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  1. Great, time to see some user feedbacks. If all sound positive it’s time I’d get this bird.
  2. Mine too! But that’s a whole different topic...
  3. Please rate my sign then? My motherboard burned out 2 days ago. New mobo and power supply on the way...
  4. Hi thank you all for the comments! So the 717...in terms of general depth of simulation, where would you say it falls on a scale between Maddog on one end and aerosoft 320 on the other?
  5. I know they are 2 very different aircraft. That said I’m looking for my next all-around excellent addon plane to purchase and fly. If you own either or both, I’d love to hear what you like and don’t like about it. Thanks!
  6. I’m zeroing I’m on voxatc and proatcx. I’ll try vox since it offers 30-day trial. I can’t find any free trial for proatcx though... to be a bit more specific, I’m interested in the one that most closely resembles real world ATC for IFR. good VFR functions would be a nice bonus. I don’t care for voice recognition and better even, id like to have a “copilot” to handle ATC communication. I just need to know what the instructions are. not a fan of robotic voices but I guess all of them are robotic sounding to some extend.
  7. I thank everyone for the input, especially those who wrote in length and great details. I didn’t quite expect the somewhat diversified votes but it only means there is truly more than one good choice out there. I’ll have to do some more research.
  8. Hello all, I know there are a few ATC addons in the market for p3d. Which one do you think is the best for v4.5? I’m mainly looking for better ATC experience for IFR flying. Thanks in advance for chiming in.
  9. One of the captains I fly with is used to trimming during flares. I personally don't think that's the best technique. Once you are stabilized on final at Vref/Vref+10 and achieve "2-finger flying", your plane is trimmed properly all the way to touch down and rollout. As to trimming to rotate, the only time I see that done is by some pilots in sim training with jammed elevator scenario past V1. Even that, the right action in most cases would be a high speed rejected T/O.
  10. I own UTL and AIG looks very interesting (had no idea)! Simple question: which one is better with performance (FPS, stutters, etc.)? I am under the impression that UTL’s injection function is better and more optimized than 100s of traffic bgl files inside the sim...
  11. What AI traffic program, if any? As a test, disable all AIs and do the same flight, to see if you still get any FPS drop.
  12. The thread finally did me in. Good news is that the A320 performs well on my system (getting my locked 30fps across the board). Bad news is...there is no bad news, other than perhaps the $$$. But we get what we paid for. Great, some brand new fun in my P3D.
  13. The more I read about this aircraft the more I want to get it. I like in-depth study level aircraft and we all know they are few & far in between. My question is simply, how is its performance now at the latest version? My sim: P3D 4.4, 9600K@4.8Ghz, 16GB 3200MHz, 1080, M.2 SSDs, Orbox Global, FTX, Skyforce, AS, HD airport textures, UT Live, All PMDG, Maddog, Q400 I don't go crazy with settings or addons. Everything reasonable. I typically get 40+ FPS in PMDGs at busy airports. Thank you in advance!
  14. I have 2 twins and love them both, one is the Vertxsim DA62, and Realair Turbine Duke with GTN. The Duke is no longer for sales I think. So there, go for the DA62 :)
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