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  1. Thanks for your reply! Everything I’ve read says the 40xx are better at power consumption. As are the intel A750 and A770. More research on my end needed. I’m tempted to wait for the A770. Dan
  2. Hi Everyone! The debate continues on how to update my existing system. i7-10700K, GTX1080, 32gb 3200, 750w PSU, z490 MSI board with a 34" 60hz screen. MSFS currently runs well but I am getting Device hung errors in P3D. I have reloaded the sim and still get them once in a while. I was debating a used 3070 which won't bottleneck the CPU (according to a cpu bottleneck website) but I'm a bit nervous about the power requirement and I want to be as future thinking as possible. I'm also considering an Intel A750 or A770 if one ever shows up again.in the stores. An RTX 4070 may be the eventual winner. I'd appreciate any opinions anyone can share. Thanks! Dan
  3. It seems my throttle issues were user induced (no surprise here!) I now put my physical throttle into idle at the top of descent. VNAV works incredibly well now. Dan
  4. Fantastic! Nice find. Thanks for sharing this! Dan
  5. I wonder what they updated or was it just a v6 compatible update? I don't see any update log etc.. or anything on their 'stalkerbook' 😉 A bit hush hush? Find anything on your end? Dan
  6. Thanks for the news @Gumerson! Downloading and checking it out now. Dan
  7. Thanks for the replies @stans and @Dazzlercee23! i hear there is a new 3060 TI in the wild with GDDR6X memory so I’m considering that as an option. Not many reviews yet as it’s still quite new. I believe the 750w PSU should be able to accommodate that card. Another thought is waiting for the 4060 TI. For now the 1080 continues to work so time appears to be on my side regarding a hardware decision. My visuals in MSFS continue to amaze me (perhaps I have low standards) but the struggles continue at times in P3D. Dan
  8. Hello, Thank you in advance for your time and suggestions! I am enjoying P3D v5.3 and MSFS thoroughly. I am constantly amazed at the graphics in MSFS despite its faults. P3D continues to be my 'go-to' sim with many scenery addons, the Q400, big Boeings, FSL A320 family, and the iFly MAX. Here is my predicament: My current system is an i7-10700K, GTX 1080 (left over from an old Alienware system), 32gb 3200mhz ram and Seasonic Focus GX-750 power supply. I have been going back and forth on upgrading the video card however I know I am restricted by the power supplies limitations. If I keep the PSU that will rule out the 3080 and maybe even the 3070 TI. Officially nVidia recommends 750w or more for the 3070/80 but I have seen some horror stories about power supplies and video card issues when paired with my power supply. The 3060 TI looks like a strong contender but will migrating from the 1080 (8gb) to the 3060 TI (or-non TI) be beneficial? My monitor is a 1440p so 4K is not possible. I am on a fixed budget so at this point I am exploring the used hardware market with great caution. Thanks again for any suggestions! Dan
  9. I find my frame rates definitely take a hit with the iFly MAX at even medium sized addon airports. I'd rank it similar to FSL A320. PMDG has less FPS issues and the Majestic Q400 is just the best at everything 🙂 Dan
  10. Thanks for sharing this! I have the software but have not installed it or used it yet. Once Flightbeam partnered with them on a scenery I was waiting for a sale so I could continue to support them. Flightbeam partners with some amazing developers and I think their scenery is top tier. Dan
  11. @Ray Proudfoot if you’re ever interested in adding an aircraft I could not recommend the majestic Q400 enough. By far my favourite addon in P3D. I too have the Xtreme prototypes Learjet but I haven’t gotten my head wrapped around the product yet. Any tips? I continue to review the manuals. I suppose I just need to put more time and effort into it. One thing I’d like to have access to is updated AIRAC data for the RXP GTN750 but that’s impossible without a subscription. With all the investment I’ve made in P3D addons I will continue to use it for the long term. Dan
  12. I agree… Tucson would be fantastic! Dan
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