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  1. I didn’t mind flying the bus with my old CH throttle quadrant at all, no detents obviously. And I loved my 3D extreme pro until I wanted to fly the bus with my left hand.
  2. Hi I have both the bravo and TCA. Personally I wouldn’t use the TCA for anything other than twin airbus. If I had to choose one for all aircraft I would surely go with the bravo.
  3. Well a list of good things but I guess I’ll pass. Not worth the $$$, only because my current a320 is already over-the-toply good.
  4. What does it include other than the sharklets?
  5. Hi Rich, could you elaborate on the “roll & yaw coupling” you mentioned? The one issue I have with the FSW 35 is that it yaws very significantly when I bank. If that’s indeed accurate behavior I’ll reinstall it. Thanks in advance.
  6. I just bought it for p3d v4.5. Checked it out really quick and liked everything I saw, including night lighting. It’s now my go to plane for Hawaii.
  7. I have i5-9600k no o/c and 2070 Super. I’m very happy with it running p3d 4.5 and most of the top tier addon planes.
  8. Great, time to see some user feedbacks. If all sound positive it’s time I’d get this bird.
  9. Mine too! But that’s a whole different topic...
  10. Please rate my sign then? My motherboard burned out 2 days ago. New mobo and power supply on the way...
  11. Hi thank you all for the comments! So the 717...in terms of general depth of simulation, where would you say it falls on a scale between Maddog on one end and aerosoft 320 on the other?
  12. I know they are 2 very different aircraft. That said I’m looking for my next all-around excellent addon plane to purchase and fly. If you own either or both, I’d love to hear what you like and don’t like about it. Thanks!
  13. I’m zeroing I’m on voxatc and proatcx. I’ll try vox since it offers 30-day trial. I can’t find any free trial for proatcx though... to be a bit more specific, I’m interested in the one that most closely resembles real world ATC for IFR. good VFR functions would be a nice bonus. I don’t care for voice recognition and better even, id like to have a “copilot” to handle ATC communication. I just need to know what the instructions are. not a fan of robotic voices but I guess all of them are robotic sounding to some extend.
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