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  1. That's good to know since I am using P3Dv4.
  2. Yes, that is exactly what I am looking for. I don't need the whole canyon as I have the scenery for that but just wanted the overlook for added detail. I actually live near there in LA and have wanted to visit it ever since hearing about it a couple of years back but at least I can fly through there in the sim.
  3. Nevermind I see on the site where this area is covered and it's a separate scenery from KEDW
  4. Is this included in the Blue Sky scenery for KEDW? I'm pretty sure I have that installed. Thanks
  5. So I want to create some scenery for P3D but don't know where to start. So in Southern California, there is a place called Star Wars Canyon where the military practices flying through the canyon and there is an overlook where spectators can watch. Basically what I am trying to create is the lookout that overlooks the canyon. It's just a small parking lot and maybe a bathroom. I have the ORBX Socal scenery which helps make the scenery better but would love to have the overlook and maybe a couple of cars. How easy would this be to do if I don't have any experience with this? The most I have done is learn how to repaint some aircraft. Thanks
  6. So I am trying to register for the forums on the VRS website but it is asking for my product license and password. The thing is I purchased the plane awhile back and for some reason going through my emails I can't seem to find any email which would contain this info. The only email I have is my receipt from Paypal which shows I made a payment to VRS but no email from VRS which has an Invoice that has this info. Is there another way to contact them as it looks like the only way is through the forums which won't let me register? Thanks
  7. Thanks, I checked it out but it doesn't look like what I remember however the name sounds familiar so maybe that is it. Thanks again 👍
  8. So I am trying to remember the name of a tool I used to have for P3D that would allow you to disable airports and scenery that you don't need for your flight so you would use fewer system resources. Anyone know what it's called thanks
  9. Hello I am trying to remember the name of a program I have seen before for P3D that lets you disable the scenery you don't need for your flight so the computer doesn't have to load all your addons that use up resources. Anyone know which program I am thinking of. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the detailed response. From what it sounds like your saying the plane is capable of fairly long ranges when running at light payload weights. For the most part, I wouldn't use it for flights longer than 5,000NM and most of my flights are usually in the 3,000-4,000 range so it should be doable in the sim even if regulations would prevent it in real life. I guess I could just use the -400 but for some reason, I really like the look of the shorter wings of D.
  11. Hello, I am curious if anyone knows what the max range is for the 747-400 Domestic when flying with very few pax? I was thinking of using this plane in P3D to simulate having my own private 747 so most of the flights I would make with it would be very light on payload weight and wonder what's the max distance I can get out of it is. Thanks
  12. It's funny cause I don't consider myself to have artistic talent either. Just had the initial idea and went from there.
  13. Thanks lol. Not only was this my first repaint but I am learning to use Photoshop at the same time so it made it even harder. Don't know what problem you're having with the Md-11 but I'm sure you will be able to figure it out so don't give up.
  14. Made a new post and followed the screenshot guidelines. Thanks
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