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  1. dpergau

    LVFR Key West (KEYW) Update in the Works.

    Wow that's great news... was happy to get that scenery recently during one of the sales. Reminds me that there's still grass and leaves when we're under the deep freeze 🙂
  2. dpergau

    GTN 750 ?

    Tom, can you click on it to make it popup? Thanks, Dan
  3. Thinking the same here but may just have to get it a full price. It looks like an incredible tool.
  4. dpergau

    Christmas Holiday Sales

    Nice find... thanks for sharing! Anyone have Marshall Islands or Reno? Would love to hear opinions.
  5. dpergau

    GTN 750 ?

    Thanks Bert. Will check that out. Hard to stray from the GTN750 though 🙂
  6. Looking at getting this addon. Does anyone have the mod that could share it? Thanks Dan
  7. Great news... carenado sale has started. I just got an email from simmarket.
  8. dpergau

    GTN 750 ?

    Hoping for a carenado sale soon to get this and the pc12. Is it possible to replace the default gps on the main cockpit as opposed to the fms screen? Thanks! Dan
  9. dpergau

    PMDG Weekend Sale 20%

    Nice find. Looks like for shipped box sets only.
  10. You could also try Clonezilla: https://clonezilla.org/show-live-doc-content.php?topic=clonezilla-live/doc/03_Disk_to_disk_clone Hopefully you can use that 1TB SSD for archives or some other function! Nice to have
  11. Until November 27 No sale on EDDN https://www.flightbeam.net
  12. Is the drzewiecki scenery really as good as it looks?
  13. Looks great and can’t beat the price!
  14. good catch... too bad
  15. PacSim sale now on simmarket as well! https://secure.simmarket.com/pacific-islands-simulation-llc.mhtml