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  1. Thought as much. Thanks for confirming.
  2. Oh boy that brings back some memories 😆
  3. As much as I don’t like carenados products I really enjoy the PC12. Do they offer discounts if you have other versions?
  4. **CANADA DAY FLASH SALE** 40% Off all our Canadian Sceneries Use code: CANADA40 at FSimStudios.com Valid for only 48 hours!
  5. I'm sticking with P3D for now for non-GA so I'll be getting this for sure! Majestic Q400 and CYTZ - a match made in heaven. Dan
  6. Majestic Q400. One of the best! Definitely a bit to learn but not overwhelming. Plenty of guides to help you. Dan
  7. This is quite the offer… https://www.flightbeam.net/post/p3d-to-msfs-special-discount-for-customers 35% off any MSFS scenery if you have at least one P3D item purchased and in your account. Dan
  8. I’m a huge fan of their Lancair Legacy. Tons of fun in that plane.
  9. Nice shots! Looking forward to the P3D release. Dan
  10. So nice to see some developers still supporting their P3D customers! Dan
  11. Thanks Jean-Luc! I'll give that a try. Take care, Dan
  12. Hello all, I blew away my system and now going through the fun process of reloading it. I purchased the RXP GTN for P3D on F1 way back when. I'm trying to redownload it from them but the file is being flagged as a virus. I was able to use one of the update installers but now I'm getting a license error. Help 🙂 Thanks, Dan
  13. https://secure.simmarket.com/specials.php?sgid=3385 Until March 20 Dan
  14. @fio I too had looked at Vagar but was hesitant as recently I’ve been using v4 as my primarily stable sim. However, v5.3 seems to be (knock on wood) behaving very nicely. Vagar is listed as v5 compatible on orbx and simmarket only yet on MK studios website it’s listed as v4 compatible? Clearly there’s an error somewhere? It drives me nuts when there are v4 only and v5 only sceneries! Fortunately most designers don’t seem to seperate them. GCRR is not even listed on the MK studios website? Perhaps it’s been sent to pasture? I did see it on simmarket but not on sale as you said. You could email them and inquire? Dan
  15. Anything new for P3D is icing on the cake. I’ll be using P3D for a long while due to the large investments I’ve made in addons. I’m thankful to any developer who continues to stick with P3D. Dan
  16. So far I’ve seen them on sale at simmarket and orbx https://secure.simmarket.com/mk-studios.mhtml https://orbxdirect.com/partner/mk-studios Dan
  17. Hi Kevin, I am interested as well. I picked up a used stream deck after getting hooked on scisimmers videos years ago as he used one. It remains in the box 🙂 Sadly his excellent videos appear to be gone. Thanks! Dan
  18. I’d be happy getting the material I bought.
  19. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing this.
  20. Has anyone had any luck getting Riddlez Bellingham to work in v5? Dan
  21. Agreed, my P3Dv4 isn’t going anywhere! Hopefully v5 gains some stability as it ages. Too much invested to dump P3D now, or ever. Dan
  22. I’ve sent an email thanking them for continuing to support P3D. I’ve also inquired about P3Dv4 compatibility. Dan
  23. Great to see another developer still releasing for P3D. Anyone try this with v4 yet? Looks like v5 only unfortunately. Dan
  24. Thanks for posting this! I just got the W11 upgrade so this would have been an unpleasant surprise. Dan
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