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  1. windycloud

    Vertx DA-62 News - Released on Dec 14th

    fantastic looking airplane. I just have 1 question, can one select airways and procedures (SID STAR APP) within the G1000?
  2. windycloud

    Old tweak still to be used in P3Dv4.4 ?

    I was happy at solid locked 30FPS in V4.3. And I'm happy now with solid locked 30FPS in V4.4. But here is a list of things I had to do in V4.4 to get back to that same happy place: Add FFTF = 0.01 Manipulate affinity masks using process lasso Reduce autogen & building densities by one notch Disable V Sync completely Disable ORBX PNW & Southern Alaska regions Finally in both 4.3 & 4.4 I disabled cloud shadows 4790K oc 4.4Ghz, 1080, SSDs, 2133 RAM, 2k monitor, Win10 platform for P3D only
  3. windycloud

    performance worse with 4.4

    North facing indeed. And for this particular test I just used the built in fair weather. I ended up removing orbx regionals and got back some FPS. It’s a shame and I didn’t need to do that in 4.3.
  4. windycloud

    performance worse with 4.4

    somewhat an odd post compared to the overwhelming praise for 4.4. However i'm getting FPS as low as below 20 (locked or unlimited) sitting on the runway at stock KSEA with UTLive (30%) & Orbx Pacific Northwest in PMDG737. With identical addons and settings in 4.3 I get solid 30, locked at 30. In playing with settings to troubleshoot, I noticed that my FPS is greatly affected by scenery settings. F22 sitting at KSEA with scenery, autogen, building set to minimum - 100+ FPS Scenery minimum, autogen, building set to normal - 70 FPS Scenery, autogen, building set to normal - 40 FPS 4.4 full & clean install after uninstalling and cleaning up 4.3 and all addons. 4790K @ 4.4GHz, 16G ram @ 2133, 1080 Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  5. windycloud

    FPS & Cloud Shadows

    I recently noticed that when I have cloud shadows on, I tend to lose 25% to 50% of FPS in cloudy weather, not all around, only when panned in certain direction. I wonder if there is a known solution to this. I did search REX forum. I have REX sky force, DTX5 1024 cloud textures use. i7 + 1080 with reasonable settings. I normally get 40FPS at all times. Thanks in advance and happy thanks giving.
  6. windycloud

    Woman in a Red Dress

    still looking for the woman...😁
  7. windycloud

    UT Live crash upon exiting P3D v4.2

    To join the discussion, I have unpaid version of FSUIPC, no EZDok, all versions of simconnect installed except foreign language versions. The crash doesn't happen every time. Let's say I just load the default flight and exit, no crash. But if I fly PMDG or another complex aircraft around JFK it will happen. I will have to do more test to detect the pattern.
  8. Posted this at their support forum but no luck getting a response yet. P3D 4.2 with all simconnect installed. Almost every time when I close P3D I get the following error message. Anyone else has the same issue? Thanks in advance. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: utl_client.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 5a328b14 Fault Module Name: SimConnect.dll Fault Module Version: 10.0.61637.0 Fault Module Timestamp: 46fad5b6 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00001fe4 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 0a9e Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Additional Information 3: 0a9e Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
  9. airways! Now it's back on my list. Only question: is it known to be a good or bad in P3D performance-wise?
  10. windycloud

    Are you happy with P3Dv4?

    Oh don't I wish. I'm originally from China...I guess betamax never made it to China. Back to the topic, I think I'm one of the relative few who are still with V3. I'm waiting to see how 4.1 will be, especially with dynamic lighting.
  11. windycloud

    Are you happy with P3Dv4?

    Made me google Betamax...
  12. windycloud

    Autothrottle Equipped GA for P3D?

    GA, even in its broadest sense, doesn't really cross path with CAT III. I fly and train other pilots in several different models of a certain bizjet brand and CAT II is the most we do, with HUD. And very few operators do it. When it comes to such rarities as CAT III or RNP AR approaches in today's GA world it is not really about hardware / software capabilities but rather legal requirements (meeting and keeping up with all certification requirements and the cost to do so) weighed against ops needs (handful of CAT III around the world, mostly at busy metropolitan airliner hubs, where bizjets don't swarm typically). In fact I'd go as far as saying speculatively that no GA operator finds it economically justifiable to fly CAT IIIs, so much so that no GA manufacturer (except for those of BBJ & ACJ) has deemed it necessary to certify any of their products for CAT III ops anywhere in the world. A/T on the other hand is a much more common (and NICE) feature to be found in GA aircraft but still limited to larger cabin / later generation bizjets.
  13. windycloud

    Highway and rural roads lights

    I have both Vector and Ultimate terrain. For me UT is the winner and what I currently have in my P3D v3.
  14. windycloud

    Help with approach plates in Eaglet...

    Does that particular GPS give you the option to choose transition when loading approach proc? It may be a limitation of the simulated GPS to only be able to load an approach as vector to final, which starts with the FAF, ZOWEE in this case.
  15. windycloud

    Let's all remember it...

    never had OOM personally but I'm glad that the sim community is moving on and forward!