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  1. I manually resized all the textures to be standard HD. Saved a ton of space and performance.
  2. I have their 767 and I fly 767/757 for work. I have to say no it doesn’t really fly like the real thing.
  3. I was able to upgrade my cpu and mobo without reinstalling anything. But I’d say once you reinstall the OS (upgrade from 7 in your case) there is no way around reinstallation of p3d and most of the addons.
  4. For a $15 airport or two, does one really need 5-year strategic insights to support purchase decisions? If an airport looks good, pick it up and enjoy flying in and out of it. But hey that’s just my dumb view.
  5. P3d still getting top notch new addons? Complex airliners nonetheless (MD11 included)? I have to say I didn’t expect this.
  6. For me the price is acceptable for a solidly good addon. I have the 717 and really like it. However I remember how long it took TFDi to get the 717 right after initial release.
  7. With the flight1 package can I choose to only install the DC9? I really have no interest in the super8 since I already have Maddog.
  8. I bought their most recent release for p3d and love it. (Near) top notch scenery developer.
  9. I’m loving this trend. A couple of years from now all the p3d addons will be free! Pmdg and fslabs, your move now.
  10. The visuals (software part of it at least) in levelD sims are not nearly as good as any of the current PC sim plate forms.
  11. A little word of caution, the plane I fly (not a Boeing or airbus to your point) inhibits GS reception if we load a LOC approach. The mfc auto tunes the ils frequency but blocks GS signal. The reason for this design is to prevent unreliable/false indication.
  12. I didn’t mind flying the bus with my old CH throttle quadrant at all, no detents obviously. And I loved my 3D extreme pro until I wanted to fly the bus with my left hand.
  13. Hi I have both the bravo and TCA. Personally I wouldn’t use the TCA for anything other than twin airbus. If I had to choose one for all aircraft I would surely go with the bravo.
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