wheel fully and I named the axis 'Trim Wheel'. The blue button remains unavailable but the wheel works! Because I have other problems with it I have decided to try to get a solution on the other site dedicated to Xplane so thanks for your interest. I hope I can get it sorted.
  5. The way they advised me seemed to ignore my explanation and just quoted that 4 hours was over the limit. As you all know 4 hours can fly by chasing a petty issue. I will say though that this should be a stable FS - been around for years - and does not behave in a way that makes me think ooh, can't wait for 12. I can and will. If anyone is interested I am still getting nowhere with the calibration issue with the trimwheel. Using the alternative - a button on the yoke - doesn't either. It just gets worse. Grrr. (A fairly quiet and tired grr as I have MSFS and FSX and they work better).
  6. I'm going to have to do something like that as my request has been refused!! 4 hours of fiddling about with 2 reinstalls goes over their limit apparently. So I'm back to square one.
  7. I have put in a request for a refund. I'll put it towards 12. I did do a clean reinstall but still with all the problems, one of which was that it would not complete the calibration of my Gear Falcon trim wheel. I hope that won't be a problem in 12?? Thanks everyone for the suggestions etc. Roger
  8. Sorry to prolong this but having looked at the video, maybe I haven't explained too well. (But oughtn't I be able to fly using the keyboard to at least get going, so binding stuff could come later (yes, of course sooner than later)). The aircraft isn't moving forward, it is stationary. My view though is slowly traveling left - past the port wing, the back of my seat and so on continuously all the way round. Almost straightaway an engine stops. If anyone can throw any light on this I'd appreciate it. Because I haven't really set anything yet I actually reinstalled the programme from Steam, with the same result. Roger
  9. Thanks guys, I just hoped it was going to be as simple as they make it sound. (Like - I didn't have that bewildering experience when I first started up FSX.) I'll watch the video and read the stuff and hope in due course I'll be as convinced as everyone else that it is a brilliant sim. Happy flying and thanks again. Roger
  10. Yes, I was tempted by the 50% sale. Bought the Steam version, downloaded it and expected to go flying. It comes up with a warning that my trim wheel needs to be calibrated but I chose to continue anyway. Each time, with different aircraft, it launches in a continuous pan to the left and the engine (or the left engine) stops. Can anyone help me to just be able to sit in the cockpit looking forwards and be able take a breath and get to grips with things?
  11. I am having a major problem using the hot key to get the LINDA screen to 'pop up' when running MSFS. I did see somewhere that this could be problematic but I have tried various key combinations and some work for a while (lots of repeats) but when I re-launch the FS the hotkey doesn't work. I can see that in the cfg file for example the code is 32843 when I try to use Alt+K and this changes to 49227 when I try to use Ctl+Alt+K. Any suggestions will be appreciated. (Incidentally the Alt+F for FSUIPC7 works flawlessly.)
  12. Worked perfectly. Thanks again. Roger
  13. Wow Andrew, that was quick. Yes I have been using 3 screens but just now back to one, so it's probably that. I'll try it. Thanks.
  14. Hi Berlopez, I felt a bit stupid when I found out what the problem/answer was but felt I ought to put the solution on here. Why the slider moved is a mystery - I never use FSX controls so I very seldom go in there. Gremlins?
  15. Hope you can help. LINDA was working fine as I was getting to know it. Maybe I've caused this, but when I want to view the console I see it shows as open on the task bar but when I hover down there with the mouse I see a blank page and I cannot anyway get it to appear maximised next to the main LINDA page as normal. It did work before. I am using FSX Steam and the latest LINDA version for that with FSUIPC4. It's probably something basic but I can't see how to sort it out, so any further info needed, please ask. Thanks.
  16. Found it! For anyone else it is a slider in Settings Display - Aircraft which sets the transparency of the pop out panel. For some reason it had crept across to 100%. Panic over.
  17. Hope someone can help. This is happening with all aircraft in FSX Steam. If I use Shift+1,2 etc I get a flash where the pop up should be and nothing else. Trying again I get nothing at all. If I try the alternative of 'views - instrument panel' nothing comes up again. All I have done recently is install LINDA. Any ideas, please.
  18. Sorry if this is a bit long; I hope you have the patience to read it. I’m about to put my foot in the waters of Linda (if that’s mixing of metaphors, well…). I’ve been footling around with FS (FSX for good reasons), Air Manager and FSUIPC4 for a year or so and eventually choosing a main-to-be-used aircraft (Carenado Saab 340B) and want to add a couple of panels which I’m in the process of making using great advice from Mark Hurst’s super little book. LINDA’s Grandad (Brian) tells us to plan ahead and guess what, I find I’m in a Catch 22 situation. I find myself trying to plan what the panels (and therefore LINDA) will do, but increasingly find I suspect I may be wasting my time. I read quite a bit about add-on aircraft being unsuited to the kind of customisation I envisage, even one post on here suggesting I keep clear of all Carenado aircraft. I don’t want to jump the gun and install LINDA too soon even though the answer to my quandary seems to lie in there (Tracing among other things?) because I haven’t finished the panels. I don’t want to finish the panels only to find they are asking too much of the software. Any advice, suggestions or inspirational stories will be welcome. Roger
  19. Hi Jean-Luc and Tony, I was/am going to experiment with alternative parameters (just in case!) but got bogged down with something else. We did try for an hour and a half (thanks Tony), but didn't manage it. Roger
  20. Guys, First of all thanks for your good wishes which have worked. I'm back to my normal bewildered self. I'll have a session with all this and hope to 'get there' soon. I will report back. Thanks for your time and the good natured exchange between you. Rog
  21. Hi guys, I am watching this with interest. Somewhat distracted by having just caught Covid. I'll catch up shortly. Roger
  22. Thanks Jean-Luc. I'll go back and see what they say in reply to your comment. I'll be in touch. Roger
  23. Hi Jean-Luc I have been in touch with support at Air Manager and even sent them a video clip of the problem I raised with you. Does their reply - suggesting changes to the Reality XP kit - make it likely that changes would make what I am trying to do possible? From Sling - 'I’ve watched the video and indeed you have the issue I was expecting. The only way to truly make this work with FSX is for RXP to update their product to use LVAR’s for the Nav/com2 controls. All they currently offer is keyboard mappings. If they are not interested in doing this you are stuck. The GTN overlay could be modified to solely control the frequency selection but then would not function as as an FMS knob when on another page that needs control via the FMS knob. Equally you may be able to fix it to the FMS Knob but the frequency control will not be possible. A set of RXP implemented LVAR’s would just be control of the basic knob just like GTN 1 works so it would know where to direct the knob change to based on the currently selected page/field.' Thanks, Roger
  24. Wow! I'll spend time trying to absorb all that. As always I do appreciate your support. Great product. I'll probably run this past the AM guys just to see what reaction I get. All the best, Roger
  25. Just to follow up - I hope, looking at my post you will not take offence at my use of the word lyrical. The way you took me through it all was almost poetic. Just to underline my confusion - at any moment in time units 1 and 2 manage to hold different frequencies from each other so they do appear to have independence from the 'mother' unit' in the 3d cockpit. That I find amazing so it's a bit disappointing to find this stumbling block with the knobster.
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