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  1. Hi Arek!  Thank you for asking about the TCA Airbus hardware with other addons besides an Airbus addon... i.e. Majestic Q400 and PMDG 737.  Did you end up getting the controller and if so how is it working?  I'm in the same position myself 🙂



  2. I'm in a similar situation. I really enjoyed the Q400 series and was able to download them to watch in non-streaming locations. I just purchased the A320 series and I've noticed that these are not downloadable (yet) and 3 videos are still outstanding from an ETA of 2 months ago. Hopefully all is well with Ben and he hasn't vanished again. Dan
  3. I checked orbxdirect and I had the same free offer. I bought YVR for P3D from FSimStudios directly a while ago but got the license transferred to orbx. Thanks for the tip Alti! My MSFS remains uninstalled until pmdg releases their products. Hopefully one day. Dan
  4. Wow that looks incredible. Thanks for sharing! Dan
  5. I saw this as well. Looking forward to some reviews. Dan
  6. Looking forward to reading some reviews. I am concerned about the lack of response/support from T2G though. Dan
  7. I agree with Dave. Also, I’ve emailed taxi2gate several times looking for support and updates but I don’t recall ever hearing back. Dan
  8. CYLS would be nice too. Shame the flight Ontario group went over to XP The default CYLS is missing a taxiway which has been around for quite a while. It makes me wonder about the updated navdata. Be sure to email Ralph first at simaddons. As you own the FSX bundles perhaps he will provide a discount? Dan
  9. I have RNO and SLC.... both are excellent and the quality is just about as good as FlyTampa or FlightBeam (those being the top tier in my opinion). Unfortunately the SLC terminal is out of date. Hopefully they will release an update. Dan
  10. Thanks for posting your update! I too have been on the fence about this while missing the Level-D 767. My go to plane in my FS9 days. Dan
  11. Great screenshot and story! I loved Zoom airlines. Now I'm reconsidering the CS 767 II purchase, or lack there of... yet. I am still living in hope that Level-D will rise from the ashes or that PMDG will make a 767.🙂 Thanks for sharing! Dan
  12. The scenery looks very nice. https://secure.simmarket.com/sxairportdesign.mhtml All the best! Dan
  13. Great to see you Bert! I’ll give that a try. Thanks Dan
  14. You made my day... that's fantastic news! I'm hoping my RXP GTN750 will work as well. Do you just point the installer to v5? Thanks, Dan
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