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  1. Hi @rmeier! I hope you are doing well. I look forward to your proud wings livery! I never found an AC 65th anniversary for Fenix at flightsim.to. Hopefully someone makes one. Thanks for all of your hard work!
  2. Gorgeous livery! I'll be happy to fly it soon. Thanks for your hard work! Any chance for a 65th anniversary livery next? 🙂
  3. Same, hopefully the server will have recovered by the time we download 😉 Dan
  4. Just watched the preview. Looks incredible!
  5. iFly's MAX is fantastic in P3D. Better FMC, better LNAV and it flies RF legs on RNP approaches. I know which MAX I'll be buying! Dan
  6. Hi Neil, If your target sim is P3D I’d recommend v5.4 and not v6. The ifly max/ng and pmdg 737s are excellent addons. I don’t see them going to P3D v6 anytime soon. Good luck with your build!
  7. Thanks for your reply! Everything I’ve read says the 40xx are better at power consumption. As are the intel A750 and A770. More research on my end needed. I’m tempted to wait for the A770. Dan
  8. Hi Everyone! The debate continues on how to update my existing system. i7-10700K, GTX1080, 32gb 3200, 750w PSU, z490 MSI board with a 34" 60hz screen. MSFS currently runs well but I am getting Device hung errors in P3D. I have reloaded the sim and still get them once in a while. I was debating a used 3070 which won't bottleneck the CPU (according to a cpu bottleneck website) but I'm a bit nervous about the power requirement and I want to be as future thinking as possible. I'm also considering an Intel A750 or A770 if one ever shows up again.in the stores. An RTX 4070 may be the eventual winner. I'd appreciate any opinions anyone can share. Thanks! Dan
  9. It seems my throttle issues were user induced (no surprise here!) I now put my physical throttle into idle at the top of descent. VNAV works incredibly well now. Dan
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